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Loose Lips Sink Ships (or “Careless Whisper”)

Hello, dear SEC readers. We are, as you may know, very close to Halloween. Which is quite appropiate, because the Serin Crime Family is going to shit their pants brown when they find out what their talented, intrepid, smart boy did this time.

That isn't the Great Pumpkin, Casey. It's the IRS / Your Alleged Lender / Your Mom when she finds out what you did.

That isn't the Great Pumpkin, Casey. It's the IRS / Your Alleged Lender / Your Mom when she finds out what you did.

But first things first: The week in review.

Casey’s mom / Casey fixed their BK petition. Once again, this information is brought to you by CampIdiot’s Neighborhood Dot. I wish him good luck in getting his referral. He deserves it.

Missing Certificate of Counseling – from the Black Hills Children’s Ranch, Inc.

Verification of Master Address List (with Kohl’s handwritten in it!)

Black Hills Children’s Ranch? I wonder what the hell that fly-by-night operation is. Sounds like the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, where Charlie Brown got Snoopy. But I bet Snoopy and Spike would have prepared a far better counseling session.

Step 1: Pay your mortgage in time. Step 2: Stop buying so much drap. Step 3: Don't trust Casey Serin.

Step 1: Pay your mortgage in time. Step 2: Stop buying so much crap. Step 3: Don't trust Casey Serin.

Besides, take a sweet moment to ponder the following: what kind of a sociopath would file for bankruptcy, not follow his / her repayment plan, then run out and get whatever credit card they can, and rack up an additional $1,700 in debt, while earning around $100,000 dollars a year? I mean – Honorable Judge Holman, there’s something wrong with that bankruptcy filing. Very wrong.

Regardless of moral issues, the Crime Family thinks everything is “fine and dandy”.  And, truth to be told, they were lookin’ good. They got to keep the house. They filed on time. They even managed to bury themselves in even more debt while technically being BK (I thought filing was meant to tell the banks you couldn’t rack up more debt, apparently I was wrong). Casey kept his mouth shut and his fingers away from keyboards. That is, until today, when he updated I Am Fighting Foreclosure. I wonder if this is the Epic Fail we’ve been waiting for, or if it’s just yet another “I told you so” moment for Haterzdom™ worldwide. Either way…

Then again, Casey not learning to STFU is more entertaining than the alternative.
Then again, Casey not learning to STFU is more entertaining than the alternative.

So, what did he do? Just in case he takes down his blog – here it is. My comments are in bold red.

Bankruptcy is Beautiful
Posted on September 27, 2010 <!–Casey Serin –>When fighting foreclosure, bankruptcy is probably the most potent short-to-midterm weapon in your arsenal — buying you from 1 to 3 months or even longer depending how you file. <- He never mentions bankruptcy is supposed to inform the banks that you cannot borrow any more money – ie, you are SCREWED – in his mind, Bankruptcy “is beautiful”. Fuck.

If used correctly, it is very effective in shutting down the Foreclosure Sale dead in its tracks and buying you valuable time to prepare your next move — in my case a lawsuit for fraud against the bank. <-No, moron. Bankruptcy is not a tool you use to fuck with the system. It’s supposed to help people in distress. I’m still waiting on the official sworn affidavit of findings from our forensic loan auditor. Based on the initial look it appears very promising. <-I bet you also think AIDS looks promising because you get to have bareback sex, right?

The most beautiful thing about bankruptcy is just how smoothly it works.

You can walk over to your nearest federal court and file literally minutes before the Trustee / Foreclosure Sale and if your paperwork is done correctly you will get an automatic “Order for Relief” — which means ALL collection activity MUST stop immediately for all the listed alleged creditors.

Collection activity which must cease includes pesky phone calls, threatening letters and in case of mortgage, the foreclosure sale itself. I’ve heard of people filing 10 minutes before the sale and running the stamped order over to the Trustee and they have no choice but to honor it on the spot. <- Have you ever READ something so arrogant in the last few days? I mean, he’s bragging that he can stop a legitimate foreclosure sale minutes before because… well, because you are an egotistical ASSHOLE who finds it funny to waste people’s time and their money. Once again, FUCK.

