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George Tran speaks a bit too much about the “Freedumb” movement.

This will be a short post, friends. But it’s amazing.

George Tran is a well known scammer, and Casey’s Guru. I may talk about him later on, but for now, this will suffice.

He says he’s going to save a house via the principles I’ve talked about lately, and he’s keeping a blog about how he’s doing it.

An image speaks louder than words. In a moment of strange truthfulness, Georgie Porgie posted this. Is it evidence enough that these idiots are nothing but scum? Or, does it merely prove George Tran is a fucking idiot? Or both?

By the way – Tranny, if you are thinking about suing me, I want the original of this post. Not a digital copy. I also want it signed in blue ink, and printed in 200 year-old papyrus. Also, you have 57 seconds to do it. Since I’m nice, I’m giving you 17 seconds more. Failure to comply with all requirements will result in your tacit acceptance of everything I’ve said about you. Have a nice day.

James Marks
Wondering if I should A4V the size of my penis,
June 16th, 2010