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Why do we “hate” Casey Serin?

Steve Serin got me thinking about it with his current “say something positive about my moronic brother, Gay Sey Serin” post.

A gay ass. Yeah, I love this image.

A gay ass. Yeah, I love this image.

OK, time to get serious. As much as I love to make fun of his very gay brother, Casey Serin, no. I don’t hate him. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think he’s gay. He just has some narcissist tendencies – a bit of a metrosexual dude. There’s no harm in *that*.

I believe I actually have supported him in the past. Time and time again, on his old Iamfacingforeclosure blog, I spent some time telling him to get a job. To respect his wife, Galina (who, I may add, is quite teh hottie). To get an education. To stop drinking Roberto Culosaki’s Kool-Aid. To honor his parents. To pay his debts. To stop lying to his creditors. Not to flee to Australia. Not to leave his wife. To honor his contract with the No Limit Ladies. To follow Duane LeGate and Mark Villaseñor’s advise. To come back to the United States and Face the Music. That posting a pic of himself peeing on a dollar bill was an incredible sign of disrespect towards the country that gave him asylum.  The list goes on and on.

Quite frankly, I can’t imagine myself giving any more support to him.

Of course, his own definition of “support” is a completely differnt thing. To him,  it means not criticising every move he makes, no matter how incredibly idiotic it is. Support is paying for his trip to Australia. Support is other people paying for trips around the world. Support is paying for TWO FREAKING IPHONES. Support is having his wife abandon college so she can scrub toilets and burn CD-R’s, while he rests.

There’s a fine line between enabling a self-confessed criminal, and supporting a man who is willing to do better. No, it’s not a fine line. It’s a HUGE FREAKING THICK BLACK LINE. But I digress.

Casey Serin has been supported by so many people it hurts my brain when I think about it.

  • Amy Coleman – a realtor who attempted to assist Casey in a short sale of his Larchmont property. Coleman ultimately reneged on the partnership when Casey posted her picture and business information on IAFF, causing her to receive some undesirable attention and repeated comments noting that she had nice boobs.
  • Angel Lynn – another realtor the KC “worked” for. Speculation swirls as to who actually got run over as Angel’s assets would probably repel most bus bumpers. Without her knowledge or permission, Casey put a carefully-staged picture on his flickr account that, with a little Google help, gave away her blog’s location. Traffic zoomed, but none of it was useful or desirable. She eventually gave Casey the axe, but not before an army of trolls had vandalized the blog and flooded her inbox.
  • Anna Serin – Casey’s mother. Casey left the country after getting her to make a personal guarantee on credit for Hammar.
  • Annie – offered $250 if Casey would stay up most of the night answering questions. He evaded many of her questions but still tried to collect on the $250.
  • Chris Record – offered Casey a job, but Casey couldn’t be bothered to put in 40 hours a week because he had too many sweet deals coming to do real work.
  • Damion Lupo – KC’s latest most recent shiniest partner is his book vanity exercise. No doubt he is discovered boy wonder’s skills at prevarication, procrastination and promising the world but delivering very little other than bad publicity.
  • Duane LeGate – a mentor who was finding a buyer for IAFF; Casey played him against other supposed buyers.
  • East Coast Mentor – Steve Cook was strung along by Casey and ultimately dropped in favor of the No Limits Ladies.
  • Galina – his wife – abandoned with one hour’s notice by Casey when he became a fugitive and fled to Australia.
  • HeeKee – gave Casey free hosting, which Casey griped about, and later turned down, because he wanted to be able to run advertisements on IAFF. It is unclear whether he added the advertisements before or after ending the hosting agreement with HeeKee.
  • LossMitPro – a loss mitigation specialist who was willing to help Casey – the result was aborted referral association plus aborted professional-services association. The relationship ended spectacularly online. LossMitPro then sued Casey and used his sweet leverage to force Casey to agree to sell IAFF and give the proceeds to Galina’s debtors.
  • Marty Stewart – “The Publisher” – it now appears that Casey himself was responsible for “outing” him to numerous outsiders, despite having an NDA in place.
  • Nigel Swaby – a mortgage broker who was going to turn IAFF into a foreclosure resource site, but agreement fell through because Casey didn’t want to get a W-2 job.
  • No Limits Ladies – Sweet media people, with whom Casey signed a contract giving them all media rights to his story, which he then proceeded to ignore.
  • Steve Serin – his brother who called in to the talkcast, Casey responded positively to his suggestions and then cut him off to take another caller.
  • We Want The Funk – while giving the constipated Casey a ride to the Salt Lake City bus terminal, his classic and beloved first-year Miata was rear-ended in the only moving accident in the car’s history.
  • Yulia Suprun – Sister and landlord for Galina. Caseys former landlord since he left for Australia and the locks were changed. Demanded rent payment in certified funds after Casey was repeatedly late with rent.
  • The as yet unnamed 27 year old engaged male fan who put Casey up with free room and in board in Australia who very quickly decided he wanted Casey out.