If you don’t make it and they do sell your house, they have to reverse it, I’m told. As long as you filed even a minute before the posted time of the sale and got it stamped, you should be good. You may just have to contact the foreclosing trustee or lender’s attorney and let them know about the bankruptcy filing.

Of course, there is no reason to wait until the last minute, unless you enjoy the thrill of it. <- For the love of all that’s holy, please let someone with the power to kick the Serin’s collective asses out to the streets read this paragraph. In my case a business day before did the trick. Of course, there was still a little bit of a thrill on the day of the sale because it didn’t show as canceled — so I had to call the lender and find out it did get canceled.

Nowadays, everything is done electronically so if you file a few days before the foreclosure sale, the trustee or foreclosing attorney should see the bankruptcy in the system and cancel or postpone it without any additional notice from you.

However, I’m told it helps to fax the top page of your bankruptcy filing to them just for extra notice. I couldn’t find the fax number for the foreclosing trustee in my case so I had to hope they would see it in the system on their end, and they did.

Phew, that was a close one! : – ) <-Can I kick this guy’s balls? Please? Repeatedly? With a fucking jackhammer?

Bankruptcy Cost: filing fee of $275 (+ cost of bankruptcy attorney if you need help filling it out, about $1,000-2,000)

Bankruptcy Benefit: the surest way to immediately stop foreclosure, stop collection calls/letters, and buy you time to figure out what to do next and prepare your next move. <- No, you fucking retard, bankruptcy is supposed to help decent people get back on their feet. Moron. Scammer. Criminal.

Bankruptcy Tip #1: if you’re married and you’re both on the loan, you could file just in the name of one spouse. That gives you an ability to do it again later when/if the bankruptcy gets dismissed under the other name. <- Holy fuck, can you be even more of an asshole? Can you find a better way to give the finger to our government? Dude, you are sick. Seek help.

Bankruptcy Tip #2: get your credit counseling done before you file, but if you forget, that may be OK, as in my case we were given a 7 day grace period to get it completed. The clerk at the federal district here was very helpful in checking the paperwork and explaining what was still missing. I was happy to see that especially since we self-filed this time. <- Translation: you wasted someone’s time because you and your Crime Family do not intend to pay a single cent back.

Bankruptcy Tip #3: if you filed a bankruptcy earlier and it was dismissed (means it did  not go through either because you canceled it or didn’t do something like show up to court, make Chapter 13 payments, file additional paperwork, etc) you could refile again — I believe up to twice per year (per  name!)  Just copy the old paperwork and make any necessary updates to the numbers/dates/etc and submit it again! You do have to pay the filing fee every time, but it gives you lots of gun powder to keep the alleged (pretend) lender in check. <- Typing this stuff on the Internet is also an excellent way to let the court have enough gunpowder to blow your fucking ass out of your parents home and into prison. Moron. Idiot. Retard.

DISCLAIMER: Please double-check all this against the bankruptcy code and talk to a lawyer. Nothing I’m writing here is to be taken as legal advice and I will not be held liable for your failure or success. This is for ENTERTAINMENT (educational) purposes only and your mileage may vary.  We’re just having some fun here, let’s not get too serious, life is a game. <- The only entertainment I want is watching you in PMITA federal prison. Not that you won’t like it.

With that said…

Bankruptcy is truly beautiful!

Please, someone shoot me now. I’m sweating venom.

I really can’t imagine what kind of idiot retard moron douche psycho faggot George Tran fuctkard would ever think that giving the finger to a Judge and then stating that “(he’s) just having fun here” is allowed to roam the streets of Sacramento free. He has slowly evolved – from a 24 year old idiot who thought he’d be able to “parlay” fame into fortune, to a sociopath who thinks he has superpowers to a complete and utter criminal who blogs about his frauds and scams, and believes he’s above the law. That’s Devolution, with a major D. And I’m not talking about Devo, either.

The fact that you can't feel the heat doesn't mean you are going to get boiled, son.
The fact that you can’t feel the heat doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get boiled, son.

There was much talk about whether the Crime Family would have Anna file first, then let Aleksey do the same, and borrow some time until Gaysey could sue the alleged lender. Well, that’s exactly what is supposed to happen. Casey just bragged about it. On his own personal blog. For everyone to see. He’s so damn sure he’s going to save that house he got all cocky on us. His “Administrative Remedies” will save the Serins from foreclosure.

