Dedicated to all things X-Tina.

I’ll follow you to hell and back.

I’ll blog about you until there’s no story left to be told.

I’ll be there to wipe your nose if you sneeze.

I’ll change your diapers when you… no, I won’t do that.

You tried to make a laughingstock out of America.

I’m only doing the same to you.


James Marks
Creepy, isn’t it?
April 1st, 2013.


Comments on: "Paging Casey Serin: THE INTERNETZ…. NEVER FORGETZ" (17)

  1. Casey is using a new last name on linkedin and is now a ‘real estate photographer

  2. The reach of the fecal finger is long….

  3. resident_occupant said:

    Casey finally found a job that where he can have 100% success- cleaning toilets.

  4. caseycukedme said:

    what happened to caseypedia?

  5. Uncle Mike said:

    I really miss Casey, he was SOOOOOOOOOOOO easy!

  6. The thread at Camp Idiot is gone too!!!

  7. smilingarab said:

    It’s all over now, isn’t it?

  8. Anonymous said:

    I miss himb.


    Also: 606-74-0312, 9/10/1982


  10. Nice find …..

    From Casey to Konstantin to CK. An Evil Genius he is not. A twink taxi driver. That’s more his style.

  11. Heekee Jr. said:

    Jambes, anyone still here? Casey’s got the GRIBS these days:

    CaseyHaterz seems to have vanished off the InterTubes. 😦

  12. Uzbeki Durak said:

    Hey, Casey is actually working for a living – driving an Uber taxi actually approximates real work!

    Who knew?

    Yeah, he has apparently also gotten a real estate license and is showing houses, but he’ll get to find out that selling residential real estate is one of the toughest, most cutthroat jobs there is.

    If he has progressed beyond his fixation with the “Four-Hour Work Week”, he deserves credit for doing so.

  13. Blah Blah said:

    Anyone know what happened to the Camp Idiot thread?

  14. Anonymous said:

    Rancho deleted it by mistake. RIP clumsy admin. 😦

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