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Fool me once: shame on you. Fool me twice: Hi, I’m Casey Serin! (or “Back in the Game?”)

Hello, faithful readers! Summer is here, and the time is right,
for the Serin Family living in the streets!



We may have witnessed Snowflake’s 2011 return, and not a minute to soon – he has, after all, very little time before Island 2012 opens. But before that, we get to witness his annual mental break-down – you know, the one that has brought us the infamous Pirate Party at the Park! So, while we wait for September to come by, we’ll have to make do with Casey’s latest bizarro-land appearance.

There are many things I don’t really “get” about the Serins, but one of their most glaring defects is the fact that it’s really rather obvious they wouldn’t know anything about mid or long-term planning. They just seem to do things in a naturally random way, without any sort of logic to it (I’m pretty sure Casey would call it “Organic”). For example, filing for multiple bankruptcies without any intention of honoring their repayment plan. Or getting a Kohl’s card after their first BK. Sure, that’ll give them short term satisfaction, but in the end, wouldn’t they just rather have paid their BK, or downsized to a smaller house, instead of losing it all?

I blame Casey's parents for his lack of planning skillz. Hell yeah.

I blame Casey's parents for his lack of planning skillz. Hell yeah.

I bet Casey would like a piece of that cake, too.

Where was I? Oh yeah. I’m still sorta shocked (which just goes to show you, I’m either an eternal optimist or a true-blue idiot) about Casey’s latest activities – because I assumed he’d have learned his lesson at this point: someone who takes money away from you in exchange for services isn’t necessarily your friend. Especially when services are intangible, delivered over the Internet, and without any sort of guarantee. Casey has fallen time and time again for this scam, and it seems he’s only happy to do it again.

Enter Mr. Jerry Kennedy. I’m not a professional blogger, so to speak (I actually have a real life job, as most of you know), and I don’t know the “secrets they don’t want you to know” about blogging (probably the reason why my blog is so shitty in the first place)

...and the reason why most of my hits come from "Tila Tequila" searches! Sweet SEO, babe!

...and the reason why most of my hits come from "Tila Tequila" searches! Sweet SEO, babe!

so please, Mr. Kennedy – if I’m wrong about something, let me know. I’ll pretend I care, if you do the same.

Anyway – what happened? Apparently, someone named “Monica” told Mr. Kennedy (The Blog Whisperer) about Casey’s story (which at this point is deader than Michael Jackson’s nose implant), and strangely enough, Casey showed up at a talkcast / radio show / whatever,  just to tell it.


I should be getting tired at playing the role of "Master of the Obvious". But, no.

I should be getting tired at playing the role of "Master of the Obvious". But, no.

Remember what I told you about long / short term planning, the Serin family? Well, riddle me this. Why would Casey agree to be interviewed if he didn’t have a long term goal? Answer: I don’t know, and neither does Casey. But I bet we can all assume – he’s coming back, sooner rather than later. His attention whoring personna got the best of him, but I bet he was also seeking publicity; I don’t think he merely agreed to be asked about his criminal past in exchange for nothing.

Back to Mr. Kennedy, since we need some background. Who’s he?

He has a web site called the “Blog Whisperer”. Which seems right up Casey’s preferences – I bet he thought Kennedy would be whispering on the back of his ear, in a horizontal position, what to write about. But nah, don’t think so – the reaming Kennedy’s doing to Casey ain’t a sexual thing (not that Casey would not enjoy it). Although he really is screwing his over. So to speak. Want grate poof?



Not to say that Casey actually is paying $495 x 3 for… fuck, I don’t know what. But it’s amazing how consistent he is – he always seems to be associated with people hell-bent on screwing someone else  (sorry Jerry!).

Casey's life, in 9 blocks.

Casey's life, in 9 blocks.

I mean – I’m going to get serious for a moment. I have ZERO writing background or experience. I’m not as funny as many of my friends, or interesting, or smart, or attractive, but I found something I enjoy writing about, and apparently, people enjoy reading it. See? That’s the secret. I don’t need a “blog whisperer” for $1,500 telling me what to write about, and neither do you. Nevertheless, let’s see what the package includes.

What’s a Blog Whisperer?

A Blog Whisperer helps you speak with the voice of your soul by teaching you to quiet the voice in your head…

Great. Voices in my head, voices in my soul. I always thought blogging was done with, well, your brains. This is deep stuff, the secrets they don’t want you to know!

You might have even hired one of the experts to help you.

You could drop thousands of dollars on coaches who are supposed to help you be a better blogger; trouble is, they focus on the technical side of things.  Instead of helping you get your ideas out, they start with the next step: helping you get “found” once you’ve actually written something.  They teach things like SEO strategies and using social media to drive traffic to your blog, but you know that’s all pointless until something’s actually there for your new readers to, you know, READ!

Yeah, because the first thing I consider when I’m about to do something is deciding who is going to think about what I’m thinking about doing – no way I’d ever do it myself! (Come to think of it, that’s exactly the way Casey thinks! Coincidence? I say NOT!)

That’s where your Blog Whisperer comes in!

Imagine a guide, someone to help you navigate the dark recesses of your mind and locate the hidden treasures there, and then get them out of your head and onto the screen!  Picture yourself sitting down at your computer, logging in to your blog, and effortlessly creating the kind of content you read on your favorite blogs.

