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Casey Serin is back. Just accept it. (or “The Spy Who Shagged Me”)

…I put the ramen. Just as I turned on the stove I remembered my modified vegan™ lifestyle and quickly shaped the ground beef to look like carrots. It was very tasty and I think the pseudo beta carrotine will do my body good.
TimeLine Guy, sometime around 2007.

Hi all. I wanted to start this post by honoring one of the greatest personalities who ever wrote stuff on Casey Serin’s blogs – TimeLine Guy. Dude, I hope you are still out there and start posting again – you are pretty funny. And, as most of the things written on this blog, you did it all “for entertainment purposes only”.

Besides, everyone knows I get my protein straight from the container!

Besides, everyone knows I get my protein straight from the container!


This is not something that happens very often. The usual CaseyMania™ cycle goes like this: Premature ejaculation launch, frenzied posting, remorse, block comments, mass deletion, mass hysteria, and back to mom and dad he goes. This time, it was more like: 40% success (Daily Miracles), Premature launch (, accept comments, block comments, post stuff he shouldn’t have, disappear for a while, and comeback. Basically, pretty much like Elizabeth’s Taylor’s love life.

Not true. He's had more cawk inside him than me!

Not true. I wish I had as many men as he does, if you catch my drift.

This is a first for Casey – he’s sort of multitasking. Notorious for being able to only handle one assignment at a time – say, opening his mail while trying not to choke to death in his own vomit seemed a major task for him – he’s now running the Daily Miracles podcast, the Iamfightingforeclosure site, and something called ““.

October 18th, 2010: Many thanks to the anonymous CampIdiot poster who saved Casey’s video on Youtube. Not surprisingly enough, Shitflake deleted it a couple of days after uploading it.

Which is  a stunningly bizarre move by Casey. I mean – dude, October 20th, 2010 is just around the corner. Your mom and dad need to file BK again, STAT. And there you are, prancing around in the worst video a 3 year old with ADD could ever film, wearing a $50 suit your mom surely bought you with the $1,600 debt she just recently acquired with Kohl’s, wearing a woman’s shirt and convincing people to spend $1,200 on a one year membership? Did you even stop and take a look at the “Related videos” on Youtube that show up?


Let's see, Casey is the stupidest man on earth, Casey rapping while stoned. Yep, good stuff!

Let's see, Casey is the stupidest man on earth, Casey rapping while stoned. Yep, good stuff!

Naaaah. You are not a “detailz” guy. But I wonder if your partner in crime is. He seems to be the Black Cobra, Reloaded. A Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Edward Maggio to the CaseyVerse.

Dunno what Casey saw in me. Maybe I remind him about something in particular.

Dunno what Casey saw in me. Maybe I remind him about something in particular.

It seems that finally we are going to get a “pro” on this story. I already missed Mark Villaseñor and Duane LeGate, so I can certainly say this is a good thing. I suppose.

The really hard thing here is – how to describe Mr. Edward Maggio? You know, most people would only need to use a couple of words when explaining you what they do. This is what Mr. Maggio says he is.  And before you start reading this,  please consider the following FACT: How may IQ points would a normal human being need in order to know NOT to make any sort of deals with Casey Serin?

So what on earth is this guy doing with a well known retard?

He is:

  • A graduate of Virginia Tech, with a B.A. in History and also has one in Political Science.
  • A Doctor in Law from New York Law School.
  • Member of the New York bar (Moe’s Tavern?)
  • Has a Master of Science Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Oxford University in the U.K. (I wonder if he’s studying Shithead as if he was a Ratlab. Ratlab, ratlab. Whatever happened to that guy?)
  • Certified in Corporate Espionage and fraud techniques(WTF?)
Theoretically, this should be Casey & Eddie's relationship.

Theoretically, this should be Casey & Eddie's relationship.

  • Author of numerous publications, including two books on private security and white collar crime, private security, risk assessment, corporate crime responses, techonology applications for security, counter-terrorism, emergency management, AND is also a security guard instructor.
OK, is this a freakin' joke?

