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Casey: über gay, but damn, he knows how to pick a pair of hooters.

The New Mark of Excellence
The New Mark of Excellence

Was it GM the one who called itself “The Mark of Excellence”?

If so, step aside, General. This is the biggest Mark of them all.

Today, we’ll talk about three boobs (two of them I actually like): Mike Masterson and Lisa Scifo. Who are they?

Back in September 1st, 2009, Casey made a “12 things to do” list. There was lots of fun to be had (since it was his “Big Birthday Bash” post). He was even threatened by SMA Solar Technology AG regarding the trademark “Sunny Island 2012”. But this wasn’t the best of what happened during that month.

Always a great time with Mike and Lisa’s… loved that seared chicken… delish! Guest pass to high-resolution photos for download:

And thus, Casey made it known he was now in touch with two of the strangest scammers of this whole saga (and when you consider people like Anthony Phillips, the “Black Cobra” was in it, you know this is going to be good).

Meet Mike Masterson and Lisa Scifo, from the “Executive Consultant Group, LLC.” (website now dead).

Executive Consultant Group, LLC.

Our company was formed to address this country’s financial crisis and provide an innovative solution to fulfill our clients ever changing needs. Our concept is simple;

We work with you, one on one, to achieve maximum funding and in turn offer you high yield low risk investment opportunities.

Did you know that there are low risk investments available that yield as much as 20% per month?

Did you know that you can obtain large amounts of unsecured funding at low rates?

Putting these two winning solutions together can create an incredible passive income opportunity.

Let us create a custom proven plan that allows you to earn a passive income of at LEAST $5,000-$10,000 per month (keep in mind…..this is a minimum).

Does this scream SCAM to you? Read on.

Casey attended a 3 person bikini party, where the only one in a bikini was (mercifully) the incredibly big breasted and hot Lisa Scifo.

Lisa Scifo's puppies

Lisa Scifo, doing her job.

Lisa Scifo, doing her job.

Because Facebook was made so you could show off your stuff.

Because Facebook was made so you could show off your stuff.

Anyway, on to the story. Lisa Scifo rubbed her tits against Casey, her SO just stood by and watched, and Casey was almost taken for a ride. Recall that he had just cashed out $10K of GSPG stock at the time. Apparently they promised him huge ROI – in the order of $5 – $10 grand A MONTH.

Lisa Scifo, by the way, used to work for Heaven Investment Holding Corp, which filed Chapter 11. She was married to a guy called “Matt”, but in all the pics she appears with a “Mike Masterson”. How California of her.

"Look at me! I'm stoned and gay!"

"Look at me! I'm stoned and gay!"

This is Lisa’s public Facebook profile, since removed.

If you ask any of my friends/family members about me- you could wrap it up in one word…….CRAZY! Not in a bad way- I am very fun. I like to be around people and people like to be around me (what can I say!). I am a fun loving beautiful person that always looks at the glass as half full. I Love all the people in my life that are my friends and family. I have the BEST job in the WORLD!!! I am a nanny for two wonderful little girls. I’m pretty laid back. Hang out with friends and stuff. I am into wine tasting and LOVE drinking wine with dinner. I also love going to nice restaurants. I am a dork, but oh well. I have the best friends in the world by my side when I need them- you know who you are. I love my family and friends and I would do anything for them. I also am thankful for my brother. I love you Dale even though I don’t admit it all that much. You are one of my best friends and you have been there with me through everything. I am an honest genuine person and I tell it like it is. If I like you, you know, and if I don’t like you….well, haha, you know. I don’t put up with crap. Um….that’s pretty much it. Thank you for reading about me.

Part of what Mike Masterson wanted to do with Casey’s money is the following:

One way to raise capital is by obtaining unsecured business lines of credit in your business name. Unsecured means that any financing you receive will not be tied to any of your personal assets. If you have a small business with a tax payer ID # that has been established for 2, preferably 3 years that has a positive payment history and a business checking account, you are in position to prequalify your business for up to $100k, stated income.
Aged Corps – We can provide a shelf corp with a full Dun&Bradstreet, Experian Business, and Equifax Business buildout. Verifiable financials can be provided to fund Full Doc loans.

Lisa Scifo's best assets

Lisa Scifo's best assets

So, what happened? Casey stopped talking about Lisa and Mike around October, 2009. He went with them to some wine tasting thing and to a BBQ at their home.

