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Fool me once: shame on you. Fool me twice: Hi, I’m Casey Serin! (or “Back in the Game?”)

Hello, faithful readers! Summer is here, and the time is right,
for the Serin Family living in the streets!



We may have witnessed Snowflake’s 2011 return, and not a minute to soon – he has, after all, very little time before Island 2012 opens. But before that, we get to witness his annual mental break-down – you know, the one that has brought us the infamous Pirate Party at the Park! So, while we wait for September to come by, we’ll have to make do with Casey’s latest bizarro-land appearance.

There are many things I don’t really “get” about the Serins, but one of their most glaring defects is the fact that it’s really rather obvious they wouldn’t know anything about mid or long-term planning. They just seem to do things in a naturally random way, without any sort of logic to it (I’m pretty sure Casey would call it “Organic”). For example, filing for multiple bankruptcies without any intention of honoring their repayment plan. Or getting a Kohl’s card after their first BK. Sure, that’ll give them short term satisfaction, but in the end, wouldn’t they just rather have paid their BK, or downsized to a smaller house, instead of losing it all?

I blame Casey's parents for his lack of planning skillz. Hell yeah.

I blame Casey's parents for his lack of planning skillz. Hell yeah.

I bet Casey would like a piece of that cake, too.

Where was I? Oh yeah. I’m still sorta shocked (which just goes to show you, I’m either an eternal optimist or a true-blue idiot) about Casey’s latest activities – because I assumed he’d have learned his lesson at this point: someone who takes money away from you in exchange for services isn’t necessarily your friend. Especially when services are intangible, delivered over the Internet, and without any sort of guarantee. Casey has fallen time and time again for this scam, and it seems he’s only happy to do it again.

Enter Mr. Jerry Kennedy. I’m not a professional blogger, so to speak (I actually have a real life job, as most of you know), and I don’t know the “secrets they don’t want you to know” about blogging (probably the reason why my blog is so shitty in the first place)

...and the reason why most of my hits come from "Tila Tequila" searches! Sweet SEO, babe!

...and the reason why most of my hits come from "Tila Tequila" searches! Sweet SEO, babe!

so please, Mr. Kennedy – if I’m wrong about something, let me know. I’ll pretend I care, if you do the same.

Anyway – what happened? Apparently, someone named “Monica” told Mr. Kennedy (The Blog Whisperer) about Casey’s story (which at this point is deader than Michael Jackson’s nose implant), and strangely enough, Casey showed up at a talkcast / radio show / whatever,  just to tell it.


I should be getting tired at playing the role of "Master of the Obvious". But, no.

I should be getting tired at playing the role of "Master of the Obvious". But, no.

Remember what I told you about long / short term planning, the Serin family? Well, riddle me this. Why would Casey agree to be interviewed if he didn’t have a long term goal? Answer: I don’t know, and neither does Casey. But I bet we can all assume – he’s coming back, sooner rather than later. His attention whoring personna got the best of him, but I bet he was also seeking publicity; I don’t think he merely agreed to be asked about his criminal past in exchange for nothing.

Back to Mr. Kennedy, since we need some background. Who’s he?

He has a web site called the “Blog Whisperer”. Which seems right up Casey’s preferences – I bet he thought Kennedy would be whispering on the back of his ear, in a horizontal position, what to write about. But nah, don’t think so – the reaming Kennedy’s doing to Casey ain’t a sexual thing (not that Casey would not enjoy it). Although he really is screwing his over. So to speak. Want grate poof?



Not to say that Casey actually is paying $495 x 3 for… fuck, I don’t know what. But it’s amazing how consistent he is – he always seems to be associated with people hell-bent on screwing someone else  (sorry Jerry!).

Casey's life, in 9 blocks.

Casey's life, in 9 blocks.

I mean – I’m going to get serious for a moment. I have ZERO writing background or experience. I’m not as funny as many of my friends, or interesting, or smart, or attractive, but I found something I enjoy writing about, and apparently, people enjoy reading it. See? That’s the secret. I don’t need a “blog whisperer” for $1,500 telling me what to write about, and neither do you. Nevertheless, let’s see what the package includes.