Or will it?

Campidiot, once again, shows the rest of us how things are done. Well, except for all those times when they talk about racist stuff. Or when they post awful stuff about women. Yeah, it happens.

OK kids, I sent the following email to: (taken from:

). I STRONGLY encourage you to do the same if you suspect of BK fraud in this case. We can sit on our asses and moan and whine like bitches all day long, or we can trust our government to do the right thing this time around. I’m betting on my government.
I did attach a PDF file with the entire web site.

It has come to my attention that a bankruptcy petition filed on Sacramento may be fraudulent…
Name and address of person:
Anna Serin, 4932 Dewey Dr, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.
Name of the bankruptcy case, case number, location of where the case was filed:
Sacramento County
Judge: Honorable T. Holman
Trustee: J. Johnson
Chapter 13.
September 17th, 2010.

Identifying information regarding the individual:
Anna Serin, wife of Aleksey Serin. She has 2 daughters and 3 sons.

Brief description of alleged fraud:
1) Said person filed for bankruptcy on January 27th, 2010 along with her husband, Aleksey Serin.
2) She filed for BK again on Sept. 17th, 2010 by removing her husband’s name and re-filing the same paperwork.
3) The phone number given on the September 17th filing is incorrect.
4) Anna and Aleksei Serin’s home was transferred to her son, Casey Serin sometime during January 27th and September 17th.
5) Anna Serin’s son, Casey Serin, posted on his personal web site that they’ll use bankruptcy as a way of buying some time so that they can “Sue their *alleged* lender”, since they will be using “administrative remedies” such as “Accepted for Value” (A4V), and other procedures derived from the “Redemption” movement. They are planning on re-filing for Bankruptcy under Aleksey Serin’s name again after their 30 days are over. Casey Serin is a self-professsed “blogger” and has made these claims public at:

… for more information, please use google and search for his name (Casey Serin)
6) You can see a description of their planned activities on the attached PDF file.
Ommited assets or claims:
1) Anna Serin has filed for bankruptcy, but the house is supposedly property of her son, Casey Serin.

Followed by:

I already got a confirmation receipt from the USTP.
Do it. It can only help these idiots stop abusing our system. I love America, and I can’t stand watching some group of assholes destroy it while I do nothing about it…


He’s not a snitch – he’s an informant. So am I. Done and done. Confirmation received. Please throw pdfs in phile dump to make it easier to blow the whistle. Your efforts are appreciated. Time to bring on some fucking action.

Here’s the good thing. Someone actually got off his ass (unlike me, I always write this blog sitting down) and did something for a change.

Here’s the bad thing. People have been doing this for 4 years without any results.

So, will this be the end of Casey Serin’s wild antics? I don’t know. At this point, he has lasted for far longer than anyone would have ever dreamed he would. In his mind, he has “beaten the system” time and time again. In reality, though, his family is this close ( ——>  <——) to homelesness. He has destroyed the reputation of the Serin name for years to come. Google won’t soon forget (just do a search on Anna, Aleksey and the rest of the gang and see what I mean). I wonder – was it all worth it?

Would you RUIN your family’s reputation for years to come just to get a couple of months worth of free rent?

James Marks
Your Honor, may I dickpunch Mr. Serin, please?
September 27th, 2010

A Blast from the Past.

Back on April, 2010, I posted the following image:



I’m sad to see I was so fucking right on that one.

James Marks
That potty-mouthed woman scares me to death,
September 21st, 2010

The Gory Details: it was Anna Serin this time. Special thanks to Neighborhood Dot from CI!

Thanks to our old friend, Neighborhood Dot from CampIdiot, we now have the documentation of the latest Serin Bankruptcy. He has been the source of most of the never-before seen 4932 Dewey Drive pics. He has also kept us informed about everything that goes on in the household, even though he has been mistreated by some of us every once in a while (those are some of the perks we get from reading CampIdiot, I suppose).

A couple of interesting facts.