Lisa became pretty angry at Casey for posting her bikini pics all over Facebook and Flickr. Mike was angry because he let Casey see his playtoy’s boobs, yet he never saw a dime from the $10K Casey was supposed to invest with them. It was pretty fast – Casey only mentioned them twice or three times, but it was enough.

But he left a legacy of quite interesting pics and videos for all of us to enjoy.

Next post is coming (Lisa Scifo and Mike Masterson remembered)… in the meantime:

Enjoy a pic of Casey, the Gheyest Pirate who ever sailed teh milky seas

Enjoy a pic of Casey Serin, the Gheyest Butt-Pirate ever

A day in the life…

Casey in 10 years

Casey in 10 years, tops.

Have you ever wondered what a bum does all day long?

I have.

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario. You are 27 years old, $600,000 in debt. You live with your parents at their home (which is just about to be lost to foreclosure). Nevertheless, you think scams like Freedom Club USA will help you and your family (as seen on our last post).

So, itsallgood™, you just need to wait until those fellows help you get the money the evil banks have stole from you. Then – what do you do with all that free extra time you have? You are already semi-retired, so work is out of the question.

This was a recurring theme on all of Casey’s ex-blogs (I am Facing Foreclosure, TrueCasey, Island2012). So I’d like to ask for your help. What do you think Casey does from 6.00 AM to 11.00 PM everyday?

My best guess:


* 6.00 AM: Beauty sleep – continued

* 7.15 AM: Woken up by sister leaving for high school. The nerve of that chick! Besides, school is for loosers™.

* 7.45 AM: Woken up again by mom and dad leaving for work. Don’t they know I already solved all our financial problems?

* 10.15 AM: Wow, is it this late already?

* 10.16 AM: Finish masturbating.

* 10.20 AM: PowerNap™.

* 11.00 AM: Damn, I overslept. I guess I’m still depressed. Galina, please come back to me!

* 11.15 AM: Breakfast. Good thing mommy always prepares everything for me. Hey, that cantaloupe looks warm and inviting!

* 11.17 AM: Finish masturbating with fresh cantaloupe.

* 1:00 PM: Finish reading conspiracy websites. It’s awesome learning about allthisstufftheydon’twantyoutoknowabout™!

* 2.00 PM: End of PowerNap.

* 2.15 PM: Where’s mommy? I need to eat.

* 3.00 PM: Finish eating. No, mommy. Can’t help you do the dishes, I need to work on my entrepruneuer schillz™!

* 4.30 PM: Damn, that Island Paradise game on Facebook is hard.

* 6.00 PM: Finish taking a walk.

* 8.30 PM: Good thing mom and dad bought that big-ass flatscreen TV! Otherwise I may be bored. It has been a really productive day.

* 9.15 PM: Mom, can’t help you do the dishes. Can’t you see I’m busy? I’m about to sell Circus-Circus!

* 9.16 PM: Finish masturbating.

* 9.17 PM: Damn, I miss Galina.

* 9.18 PM: Finish masturbating.

* 10.00 PM: Meditation, Yoga, spiritual cleansing. 10% success.

* 11.00 PM: Sleep. No use in working too hard – FreedomClubUSA has my back covered!

This will be a long post. Brace yourselves. Hopefully, you’ll find it worthy of your time.

A couple of days ago, someone discovered the Serin Family Residence appeared to be in some sort of trouble. It seemed at that point that they were facing foreclosure.

Which shouldn’t be an issue when you have someone like Casey Serin as your son. I mean – he’s a RE expert, so he should be able to save Ma and Pa’s home . Right? Right?

Well, apparently, not quite. At least, according to the Internal Services Agency County Clerk / Recorder of the City of Sacramento

If you look closely at the document title – it’s a trustees’ sale. Now notice the book number.

20100112 – > January 12, 2010.

The following is the investigative work of a group of persons who wish to remain anonymous, but are to be commended for their dedication and hard work. All information has been obtained from Casey Serin’s own blog, Facebook wall and his Talkshoe recordings – documents which are or were in the public domain. No innocent mammals were hurt during the writing of this post.

This new information basically means that mom and dad have failed to make the payments on their home, and have been notified it’s about to be placed in a trustee sale. An eviction notice is not that far away.

Which brings us to some very interesting conclusions regarding the future of the Serins.