A guide to navigate the dark recesses of my mind who’ll help me find the hidden treasures there. Where does this guy get the inspiration for the amount of verborrhea he uses? I mean, seriously. But hey, your brain enema will cost $1,500 – it has to sound somewhat fancy, I guess.

Even more important, though, just think of your readers having their lives changed by the ideas that you shared, the posts that you created, the content that came from your heart!

I hope to do so. Listen, kids: Casey Serin is a con man, and you don’t need a guy who’s going to give your head a brain enema in order to write a blog. Do it yourself. Save the money.

No writer’s block.  No anxiety. No problem!

You may or may not be a reader of my Motivation 101 Blog (don’t worry: it’s not a requirement for this program).  If you are, you know that I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of just being yourself: open, honest, and transparent.

This guy is getting to be more like Casey Serin – his link is broken (on his own blog, the one that’s trying to sell a $1,500 course on how to blog properly!). The right link is (don’t click – worse than Goatse).  He’s charging $150 to set up your blog over there.

And here’s how I can help…

I’ve created a brand new program to help new and experienced bloggers get those world-changing ideas out of their heads and onto the screen in just 12 weeks…and I want to you to join me.  Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A 1-hour one-on-one initial consultation to establish your mission, vision, and desired outcomes
  • A weekly 1-hour tutorial dealing with one of 12 mission-critical topics, designed specifically to help you make your blog a magnet for your readers, followed each week by 30-minutes of Q&A and an optional 1-hour “blogging period” (during which you and your classmates will have the chance to put what you’ve just learned into practice)
  • Two 1-hour one-on-one follow-up calls to help you stay on track and focused with laser intensity on hitting your goals
  • If you don’t already have one, a self-hosted WordPress blog, complete with your own domain name, 1-year of hosting, and a theme of your choice
  • Unlimited email support for your burning questions between classes (guaranteed 24-hour response time)
Let’s do some numbers, shall we? It’s either a $1K initial payment or a $1.5K deferred one. That buys you:
  • A one hour telephone “consultation”, plus 2 hours of “follow up”.
  • 12 hours of tutorials, 6 hours of Q&A, and an optional 12 hours of jerking around with other people, trying to outblog one another.
  • A blog.
  • “Unlimited” e-mail support.
Considering the tutorials aren’t live, this guy is either charging you $333 per hour, or $500 per hour, depending on how you decide to pay. Sweet. Motherfucking. Allah. Passive. Income!
Make up your own mind about Jerry Kennedy…. I know I already did.
No comment at this time.

No comment at this time.

As to Casey’s show… yeah, I listened to it. Twice. There are a few gold nuggets, so I’m going to go over them… so you don’t have to listen to Kermit T. Frog’s voice again.
“CS: Stated income (lies) are not that big of a deal…”
A lie is a lie, Casey. Maybe some people fudge the numbers up a bit, because of overtime pay or whatever that they cannot fully prove. But you? What kind of income did you have? ZERO. You had already quit Pride. It IS a big deal, because if you hadn’t lied, you’d have got exactly ZERO loans. Period.
“CS: Haterz… blah blah blah, sob, they made my life miserable”.
I can point you to at least one or two comments where I stated, unequivocally, that I wanted to see YOU succed, Casey. Come to think of it – if you hadn’t lied on your statements, left your wife with the Cashcall debt, paid $30K to other scammers (like Kiyosaki), etc., you’d have a) a place to live, b) a gorgeous, hot wife, and c) your dignity intact. As it is, you have nothing – and it’s not because of us, kid. We are all along for the ride – that’s all.
I doubt you were denied jobs because of CampIdiot, CaseyPedia and this website. Why? Easy – if you had a job, Cashcall would come after you faster than Imperial Executive’s 2,400 bps modem (oh, wait…).  same thing with Bob Parsons interview for GoDaddy, even Mr. Kennedy caught you lying there.  There wasn’t any interview, and nobody mailed Bob Parsons in protest-  I’ve been around ever since the beginning of this “epic” saga, and It. Never. Happened. Period. Edited by James Marks: yeah, I’m a retard. Sue me. Then sue the lender.
“JK: Writing your blog was cathartic…you were such a risk taker”
Casey wasn’t in it for the catharsis, he was in it for the attention whoring. He has never shown any remorse about his crimes; all he wants is the attention of haters and family alike (I don’t think there are any supporters at this point). Casey cannot feel any sort of feelings about what he did; it’s as if he just knew people expect him to feel bad about things, so he says he does.
Also, Casey is NOT  a risk taker. I said it several times on There wasn’t any risk to him: he never invested a cent of his own money (it was all “OPM”, as he calls it), and he didn’t have any sort of intention of paying any of it back. So, tell me, what’s the risk on that? He was a mere speculator. Not an investor, and certainly not a risk taker.


CS: They want me in jail…

Well, sure we do. Do you remember the time that guy trespassed on your property? You went apeshit over it and wanted to call the cops. Do you remember when Wells Fargo “stole” your money out of your account (when you had actually given them permission to do such a thing?) You wanted justice done. So what’s wrong with us wanting the exact same thing? You tell me.

CS: My parents don’t like being stalked…

Nobody wants to be stalked, Casey. But people don’t want deadbeats living around them, either. Nor people who are obviously laughing their asses off at others, like us, who pay our taxes and our debts. You and your family had been a burden on America for far too long, and even then, you decided to laugh and mock our country. Remember when you peed on a dollar bill?