OK, is this a freakin' joke?

Basically, he’s either:


Maggio. Edward J. Maggio, Esq.

Maggio. Edward J. Maggio, Esq.



Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

OK, enough with the jokes. He’s also professor of criminal justice at the New York Institute of technology, lectures in courses covering criminal, justice, security and criminology, is an adjunct professor at Dowling College in Oakdale, New York, and has lectured on narcotics and terrorism at Oxford, graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum


Don't even think about it, Beavis. He may sue you.

Don't even think about it, Beavis. He may sue you.

Laude from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, etc. etc. etc., and yes, once again, I shit you not.

Have you ever heard about cognitive dissonance? Casey is more of a hedonistic dissonance example himself, but Eddie and Casey… I haven’t seen such a couple ever since Lethal Weapon, or Two and a Half Men, Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney, Celine Dion and singing… You catch my drift.

You can’t help but wonder about stuff. Back in April 27th, 2010, I posted about how Casey was looking for an “open minded attorney”. Uh-huh.


He just missed the "Must be disease-free, bareback preferred" part.

He just missed the "Must be disease-free, bareback preferred" part.

Back in those days, I thought he wanted a gay lawyer. See how much I know.

If you run a whois on, you get this.

Domain Name:
Updated: 2 seconds ago – Refresh

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited

Expiration Date: 2011-05-28
Creation Date: 2010-05-28
Last Update Date: 2010-10-05

IP Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Website Status: active
Server Type: nginx/0.7.65
Alexa Trend/Rank: Up Arrow 1 Month: 6,991,597    3 Month: 10,977,893
Page Views per Visit: 1 Month: 1.0    3 Month: 1.0

Isn’t it interesting to notice that Casey was looking for a “creative” attorney back in April, and was activated in May? No, I think it isn’t.

Perhaps the New Caucasian Cobra is a friend of Nigel Swaby: In Swaby’s words:

… He’s a forensic accountant by trade, but don’t let that title fool you. My friend is an avid outdoors man whose weaponry skills are utilized strongly by our government. He’s also the guy that conducts interrogations of bad guys. With the evidence he’s researched at hand, he’ll go into that interrogation room and drop the bomb on suspected crime ringleaders. Though unassuming to look at, I would never want to mess with this friend of mine. He has no sympathy for bad guys.

Knowing what his job and background is, I ran the Casey Serin scenario by him to see what the likelihood of a criminal investigation would be…




One thing about this saga – it has funniest characters than any Muppet episode. But I digress, yet again. Since I don’t want my ass to get sued (OH HAI EDDIE!) I’ll stick with the facts. Let’s just all have some laffs,  mmmkay? TIA.

I cannot figure out whether Eddie is going to study Casey as if he was a laboratory rat, and then dump him in some dark alleyway (which would be sorta cool – the guy seems to like white collar crime and stuff, and a book on Casey would be a major source of LOLZ), or if he really is convinced about all this soverignity, redemption and the like bullshit and he wants a fall guy so he can go on practicing his trade if something goes wrong. I’d prefer the former rather than the latter, but pickers can’t be choosers, and gay men shouldn’t wear womens clothing on videos meant to attract buyers (fuck, I digress again).

So, this Eddie dude is a college professor. Should that mean he doesn’t believe in tinfoil hat conspiracy theory stuff? I’m not sure about that. Back when I still was young and could keep a Grade-4 erection that could raise the Titanic in less time than it’d take for a chick to shout “date rape!”, I had this History professor who was batshit insane about WWII and Hitler. And he told us, time and time again, that the Holocaust was a hoax, and that Jews were the origin of WWI and II, Anne Frank didn’t exist, you know, the works -all of this “strictly out of the record”, as he used to say. Before you call “Troll”, I must admit to the following: I studied on a strictly Catholic college, so blaming “the Jews” actually got you extra points on any exam. It didn’t matter whether it was Math or Sex Ed (which mainly consisted of us trying to forget our private parts existed)  – just writing “damn you, Jews” got you a B+, at least. The point being, I wouldn’t be surprised at all about Casey’s new friend teaching a näive young generation about “the stuff  they don’t want you to know about”.

