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No reason for this pic. I heard gratuitous sex helps ratings.

No reason for this pic. I heard gratuitous sex helps ratings.

Hello, dear SEC readers. Don’t you just love daylight? I like it a lot, and I hear that narcisstic scumbags (who also happen to be gay) enjoy it, too. Apparently (and yet again, I’m going to speak out of my ass about stuff I don’t know about, but I have a blog and you don’t, so I WIN!) there’s this thing on our heads called serotonin  

 Of the approximately 40 million brain cells, most are influenced either directly or indirectly by serotonin. This includes brain cells related to mood, sexual desire and function, appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation, and some social behavior.  


And guess what? Serotonin levels are directly affected by the amount of sunlight we receive, which, obviously, is increased during Spring and Summer. Ever wondered why Gaysey Serin always seems to be down during Autumn and Winter (Millionaire by Christmas lasting a full day, his divorce, his internet black-outs) and manic during Spring or Summer (TrueCasey, Angel Lynn, Island2012)? I’ll argue that he’s clinically depressed, and sunlight helps him out of it. I’m no professional, but evidence suggests that his mood swings are related to the weather.  

Anyway, this Autumn / Winter Casey has quite a bit more to worry about than sunlight (or lack of it). Recent developments in the Caseyverse suggest that the proverbial shit will hit the fan like a motorcycle stuck in the mud (I think I got my analogies mixed up here).  

Justice is that big fan. Destiny is shown as two guys. Casey is the bunch of manure.

Justice is that big fan. Destiny is shown as two guys. Casey is the bunch of manure.

Do you believe in destiny, the law of attraction, synchronicities? Because if you also believe in Daily Miracles, the Strawman and Sovereignity, then you are Casey Serin and I hate you. But if you are a normal human being, you have to agree – plenty of things have been happening, and although there’s just no tangible evidence to believe the FBI or whatever will soon get a grip on Serin, there’s still hope. 

First of all – it’s never too late  to leave mom and her good ole-fashion cooking and laundry service, so Casey has decided to pack his things and become a sovereign (ahem).

Casey Serin (Константин Сeрин)now couch surfing… well, more like house sitting. Sort of. A dream coming true.
About an hour ago


Although his current situation is unclear, it’s known that he’s house-sitting, he took a desk with him, and he lives in an area with quite some traffic. Sacramento, beware: there’s an incontinent man on the loose.

"You can take the truck. Just... leave this house. Please." Casey's Dad.

"You can take the truck. Just... leave this house. Please." Casey's Dad.

So, what’s he going to do now? Who knows. Perhaps he read the news, and decided to try and make a run for the border. Me? Personally, I think he wants to become a teacher, because he wants to educate a Judge (and, once again, no, I shit you not).

Casey Serin
… i’m excited about the adventure and the lessons that come with applying this new area of study. I’d like to consider everybody in government as a fellow human being and thus a friend. They’re simply doing their job the best they can. Many judges don’t even understand this area of law since its not common for individuals to be learning these estrategies and operating without an attorney. So it’s an uphill battle and sometimes we may have to educate the court on our own rights. Thus we gotta know the rules of the game real good. 


“Waiting for Godot” was never this good. Or funny. Or entertaining. Or freaking insane. Oh boy, I’d love to see Snowflake educating a court.


And that wasn’t the craziest thing he did this week. He boasted, on Facebook, on his PUBLIC WALL, for all the world to see, that he had used the A4v scam on the IRS (and once again, I shit you not). This, in case you are not aware, it’s kinda like getting Vito Corleone’s daughter pregnant, and selling the porn movie rights to Larry Flynt. Or at least, boasting about it, because he never showed any proof. He just said he did.

If Casey was a criminal, he'd be as dumb as... well, Casey.

If Casey was a criminal, he'd be as dumb as... well, Casey.

Which was enough for the CampIdiot Crew to start a grassroots campaign to get the IRS interested on Snowflake.  Even worse for him, the IRS has a couple of specific sections about how you should never, ever try to use the Strawman thing on them, or else, seriously bad things could happen.Now, we have a real crisis going on here – Casey is leaving home, he just gave the finger to the authorities, CampIdiot is stalking him,  and he just tried to rape the IRS,  so what is it that really worries him? 