Casey Serin pissed on a dollar bill, just to show how grateful he is about the USA accepting his family as immigrants. No, we do not forget.

Casey Serin pissed on a dollar bill, just to show how grateful he is about the USA accepting his family as immigrants. No, we do not forget.

Remember when you used to talk about “let them deal with their own collateral damage”? How your family hangs around public property as if they were crazed chimps in heat? That’s abusing the system – why do you think some people took pics of your parents movements?

Pot. Kettle. Black. Now, go ahead and tell Aleksey and Anna to “deal with their own collateral damage” . The house. Their retirement money. Their dignity. It’s all “collateral damage”.

Oh, you also said you “pulled the plug on the blog” because of the stalking. MORE BULLSHIT. People started taking pics of your parents house AFTER IAFF. You didn’t stop blogging because of it. Yet another lie, in order to make yourself look like a victim.

JK: Would you do it all over again?

One of my favorite answers from you Casey, and our current slogan. You seem to imply that “itsallgood” because you learned a lot of things. No, it’s not all good, because people told you exactly what was going to happen, and you didn’t learn a thing. After you lost 8 houses, you tried your “Soverignity” “A4V” bullshit on your parents home, AND HAD THEM EVICTED AS A RESULT.  How the HELL is that “learning from the past”?

How can you live with yourself?

Frankly, I’m stopping here. I’m overwhelmed (just like Casey said he was 1,000 times during the interview). But, be certain. Casey is coming back. Be prepared.

James Marks,
That’ll be $1,000, or 3 easy payments of $499 each!
July 12th, 2011 

All is fair in love and war (or “An offer you can’t refuse, Steve”)

Good morning, faithful readers.


OK, I kid myself. I have a seriously devoted audience. I just checked out my SEO, and I’m HOT, baby! HOT!

Search Terms for all days ending 2011-04-14 (Summarized)

All Time

Search Views
tila tequila 4,586
accepted for value 1,700
epic fail 1,499
a4v 1,408
accepted for value scam 1,081
casey serin 774

I find it deeply ironic that the subject of this board (Casey Serin) ranks 6th on my search engine terms, with Tila Tequila as #1, even beating A4V (my hottest topic up to a couple of months ago). I said it before and I’ll say it again -sex sells. Although, apparently, people would rather see a hot chick rather than a guy who cukes (cuked!) himself on his family’s bathroom. So, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.


(SEO ProTips courtesy of Nigel Swaby, Inc).

So, where was I? Oh yeah. cukes.

I’ve been wondering for quite a while whether Steve, Rita, or any members of the Serin family want to step forward and tell us “what really happened”. I know this is a long shot, but think about it. Maybe there’s something we don’t know about the foreclosure thing. Perhaps there’s more than we know… what if it was really all Casey’s fault, and mom and dad were innocent? Perhaps he’s in Jamaica because his parents noticed how much of a fuck-up he is; I don’t know. Either way.

If there’s a member of the Serin family who wants to set the record straight, use the “Contact me”  link on top of the page. I’ll post your story as an entry , without any comments of my own.

Yeah, I know it’s a long shot. But hey, I’d like to think myself as unbiased.

James Marks
Nobody is unbiased, but I’d like to think I am,
April 14th, 2011

Loose Lips Sink Ships (or “Careless Whisper”)

Hello, dear SEC readers. We are, as you may know, very close to Halloween. Which is quite appropiate, because the Serin Crime Family is going to shit their pants brown when they find out what their talented, intrepid, smart boy did this time.

That isn't the Great Pumpkin, Casey. It's the IRS / Your Alleged Lender / Your Mom when she finds out what you did.

That isn't the Great Pumpkin, Casey. It's the IRS / Your Alleged Lender / Your Mom when she finds out what you did.

But first things first: The week in review.

Casey’s mom / Casey fixed their BK petition. Once again, this information is brought to you by CampIdiot’s Neighborhood Dot. I wish him good luck in getting his referral. He deserves it.

Missing Certificate of Counseling – from the Black Hills Children’s Ranch, Inc.

Verification of Master Address List (with Kohl’s handwritten in it!)

Black Hills Children’s Ranch? I wonder what the hell that fly-by-night operation is. Sounds like the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, where Charlie Brown got Snoopy. But I bet Snoopy and Spike would have prepared a far better counseling session.

Step 1: Pay your mortgage in time. Step 2: Stop buying so much drap. Step 3: Don't trust Casey Serin.

Step 1: Pay your mortgage in time. Step 2: Stop buying so much crap. Step 3: Don't trust Casey Serin.

Besides, take a sweet moment to ponder the following: what kind of a sociopath would file for bankruptcy, not follow his / her repayment plan, then run out and get whatever credit card they can, and rack up an additional $1,700 in debt, while earning around $100,000 dollars a year? I mean – Honorable Judge Holman, there’s something wrong with that bankruptcy filing. Very wrong.

Regardless of moral issues, the Crime Family thinks everything is “fine and dandy”.  And, truth to be told, they were lookin’ good. They got to keep the house. They filed on time. They even managed to bury themselves in even more debt while technically being BK (I thought filing was meant to tell the banks you couldn’t rack up more debt, apparently I was wrong). Casey kept his mouth shut and his fingers away from keyboards. That is, until today, when he updated I Am Fighting Foreclosure. I wonder if this is the Epic Fail we’ve been waiting for, or if it’s just yet another “I told you so” moment for Haterzdom™ worldwide. Either way…

Then again, Casey not learning to STFU is more entertaining than the alternative.
Then again, Casey not learning to STFU is more entertaining than the alternative.