What’s a Blog Whisperer?

A Blog Whisperer helps you speak with the voice of your soul by teaching you to quiet the voice in your head…

Great. Voices in my head, voices in my soul. I always thought blogging was done with, well, your brains. This is deep stuff, the secrets they don’t want you to know!

You might have even hired one of the experts to help you.

You could drop thousands of dollars on coaches who are supposed to help you be a better blogger; trouble is, they focus on the technical side of things.  Instead of helping you get your ideas out, they start with the next step: helping you get “found” once you’ve actually written something.  They teach things like SEO strategies and using social media to drive traffic to your blog, but you know that’s all pointless until something’s actually there for your new readers to, you know, READ!

Yeah, because the first thing I consider when I’m about to do something is deciding who is going to think about what I’m thinking about doing – no way I’d ever do it myself! (Come to think of it, that’s exactly the way Casey thinks! Coincidence? I say NOT!)

That’s where your Blog Whisperer comes in!

Imagine a guide, someone to help you navigate the dark recesses of your mind and locate the hidden treasures there, and then get them out of your head and onto the screen!  Picture yourself sitting down at your computer, logging in to your blog, and effortlessly creating the kind of content you read on your favorite blogs.

A guide to navigate the dark recesses of my mind who’ll help me find the hidden treasures there. Where does this guy get the inspiration for the amount of verborrhea he uses? I mean, seriously. But hey, your brain enema will cost $1,500 – it has to sound somewhat fancy, I guess.

Even more important, though, just think of your readers having their lives changed by the ideas that you shared, the posts that you created, the content that came from your heart!

I hope to do so. Listen, kids: Casey Serin is a con man, and you don’t need a guy who’s going to give your head a brain enema in order to write a blog. Do it yourself. Save the money.

No writer’s block.  No anxiety. No problem!

You may or may not be a reader of my Motivation 101 Blog (don’t worry: it’s not a requirement for this program).  If you are, you know that I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of just being yourself: open, honest, and transparent.

This guy is getting to be more like Casey Serin – his link is broken (on his own blog, the one that’s trying to sell a $1,500 course on how to blog properly!). The right link is (don’t click – worse than Goatse).  He’s charging $150 to set up your blog over there.

And here’s how I can help…

I’ve created a brand new program to help new and experienced bloggers get those world-changing ideas out of their heads and onto the screen in just 12 weeks…and I want to you to join me.  Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A 1-hour one-on-one initial consultation to establish your mission, vision, and desired outcomes
  • A weekly 1-hour tutorial dealing with one of 12 mission-critical topics, designed specifically to help you make your blog a magnet for your readers, followed each week by 30-minutes of Q&A and an optional 1-hour “blogging period” (during which you and your classmates will have the chance to put what you’ve just learned into practice)
  • Two 1-hour one-on-one follow-up calls to help you stay on track and focused with laser intensity on hitting your goals
  • If you don’t already have one, a self-hosted WordPress blog, complete with your own domain name, 1-year of hosting, and a theme of your choice
  • Unlimited email support for your burning questions between classes (guaranteed 24-hour response time)
Let’s do some numbers, shall we? It’s either a $1K initial payment or a $1.5K deferred one. That buys you:
  • A one hour telephone “consultation”, plus 2 hours of “follow up”.
  • 12 hours of tutorials, 6 hours of Q&A, and an optional 12 hours of jerking around with other people, trying to outblog one another.
  • A blog.
  • “Unlimited” e-mail support.
Considering the tutorials aren’t live, this guy is either charging you $333 per hour, or $500 per hour, depending on how you decide to pay. Sweet. Motherfucking. Allah. Passive. Income!
Make up your own mind about Jerry Kennedy…. I know I already did.
No comment at this time.

No comment at this time.

