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Nigel Swaby: I salute you, sir

This is the funniest 5 minute recap of the Casey story -by far. Two thumbs up, Nigel!

Karma is a female dog: The Serin Family is Facing Foreclosure!

Good afternoon, dear readers, trolls, sockpuppets and otherwise common members of the human race.

Can you sense I’m in a good mood today?

Could it be because Casey is 2 years away from owning an island? I dunno. He has been pretty discrete about the whole affair ever since he hid in his parents home, yet again conducts his day to day business nowadays exclusively on Facebook, for all of 800 or so people to see.  No, that’s not it.

Actually, so very little things are known about Casey it’s not in our best interest to post about him. Perhaps some other time.

Today, the main topic of discussion will be those zany Uzbeks, Aleksei and Anna Serin, parents of our dear Snowflake. These people came to America to screw the system out of every penny they could  live the American Dream, and to teach their sons and daughters to scam, rob and steal from this country, since “it’s mostly a gray area” be all they could be.

Me, a lonely idiot from Sacramento, had wondered for years and years whether I’d ever get even a taste of schadenfraude when it came to Casey Serin. I saw him blow away $2,200,000 of other people’s money. I saw him leave his wife for Australia.  The list goes on and on, and justice never even showed any sort of slight interest in him or his criminal activities.

But maybe, just maybe, the time has come for justice to strike a massive-action comeback.

Girls and gals, justice is about to strike into the cold, soulless hearts of the Serin family home.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Casey’s family home is in foreclosure. Just like the rest of his properties, they are about to lose it. If this isn’t poetic justice,  I don’t know what is.

Acoording to CaseyPedia:

Breaking news: The Sacramento County Clerk-Recorder’s office says notice of default has been served on the Serin homestead. Other sites list the domicile in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure. It’s a good thing a short sale / foreclosure prevention expert is right there handy!

I sorta feel really bad for Steve Serin and Tim Serin, people who seem to be hardworking dudes. But hey, this validates my theory: the Serin Clan arrived in America in order to cheat, extort, steal and do “gray area” kind of deals. With any luck, Tim and Steve will learn from the mistakes of the rest of the clan, and stay as far away as possible from them.

I have no clue as to what Casey will do to save his family home. He’ll probably do yoga, or drink fresh juice, or keep his colon clean (for what purpose, I have no idea).

But meanwhile, it’s nice to see the cogs of justice move slowly, silently…