So, what did he do? Just in case he takes down his blog – here it is. My comments are in bold red.

Bankruptcy is Beautiful
Posted on September 27, 2010 <!–Casey Serin –>When fighting foreclosure, bankruptcy is probably the most potent short-to-midterm weapon in your arsenal — buying you from 1 to 3 months or even longer depending how you file. <- He never mentions bankruptcy is supposed to inform the banks that you cannot borrow any more money – ie, you are SCREWED – in his mind, Bankruptcy “is beautiful”. Fuck.

If used correctly, it is very effective in shutting down the Foreclosure Sale dead in its tracks and buying you valuable time to prepare your next move — in my case a lawsuit for fraud against the bank. <-No, moron. Bankruptcy is not a tool you use to fuck with the system. It’s supposed to help people in distress. I’m still waiting on the official sworn affidavit of findings from our forensic loan auditor. Based on the initial look it appears very promising. <-I bet you also think AIDS looks promising because you get to have bareback sex, right?

The most beautiful thing about bankruptcy is just how smoothly it works.

You can walk over to your nearest federal court and file literally minutes before the Trustee / Foreclosure Sale and if your paperwork is done correctly you will get an automatic “Order for Relief” — which means ALL collection activity MUST stop immediately for all the listed alleged creditors.

Collection activity which must cease includes pesky phone calls, threatening letters and in case of mortgage, the foreclosure sale itself. I’ve heard of people filing 10 minutes before the sale and running the stamped order over to the Trustee and they have no choice but to honor it on the spot. <- Have you ever READ something so arrogant in the last few days? I mean, he’s bragging that he can stop a legitimate foreclosure sale minutes before because… well, because you are an egotistical ASSHOLE who finds it funny to waste people’s time and their money. Once again, FUCK.

If you don’t make it and they do sell your house, they have to reverse it, I’m told. As long as you filed even a minute before the posted time of the sale and got it stamped, you should be good. You may just have to contact the foreclosing trustee or lender’s attorney and let them know about the bankruptcy filing.

Of course, there is no reason to wait until the last minute, unless you enjoy the thrill of it. <- For the love of all that’s holy, please let someone with the power to kick the Serin’s collective asses out to the streets read this paragraph. In my case a business day before did the trick. Of course, there was still a little bit of a thrill on the day of the sale because it didn’t show as canceled — so I had to call the lender and find out it did get canceled.

Nowadays, everything is done electronically so if you file a few days before the foreclosure sale, the trustee or foreclosing attorney should see the bankruptcy in the system and cancel or postpone it without any additional notice from you.

However, I’m told it helps to fax the top page of your bankruptcy filing to them just for extra notice. I couldn’t find the fax number for the foreclosing trustee in my case so I had to hope they would see it in the system on their end, and they did.

Phew, that was a close one! : – ) <-Can I kick this guy’s balls? Please? Repeatedly? With a fucking jackhammer?

Bankruptcy Cost: filing fee of $275 (+ cost of bankruptcy attorney if you need help filling it out, about $1,000-2,000)

Bankruptcy Benefit: the surest way to immediately stop foreclosure, stop collection calls/letters, and buy you time to figure out what to do next and prepare your next move. <- No, you fucking retard, bankruptcy is supposed to help decent people get back on their feet. Moron. Scammer. Criminal.

Bankruptcy Tip #1: if you’re married and you’re both on the loan, you could file just in the name of one spouse. That gives you an ability to do it again later when/if the bankruptcy gets dismissed under the other name. <- Holy fuck, can you be even more of an asshole? Can you find a better way to give the finger to our government? Dude, you are sick. Seek help.

Bankruptcy Tip #2: get your credit counseling done before you file, but if you forget, that may be OK, as in my case we were given a 7 day grace period to get it completed. The clerk at the federal district here was very helpful in checking the paperwork and explaining what was still missing. I was happy to see that especially since we self-filed this time. <- Translation: you wasted someone’s time because you and your Crime Family do not intend to pay a single cent back.

Bankruptcy Tip #3: if you filed a bankruptcy earlier and it was dismissed (means it did  not go through either because you canceled it or didn’t do something like show up to court, make Chapter 13 payments, file additional paperwork, etc) you could refile again — I believe up to twice per year (per  name!)  Just copy the old paperwork and make any necessary updates to the numbers/dates/etc and submit it again! You do have to pay the filing fee every time, but it gives you lots of gun powder to keep the alleged (pretend) lender in check. <- Typing this stuff on the Internet is also an excellent way to let the court have enough gunpowder to blow your fucking ass out of your parents home and into prison. Moron. Idiot. Retard.

DISCLAIMER: Please double-check all this against the bankruptcy code and talk to a lawyer. Nothing I’m writing here is to be taken as legal advice and I will not be held liable for your failure or success. This is for ENTERTAINMENT (educational) purposes only and your mileage may vary.  We’re just having some fun here, let’s not get too serious, life is a game. <- The only entertainment I want is watching you in PMITA federal prison. Not that you won’t like it.

With that said…

Bankruptcy is truly beautiful!