(courtesy of

Casey is hopeless. He doesn’t want to learn from experience. He wants manna to fall from heaven. He’s expecting to become a millionaire by accident. He has no intention of working. He has no empathy whatsoever. In short, he’s a sociopath.

Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD or APD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association‘s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as “…a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood.”[1] Deceit and manipulation are considered essential features of the disorder. Therefore, it is essential in making the diagnosis to collect material from sources other than the individual being diagnosed. Also, the individual must be age 18 or older as well as have a documented history of a conduct disorder before the age of 15.[1] People having antisocial personality disorder are sometimes referred to as “sociopaths” and “psychopaths”, although some researchers believe that these terms are not synonymous with ASPD.[2]

So, Steve –  you ain’t trolling anyone. Your brother has had the support of literally hundreds of individuals. It’s not “let’s show Casey some love”. We’ve already done that. He isn’t interested in it. All he wants to do is become a millionaire by screwing everyone else around him.

And, all signs point to you being next on his menu.


The Rise and Fall (and rise and fall ad infinitum) of BloggerCasey.


So, as I was throughly documenting my next entry about Mr. Serin on this blog, something odd and unexpected happen (if you have never followed Casey’s saga, that is).

He disappeared from the Internetz. Yet again. He nuked his Flickr account, is gone, the works.

Which is kinda bogus and sad, since I was preparing a killer analysis about his on-line resume. There’s still a copy of it out there, but it somehow doesn’t feel right to post about something that disappeared so suddenly, and which nobody cares about anymore. Pretty much like Casey himself.

Still – I was very surprised to find out that Steve Serin is now the Serin Clan official blogger.


Steves (Caseys?) half-hearted attempt at humor

Here’s the interesting thing. The first posts were full of snark and brotherly love. I particularly enjoyed the dirty sock auction. It had just the right amount of sarcasm and irony. Haterz loved it; in fact, it remains the single best Serin blog entry of the year, in my humble opinion.

And then, Casey’s Reverse Midas Touch

A gay ass

A gay ass

 turned everything into Master Cleanse byproducts.

Everything was going just fine until Gayboi decided the blog wasn’t about him. And dadgummit, he couldn’t allow this to happen – so he devised the most inane, inept, stupid troll he has ever tried.

Ahem ahem…

Lemme clear my throat.

Hello community!

Yes, all you lovely peoplz here.

I will shock you first with a simple but bold request:

Which is,

May we raise money for an iPhone for Casey here?


I am not quite happy with my latest blogging methods (since IAFF).

Not getting much traction and it seems to actually slow down my progress because of the blogging overhead. I love blogging but not the work behind it.

Yet I desire to keep capturing my life in as much organic way as possible (with regard to privacy of course).

Just want to make it easier. Editing takes time and takes away from the raw / organic nature.

