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Make a run for the border! (or “The FBI always rings twice”)

No reason for this pic. I heard gratuitous sex helps ratings.

No reason for this pic. I heard gratuitous sex helps ratings.

Hello, dear SEC readers. Don’t you just love daylight? I like it a lot, and I hear that narcisstic scumbags (who also happen to be gay) enjoy it, too. Apparently (and yet again, I’m going to speak out of my ass about stuff I don’t know about, but I have a blog and you don’t, so I WIN!) there’s this thing on our heads called serotonin  

 Of the approximately 40 million brain cells, most are influenced either directly or indirectly by serotonin. This includes brain cells related to mood, sexual desire and function, appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation, and some social behavior.  


And guess what? Serotonin levels are directly affected by the amount of sunlight we receive, which, obviously, is increased during Spring and Summer. Ever wondered why Gaysey Serin always seems to be down during Autumn and Winter (Millionaire by Christmas lasting a full day, his divorce, his internet black-outs) and manic during Spring or Summer (TrueCasey, Angel Lynn, Island2012)? I’ll argue that he’s clinically depressed, and sunlight helps him out of it. I’m no professional, but evidence suggests that his mood swings are related to the weather.  

Anyway, this Autumn / Winter Casey has quite a bit more to worry about than sunlight (or lack of it). Recent developments in the Caseyverse suggest that the proverbial shit will hit the fan like a motorcycle stuck in the mud (I think I got my analogies mixed up here).  

Justice is that big fan. Destiny is shown as two guys. Casey is the bunch of manure.

Justice is that big fan. Destiny is shown as two guys. Casey is the bunch of manure.

Do you believe in destiny, the law of attraction, synchronicities? Because if you also believe in Daily Miracles, the Strawman and Sovereignity, then you are Casey Serin and I hate you. But if you are a normal human being, you have to agree – plenty of things have been happening, and although there’s just no tangible evidence to believe the FBI or whatever will soon get a grip on Serin, there’s still hope. 

First of all – it’s never too late  to leave mom and her good ole-fashion cooking and laundry service, so Casey has decided to pack his things and become a sovereign (ahem).

Casey Serin (Константин Сeрин)now couch surfing… well, more like house sitting. Sort of. A dream coming true.
About an hour ago


Although his current situation is unclear, it’s known that he’s house-sitting, he took a desk with him, and he lives in an area with quite some traffic. Sacramento, beware: there’s an incontinent man on the loose.

"You can take the truck. Just... leave this house. Please." Casey's Dad.

"You can take the truck. Just... leave this house. Please." Casey's Dad.

So, what’s he going to do now? Who knows. Perhaps he read the news, and decided to try and make a run for the border. Me? Personally, I think he wants to become a teacher, because he wants to educate a Judge (and, once again, no, I shit you not).

Casey Serin
… i’m excited about the adventure and the lessons that come with applying this new area of study. I’d like to consider everybody in government as a fellow human being and thus a friend. They’re simply doing their job the best they can. Many judges don’t even understand this area of law since its not common for individuals to be learning these estrategies and operating without an attorney. So it’s an uphill battle and sometimes we may have to educate the court on our own rights. Thus we gotta know the rules of the game real good. 


“Waiting for Godot” was never this good. Or funny. Or entertaining. Or freaking insane. Oh boy, I’d love to see Snowflake educating a court.


And that wasn’t the craziest thing he did this week. He boasted, on Facebook, on his PUBLIC WALL, for all the world to see, that he had used the A4v scam on the IRS (and once again, I shit you not). This, in case you are not aware, it’s kinda like getting Vito Corleone’s daughter pregnant, and selling the porn movie rights to Larry Flynt. Or at least, boasting about it, because he never showed any proof. He just said he did.

If Casey was a criminal, he'd be as dumb as... well, Casey.

If Casey was a criminal, he'd be as dumb as... well, Casey.

Which was enough for the CampIdiot Crew to start a grassroots campaign to get the IRS interested on Snowflake.  Even worse for him, the IRS has a couple of specific sections about how you should never, ever try to use the Strawman thing on them, or else, seriously bad things could happen.Now, we have a real crisis going on here – Casey is leaving home, he just gave the finger to the authorities, CampIdiot is stalking him,  and he just tried to rape the IRS,  so what is it that really worries him? 

Casey Serin
— IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, why do you call yourself my friend?? Why would I lie and mislead people? How does that benefit me??? I’m only talking about this to encourage other freedom-seekers here who are experimenting with these unconventional methods as well. There is so much mis-info around these techniques, I’m happy to share some positive . I’m not trying to promote or sell anything and have low patience for this attitude. I’m not here to prove anything or cater to any “haters” / critics!!! (if you fall in this category this may not be the place for you. I value trust) I’m sorry if I overreacting Ⓥ   

Casey, you should be worried about other things. Like, for example, the stuff that’s going on your own city, or pretty close to it.  

 Fed grand jury indicts 10 – five in Elk Grove – on mortgage fraud

THURSDAY UPDATE: Here is the full report from this morning’s Bee.News came this morning that a federal grand jury in Sacramento returned a 48-count indictment against 10 people for allegedly falsifying loan applications and getting kickbacks by borrowing more than the house was worth.

Read more:

Personally, I believe Operation Stolen Dreams can only be an unqualified success if the FBI can get their hands on Casey Serin. After all, he fought long and hard

Long. And Hard.

Long. And Hard.

to be recognized as one of America’s premier scammers.

The crackdown is aimed at borrowers, so-called straw borrowers, corrupt real estate professionals, bank employees and people who prey on distressed homeowners.

Who knows. Maybe the Federales will find enough time between donut buffets to finally catch Murseboi. And now that he is alone and defenseless (no mommy in that rented place), really, what could stand between him and the law? I mean, he’s alone with a desk, a computer, and a bunch of unwilling cucumbers. Is this the end of the line for Serin? 

A man can dream, can’t he?  


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June 18th, 2010