Please, someone shoot me now. I’m sweating venom.

I really can’t imagine what kind of idiot retard moron douche psycho faggot George Tran fuctkard would ever think that giving the finger to a Judge and then stating that “(he’s) just having fun here” is allowed to roam the streets of Sacramento free. He has slowly evolved – from a 24 year old idiot who thought he’d be able to “parlay” fame into fortune, to a sociopath who thinks he has superpowers to a complete and utter criminal who blogs about his frauds and scams, and believes he’s above the law. That’s Devolution, with a major D. And I’m not talking about Devo, either.

The fact that you can't feel the heat doesn't mean you are going to get boiled, son.
The fact that you can’t feel the heat doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get boiled, son.

There was much talk about whether the Crime Family would have Anna file first, then let Aleksey do the same, and borrow some time until Gaysey could sue the alleged lender. Well, that’s exactly what is supposed to happen. Casey just bragged about it. On his own personal blog. For everyone to see. He’s so damn sure he’s going to save that house he got all cocky on us. His “Administrative Remedies” will save the Serins from foreclosure.

Or will it?

Campidiot, once again, shows the rest of us how things are done. Well, except for all those times when they talk about racist stuff. Or when they post awful stuff about women. Yeah, it happens.

OK kids, I sent the following email to: (taken from:

). I STRONGLY encourage you to do the same if you suspect of BK fraud in this case. We can sit on our asses and moan and whine like bitches all day long, or we can trust our government to do the right thing this time around. I’m betting on my government.
I did attach a PDF file with the entire web site.

It has come to my attention that a bankruptcy petition filed on Sacramento may be fraudulent…
Name and address of person:
Anna Serin, 4932 Dewey Dr, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.
Name of the bankruptcy case, case number, location of where the case was filed:
Sacramento County
Judge: Honorable T. Holman
Trustee: J. Johnson
Chapter 13.
September 17th, 2010.

Identifying information regarding the individual:
Anna Serin, wife of Aleksey Serin. She has 2 daughters and 3 sons.

Brief description of alleged fraud:
1) Said person filed for bankruptcy on January 27th, 2010 along with her husband, Aleksey Serin.
2) She filed for BK again on Sept. 17th, 2010 by removing her husband’s name and re-filing the same paperwork.
3) The phone number given on the September 17th filing is incorrect.
4) Anna and Aleksei Serin’s home was transferred to her son, Casey Serin sometime during January 27th and September 17th.
5) Anna Serin’s son, Casey Serin, posted on his personal web site that they’ll use bankruptcy as a way of buying some time so that they can “Sue their *alleged* lender”, since they will be using “administrative remedies” such as “Accepted for Value” (A4V), and other procedures derived from the “Redemption” movement. They are planning on re-filing for Bankruptcy under Aleksey Serin’s name again after their 30 days are over. Casey Serin is a self-professsed “blogger” and has made these claims public at:

… for more information, please use google and search for his name (Casey Serin)
6) You can see a description of their planned activities on the attached PDF file.
Ommited assets or claims:
1) Anna Serin has filed for bankruptcy, but the house is supposedly property of her son, Casey Serin.

Followed by:

I already got a confirmation receipt from the USTP.
Do it. It can only help these idiots stop abusing our system. I love America, and I can’t stand watching some group of assholes destroy it while I do nothing about it…


He’s not a snitch – he’s an informant. So am I. Done and done. Confirmation received. Please throw pdfs in phile dump to make it easier to blow the whistle. Your efforts are appreciated. Time to bring on some fucking action.

Here’s the good thing. Someone actually got off his ass (unlike me, I always write this blog sitting down) and did something for a change.

Here’s the bad thing. People have been doing this for 4 years without any results.

So, will this be the end of Casey Serin’s wild antics? I don’t know. At this point, he has lasted for far longer than anyone would have ever dreamed he would. In his mind, he has “beaten the system” time and time again. In reality, though, his family is this close ( ——>  <——) to homelesness. He has destroyed the reputation of the Serin name for years to come. Google won’t soon forget (just do a search on Anna, Aleksey and the rest of the gang and see what I mean). I wonder – was it all worth it?

Would you RUIN your family’s reputation for years to come just to get a couple of months worth of free rent?

James Marks
Your Honor, may I dickpunch Mr. Serin, please?
September 27th, 2010

Casey K. Serin: The Mayfly of bloggers (or “This blog will self-destruct in 30 minutes”)

Have you ever heard about Mayflies?

Hi! I'm Kostya!
Hi! I’m Kostya!

Interesting little things. They live for about a day, tops. 30 minutes if they are really unlucky.  Their main purpose in life: reproduction (OK, so they are NOT exactly like Casey).

At some point in Casey’s life, his blogs will probably last for less time than a Mayfly. Maybe he’ll even close the damn thing before he considers even building it. That doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

I’ve considered that this blog is part of the problem. Whenever Casey goes manic, we all go apeshit over anything he does. He gets scared, hides behind mommy’s Victoria’s Secrets thong and locks everything down. So, should I just document whatever he does and release the info after he deletes everything? I dunno. Food for thought.

"...and he shall master cleanse his ass after he fights foreclosure..."
“…and he shall master cleanse his ass after he fights foreclosure…”

Several things may have made him go into hiding this time. Let’s quickly review them.