Here are the facts we know.

  • Casey cashed out the last of his GSPG stock – $10K.
  • He mentioned a couple of months ago he was “2 years ahead of schedule” regarding Island 2012 (his plan to buy an island by 2012 and form a community).
  • He worked as a valet for a while and quit his job.
  • Dad and mom never made payments on Casey’s “high interest”  debt, even though they signed as collaterals.
  • Steve is now in the army, away from home, after closing his blog – where he openly criticized his brother.
  • Casey was served a summons for collection of debt ($5K).
  • He started pimping something called “Freedom Club USA” one month ago. Apparently he paid them $300.


 The players:

FreedomClubUSA: their motto is “Convert debt to cash”. They are a new age / scam operation that promises you can get a payout from your Banks 56 times your debt (“Secrets they don’t want you to know” type of stuff).  

Trustee Sale: A public auction open to all bidders. 3 months after the Notice of Default is sent by regular and certified mail is the limit for making any payments, after that time the house goes to said sale. The address, name of owners and a description of the property is published on newspapers before the sale.

Mom and dad Serin:  Mom has always supported Kostya’s hare-brained schemes, but since ma and pa are about to become renters instead of owners, Casey’s future at home is pretty uncertain.  There are many questions left unanswered:  When did they learn they’d end up in foreclosure? What did they tell their sons? And how was everyone supposed to be helping?

Steve Serin: ran a blog for a while ( where he openly mocked his brother – for a while. Suddenly he had a change of heart and decided to close it up. He’s a decent, hardworking fellow who used to sell salvaged cars and is now in the army.

What may have happened.

Ma and Paw are suddenly surprised by the NOD that just arrived via certified mail. Boi-Toi-Genius Casey Serin tells them not to worry – he’ll take care of EVERYTHING (since he’s an expert at Real Estate). They decide to stop paying and start saving instead for several months of living expenses and a deposit for a rental, when they lose their home.

Casey becomes “overwhelmed” (as it always happened during IAFF, when he left for Australia, Tahoe, etc.) and drives his Vansion to Yankee Jim’s.  He decides he needs to save the family home, so he does what he knows best – gets stoned and does nothing. One night, he thinks he sees a meteor flying high up in the sky, with its fiery tail and loud sonic boom, and decides HE’s gonna buy an island with OPM by running a scam, taking his family along with him. Although, in retrospect, he may have hoped just to raise enough money to pay for the family home and forget about the island, since one of the things he emphasized the most was that there were to be “no guarantees” about anything.

Family sits still during 45 minutes of lunacy, provided by Casey Serin and recorded on video.

Father walks out of the presentation, mom gives Casey $10 or so. Casey presented the island as a solution to their collective problem of where to live / how to pay for their home, not as a business plan where he, himself, would start a new community. This is the reason why mom and dad never intervened – they believed their own son may save them from foreclosure by scamming people using a pyramid scheme.

Steve Serin decides he needs to protect his family from prying eyes, and decides the best way to deflect attention to them is by mocking his brother on his new blog – The tactic works, and Casey’s “fans” don’t find out about the NOD. Meanwhile , Steve realizes his brother is truly an idiot, and joins the army, finally getting rid of Casey. This fits the 3 month timeframe between the NOD and the trustee sale.

The Island stuff doesn’t go anywhere, since Casey spends all day doing talkcasts while stoned, and making videos everyone makes fun of. His parents (probably because of Steve) decide to take away his Internet Access, and possibly force him to get a job after they notice there’s no money coming in.

As a valet in a nice restaurant in downton Sac.

He’s served a summons for $5K, but doesn’t seem to mind.

Casey soon gets bored with his job and looks for alternatives.

He first hints about leaving to some island in the South Pacific, and then talks openly about WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). This is attractive to him because he can run away from his summons, and will get him away from yet another foreclosure experience. At this point, he couldn’t care less about mom and dad, as we can hear at 49.30 in this recording.

Something must have happened in between that made him change his mind. He then finds FreedomClubUSA and is overjoyed when he discovers that it’s not the Serins whom owe the banks a lot of money – it’s the other way around! So he decides to pay $300 for more information (in typical Serin fashion, he’s the biggest mark).  Which turns out to be crap, but Casey wouldn’t know about it until later. Casey stops talking about WWOOF, brings down his Facebook wall, and stops any kind of communication. Why he decided to stay in Sac is still a mystery.