  • Why did Anna Serin file, and not Anna & Aleksei Serin?
  • Will daddy be the next to file for BK? Will Casey follow him?
  • Why didn’t they deliver all of the required documentation? Are they trying to keep delaying the procedures?
  • Why did Anna not use a lawyer this time?
  • Why did they use the same BK papers as they did the first time around, except for crossing out Alexei’s name and adding EVEN MORE FUCKING DEBT from Kohl’s?
  • Why did they file on September 17th, 2010, merely a couple of working hours away from the date their house was going to be sold?

Neighborhood Dot: thank you for taking the time to get these documents. We, the haterz™ community owe you a lot.

We are not worthy! We are not worthy! Casey is scum! Casey sucks!

We are not worthy! We are not worthy! Casey is scum! Casey sucks!

James Marks
The show must go on,
September 20th, 2010

20% of you were right. I’m not in the mood to write a silly (“or…”) thing.

4932 Dewey Drive is safe and sound in the hands of the Serin Crime Family until (at least)  October 20th, 2010.

Why should I pay my taxes and mortgage, when people like Casey Serin don't, and get away with it?

Why should I pay my taxes and mortgage, when people like Casey Serin don't, and get away with it?

I just lost a bit of faith in society.

James Marks
Justice has failed us. Again.
September 20th, 2010

This week’s RE bargain (or “Easy Money”)

Hey, RE investors! I’ve got a deal for you. Do you want to make an easy +$40,000 dollars?

Then head to the Sacramento Courthouse this Monday, September 20th, and buy 4932 Dewey Drive!

Bidding starts at $135,900.

The fun starts Monday, September 20th, at 13:30.

The fun starts Monday, September 20th, at 13:30.

I’d tell you to check out the estimated debt, but you’d then think I’m just making stuff up, because nobody would ever owe so much money… right 

Check out

Sweet passive income!

Sweet passive income!

You need to consider a couple of things, though. From CampIdiot, a friendly dot posted the following:

I asked my wife about this, she does this foreclosure stuff for a living. Some country records are online. She says if it was in another county, she could look it up online to see what loans were paid off but she doesn’t know about Sacramento and isn’t interested enough to go look for it. She said the $135,900 first bid amount could be any of the loans. Any of the loan holders could forclose.

For example, she said if Well Fargo was still owed HELOCs, they could foreclosure even though they are the junior lender.

If you buy the propery at auction, you inherit all the loans that were senior to the lender that is foreclosing. So, if there are HELOCs junior to a larger mortgage that is senior and you buy it at auction via the junior foreclosure, you now owe the senior larger mortgage debt. Additionally, she says if there are IRS liens, you owe those since they are senior to both and they can take the property if you don’t pay them off. She said you could find out which lender was foreclosing if you looked at the court records but she doesn’t deal with Sacramento properties so she doesn’t know if it is online or whether you have to go to the courthouse. It is public record in any case.

If someone thinks this is a good deal because of the value of other properties in the area, you need to look at who is foreclosing, who is junior and senior and whether there are liens tied to it as well. Just because you buy it at auction doesn’t mean you get it free and clear and doesn’t mean other debt and liens aren’t still attached to the house (that you are now responsible for).

here is a quick, good one page explanation of the whole loan and lien priority thing in foreclosure


I made a small poll. Bear in mind, you can choose multiple answers.

Onlyone other small detail: would you live, sleep and eat where Casey Serin once lived, slept, and ate?

James Marks
Not losing any hope… yet,
September 19th, 2010

Understanding Casey’s newest scams (or “When you wish upon a star”)

Hello there. James Marks here.    

Yes, it's that time again. Conspiracy theories, here we go

Yes, it's that time again. Conspiracy theories, here we go!


It seems to me that everytime I get sick I somehow find enough free time to write about the Sovereign / UCC / A4V /A2M movement. I don’t know how much good it can be for my health to (metaphorically speaking) swim through a shitberry syrup of stupidity in order to bring you a somewhat comprehensible post regarding whatever scam Casey fell for this time around, but I think of it as a social service – if I can save a living soul from becoming catatonic from reading the TJ Marrs / George Tran / FreedomClubUSA bullshit, then I’ll die a happy man.    

Also, I managed to use the phrase “shitberry syrup” on this blog.  How cool is that.    

This is the first image hit from Google for "Shitberry Syrup". No, I don't get it, either.

This is the first image hit from Google for "Shitberry Syrup". No, I don't get it, either.