Casey Serin
— IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, why do you call yourself my friend?? Why would I lie and mislead people? How does that benefit me??? I’m only talking about this to encourage other freedom-seekers here who are experimenting with these unconventional methods as well. There is so much mis-info around these techniques, I’m happy to share some positive . I’m not trying to promote or sell anything and have low patience for this attitude. I’m not here to prove anything or cater to any “haters” / critics!!! (if you fall in this category this may not be the place for you. I value trust) I’m sorry if I overreacting Ⓥ   

Casey, you should be worried about other things. Like, for example, the stuff that’s going on your own city, or pretty close to it.  

 Fed grand jury indicts 10 – five in Elk Grove – on mortgage fraud

THURSDAY UPDATE: Here is the full report from this morning’s Bee.News came this morning that a federal grand jury in Sacramento returned a 48-count indictment against 10 people for allegedly falsifying loan applications and getting kickbacks by borrowing more than the house was worth.

Read more:

Personally, I believe Operation Stolen Dreams can only be an unqualified success if the FBI can get their hands on Casey Serin. After all, he fought long and hard

Long. And Hard.

Long. And Hard.

to be recognized as one of America’s premier scammers.

The crackdown is aimed at borrowers, so-called straw borrowers, corrupt real estate professionals, bank employees and people who prey on distressed homeowners.

Who knows. Maybe the Federales will find enough time between donut buffets to finally catch Murseboi. And now that he is alone and defenseless (no mommy in that rented place), really, what could stand between him and the law? I mean, he’s alone with a desk, a computer, and a bunch of unwilling cucumbers. Is this the end of the line for Serin? 

A man can dream, can’t he?  


James Marks
Dreaming of Lisa Henry. Or was it Lisa Scifo?
June 18th, 2010

Comments on: "Make a run for the border! (or “The FBI always rings twice”)" (36)

  1. Jealous Bitter Renter said:

    The grass needs mowing, but that truck is as clean as a whistle.

    James, why do I get the feeling that Casey is yanking your chain about trying this with the IRS. Nobody is that stupid are they?

    Great work.

    • There’s one thing I’ve learned about Casey throughout the years.

      There’s no such thing as “Nobody is that stupid” when it comes to him.

      Do I think he really A4V’d? I’m not completely sure. He posted it on his Facebook wall; he has talked plenty of times about doing such a thing in the past. He loves to troll us, but once in a while he tells the truth (for example, that time when he bought the GSPG stock). My opinion is: he did try the A4V stuff, and something happened along the way that made him think the IRS accepted it.

      • Jealous Bitter Renter said:

        I charted the GSPG stock and his ‘triumphant return’ to blogging. That tard’s timing was perfect. He returned to brag about that at the absolute peak. Almost, if not, to the day it peaked and began its plunge to less than a penny. If that moron would invest in a stock I could short, I sure as well would.

  2. walk_by said:

    Once again, great job james.

    i have one question, gaysey in his podcast mentioned he stayed in a new place, did he move or his whole family moved because of foreclosure? is that why the truck was there?

  3. Are you suggesting Casey has an element of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? I don’t think so, I think his mood swings just go in cycles which may make it look like SAD. Besides, SAD is only applicable to persons with normal mental health at some times of the year and depression at others. You are going to have to work very hard to convince me Casey has normal mental health at regular intervals at regular points of the year.

    As to walk_by’s question, that’s his dad’s truck and was apparently used to move some stuff to Casey’s new location. It’s just Casey who has moved out and is house-sitting somewhere, probably downtown Sacramento direction. Casey will troll the location soon enough. My final comment is along the usual direction of “when you think there’s no more stupid left, Casey proves you wrong”. Imagine being Casey’s attorney, explain this: “So when there is a public announcement that the FBI is going out arresting people for mortgage fraud, your client decides to leave his family home and go and allegedly “house sit” in an undisclosed location. Why?”

    • Walk_by, the family is still there. Check out (no, better yet, DON’T, and take my word for it) PotCast 63-65. He says he left home and is living alone.

      Arthur, I’d love it if someone were able to map Casey’s manic-depressive cycles. I’m no doctor by any means, but something tells me he’s prone to depression during Autumn – Winter and Manic the rest of the time. Not that he’s always like that – if his mood was an electrical signal, he’d have plenty of harmonics. If we could predict his mood cycles, we may be able to know when to pay extra attention to him for maximum LULZ.