1) He’s in luv now, and he posted the following on his RSS feed. I’ve added commas, paragraphs, and moved things around etc., because he surely hasn’t. For someone who has lived most of his adult life on the States, he has no idea about how to write coherently.

Saturday morning.

Went to bed a little past 1am after getting back from “ban’a”, a home-built Russian-style sauna at my uncle’s body shop here in West Sacramento. The usual crowd was there. The crowd is my uncles and their friends, less people this time than last time. The topic was divorce. After 13 years, she cheated on him and didn’t even want the kids; yet still calls him to ask for advice. He says he doesn’t care about her but I can see he is devasted. I offered a little sympathy but stayed out of the conversation, because I am not too interested in the drama and I didn’t know the guy that well.

Besides, my own divorce is now a distant memory. Doesn’t seem to hurt anymore. Don’t want to dwell on it too much.

Since I’m was on day 8 of the Master Cleanse I wasn’t sure if I should go into the heat but I tried it. Felt good. Dripping in sweat. I jumped into the cold water tank. Felt amazing like it should. However, after I got out I felt dizzy. Head spinning. I kept drinking the lemonade drink I brough in a plastic gallon jug. I brought plenty so I didn’t feel hungry.

There is usually tasty food at ban’a. Smoked fish is a staple as was last night. I wasn’t really tempted by the food though. It’s not the first time I’m doing a cleansing fast and my body seems to handle it better and better every time. The only time I’ve had some issues is when the food smells really good or strong, like when somebody is cooking or grilling.

I talked to my uncles a little bit and gave an update on my foreclousure fight. I told them I’m still keeping the bank at bay and we’re getting ready to sue. Everybody is watching my first case. Now that I have an attorney guiding me I feel more confident. We’re waiting for a loan audit right now to use for our evidence in the lawsuit.

Since I was feeling dizzy I didn’t go back in for another session but went back into the shop, changed into some wam clothes and sat in the office. The internet was down so I mediated in the chair, then layed my head down on the table and dozed off into half sleep. It was a long day. Missed my daily nap.

I listen to her concerns and silently accept them. I don’t resist. It is what it is. I’m not sure what the future holds. I’m not afraid but sadness does creep in sometimes. Yet the moment is so beautiful, I enjoy it fully.

She brought over a big container of lemon drink as she is doing the fast with me too.

Makes it quite convenient. We where going to maybe go to a park but ended up stopping at our usual coffee shop as of late. Her friend was already there waiting for us. That has become almost a daily habit. Had the usual small talk. I didn’t talk as much, just massaging her feet, looking at her often. Her friend got a job working with kids. Some more small talk about drug tests and background checks, etc.

We went back to the house. Her friend didn’t join us this time like she does often. Since she wasn’t feeling too energetic due to the cleanse. She is on day 7. So we watched one of her favorite Russian shows online. She doesn’t want to watch any of my stuff. Sign. I don’t fight her on it any more. Her choices are good too. So I enjoy and don’t resist.

One day she will come around and realize what I have to offer is good. Or not. It doesn’t matter. I love her so much. It is mutual. Mostly.

Quite an unual relationship to put it midly. We have had such an amazing time this summer. A summer to remember. Much of it spent in and around the house with a couple of trips there and here. I’m so grateful for this place. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had this much romance in my life.

Don't lie, Casey! You used to say you loved me more!

Didn’t think it was going to be possible to fall in love again, after everything that happen. It happened suddenly. Stumbled upon her and her friend June 8th at Temple. Almost didn’t approach. But I am a Yesman. Made a good impression but wrote her information wrong. Almost lost touch but miraculously reconnected. Then the 27th back at Temple. Our first date. O wow. Love at first sight. I entered her world and she mine, with some occasional resistence. She analyzes so much. Too much thinking, like i used to do. Feels ironically familiar yet the roles are reversed. But that makes it all the more unpredictable and delicious. I still don’t know what the future holds but it seems bright. She is such a miracle. No matter what happens, I love you. Our minds are connected. We are one. Peace.

Next time someone tells you drugs aren't bad, show them this post.

Next time someone tells you drugs aren't bad, show them this post.

Let’s see. What’s the best way to tell a woman whom you love, but has some doubts about you, that you are his soulmate? Simple, use RSS and tell your hundreds of haterz about it! That’ll surely help things.

2) Lovely Angel Lynn is back in the game. Why, I have no idea. I still don’t know if she was really short-selling 4932 Dewey last year… but this time around, she surely is.


Angel, if you ever get around to reading this… the Crime Family is going to screw you in the end and you know it. Just stay as far away from them as possible.

So, there you have it. Casey’s comeback was shorter lived than a Nigel Swaby / BTC / WWTF / Kostya SLC reunion tour. It was probably more bromantic, though.

James Marks
Still madly in love with Angel Lynn,
August 21st, 2010

I Am Fighting For Closure (of this friggin’ story)

Fill my eyes
O Lithium sunset
And take this lonesome burden
Of worry from my mind
Take this heartache
Of obsidian darkness
And fold my darkness
Into your yellow light

“Lithium Sunset”,  (c) Gordon Matthew Sumners, 1996

Just as I suspected, Casey Serin is back in the game, pretty much like he did last year. Curiously enough at around the same date.

We haterz are wondering who he's staying with.

We haterz are wondering who he's staying with.