As to Casey’s show… yeah, I listened to it. Twice. There are a few gold nuggets, so I’m going to go over them… so you don’t have to listen to Kermit T. Frog’s voice again.
“CS: Stated income (lies) are not that big of a deal…”
A lie is a lie, Casey. Maybe some people fudge the numbers up a bit, because of overtime pay or whatever that they cannot fully prove. But you? What kind of income did you have? ZERO. You had already quit Pride. It IS a big deal, because if you hadn’t lied, you’d have got exactly ZERO loans. Period.
“CS: Haterz… blah blah blah, sob, they made my life miserable”.
I can point you to at least one or two comments where I stated, unequivocally, that I wanted to see YOU succed, Casey. Come to think of it – if you hadn’t lied on your statements, left your wife with the Cashcall debt, paid $30K to other scammers (like Kiyosaki), etc., you’d have a) a place to live, b) a gorgeous, hot wife, and c) your dignity intact. As it is, you have nothing – and it’s not because of us, kid. We are all along for the ride – that’s all.
I doubt you were denied jobs because of CampIdiot, CaseyPedia and this website. Why? Easy – if you had a job, Cashcall would come after you faster than Imperial Executive’s 2,400 bps modem (oh, wait…).  same thing with Bob Parsons interview for GoDaddy, even Mr. Kennedy caught you lying there.  There wasn’t any interview, and nobody mailed Bob Parsons in protest-  I’ve been around ever since the beginning of this “epic” saga, and It. Never. Happened. Period. Edited by James Marks: yeah, I’m a retard. Sue me. Then sue the lender.
“JK: Writing your blog was cathartic…you were such a risk taker”
Casey wasn’t in it for the catharsis, he was in it for the attention whoring. He has never shown any remorse about his crimes; all he wants is the attention of haters and family alike (I don’t think there are any supporters at this point). Casey cannot feel any sort of feelings about what he did; it’s as if he just knew people expect him to feel bad about things, so he says he does.
Also, Casey is NOT  a risk taker. I said it several times on There wasn’t any risk to him: he never invested a cent of his own money (it was all “OPM”, as he calls it), and he didn’t have any sort of intention of paying any of it back. So, tell me, what’s the risk on that? He was a mere speculator. Not an investor, and certainly not a risk taker.


CS: They want me in jail…

Well, sure we do. Do you remember the time that guy trespassed on your property? You went apeshit over it and wanted to call the cops. Do you remember when Wells Fargo “stole” your money out of your account (when you had actually given them permission to do such a thing?) You wanted justice done. So what’s wrong with us wanting the exact same thing? You tell me.

CS: My parents don’t like being stalked…

Nobody wants to be stalked, Casey. But people don’t want deadbeats living around them, either. Nor people who are obviously laughing their asses off at others, like us, who pay our taxes and our debts. You and your family had been a burden on America for far too long, and even then, you decided to laugh and mock our country. Remember when you peed on a dollar bill?

Casey Serin pissed on a dollar bill, just to show how grateful he is about the USA accepting his family as immigrants. No, we do not forget.

Casey Serin pissed on a dollar bill, just to show how grateful he is about the USA accepting his family as immigrants. No, we do not forget.

Remember when you used to talk about “let them deal with their own collateral damage”? How your family hangs around public property as if they were crazed chimps in heat? That’s abusing the system – why do you think some people took pics of your parents movements?

Pot. Kettle. Black. Now, go ahead and tell Aleksey and Anna to “deal with their own collateral damage” . The house. Their retirement money. Their dignity. It’s all “collateral damage”.

Oh, you also said you “pulled the plug on the blog” because of the stalking. MORE BULLSHIT. People started taking pics of your parents house AFTER IAFF. You didn’t stop blogging because of it. Yet another lie, in order to make yourself look like a victim.

JK: Would you do it all over again?

One of my favorite answers from you Casey, and our current slogan. You seem to imply that “itsallgood” because you learned a lot of things. No, it’s not all good, because people told you exactly what was going to happen, and you didn’t learn a thing. After you lost 8 houses, you tried your “Soverignity” “A4V” bullshit on your parents home, AND HAD THEM EVICTED AS A RESULT.  How the HELL is that “learning from the past”?

How can you live with yourself?

Frankly, I’m stopping here. I’m overwhelmed (just like Casey said he was 1,000 times during the interview). But, be certain. Casey is coming back. Be prepared.

James Marks,
That’ll be $1,000, or 3 easy payments of $499 each!
July 12th, 2011