  4. factory worker said:

    For him to do couch surfing is suicidal. How long before he is invited in by a hater. Personally I would beath him and dump him in the desert with a bottle of vinegear.

    But I don’t live anywhere close to Sacramento so I won’t.

    • More likely he’ll be invited somewhere by a hungry “bear”. It will be just like Airplane: “Do you like gladiator movies?” “How you ever seen men getting changed at the gym?” “You got a prurdy mouth.” (sorry wrong movie, but you get the idea). Got to do something “in return” for your “board and lodgings”.

  5. walk_by said:

    and one more question about the a4u scam that gaysey is doing to the IRS, he pays no tax, he has income for crying out loud, why he tries scam the IRS? does he owe taxes? if so, by what?

  6. palestine4ever said:

    Ah, the mind reels and then shuts down in disgust:

    HUNGRY BEAR: Are you enjoying your fresh mutton and two buck chuck?

    KC: Mmm-hm!

    HUNGRY BEAR: Good. I like to help out people and I’d like to help you. If you ever need a place to stay, come to me. If you ever need money, come to me. If you need help getting set up with anything, come to me. Do you understand?

    KC: Sweet! It feels so good to be part of the couchsurfing community! I knew there were people like this… out… in the world…

    HUNGRY BEAR: Are you all right?

    KC: I… don’t know… so… sleepy…


  7. Anonymous said:

    The truck looks clean because Papa cleans it basically every weekend. This is how I have seen him most. The lawn does get to be a problem. Fucking annoying.

    Anyway, great post James, as always. I love that picture of Lisa, even though I consider her to be only in the middle of the top-tier Casey chicks.

  8. Is Casey actually on the list of people who are supposed to get arrested or not? I find it outrageous that the government would actually arrest so many people at once, although in a way it makes it easier for ordinary people to realize how bad the government is, if it happens at once rather than over a longer period. Because if 1,200 people in a limited geographic area are all accused of a crime, it’s not a crime, it’s a socio-economic trend. A government who has the guts to arrest so many people at once and brag about it deserves all the trouble it gets. You may say that it’s because the law must be respected but if the law allows such mass arrests to happen, the law must be bad, too. Many regimes now considered dictatorial would not have arrested so many of their own people at once, or at least felt that they should do it more discreetly. People should not be so happy that the alleged scammers are getting arrested. They should overthrow their dictatorial government.

    • Wondered how long it would take for Canada’s Miss Stupid 2007- to turn up. Unfortunately we aren’t on the FBI’s internal mailing list or Casey might have had a visit before now. Ever considered the population of somewhere like the US? Canada has a population of about 33m. The US has a population of about 310m. California has a population of 37m. The area I live in has a population of around 280,000, which according to Wikipedia, makes it bigger than some Canadian provinces. 1200 people isn’t an “outrageous” number. And if you think “1,200 people in a limited geographic area are all accused of a crime, it’s not a crime, it’s a socio-economic trend” then I suggest you consider the crime rates in South Africa. 22,000 Murders, 52,000 rapes. In fact, you can start at home, since Canada had 24,000 rapes according to an old UN source. So, explain how 24,000 rapes is “not a crime”.

  9. We are not talking about violent crime here. And I certainly don’t agree that it is all right to arrest so many people (mind you, that was not a figure for the whole country) just because there are many more out there. That’s still outrageous. People are not cattle or wharehouse goods to just pick them up by the thousand. How would you like it if you were included in one of the next “batches” and the government said too bad, there are many more like you who remain free in this large country and in your area, so there is no great loss?

    • Oh so non-violent crime is OK? Let me know that when someone steals your entire pension fund or moves into your house, changes the locks and takes it over.
      Why is it wrong to arrest “so many people” if they have all committed crimes? 1200 out of 37m is it? Why is that “outrageous”?