Sun, Autumn or his birthday definitely have something to do with it. I’m voting “Sun” because I love “Lithium Sunset” and wanted to include it in this post.  I’ll be patiently wating for your “YUOR TEH GHEY” comments because I like Sting. Thank you very much in advance.

Bring it on.

Bring it on.

Formalities aside, and speaking of bitches, our favorite one is back, and in full manic upswing. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the show that never ends.  Four years and counting – who ever said he was anything but consistent? Have you ever met a soul so heck-bent on fucking things up?

Hell, even Georgie had a god day every once in a while.

Hell, even Georgie had a god day every once in a while.

So, this failure’s name is: I Am Fighting Foreclosure (or IFFF, as Casey calls it -don’t ask, that’s just how he rolls).  And remember – it’s “For Entertainment Purposes Only”. Yeah Casey, you don’t need to remind us that every single thing you do is for our entertainment.

We have our old pal George Tran to thank for FuckUp’s most recent comeback. You know – George Tran, the Freedumb movement guru. It just happens he’s the one who inspired Casey’s new venture.

Kinda like a Bonnie and Clyde love letter. If Bonnie and Clyde were gay. And stupid.

Kinda like a Bonnie and Clyde love letter. If Bonnie and Clyde were gay. And stupid.

Mostly, it has been trollbait up to this point. There’s a certain thread about his position

and his objectives.

and his objectives.

I’m reproducing them here without any sort of permission whatsoever. Why? Because dipshit is already hinting on his YouTube channel that “this is just an experiment” and “may not even last 3 weeks”.

My position (and maybe yours):

  1. I am behind on my mortgage or about to be — perhaps I lost my job, went through a separation, or my adjustable mortgage shot through the roof, or I am still barely making it every month but not sure for how much longer — or maybe I can afford the payments but am starting to wondering if it really makes sense to continue throwing away money, paying for an over-leveraged house, especially if I suspect the mortgage may indeed be invalid (due to fraud on behalf of the lender) FULL OF SHIT, AS ALWAYS.
  2. My lender has started foreclosure or getting ready to — knowing that every state has a different a process, with different timeframes and notice requirements — I may either be in a Trust Deed state (like California) where a 3rd party Trustee company sells the house on behalf of the lender or a Mortgage state where the lender goes through the courts — either way, I am pressed for time and must do something or I will lose my home and be on the street!
  3. My house has little or no equity (“upside down”) — which means the house is now worth less than the amount of the mortgage including all the fees and back-payments — so there is no equity to borrow against to catchup my payments even if I wanted to, and I can’t do a tradition sale either (unless I’m doing a “short sale”, but my intent is to KEEP the house.)

My objectives:

  1. Stop/delay foreclosure so I could stay in my home and live for free as long as possible (Mommy, daddy, are you reading this?) even if everything else fails, staying in my home payment-free for 6 months, a year or even longer is a win in of itself!
  1. Challenge the so called “loan” and legally eliminate the mortgage — if my alleged lender cannot prove they actually lent me any money, and cannot prove their standing to foreclose and thus cannot prove they are indeed a true creditor under law (or have committed any other act of fraud or impropriety) – I get to keep my house free-and-clear with no mortgage on it! Thank you.
  2. Receive “marketable title” so I could sell or refinance the property with title insurance like any other transaction
  3. Optionally, go after the lender — fraud, misrepresentation, extortion, etc — triple damages or more!
  4. Expose the truth and teach this process — so every  homeowner in America who has the courage to take action! Time to RECLAIM YOUR RIGHTS!

With the following assumptions and goals in place, I am ready to begin looking at the strategies, tactics and logistics for getting to my victory, both conventional and unconventional — and maybe even a little bit of diplomacy whenever possible to avoid direct confrontation.

Should be a fun fight… if I stand upon truth what do I have to lose?

If you identify with anything above, join the fight!

Added: of course, we do everything in love. This is just a game and we respect our opponent.

Oh, and by the way – how come nobody ever noticed this?

Angel was short selling mom and dad's house... more than a year ago!

Angel was short selling mom and dad's house... more than a year ago!

It’s just too much. It was there all the time, for all of us to see. He even posted it so that we found out about it ONE YEAR AGO.

Please God, make it stop!

Please God, make it stop!

Please God. I don’t want to keep throwing up, but I just can’t help it. Casey is evil insane. For a while, I thought he was a harmless bastard. Now I know better.

James Marks
Casey Konstantin Serin is an evil man,
August 20th, 2010

And now, the end is near… (or “He did it his way”)

Hello, fellow SEC followers. James Marks here, just to inform you that there’s not much to talk about. Casey has gone AWOL. His Daily Miracles are getting even more boring than they used to be, and besides, listening to them makes you borderline catatonic. He’s house sitting, but he refuses to acknowledge his location.

So, I can either do two things. Either end this post here, or steal some more stuff from somewhere else, pass it off as mine, and pretend I’m a bright dude. Guess what is it that I’m going to do – you have two tries.

I'm the Uri Geller of bloggers!

I'm the Uri Geller of bloggers!

I may take a little break from blogging about Casey until he comes back – yet, once again. It’s not a question of if – merely, when. He’s a little attention whore who somehow thinks he’s an “internet personality”, when he’s just a mere curiosity on a side road of the Information Superhighway. Probably some sort of roadkill- I’m thinking something really small, like a gerbil. Inside of something big, like Richard Gere. But I digress.