I was intrigued about this point for a while, then completely forgot about it for months. I’m pretty surprised to see that A4V is my #1 search engine related term. I always thought it’d be “Casey Serin is Gay”, or “Hooters”. I guess people are really looking about A4V and whether it really works. I grouped together every related term. I was surprised to see me coming in third place. 


Search Views
a4v 1927
casey serin, gay, shirtless 689
james marks wordpress 471
lisa scifo 113
ulyana peychev 52
galina serin 33
steve serin 25
brokeback mountain 19
decent girls 18

And here’s a hint: if you are looking for “decent girls”, man, are you really at the wrong place.  

I’ve thought for quite some time about updating my A4V entry with the latest Casey shenanigans, but I couldn’t find the time, or the inclination. Quite frankly, it’s sort of like explaining rational people why the earth isn’t flat – I’m a strong proponent of the theory that “foreclosure redemption” (for the lack of a better term) is just a bunch of made up gibberish that tries to justify the behavior of people who a) are about to lose their home, and b) have lost all shred of dignity and decency (or never had any to begin with). It’s a fine line, though – so many people are losing their homes (937,840, Q3, 2009) it shouldn’t be surprising they are trying just about everything in order to save their home.    

But this is Casey we are talking about. On with the show!

But this is Casey we are talking about. On with the show!


We’ll use I am Fighting Foreclosure as a basis for this post (I don’t know how long Serin will keep up his blog, so it’s possible by the time you check it out it’ll be a broken link).    

Administrative remedies.    

It’s a process, of which the most important is the A4V (at least, for scammer scumbags)    

…It is a non-judicial way to bring your grievances up to whomever has harmed you, give them a chance to explain themselves and settle the matter on a private, ‘person-to-person’ basis.    

 An Administrative Remedy can be used by anyone to establish the facts of a matter and give parties on both sides of a disagreement an opportunity to state their ‘case’. It involves no courts, judges, mediators or other public officials except for a notary public whose role is limited to acknowledging the acts done and serving as a witness.    

Translation: you fill the inbox of your bank / lender / trustee with crap you demand them to respond to, then you argue that because you didn’t receive a response in 10 days or so, you win.    


A remedy is a commercial right for those who acquire that right through an instrument. In corporate United States, there must be a written record of everything.    

Nothing is supposed to be assumed or presumed, but that does not mean assumptions and presumptions are not used everyday to acquire rights and enforce them. If the right that is being enforced is a security interest in a tangible or intangible thing, it usually comes from an instrument that is actually supported by the thing. This is usually, but not always, a pledge or a promise to relinquish possession of a thing if there is a breach of an agreement.    

I know you know where this is headed – it’s simple: you assume your lender is a crook, nothing is what it seems, and if you wish for it long enough, dreams do come true.   

Wish I had known about that technique while I was dating. It’d have made things SO much easier.    

Also, you need to exhaust ’em all before you “litigate” (AKA “sue the lender”).  

“Alleged” lender.    

Imagine the following scenario (most of us have lived through it): you ask a bank for a loan, do some paperwork, sign some stuff, get the money, and pay it back. Because, well, we actually did borrow some dollars, and we aren’t jackasses who are willing to demand those who loaned us the money to prove they actually did such a thing.    

Dear Mr. Bankster: Can you prove I'm not gay?

Dear Mr. Bankster: Can you prove I'm not gay?


There are two types of foreclosures, judicial and non-judicial. In some states, a lender can foreclose on your home without going to court, this happens when you sign a deed of trust at your closing. This occurs in states that allow non-judicial foreclosure. Keep in mind some states carry both judicial and non-judicial foreclosure laws.     

You can still use the “Produce the Note” strategy in these states, but it takes a few more steps on your part.    

The premise for using the “Produce the Note” is this:  When a homeowner is faced with a foreclosure suit, “Produce the Note” requires the lender by law to prove it has the actual authority to foreclose, by requiring it to officially produce the original wet ink unaltered promissory note in the lawsuit.    

But if there is no foreclosure lawsuit, what can homeowners do?  In these “nonjudicial foreclosure” states, such as California, Texas, or the thirty or more other states with similar procedures, the homeowner has to file a lawsuit against the party trying to foreclose. If you live in a state that has a Right of redemption period you can also use this process. Keep in mind even if the property sold at auction you have the right to still fight for your property.     