      • I don’t have a pension fund other than whatever lousy pensions are provided by the government and some Registered Retirement Savings Plan that I stopped funding (before that, I was paying 25 dollars a month, so you can imagine I didn’t accumulate much). Incidentally, that fund actually lost value since I started, so I suppose I got robbed. As for taking over the house, I’m a tenant, so that could happen. For those of you who are owners, that’s called foreclosure. It’s funny how things like that are legal when it’s the bank or a rich owner who does them but are otherwise considered theft. And even out of millions, 1200 people are still a lot of people. The relative value is small but the absolute value is large. If one million people got arrested, would you still find that it’s OK? What about if you were among the “relatively few” people arrested?

        If so many people feel tempted to break the law, maybe there is something wrong with the law or with the economic system that makes them need to do or at least so burning with desire for success at any cost. Your capitalistic society is creating too much pressure to get money and enslaves those who get jobs while starving those who cannot do so (actually, it starves a little some of the employed too), so it is not surprising if some people are taking shortcuts. If I were a little smarter and with more money, I would perhaps be a scammer instead of working like a slave for the boss (if my business would be honest, that would be an asset, not a requirement).

        Have you thought that this mass enslavement of all the people who need jobs is a crime against humanity? Maybe the “criminals” just wanted to break free the chains of their economic slavery.

      • “If one million people got arrested, would you still find that it’s OK?”
        Yes, especially if I were one of the other 36m law abiding citizens, I would consider it a great day for society. A point which is lost on you.
        “If so many people feel tempted to break the law,….(blah blah blah)…. Maybe the “criminals” just wanted to break free the chains of their economic slavery.” Tell you what, Ms Stupid, try telling that to the next mugging or burglary victim you meet. See how well “they were just trying to break free of the chains of their economic slavery” sits with a crime victim.

  10. Camp Idiot Watcher said:

    Neighborhood dot tried to join CHC yesterday, and this is part of an email exchange he had with the dude:

    Hi friends,

    Neighbor dot here. If you’re like me, you thought the posts early Saturday put an end to any notion that CHC harbored ill-will towards CI. Today I wrote a brief email to The Dude thanking him for the thank-you thread. I have copied the exchange below. That’s the email I used, in case anybody wants to write me and get copies of all of the emails between me and The Dude. You can get The Dude’s by using the “contact” at CHC’s site.

    So I guess I’m not going to be invited to join CHC. You tards are stuck with me. I am absolutely heartbroken. Devastated, if you must know. [tard]

    Have a great weekend!

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: The Dude
    Date: Saturday, June 19, 2010
    Subject: I thought it might have been sweet
    To: Casey Serin

    You see what we want you to see…

    Time for an email filter so yours go straight to trash. You can run along now and head back to the CI cocksucking party.

    On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 5:49 PM, Casey Serin wrote:
    I saw the thread header. If that is sincere thanks, and you join in,
    then you are welcome.

    • Anonymous said:

      Enjoy the lulz, folks, and by all means stand against scammers and lawbreakers. Report Casey to the necessary authorities if he deserves it. But The Dude showed me what happens to a person if you keep at it like I was. That’s not for me. Doesn’t help anything.

      I’m out.

      On Sunday, June 20, 2010, Casey Serin wrote:
      > ~
      > On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 10:42 AM, Casey Serin wrote:
      >> Casey,
      >> I’m the neighbor guy who has posted some pictures and things on Camp Idiot.
      >> I want to let you know I’ve realized that it isn’t a healthy thing to do,
      >> and I am very sorry. I’ve stopped permanently as of now.

  11. A long time ago, when my job at the time was forcing me to come home really late (I was just a phone operator taking orders for a well-known pizza chain), I actually got attacked twice. Once, someone pulled on my purse, which he did not manage to take but it broke down and I lost my house keys, although I had looked around and picked up the contents of the broken purse. Another time, I got cornered under a bridge by some guy who lifted my skirt from behind. He ran away without raping me after I bit his hand. I suppose people driving their cars under the bridge couldn’t even notice what was going on even though I screamed. In both cases, I did not even tell the police, as there was little I could describe about one guy and nothing about the one who pulled on the purse (other than that he had pants and a longish jacket). For all I know, the one with the purse could even have been a woman, I did not see his/her face, as I was attacked from behind and the criminal just ran away on a dark street. Thus, it is certainly not this kind of thing I had in mind or that I would support. I was talking about economic crimes without physical violence, shady business deals, mortgage fraud, Ponzi schemes and MLM businesses that don’t work except for the owners and a few people at the top, stealing from a large corporation, etc.

