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Nigel Swaby: I salute you, sir

This is the funniest 5 minute recap of the Casey story -by far. Two thumbs up, Nigel!

Next post is coming (Lisa Scifo and Mike Masterson remembered)… in the meantime:

Enjoy a pic of Casey, the Gheyest Pirate who ever sailed teh milky seas

Enjoy a pic of Casey Serin, the Gheyest Butt-Pirate ever

I’m as surprised as you are. I found something you may like.

During his stupid escapades while on cannabis and God knows what else time as “The World’s Most Hated Blogger”, Casey Serin left behind a ton of written garbage a couple hundred blog posts.

But he also recorded his voice. Where he explains how he committed fraud. How he lied in his mortgage applications. And why he thought he didn’t deserve to go to jail.

I wonder if some enterprising police agency may still be interested in capturing this criminal – because someone found almost the entire Casey Serin recordings! It’s almost all of it – from the earliest Talkshoe adventures, to his brain-dead schemes to buy an Island in 2012, to the HaterzCast, to…

Freaking JACKPOT

The elusive Marty Casts.

You see, back in 2007 or so Casey wanted to write a book – “The Foreclosure Code”.

Gaysey Serin - no makeup!


This is what his would-be publisher said about him:

Foreclosure Code Book:  When, or if, it Will be Released

There has been a lot of speculation and drama this past week whether or not this book will be published, with, or without Casey. As of today, still no direct contact with Casey for going on five days.

With our company name and reputation, and my personal name and reputation, defamed all over the internet, as a result of being associated with Casey, with apparently many of the leaks coming from Casey himself, multiple breaches of contract, copyrighted material taken, plus, an enormous amount of wasted time, money, and energy,  silence can be kept no more.

Nevertheless, 6 recordings were made of Casey Serin babbling, in intimate detail, about how he defrauded banks, private lenders and his own family in order to lose 2.2 million dollars in the end.

These recordings have it all. If you are able to listen to all of them, you are in for a big surprise.

The links:

 The Early Casts

The Marty Casts

The Island 2012 Talkcasts


Casey: Gay or not?

First of all, I want to make my position clear: I find nothing wrong with homosexuality. Or gay people. Or happy people. Or gay happy people. Either way it’s fine by me.

What I find a bit bothersome is people that try to hide whatever it is that they are.

Case in point: Casey Serin.

Hes not gay. Also, those are not phallic objects.

He's not gay. Also, those are not phallic objects.

He took the pic with this camera:

His camera. Also available in male-friendly models.

His camera. Also available in male-friendly models.

First of all, this is a man (boi?) who claimed to WeWantTheFunk that all of his photos were staged. ALL of them. So, please take a close look at that churro on the center of the screen. Makes you go “hmm”, doesn’t it? And that ice cream glass looks like a bowl of.. Richards.

That, and he looks like freakin’ Gollum. How did Galina ever think of him as a suitable mate?

Galina and unidentified gay male

Galina and unidentified gay male

I mean, she was hot. Hot enough that Duane LeGate or Mark Villaseñor wanted to get inside her pants. Hard. But I digress. Take a good look at his shirt during his honeymoon. Back then, he had a sizzlin’ hot chick next to his side. Today? He’s wearing that same old ugly shirt, but with a bowl full of churros next to him and an unidentified male taking his pics. You decide.

Casey Serin - in dire need of new hair highlights

Casey Serin - in dire need of new hair highlights

As I said before, whatever goes inside Casey’s pants (or body orifices) is not my business. But for him to keep denying his latent homosexuality is beyond sad. He could be “The World’s Most Hated Gay Blogger” and carve a new niche for himself.