So, there you have it. The idea here is, your lender is an “alleged” one until he produces the wet ink signature. It doesn’t matter whether you know you owe the money – all you need is to ignore any remorse you may feel about stuff and go ahead and question the obvious.    

Debt validation letter and request.    

As we’ve learned before, you cannot trust anything or anyone, so you need to ask for documentation in order to prove any claim (and, of course, ignore the fact that you have copies of every document you ever signed safe at home – those don’t count, the ink ain’t wet on them, anyway).    

Obviously, there are plenty of times when debt validation is a useful, legal procedure:    

Debt validation is when you ask a bill collector to validate the debt that they are trying to collect from you. A collector must be able to prove that you owe what they say you owe or they cannot collect from you and they cannot negatively harm your credit. If they have harmed your credit, and they cannot provide you with proof that you owe them money then they must correct their errors on your credit report.   

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act spells out your rights and how you are protected as a debtor against collection companies and their efforts to collect money from you.    

Leave it to foreclosure scammers to screw a perfectly legal procedure.    

It certainly isn’t the pretender lender (or “the alleged lender” – JM) and if you can fill in the blanks on this list you will be able to show that. Remember the burden is NOT on you to prove it, the burden is on you to ASK for it in qualified written request, debt validation letter and/or discovery (interrogatories, request to produce, subpoena duces tecum, and requests for admission). If you ever get someone the pretender lender offers to answer your questions at deposition make sure you specify that you will want the person(s) who are able to answer questions about the following items….   

Your forensic review can only estimate the some of the data. But the closer you get to answering more and more of these questions by aggressively enforcing their obligation to answer under federal law, state law and rules of civil procedure, the closer you get to proving that the wrong party is servicing the loan, the wrong party is collecting on the loan, and the wrong party is enforcing the note, while the obligation has been altered by events outside of the report that the foreclosing party is reporting to the court…   

Debt Validation Letters.   

A-ha. So, now I get it. The argument here is that you are not paying the person / entity you think you are, so you need a “Certified Forensic Loan Auditor and Securitization Expert” to tell you that since the “real” lender isn’t the one who’s asking you the money, but someone else, you don’t need to pay him back. Woo-hoo!   

Damn, I'm good.

Damn, I'm lookin' good.


Proof of claim.   

A completely legal procedure, for a change.   

A document that a creditor can file with the bankruptcy court stating how much the creditor was owed at the time the bankruptcy was filed, how much was overdue, whether there is any property held to secure the loan, and the value of any such property   A creditor who fails to file a Proof of Claim usually will not get paid through the bankruptcy.    

Right to discharge debt under HJR 192.   

The House Joint Resolution 192  basically says:   

“All coins and currencies of the United Stated (including Federal Reserve notes and circulating notes of the Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations) heretofore or hereafter coined or issued, shall be legal tender for all debts, public and private, public charges, taxes, duties, and dues, except that gold coins, when below the standard weight and limit of tolerance provided by law for the single piece, shall be legal tender only at valuation in proportion to their actual weight.’   

So, basically, foreclosure scammers say paper money is not lawful, and requiring payment via this method is a crime. Or at least, that’s what Casey thinks – HJR 192 is one of the laws the A4V guys cite as the basis for the Redemption Movement.   

Unfortunately, their interpretation of the law is invalid.   

The borrowers in McElroy brought an unsuccessful action against their lender and the purchaser in foreclosure for quiet title, declaratory relief, and fraudulent foreclosure. The court rejected their theories concerning the import of “Public Policy HJR-192 and Public Law 73-10,” and upheld the foreclosure. McElroy, 2005 WL 2885975. The foreclosure in McElroy was not fraudulent in any sense, nor was the decision of the Natrona County Board.   

If you have time, and are a lawyer, I envy you. I bet you are charging your free time to someone. What are you doing reading this site? I recommend reading that link. It shows that every single trick Casey has tried has already been rejected by that court.   

Casey Serin: Setting the Gold Standard for "Stupid" since 2006.

Casey Serin: Setting the Gold Standard for "Stupid" since 2006.


Certified Forensic Loan Auditor and Securitization Expert, Qualified Written Request, Complaint, Dispute of Debt and all that crap.   