  12. KiwiDingo said:

    As frightening as your stories are Monica (and I hope you are OK, good for you for getting a better job during the day) all crimes are crimes against someone and even non-violent crimes have negative physical outcomes. A bank pays x% interest and charges a family y%. The difference (which has increased heaps lately) is to cover the losses the bank takes when asshats like Casey do what they did. So now decent working people, couples that may have just started a family, find themselves with a mortgage they can’t afford and get kicked out of there house. Do you know what happens to a three year old when that happens, they stop talking, they stop playing with others, they say where is my little dog because dogs aren’t allowed in the cheap rented house and they stop going to the toilet. There’s no such thing as a non-violent crime.

  13. KiwiDingo said:

    PS: I made that story up, it didn’t happen to me (I’m actually a little dog)

  14. By that logic, one could say that all company owners and managers responsible for not paying higher wages or setting lower prices should go to jail and that those people who were never able to afford a house with a kid or a dog, or who knew to stay out of it even though others in an equally precarious financial situation would have tried, have been victimized. It may well be so if one assumes that it is fair for even the poorest working people to be able to afford a little more or to have some job security, but that’s not how it works. We can’t put in prison all those who create the market conditions and company pay policies that prevent the lowest wages from being higher and the jobs from being more secure.

  15. KiwiDingo said:

    No Monica. Your implying that somehow company owners commit fraud to keep wages lower and fire people. Company owners don’t want to to this, that means there business is getting smaller not bigger but in a recession their hand is forced to save the rest of the company and what caused the recession? Trouble in the banks and what caused that, scammers like the Serins. Tell us, how would you feel if some of the people in your building didn’t pay rent and as a consequence you had to pay a bit more rent while they suffered no consequences at all and saw them going on holiday and using the latest cell phones and buying laptops. What if your rent got so high you had to move. Would it be your fault for getting yourself in a “precarious financial situation”? You talk about the poorest people but its not just the poor people. Police offices and teachers are have job security and (in NZ any way) earn about %50 more than the average wage. How crazy is it when they can’t afford a house?

  16. Rent is high and increased annually regardless, which is why I lived for years in a rat-infested one-room basement apartment with a shared bathroom. Yes, I find it crazy that so many people can’t afford home ownership or decent apartments. That still doesn’t mean that Casey and people like him deserve prison. They just tried to take advantage of what they saw as economic opportunities for them. I can’t blame them. If I had more money and the idea, I could have been one of them instead of wasting money on MLM instead. The problem is systemic, i.e. the economic system has a problem if it allows such things to happen. What kind of banks are those, anyway, if they may take some precautions such as placing a hold on a deposited paycheck way longer than necessary (mine only lets me withdraw $250 immediately) or cutting credit card limits even though the customer never had a missed or late payment while other customers get to steel money by the wheelbarrow?

  17. KiwiDingo said:

    So you agree that there should be an upside to living honestly? Me too and there is one, you don’t go to jail. Those that take the easy road and steal money by the wheelbarrow will go to jail if they are prosecuted. Casey stole by the wheelbarrow. He even claimed tax back and before he even got the money from the IRS he used it as collateral at H&R to get a loan and then he went on holiday to Hawaii!!! Casey should go to jail. That’s what everyone wants and you should admit you want it to, you’ll be the first in line to visit him.

  18. KiwiDingo said:

    PS: Are you really actually saying that if you could repeat the last 5 years you would do what Casey did? Do you think his life is better than yours right now or worse? Do you have family that you can rely on? Where do you think Casey would be if he had no family. How old are you? Really honestly, I’ll be honest with you, I’m 35, male and I have a little Fox Terrier called Dingo.