But again, let’s try and stick to the facts.

What’s the Secret?

Casey is gay. No, really.

Ok, that ain’t no secret. The secret is, Joe, erm, Eddie Maggio “teaches his course on secret societies at the New York Institute”. Yep, Illuminati  sort of stuff, Jacobins, Masons, FreeMasons, Skull and Bones (according to Maggio, some Presidents were members), Knights of the Templars…

Another such organization is the Knights of Templar, founded originally to protect Christian pilgrims during the Crusades. They went into banking, creating the first European banking system, making loans to royalty and popes. The group eventually grew so powerful that they drew the wrath of the European monarchies and the Church, both of whom owed the Knights huge sums.

See where this is going? I think I do.

This guy is smarter than the average attorney!

This guy is smarter than the average attorney!

Have fun at court!

Edward Maggio, Esq. has a blog where he says stupid stuff, like most bloggers do (oh, snap!).  In it, he faces tough questions, such as “Another way to have fun in Court”:

The key to this strategy is objecting to anything said. When the bank/servicer attorney starts talking in court, your response is simple “I object; relevance.”
Edward Maggio, Esq., April 21st, 2010.

Nothing quite like being an asshole to the Court, I suppose.  Well, some people buy Hummers, some people are assholes, others run a blog about a gay felon – whatever makes you think your penis is the biggest one. But, oh, wait, look what I found.

Most legal remedies for misconduct or crimes committed by government officials must be formally presented and officially “sanctioned” by the courts. Inevitably, the cost of litigation and the courts inherent reluctance to favor private citizens who sue the government teach us that we “can’t sue city hall” – even if the folks who work there are crooks.

Shielded by the official and practical immunities inherent in our legal system, government officials are encouraged to believe they are “above the law”, beyond the reach of common people, and free to abuse their powers. No longer accountable in court, the frequency of official misconduct, oppression, and injustice is rising but normally unpunished.

Commercial liens seem to have extraordinary power for attacking government officials who break the Law. The key to the liens’ power is found in the fact that these liens are applied non-judicially – without the knowledge, approval, or interference of a judge. Because the judges aren’t involved, they can’t stop you from filing your liens, and therefore, they can ‘t shield the government.

Instead, to file a commercial lien, you prepare the necessary documents and simply file them (along with a modest filing fee) with the local county clerk, recorder of deeds, etc. or whatever county agency is responsible for filing public documents.

But problems are beginning to develop. Since the legal system can’t stop these liens with high legal fees and biased judges, the county clerks are beginning to restrict the filing of liens. I.e., you prepare your lien, round up your $50 filing fee. and present yourself, your money, and your lien to the county clerk and he refuses to accept the lien. The lien can ‘t work if it ‘s not filed, so a recalcitrant clerk can stop your lien cold. Although the clerk’s refusal to file the lien documents is almost certainly unlawful, I’ve heard reports that “refusals to file” are increasingly common in California, Ohio. and other states.

The following is one man’s recommendations for dealing with county clerks who refuse to file your liens (or other documents). This procedure is primarily based on the Uniform Commercial Code.

So, let me get this straight…

Heh. He said "straight".

Heh. He said "straight".

Edward Maggio, Esq., supports the Uniform Commercial Code, AND he’s an attorney, AND he studies criminal stuff, AND he’s in cahoots with Casey Serin?

Cognitive. Fucking. Dissonance.

I just can't figure it out.

I just can't figure it out.

He’s a sovereign, too!


Many homeowners in the U.S. have been victims of mortgage fraud whether they realize it or not. From laws being broken at the closing table to the specific actions taken by the lender/servicer to collect monthly fees, chances are your rights have been violated. Many lenders/servicers continue to violate the law even during the foreclosure process. Since 98% of homeowners do not contest a foreclosure, its not surprising.