By now, we know the following (correct me if I’ve forgotten something).   

  • We have a Strawman that was created the moment we were born, and he’s the legal entity that has to pay taxes and stuff, as opposed to the flesh and blood human being, which can take control of the Strawman in order to create wealth (the ALL CAPS drama);
  • The Strawman can discharge debt using the A4V method (and most CFO’s at top companies know about it, but would rather not tell everyone, according to Serin);
  • HJR 192 is the root of the A4V / Strawman theory since in 1933, FDR (and no, it doesn’t stand for “Fuck ‘Dem, Republicans”)  suspended the Gold Standard and made it impossible to pay back a debt. Debt is therefore only transferrable between entities, because it’s now illegal to pay it back.
The Gospel of Debt, according to Casey Serin

The Gospel of Debt, according to Casey Serin


We’ve learned loads of other things, but for now, this shall suffice. Now that you know that debt is like herpes from a cheap ‘ho (you don’t want it, but you can transfer it and get rid of… hey, wait. It’s NOT like herpes!), yet another great excuse you can use not to pay back a single dirty penny is to claim that your lender isn’t the original one (since he can’t produce the wet ink document, nor proof that her mom wasn’t a martian in the first place – no bull, check out this document; it’s mostly a time-waster for the lender, and, as many “Redemptionists” argue, it serves the purpose of delaying the procedure).   

Enter the Certified Forensic Loan Auditor.   

Who is he? Well, when you consider how complex the whole thing is, and how many delusions need to be taken into consideration to make it work (at least in your head), you want an “Auditor” by your side. It’s just SO nice sounding. And it reassures you that you are hiring a pro, which makes your whole argument legal and stuff. At least, again, in your head.   

Someone, print 7 of these and send them to 4932 Dewey Dr., STAT!

Someone, print 7 of these and send them to 4932 Dewey Dr., STAT!


Just do a Google search on these guys and see if your computer doesn’t get AIDS from it. I had to wrap my router and laptop in cellophane and then use a shitload of lube just to be on the safe side.    

Basically, they’ll take your loan documents, audit them, find some sort of legal hole, and enable you to discharge (remember, you never pay back your debt – or do you? I’m not sure anymore at this point) your debt. Serin actually said that, in his case, the Certified Lunatic told him debt had been transferred between entities, so it wasn’t legal. Or something. I think. Cool, huh? Sad thing is that, pretty much like El Chupacabras, Casey Serin’s dignity, and Nigel Swaby’s hair, they don’t really exist.   

And, indeed, an audit report has as much value as a stand-alone document as this blog. Caveat emptor. If I knew what that meant, anyway.   


Yeah, I know I did this joke before. Bite me.

Yeah, I know I did this joke before. Bite me.


“Sue, the lender”.   

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Sue / Who wanted to screw Casey blue / so she became her lender / and made his ass so tender / Little Casey Gay Boy / became Chris Record’s favorite Boy-Toy!   

James “Jimbo” Marks, “The Unabridged Mixed-Up Mother Goose”   

“Sue the lender”.   

By now, you are aware everything is illegal. You can’t pay back your lender. Your lender most probably transferred the debt, due to HJR 192. He didn’t accept your “lawful” A4Vs. Hasn’t complied with your Qualified Written Requests. And he moved on and foreclosed your home anyway.   

The bastard.   

Now you sue him. Not much more to say about it. The idiot lended you the money in the first place, so why not screw him a bit more?   

Not much more to say.   

So, there you have it. Casey Serin took over a year to understand this shit. All it took me was a couple of days at the hospital, a swollen liver, and, once again, the feeling I’ve been swimming in raw sewage after writing this.   

Excuse me while I go throw up.   

James Marks,
Are people really this stupid? Is anyone?
September 17th, 2010

Yet another quickie.

Want to check out  the status of 4932 Dewey Drive?

Same thing applies to the Serin Crime Family after Monday the 20th.

Same thing applies to the Serin Crime Family after Monday the 20th.

1. Log into

2. Type t09-54538-ca and search!

Here's some help, in case you are a retard, or Casey Serin.

Here's some help, in case you are a retard, or Casey Serin.

James Marks
Wondering if I should become a sovereign, too,
September 16th, 2010