  19. There should be an upside to living honestly but there is hardly any. Prison is largely a state of mind. Criminals get to slack off and somebody else feeds them. I have to work, do at least some housework (I tend to neglect it) and I pay and cook my food. Technically, ill-gotten gains are still income. I actually got a refund the year I finished paying back the welfare money I received when I, in fact, had a job. The next year, I got no such refund but I got a tax credit. I can admit that because obviously the government knows about the fraud, for which I did not go to jail, and it was the government who calculated those refunds and credits for me, so that part is perfectly legal. If Casey actually used tax laws to his advantage and was not forced to pay back, good for him. I’m 39 and I cannot rely on my family, in fact it was partially because of them that I felt the need to defraud welfare. For instance, they kicked me out of their home and did not cooperate when I wanted to apply for a student loan in case they had to pay even though, I give them that, they did pay some money later in reality. Because I was also a student when I was illegally on welfare. Meanwhile (actually, later, I’m older), Casey worked less, if that, and had more fun. He does not have my current job stability, modest but regular income, decent credit score, etc., but I paid my dues to have just that, and rather late in life.

  20. KiwiDingo said:

    You should be proud of that then and not put yourself on the same level as Casey. Casey would probably love prison. Maybe he’ll get sick of being homeless and turn himself in. I don’t think prison is that nice though, freedom is everything once you’ve lost it.

  21. I wouldn’t have wanted to be unemployed and supported by my parents, in fact, I did not even have that option, but if I had a little bit of money, or if it happened after I started to have, and Casey or someone like him talked to me about how I can become a flipper, there is a chance I would have accepted with joy. After all, I got into things like MLM. I can see how Casey may have felt that he was slightly bending the rules in order to seize a fantastic opportunity. I lied on credit applications myself by inflating my income when I had a low salary and no credit history. Incidentally, my income did become higher, I remained a customer and my accounts are and have always been in good standing, so I really don’t care if, by any chance, you could find out where I may have lied back then and report me. In fact, those companies may want to explain to me why I should ever carry a balance again after it was, or will be, brought down to zero. I knew what I could pay and I realized that at a level where payment becomes possible in reality, the bank won’t necessarily trust me enough to lend me money yet. I eventually got into debt, I admit it, but I always paid on time, so the credit card companies have made, not lost, money after I lied about my income, and I never had problems like late or missed payments. Casey, too, lied, but his plans did not work out as well. Still, what he did was not that bad, and he learned his tricks from others. By the way, I’m in Canada, tied to my job and with no car or valid passport, so I wouldn’t be able to visit Casey in jail. If this is permitted (I don’t know), maybe I would send him very little money (paying off debt comes first), and a little more once I get out of debt. I’m working on that very seriously. And no, I don’t think he should be in jail. I sympathize with him, and you can see why. Me too, I have committed fraud (including by lying on applications), tried questionable “businesses”, hate working for somebody else (although I do it anyway) and hate work, period, and so on. It’s just that I did different things and ended up paying most of the dirty pennies and I’m in the process of voluntarily paying the rest (the 2 remaining credit card balances). But if I like Casey, that’s largely due to his “entrepreneurial” activities.

  22. Isle Bight said:

    As much as Casey deserves to be in prison, I think it’s unlikely that the FBI will suddenly decide to prosecute crimes that were committed four or five years ago. They had their chance back in the day and for some reason decided to give Casey a pass.

    What I do find quite promising is this new “house sitting” gig of his. It’s very tempting to view it as the initial stage of a mortgage elimination scam. One can only hope. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Casey try his mortgage elimination con over and over again. The more criminal activity that can be traced back to Casey, the harder it will be for the authorities to overlook.

    • I think it’s unlikely that the FBI will suddenly decide to prosecute crimes that were committed four or five years ago.

      Maybe, maybe not… but the fact that they just completed a sweep of 1000+ mortgage fraudsters within a week shows that for the few years before that, they were mostly sitting on their asses despite blatant crimes taking place literally on a daily basis. Complete incompetence top to bottom.

      As for Casey, you’re right, the more crimes he attempts the greater the likelihood he’ll be dragged into court. But when that happens, *all* of his prior frauds will come back to haunt him, both in extra charges filed and in establishing that the defendant is a serial thief with an established pattern of frauds. His only real defense on some of the crimes will be a statute of limitations argument, possibly. Prison would be a given, but the restitution owed will probably follow him for decades.

  23. […] Just as I suspected, Casey Serin is back in the game, pretty much like he did last year. Curiously enough at around the same date. We haterz are wondering who he's staying with. […]

  24. […] guy, executing them ain’t his forte). Remember – he was the man who was going to educate the courts on why the lender had to be sued, or some sort of Accepted 4 Value bullshit (which, ladies and […]

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