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Bye-bye for now.

Following the Casey Saga for the last few years can be a very tiring excercise in frustration, and I believe I’m exhausted by now.

So I’ve decided to retire from the Casey Saga for now, and store all of the contents of this blog. I don’t know if I’ll bring them back or not. The Serins may be a bunch of scammers, but I’m not completely sure I’m helping matters by publishing every last detail of what they do. The police doesn’t seem to care about it, so why should I?

Anyway, it’s been a great two years. Thanks for reading.



Comments on: "Bye-bye for now." (15)

  1. What happened, got prepaid legal on your tail?

  2. Ya, what happened? Casey get on you? You had just written up a huge post.

    • No, no legal threats at all. That isn’t the reason I took down the blog (for now).

      I just thought a bit about my last post. From the start, I tried to write this blog as humorously as possible. I was back then a spectator egging on Casey. I didn’t take the whole thing very seriously.

      The last episode of this semi-drama, though, got the best of me. I became involved. I got angry – really angry – at the Serin family for screwing America’s financial system and getting away with it. From a spectator watching how Casey & Co opened Amazon presents and the like on Christmas and laughing my ass off at him, I started becoming far too involved in the whole saga. Suddenly, I noticed I was openly discussing Casey’s parents full names, their spending habits, their debts – even what kind of underwear they used. Regardless of what they did, I felt ashamed about myself.

      There’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and I finally decided I had gone over it with my latest posts. I don’t want to become an asshole, and I was slowly turning into one.

      Venting my anger on a public blog won’t get the Serins prosecuted, or their son locked up in an insane asylum. The FBI had its chance, and they decided to ignore Casey when they could have locked him up. In all probability, the Serin family will succesfully complete their BK procedure. There’s nothing I can do about it. There’s already a very complete and detailed site ( where people can go and learn about Serin. This blog is, in a way, redundant without new info. And I’m simply not willing to smear anyone’s reputation anymore, regardless of what they did.

      What I can do, though, is back off this whole mess a bit and become less involved. I don’t want to turn into an Internet vigilante – I’m not saying it’s a good or a bad thing, it’s simply not for me. I’m absolutely sure the Serin family will eventually pay for their scams. Casey already is, even if he ignores it – he lost all his houses, all his money, his wife, and his dignity. He’s living in hell – luckily enough for him, his deluded fantasies are powerful enough to make him believe itsallgood. I believe this should be closure enough for me – the law didn’t get Casey, but he can’t escape the jail he built for himself.

      So, that’s pretty much it. I hope you understand my position.

      Have fun, and once again, thanks for reading.


  3. It’s all good, don’t get too upset.

  4. palestine4ever said:

    I don’t doubt your reasons, but I’d encourage you to leave the archives up. There are WAY too many holes in the online record as it is.

    Sunshine disinfects. Clip a post or two if you want but I strongly believe that Casey’s online reputation should be lower than his FICO score lest anyone claim to be caught unawares.

  5. Sweet Fraud said:

    Definitely leave up the archives somewhere if you can. Those are golden nuggets!

  6. no warning? said:

    ack! no archives? c’mon!

  7. OK, I’ll leave the relevant archives up and take out mom and dad’s names. Hope you enjoy them.

    Hey, “took everything down” then decided to return the archives. I’m turning into Casey! 😀

  8. palestine4ever said:

    Thanks for that, James. It’s bizarre how many sites ref’d on Caseypedia are gone. TrueCasey made a mysterious comeback in 2009 (some people said it was Casey trying to gin up pagerank for Island2012, but the latter’s gone and the former’s still there), Aaron restored the sanitized version of IAFF, but there are still tons of dead sites out there.

  9. Jamba Jim said:

    Yeah, James, I kinda understand where you are coming from. I have gotten a little too emotionally involved in this whole saga myself, for most of the same reasons as you (with the same anger at these klucks and the fact that they are apparently going to get away with their horrible behavior.)

  10. Moe Szyslak said:


  11. james, your favorite buddy casey is back online as “Mortgage Elimination Man”, you should do/write something about it.

  12. Holly Oakes Revealed said:

    Tonight I will host a talkcast that finally reveals the Holly Oakes troll to everyone. I will be taking questions from anybody who calls in.

    The talkcast will begin at 9 pm est (6 pm pst)

  13. Give it a rest, Tav.

  14. Holly Oakes Revealed said:

    Sorry, the link is begins at 9 pm est (6 pm pst).

    See you all there.

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