The only to find out what your rights are as a homeowner facing difficult economic times is to have your paperwork and your current situation reviewed by legal experts. If you are a victim of predatory lending of mortgage fraud, it’s sometimes possible to have your mortgage voided and to apply 100 percent of your payments to the principle balance. There are certain consumer protection laws in place that are truly effective in helping homeowners fight against lenders who are trying to foreclose on their homes.

So, now you know what the fuck is going on here. Casey found his “open minded” lawyer, who is a sovereign, and will get you out of mortgage. He’s also a debt and criminal expert, too!
Look, I have nothing against the guy, but I’d assume a guy born in 1977 or so would never have the time to do the things he has done. I mean, I barely have time to eat my prunes, go to the bathroom and write this blog, and this guy is like Stephen Hawking, Doogie Howser and Google all combined.
What most consumers do not realize is that The credit card lender did not loan you any money. They didn’t even lend you their credit. They aren’t allowed to do that by law. They used YOUR credit to authorize the use of the card. You can very simply establish this by demanding that they validate the debt. That is, someone in a position of authority at the “lending” corporation would have to sign an affidavit under oath that the debt that they claim you owe is a valid debt. They can’t and they won’t…

Let’s start with this,
…. When you go to a closing for a home
…. Sign for a student loan or car loan,
…. Fill out the application for a credit card

Where does the money come from to allow you to purchase or pay for things?

Does it come from a corporation or a company’s pockets, Nope

Does it comes from a Bank that is using the depositor’s money, Nope

Does it come directly from the Federal Reserve Bank, Nope

Did you know in fact, the money is created by YOU with your signature

That’s right, our monetary system works by us signing contracts that then become
“Securitized” and cashed into the entire system setup by the Federal Reserve

One of the strongest things you can do to have the Servicer/Bank be in dishonor is to do the following.

1) Send a correspondence to Servicer/Lender noting you are not refusing to pay but you have placed the last 2-3 months of payment (of which you are behind on your mortgage) with your attorney who is holding it in escrow to release funds upon their proof they are the creditor and the validation of debt.

2) Have your attorney send a letter (with a photocopy of the certified funds/bank check) of the funds they are holding on your behalf. Your attorney can let them know that he/she is only authorized to release funds upon them forwarding an affidivit that they are the creditor/party in interest on the mortgage account. Only when they send an affidivit stating this information will your attorney release funds. Have your attorney give them 3-4 days to fax something over or send something via overnight mail. Guess what, they won’t respond.

3) When they do not respond, have your attorney draft for you an affidivit of truth stating what you have requested and their failure to respond. Also note they failed to respond even to your attorney with an affidivit.

4) If required in your mortgage docs, have your attorney give them notice of judicial action coming down the pipeline.

5) Take them to Court; you now have prima facie evidence they are not the creditor, therefore no standing to collect on a debt or commence/carry out a foreclosure. If they were the true creditor, under Federal law they would have had to responded.

Kids, this is, play by play, Casey Serin’s strategy. A4V’s, demand stupid stuff to the court, etc.
Once again, the redemptionist  / strawman stuff Casey loves so much. Fuck, is he for fucking real? Yes. He is.
This is stranger than the one time Casey Sharpie-painted his body with "Your Lion" signs.

This is stranger than the one time Casey Sharpie-painted his body with "Your Lion" signs.

Look. I’m not against people protecting themselves against predators. We know they are there. What amazes me is the amount of bullshitting some people are able to produce in order to avoid paying something they simply don’t have any intention to. What’s next, idiots buying houses with zero down, and immediately declaring A4V’s without paying a single cent? Maybe I’m jealous. Who knows. I paid for my house, so I must be an idiot. At least, that’s how I feel right now.
So much for this post. I’m simply speechless. Now we know who’s the brains behind Serin (because he has no brains at all).  I can’t wait to see how things turn out. It’s gonna be fun. When I stop sweating venom. Yet again.
James Marks
Dammit, I wish I were a sovereign,
October 8th, 2010