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Bye-bye for now.

Following the Casey Saga for the last few years can be a very tiring excercise in frustration, and I believe I’m exhausted by now.

So I’ve decided to retire from the Casey Saga for now, and store all of the contents of this blog. I don’t know if I’ll bring them back or not. The Serins may be a bunch of scammers, but I’m not completely sure I’m helping matters by publishing every last detail of what they do. The police doesn’t seem to care about it, so why should I?

Anyway, it’s been a great two years. Thanks for reading.



How can you spend $150,000 and still be a complete bum???

After reading this post, you'll never look at Victoria's Secrets the same way again.

After reading this post, you'll never look at Victoria's Secrets the same way again.

I was wondering. 

$150,000 can buy quite a lot of stuff. A house, for example. Top-notch education. An initial investment on a very lucrative business. A good amount to invest in your retirement funds. Damn, even a Ferrari. 

So, how can the Serins blow $150,000 of money without having anything to prove they, at one point, had that amount? 

Hint: it wasn’t only their stupid son’s fault. 

I was sent this week a couple of anonymous e-mails regarding the Serins credit status. I can’t say the information I have is for real – all I know is that, Casey’s parents really did all this shit, they should be in jail; they consciously scammed the system for all its worth, and then declared BK. 

The strange thing is, they don’t have anything of value to speak of. Remember my original pont? No, they don’t have fancy cars, they don’t own a home, they don’t have a real education. They just blew it all away. Gone like a fart in a hot, humid afternoon. 

This is the way a broke family looks like

This is the way a broke family looks like - everyone has late-model laptops, is warm and happy, and there's a strange gay dude on the left.

How much credit do you need to be happy in life? 

A rather strange question, I agree. And yet – ask yourself. Do you still owe money on your house, car, and one or two credit cards? Would you agree those are credit lines that are somehow… well, sane? 

Mom  has 38 (YES, THIRTY-EIGHT) LINES OF CREDIT. You read that right. The nice little Uzbeki scammer somehow got 38 of them. Everything from JC Penney’s, Nordstrom ($5,500 dollars in debt !), Macy’s, assorted credit cards, etc. 

How about Papa  Serin? As head of ze Zerrin Household, he must be an example to all of his children. Well, turns out he ain’t da big scammer – he only has 28 freaking lines of credit, some of them shared with Mom.  

A broke family in America, circa 2010. They don't have enough money to pay for their home, but can afford digital cameras, visits to Tahoe and assorted recreational activities.

Why on earth do you need so much credit? Well, when you owe close to $150,000 dollars in credit cards (check out the BK docs) 

Repayment plan 

Order regarding payments to begin 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition 

I guess you really are a master scammer, and you know the best way to get a shitload of credit is by scamming every dumbass who’s willing to give you credit. 

Oh, and BTW – I hope you noticed they “tithe” $900 to their church. Or to some Uzbeki orphans. I’m not sure, and at this point, I really don’t give a fuck. Seldom do I get angry at a worthless bunch of unknowns, but I’ll make an exception for the Serin Crime Family. Yeah, the ones that would want us to believe they spend $900 on charity, yet they can’t pay their own damned mortgage. And lines of credit. 


Dare I need to say anything? This pic was taken in December 2009, barely 1 1/2 months before The Serins declared bankruptcy. Notice every gift is from Amazon - bought using credit cards.

What can we learn from today’s episode? 

Many people believed in mom and dad’s innocence regarding the Casey Saga – most of them were absolutely convinced mom and dad would end up losing a lot of money because of the credit line Casey got for his company, Hammar Investments – which ended up in GSPG, where Casey ended up losing $40K. Bull. Casey, mom and dad are just a bunch of scammers who willingly, consciously and methodically screwed their creditors for all their worth, and then declared bankruptcy moments before their house was sold at an auction. 

Damn, it's good to be declaring BK. I can buy all the shit I want and it'll all be forgotten by February 1st, 2010!

Damn, it's good to be declaring BK. I can buy all the shit I want and it'll all be forgotten by February 1st, 2010!

Then, there’s the issue of having spent so much damn money and not having anything to show for it. The Serins don’t have fancy cars, or a nice home. They don’t dress nicely (look at Casey, for crying out loud!). They have no taste whatsoever. They did, however, take fancy vacations to Lake Tahoe. Casey, as G. said on her open letter, “seemed to pull money out of thin air” whenever he needed it. Steve has a Sea-doo. They all have a shitload of debt thanks to Casey and dad’s failed business. Seed money for Steve’s business… the older sister wedding.. Casey’s first downpayment on his home. The list goes on and on. Because they weren’t spending it on healthcare (mom and dad both get it from the government) education (that’s for loosers™), wise investments, or retirement funds (that’s exactly what the government wants you to do). 

The Vansion @ Serin Manor

The Vansion @ Serin Manor

So, in all probability, the Serin Chapter 13 BK will be approved. The american people will suffer a blow to their checkbooks because the Uzbeki scammers wanted to live the American Dream, without the hard work part. Casey will probably disappear for a while. Mom and dad will wait 5 years and start their crime spree all over again. Authorities won’t care. Life will go on. Sucks, doesn’t it? 

Oh, and the bikini pic on top of this post? Mom had one line of credit with Victoria’s Secret. Picture her on seductive bras and panties. There. Doesn’t that feel good? 



It’s always sad when a family loses its home…

Casey "Real Estate" Serin fucks it up - again!

Casey "Real Estate" Serin fucks it up - again!

But… considering this is the Serin Family Home, I can hold back my tears.

The Serins filed Chapter 13

The Serins filed Chapter 13


Apparently, though, those zany Uzbeki scammers aren’t giving up what they stole without a fair fight. They filed for Chapter 13. Meaning:

Citrus Heights Chapter 13 Lawyer

Foreclosure Options in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy does not mean you will lose your home. One reason many homeowners select Chapter 13 is so that they can save their homes.

Even if your home mortgage is in the foreclosure process, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop the process and give you time to decide whether you are able to keep your home.

As soon as you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will have automatic stay protection. This means that no matter where you are in the foreclosure process, all actions will stop while you and your lawyer sort out the details of your bankruptcy. Even if your home is about to be sold, the sale will be stopped.

You may be able to negotiate more favorable terms with the lender.

Banks and mortgage companies would rather not own your property — especially in today’s depressed real estate market.

You may be able to arrange a payment plan for your mortgage arrears and make it part of your debt reorganization plan. You could also negotiate with the bank for more favorable terms on your mortgage. Make sure your lawyer reviews any documents before you sign them.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may also have the option of lien stripping. If your first mortgage is the same or more than your home’s value, the second mortgage is unsecured debt and can be stripped from the mortgage. This can happen in a market where home values are declining.

Here’s hope the Serins listen to their craziest son, so they lose their home as soon as possible.