I understand this may create a gap where a more cooked version may be better served (aka blog, wikis, forums, etc). Anyone who would like to use the raw ingredients to make something out of it is my guest.

I would just hope when it’s all said and done my life will inspire a positive derivative work, rather than negative. Again, after all is said and DONE. But until then the night is still young. And the night is sometimes dark. But the sunrise is coming. I feel it.

Regardless of outcome… I’m not really sure WHY but this guy right here has been stuck with this desire for the last few years. The desire to document his life. I’m not sure. But it feels right. That is… until the negative consequences come. Perhaps there is a way to balance out the equation. Make it a net positive. I think it’s already happening. Via love, forgiveness and gratitude. Amazing. A better creation is possible!

So to satisfy the CURIOUS urge for transparent documentation, I’m considering experimenting with live video streaming (”life” streaming?).

Back to business…

An iPhone would be preferred as it makes it easy to take photos for instant upload, as well as updating twitter and facebook statuses and of course broadcasting live video using

However, if I’m “Qikking” with one phone, I may actually want another phone to do the photos and SMS / Twittering.

So really Casey Serin is asking his community to provide him with TWO (2) of the following phones capable of working with Qik, even if it’s NOT an iPhone.

I would just highly referrer at least one iPhone for the COOL factor.

Casey Serin likes to stay cool.

Oh, I would also like for this lovely community to provide me with an ATT or Verizon account (or both) to go with those phones. The emphasis here is on coverage, speed and network redundancy.

We all want a smooth experience, don’t we?

In exchange for this gift from the community,

I promise too,

Take this entire community… every one of ya’ll… yes including YOU…

on a RIDE of A LIFE TIME!!


If you would rather not, I understand. That’s completely OK. I’m grateful to have happiness apart from you.

It’s just I like to say YES to interesting opportunities that present themselves and tug at my heart. You just never know what’s behind THAT door. The door of going with your authentic good feelings.

So I asked.

The rest is up to you

Need I say more?

Even worse – Steve allowed this post to go through.

Listen Steve… I think you are a cool guy. You are succesful, hardworking, funny and stuff. You don’t need to hate your brother; just don’t let him take over your blog.  Casey has absolutely NOTHING to lose at this point. He has lost every job he had, Galina, all his money, all your parents money, every house he ever owned, and most of his followers. He took stupid risks when he had everything to lose – what makes you think he won’t screw you, as he has screwed everyone else around him for his entire life?

Some further thoughts on Casey Serin’s sexual orientation

Casey and his siblings gay it up.

Casey and his siblings gay it up.

So, still have doubts about Casey Serin’s sexuality?

Soemdoods awesome LOLZCAT.

Soemdood's awesome LOLZCAT.

I know I do. Mercifully, Mr. Serin has allowed all of us access to his most intimate moments. In other words, Dumbo just opened his Flickr account. Again.

This is the way Casey Serin dresses up when he goes to visit his GRANDMOTHERS GRAVE.

This is the way Casey Serin dresses up when he goes to visit his GRANDMOTHER'S GRAVE.

Borat be praised.

Gaysey and 1/2 of his PowerTeam™

Gaysey and 1/2 of his PowerTeam™

In today’s CaseyWorld episode, we find out Murseboi went out camping. Which is nice (if you are employed, and have money to do such a thing). This is not a problem, though, when you have stolen $600,000 from banks, mom, dad and friends.. Since he’s now part of the “Funemployed” crowd, he has decided that he’d like to live in a van, surf all day (or hike) and just not do much of anything at all. 100% success on that one.

The thing is, he went camping with three very hot chicks (pics will not be posted, out of respect for them), and two guys. And guess what. Instead of taking pics of his new girl-friends, he decided he wanted something… ahem.. meatier.

Hi Casey. Wanna go Brokeback Mountain on me, big guy?

Hi Casey. Wanna go Brokeback Mountain on me, big guy?

