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Casey Serin is back!

I’m extremely happy to report that my dear old friend, Casey Serin, is back on the internet, and better than ever.

Casey and me have been friends for a long time. I recall when I used to defend him on the FuckedCompany boards – I always knew the kid had it in him, and being from the same area (Sac) I felt the need to share the wisdom of my years with someone that shared my interests, outlook on life and work ethics.

It seems all my effort wasn’t in vain. Casey got a job with Angel Lynn, a Sacramento State Realtor.

I’m extremely proud to report my protege and good friend is now the Marketing Director for her, and has taken over her blog.┬áHis extreme passion for blogging and knowledge is apparent on every single post he makes. Plus, and let’s be honest here – those girls are extremely cute (not that Casey would ever notice, BTW).

Good stuff.

I wish I worked there.

Thinking back, it’s good to see kid did so good. How many of you people can claim to have a $600,000 debt (approximately) and not be worried at all about little details like the police, FBI, or mom and dad’s retirements funds?

I’m so happy about Casey Serin. And congratulations to Angel Lynn, Casey’s next victim success story!

Go Casey Go!