Dedicated to all things X-Tina.

Hello there, James Marks here.

Yes, it’s me. It seems I haven’t written anything in years. It shows. I feel all rusty on the inside. Agh.

So, I was wondering. If someone were to write a book, or do a mega-blog about the entire Casey saga – would you read it?

I’d ask about it in all the usual places, but it seems they are gone for good.

That means it could be time to write the definitive CaseySaga.

Your thoughts?

Comments on: "Do you think a book about our own Twinkster would be a good idea?" (10)

  1. An Old Friend said:

    Jambes, Serin is looking downright scary these days… taken on March 26th, 2015:

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Casey Constantine (@caseyconstantine) on

    You could write a mega-blog, but I doubt many of the old-timers are around anymore. I just randomly checked this place after a few months, myself. Serin’s name and notoriety have been consigned to the ash heap of history, as predicted years ago. The guy is some sad, random Uber driver with unpaid debt judgements that will be hanging over him until he’s pushing 50. He’s no different nowadays from any of the other million (2.2 million?) losers of his generation.

  2. racer さ said:

    On the other hand, there is still Sasha…

  3. palestine4ever said:

    What’s good Haters? Who made the decision to take the caseypedia down and why. I would have paid for it and taken full responsibility. Probably a few people would have.

  4. What THE FUCK WAS MY NICK AT IAFF??? said:

    Wow that’s a nasty pic. The boi is looking older than his 33 years. He looks like he is in physical pain. <>

    I would say skip the book and mega blog. His story is pretty much over. You could pull together some of the blog posts, but I don’t think there would be much of an audience. The most interesting tidbits are probably lost to history… Holly Oakes, if the FBI actually interviewed him, and what the final write-offs were at the banks.

    Casey is doing the best he can given his circumstances. He’s at least semi, modified employed. He’s staying away from grifters and isn’t attention whoring on the ‘net.

  5. Man With A Murse said:

    Jambes, you lackadaisical fuck… this place is dead.

    I’ve pretty much forgotten the Mursed King o’ Irritainment. But the other day I was all, ‘I wonder if Cukey Goodman has done anything stupid lately?’ so I did a bit of low-quality sleuthing. I don’t remember now where I saw it, but I saw something that indicated that the Wheatgrass Crapping Master Cleanser had gotten married. Again? Again.

    I understand that the Megathread on CI has been deleted. Oh well, that place is too much of a shithole even for me.

  6. Awe fuck it, what was my name? said:

    The boi is back:

    It looks like he got his RE license in Jan 2014

    • Jambes marks blows said:

      Well, holy shite. I think he’s looking for the big strike again – he wants 3 % of a big sale.

  7. Jambes marks blows said:

    From CKs instagram, Xtina is looking gooood. Those hips, that ass, those muscular thighs… man.

  8. racer さ said:

    4/7/2016 PC20160084

  9. said:

    Casey has become a footnote of history — he could have kept interest up in his name if he continued blogging,mbut he chose to disappear as an internet public figure.

    The whole thing was crazy, the talkcasts, hatercasts and even infighting among the haterz. Remember Duane’s epic meltdown against Nacho?

    Good timbes.

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