And thus, we get to January 12th, 2010. FreedomClub USA fails, Island2012 is nowhere to be seen, mom and dad can’t afford to make any payments, Casey has no money left, no job, Steve has left for the army, and Casey’s world as he knows it is about to fall apart. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he was blissfully unaware about this.

The end.

Casey Serin in a few weeks, at his own parents’ foreclosure sale.

I’m as surprised as you are. I found something you may like.

During his stupid escapades while on cannabis and God knows what else time as “The World’s Most Hated Blogger”, Casey Serin left behind a ton of written garbage a couple hundred blog posts.

But he also recorded his voice. Where he explains how he committed fraud. How he lied in his mortgage applications. And why he thought he didn’t deserve to go to jail.

I wonder if some enterprising police agency may still be interested in capturing this criminal – because someone found almost the entire Casey Serin recordings! It’s almost all of it – from the earliest Talkshoe adventures, to his brain-dead schemes to buy an Island in 2012, to the HaterzCast, to…

Freaking JACKPOT

The elusive Marty Casts.

You see, back in 2007 or so Casey wanted to write a book – “The Foreclosure Code”.

Gaysey Serin - no makeup!


This is what his would-be publisher said about him:

Foreclosure Code Book:  When, or if, it Will be Released

There has been a lot of speculation and drama this past week whether or not this book will be published, with, or without Casey. As of today, still no direct contact with Casey for going on five days.

With our company name and reputation, and my personal name and reputation, defamed all over the internet, as a result of being associated with Casey, with apparently many of the leaks coming from Casey himself, multiple breaches of contract, copyrighted material taken, plus, an enormous amount of wasted time, money, and energy,  silence can be kept no more.

Nevertheless, 6 recordings were made of Casey Serin babbling, in intimate detail, about how he defrauded banks, private lenders and his own family in order to lose 2.2 million dollars in the end.

These recordings have it all. If you are able to listen to all of them, you are in for a big surprise.

The links:

 The Early Casts

The Marty Casts

The Island 2012 Talkcasts


Karma is a female dog: The Serin Family is Facing Foreclosure!

Good afternoon, dear readers, trolls, sockpuppets and otherwise common members of the human race.

Can you sense I’m in a good mood today?

Could it be because Casey is 2 years away from owning an island? I dunno. He has been pretty discrete about the whole affair ever since he hid in his parents home, yet again conducts his day to day business nowadays exclusively on Facebook, for all of 800 or so people to see.  No, that’s not it.

Actually, so very little things are known about Casey it’s not in our best interest to post about him. Perhaps some other time.

Today, the main topic of discussion will be those zany Uzbeks, Aleksei and Anna Serin, parents of our dear Snowflake. These people came to America to screw the system out of every penny they could  live the American Dream, and to teach their sons and daughters to scam, rob and steal from this country, since “it’s mostly a gray area” be all they could be.

Me, a lonely idiot from Sacramento, had wondered for years and years whether I’d ever get even a taste of schadenfraude when it came to Casey Serin. I saw him blow away $2,200,000 of other people’s money. I saw him leave his wife for Australia.  The list goes on and on, and justice never even showed any sort of slight interest in him or his criminal activities.

But maybe, just maybe, the time has come for justice to strike a massive-action comeback.

Girls and gals, justice is about to strike into the cold, soulless hearts of the Serin family home.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Casey’s family home is in foreclosure. Just like the rest of his properties, they are about to lose it. If this isn’t poetic justice,  I don’t know what is.

Acoording to CaseyPedia:

Breaking news: The Sacramento County Clerk-Recorder’s office says notice of default has been served on the Serin homestead. Other sites list the domicile in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure. It’s a good thing a short sale / foreclosure prevention expert is right there handy!

I sorta feel really bad for Steve Serin and Tim Serin, people who seem to be hardworking dudes. But hey, this validates my theory: the Serin Clan arrived in America in order to cheat, extort, steal and do “gray area” kind of deals. With any luck, Tim and Steve will learn from the mistakes of the rest of the clan, and stay as far away as possible from them.

I have no clue as to what Casey will do to save his family home. He’ll probably do yoga, or drink fresh juice, or keep his colon clean (for what purpose, I have no idea).

But meanwhile, it’s nice to see the cogs of justice move slowly, silently…