Anyway, during my travels on said Superinformation Highway (not to be confused with the Chocolate Hershey Highway, with which Cassey is intimately knowledgeable about), I did come across something that made me remember why so many people follow Casey – and I hope he reads this post. It’s a pretty good analysis of Casey’s current situation.

No caption needed here.

No caption needed here.

BTW, Personal message to Casey, since I know you read here.

I am the one who just made the Lulzcat out of your sister’s dedication photo. Are you proud of making a laughing stock out of her, you, your brother in law David, and your new niece, there, Uncle Casey?

Oh, I also have made a ton of other funny shit using material provided by you, friends, neighbors, family, etc over the last… well, it’s actually been years now.

Question — do you think we *don’t* know about the scammy shit you are trying to pull the minute you try to pull it?

Sometimes we play out a little rope to let the lulz unfold, but the reality is that YOU, with your multiple felonies, then bragging about it on IAFF, and all over the internet pretty much nonstop since then, you have made your bed, shit in it, rubbed the shit all over yourself, then lay down in it. We are essentially documentarians; the almost constant stream of shit that falls all over your plans is a combination of your own bad thinking, criminal intentions,  and inability to keep your yap shut about anything.

We thought you sucking up a simple little joke, that turned into the Holly troll because of your hunger for easy money and a life of leisure on someone else’s dime, would ‘teach you a lesson’, and maybe you and your broken heart would straighten up. Wrong. You have no ‘heart’ — that is why you bounced back right away. You have no pride, but a ton of ego. You have no scruples, but a lot of claims to the moral high ground. You believe only in yourself, but you make a big show of religiosity and supposed explorations in personal growth. You are, plain and simple, a sociopath.

It is going to be a downright pleasure to watch you continue to knot your virtual noose (oh, yes, we see what you are up to, even now!), place your own head through it, and kick the chair over…

Me again. Just wanted to also say, for Casey and everyone’s benefit:

The *real* cadre of hardcore Casey “Haterz™ ” (actually ‘observers’) aren’t rabid about being from EN, or CI, or CHC, or Sacramento, or Seattle, or Australia, or Salt Lake City, or Canada, or Tashkent. We don’t care what your gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or political persuasion is. Anyone who gets hung up on that shit is either a troll or an idiot or both. The REAL Cadre also is not a conspiracy, or an inner circle. There are no meetings, no membership cards, etc. There is only one essential and universal attribute that each of these patriots to a system of laws and personal respect for each other shares: A deep, burning, serious and yet-to-be-sated hate for the criminal and anti-social behaviors that Casey has come to epitomize and to represent, almost as an icon of imbecility and self-dealing, to the exclusion of social and legal constraint.

Ask not for whom the sirens blare, Casey. They blare for thee.


Yes, Casey. You are surrounded by assholes!

Yes, Casey. You are surrounded by assholes!


That post was full of WIN.
That post was full of WIN.

I find it very hard to believe that Casey can be in a worse situation No, wait. Yes he can – homelessness, gay prostitution, a home for lunatics could be worse. I mean, it’s not as if he isn’t trying hard to accomplish these goals, too; think about it. Daddy and mommy ain’t paying their debts back, Casey is a posterboi for gays everywhere (somehow, I think gays are NOT going to be thrilled about having Casey playing for their team), and his “Miracles” bullshit is getting stranger by the day.



Aleksei, do you still think your son isn't gay?

Aleksei, do you still think your son isn't gay?

I find it hard to add anything to what our anonymous poster stated so bluntly. Perhaps, one day Casey will open his eyes and realize that he fucking lives in one of the greatest countries in the world. That he has every opportunity to finally get his head out of his ass, and at any moment he can regain control of his life. That he has, so far, angered most (if not all of us) because of his lack of respect for ethics, moral values, and the laws of the land. He’s only 28 years old or so – Casey, only YOU can take back control of your life.
Open your eyes – people all around you live happy, healthy lives without believing in all the bullshit you endorse. How long have you been fooling yourself with this crap? 15 years? All of your life? What did you accomplish during that time frame? You used to have a wife, a house, and a job. You are now frail looking, badly fed, badly clothed, and living in an abandoned house. You are basically the “homeless guy with a laptop” your brother Steve said you would become.
Was it really worth it? Stare at a mirror. Look at yourself. Ask that question once, twice, a thousand times. let it sink in. Then get back to us and tell us it was.
James Marks
Signing off until something meaningful happens,
June 29th, 2010

George Tran speaks a bit too much about the “Freedumb” movement.

This will be a short post, friends. But it’s amazing.

George Tran is a well known scammer, and Casey’s Guru. I may talk about him later on, but for now, this will suffice.

He says he’s going to save a house via the principles I’ve talked about lately, and he’s keeping a blog about how he’s doing it.

An image speaks louder than words. In a moment of strange truthfulness, Georgie Porgie posted this. Is it evidence enough that these idiots are nothing but scum? Or, does it merely prove George Tran is a fucking idiot? Or both?

By the way – Tranny, if you are thinking about suing me, I want the original of this post. Not a digital copy. I also want it signed in blue ink, and printed in 200 year-old papyrus. Also, you have 57 seconds to do it. Since I’m nice, I’m giving you 17 seconds more. Failure to comply with all requirements will result in your tacit acceptance of everything I’ve said about you. Have a nice day.

James Marks
Wondering if I should A4V the size of my penis,
June 16th, 2010