Dedicated to all things X-Tina.

So stayed tuned, because good things are cumming.


  1. said:

    Post regged, Casey! 😎

    Just kidding… nice to see you back, Jambes.

    • Damb, I switched the “username” and “email address” fields…. anyway………….

  2. caseycukedme said:

    james we’ve missed you.

  3. Juicy meat?

  4. Big newz! Innernetz raped my dotter. Pix cumming soon.

  5. Jamba Jim said:

    Hope there is action soon. I’ve been hanging out at campidiot in the casey forum. Wow, lotsa haterz there LOL.

  6. Well CI have found Steve’s SSN and some Serin tax returns.

  7. Jamba Jim said:

    Yeppers. And Snowflakes’s sexual preferences (among other things) are being ripped up, down and sideways…

  8. Casey "606-74-0312" Serin said:

    Jimmy, I’ve got some news for you… after a week of inactivity, rumors of your death are starting up again. 😐

  9. caseycukedme said:

    what a gyp

  10. DoItFagit said:

    Do something!

  11. A Dude Who Carez said:

    Really Jim? Really? I was hoping for some juicy meat!

  12. Alexanderplatz said:

    Roses are red,
    Cucumbers are green,
    Casey is dead,
    And this site’s a has-been.

    Casey and his sweet vaginal line of credit are long gone. He’s been condemned to a life of working as a carhop to support his wheatgrass and ganja habits, and living on the couch in his ‘rents apartment in Suckramento.

    Nothing left of this saga but idiots and trolls fighting over bullshit on CI.

  13. caseycukedme said:

    bone galina bone galina bone galina

  14. Alxenderplatzzzz said:

    Soooooooo, Jamezzzzz…

    Where are these “good things” of which you spake??

    It’s been almost three moths since your last post, Jamezz. That’s almost a full quarter. And no newzz of Caseyz, or hizz sweet vaginal line of creditzzz, or hizz sisterzz, or the Serinzz zzzucker family, or even of Galina.

    I think we’re done here.


  15. kiwidingo said:

    It will never be over. We will always be waiting.

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