Oh no! What will my family say about this? I'm semi-Christian, you know..

Oh no! What will my family say about this? I'm semi-Christian, you know..

Oh noe, Casey! I want to make you mine - like, right now! I'm going down on you deeper than GSPG ever did!

Oh noe, Casey! I want to make you mine - like, right now! I'm going down on you deeper than GSPG ever did!

Aw, I suppose a little man to man love is a gray area. LETSDOIT!

Aw, I suppose a little man to man love is a gray area. LETSDOIT!

I'm long and strong, baby! I'll take you TO THE MOON!

I'm long and strong, baby! I'll take you TO THE MOON!

Call me old fashioned. Call me a square. But I just can’t see myself camping out with THREE HOT CHICKS

All right, they arent THAT hot, but they are better lookin than the guy next to them.

All right, they aren't THAT hot, but they are better lookin' than the guy next to them.

OK, so I posted their pic. Sorry, girls. You’ve just been ran over by the CaseyShortBus.

As I was saying, I can’t imagine camping out with three hot chicks just to take gay pics with some anabolic-enhanced dude. I’d probably be hitting those girls harder than a Rock Band 2 drum band kit (and getting rejected just as hard).

See my point? I mean, even these guys agree with me.



I rest my case.

Casey: Gay or not?

First of all, I want to make my position clear: I find nothing wrong with homosexuality. Or gay people. Or happy people. Or gay happy people. Either way it’s fine by me.

What I find a bit bothersome is people that try to hide whatever it is that they are.

Case in point: Casey Serin.

Hes not gay. Also, those are not phallic objects.

He's not gay. Also, those are not phallic objects.

He took the pic with this camera:

His camera. Also available in male-friendly models.

His camera. Also available in male-friendly models.

First of all, this is a man (boi?) who claimed to WeWantTheFunk that all of his photos were staged. ALL of them. So, please take a close look at that churro on the center of the screen. Makes you go “hmm”, doesn’t it? And that ice cream glass looks like a bowl of.. Richards.

That, and he looks like freakin’ Gollum. How did Galina ever think of him as a suitable mate?

Galina and unidentified gay male

Galina and unidentified gay male

I mean, she was hot. Hot enough that Duane LeGate or Mark Villaseñor wanted to get inside her pants. Hard. But I digress. Take a good look at his shirt during his honeymoon. Back then, he had a sizzlin’ hot chick next to his side. Today? He’s wearing that same old ugly shirt, but with a bowl full of churros next to him and an unidentified male taking his pics. You decide.

Casey Serin - in dire need of new hair highlights

Casey Serin - in dire need of new hair highlights

As I said before, whatever goes inside Casey’s pants (or body orifices) is not my business. But for him to keep denying his latent homosexuality is beyond sad. He could be “The World’s Most Hated Gay Blogger” and carve a new niche for himself.


Casey Serin is back!

I’m extremely happy to report that my dear old friend, Casey Serin, is back on the internet, and better than ever.

Casey and me have been friends for a long time. I recall when I used to defend him on the FuckedCompany boards – I always knew the kid had it in him, and being from the same area (Sac) I felt the need to share the wisdom of my years with someone that shared my interests, outlook on life and work ethics.

It seems all my effort wasn’t in vain. Casey got a job with Angel Lynn, a Sacramento State Realtor.

I’m extremely proud to report my protege and good friend is now the Marketing Director for her, and has taken over her blog. His extreme passion for blogging and knowledge is apparent on every single post he makes. Plus, and let’s be honest here – those girls are extremely cute (not that Casey would ever notice, BTW).

Good stuff.

I wish I worked there.

Thinking back, it’s good to see kid did so good. How many of you people can claim to have a $600,000 debt (approximately) and not be worried at all about little details like the police, FBI, or mom and dad’s retirements funds?

I’m so happy about Casey Serin. And congratulations to Angel Lynn, Casey’s next victim success story!

Go Casey Go!