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Hello, faithful readers! Summer is here, and the time is right,
for the Serin Family living in the streets!



We may have witnessed Snowflake’s 2011 return, and not a minute to soon – he has, after all, very little time before Island 2012 opens. But before that, we get to witness his annual mental break-down – you know, the one that has brought us the infamous Pirate Party at the Park! So, while we wait for September to come by, we’ll have to make do with Casey’s latest bizarro-land appearance.

There are many things I don’t really “get” about the Serins, but one of their most glaring defects is the fact that it’s really rather obvious they wouldn’t know anything about mid or long-term planning. They just seem to do things in a naturally random way, without any sort of logic to it (I’m pretty sure Casey would call it “Organic”). For example, filing for multiple bankruptcies without any intention of honoring their repayment plan. Or getting a Kohl’s card after their first BK. Sure, that’ll give them short term satisfaction, but in the end, wouldn’t they just rather have paid their BK, or downsized to a smaller house, instead of losing it all?

I blame Casey's parents for his lack of planning skillz. Hell yeah.

I blame Casey's parents for his lack of planning skillz. Hell yeah.

I bet Casey would like a piece of that cake, too.

Where was I? Oh yeah. I’m still sorta shocked (which just goes to show you, I’m either an eternal optimist or a true-blue idiot) about Casey’s latest activities – because I assumed he’d have learned his lesson at this point: someone who takes money away from you in exchange for services isn’t necessarily your friend. Especially when services are intangible, delivered over the Internet, and without any sort of guarantee. Casey has fallen time and time again for this scam, and it seems he’s only happy to do it again.

Enter Mr. Jerry Kennedy. I’m not a professional blogger, so to speak (I actually have a real life job, as most of you know), and I don’t know the “secrets they don’t want you to know” about blogging (probably the reason why my blog is so shitty in the first place)

...and the reason why most of my hits come from "Tila Tequila" searches! Sweet SEO, babe!

...and the reason why most of my hits come from "Tila Tequila" searches! Sweet SEO, babe!

so please, Mr. Kennedy – if I’m wrong about something, let me know. I’ll pretend I care, if you do the same.

Anyway – what happened? Apparently, someone named “Monica” told Mr. Kennedy (The Blog Whisperer) about Casey’s story (which at this point is deader than Michael Jackson’s nose implant), and strangely enough, Casey showed up at a talkcast / radio show / whatever,  just to tell it.


I should be getting tired at playing the role of "Master of the Obvious". But, no.

I should be getting tired at playing the role of "Master of the Obvious". But, no.

Remember what I told you about long / short term planning, the Serin family? Well, riddle me this. Why would Casey agree to be interviewed if he didn’t have a long term goal? Answer: I don’t know, and neither does Casey. But I bet we can all assume – he’s coming back, sooner rather than later. His attention whoring personna got the best of him, but I bet he was also seeking publicity; I don’t think he merely agreed to be asked about his criminal past in exchange for nothing.

Back to Mr. Kennedy, since we need some background. Who’s he?

He has a web site called the “Blog Whisperer”. Which seems right up Casey’s preferences – I bet he thought Kennedy would be whispering on the back of his ear, in a horizontal position, what to write about. But nah, don’t think so – the reaming Kennedy’s doing to Casey ain’t a sexual thing (not that Casey would not enjoy it). Although he really is screwing his over. So to speak. Want grate poof?



Not to say that Casey actually is paying $495 x 3 for… fuck, I don’t know what. But it’s amazing how consistent he is – he always seems to be associated with people hell-bent on screwing someone else  (sorry Jerry!).

Casey's life, in 9 blocks.

Casey's life, in 9 blocks.

I mean – I’m going to get serious for a moment. I have ZERO writing background or experience. I’m not as funny as many of my friends, or interesting, or smart, or attractive, but I found something I enjoy writing about, and apparently, people enjoy reading it. See? That’s the secret. I don’t need a “blog whisperer” for $1,500 telling me what to write about, and neither do you. Nevertheless, let’s see what the package includes.

What’s a Blog Whisperer?

A Blog Whisperer helps you speak with the voice of your soul by teaching you to quiet the voice in your head…

Great. Voices in my head, voices in my soul. I always thought blogging was done with, well, your brains. This is deep stuff, the secrets they don’t want you to know!

You might have even hired one of the experts to help you.

You could drop thousands of dollars on coaches who are supposed to help you be a better blogger; trouble is, they focus on the technical side of things.  Instead of helping you get your ideas out, they start with the next step: helping you get “found” once you’ve actually written something.  They teach things like SEO strategies and using social media to drive traffic to your blog, but you know that’s all pointless until something’s actually there for your new readers to, you know, READ!

Yeah, because the first thing I consider when I’m about to do something is deciding who is going to think about what I’m thinking about doing – no way I’d ever do it myself! (Come to think of it, that’s exactly the way Casey thinks! Coincidence? I say NOT!)

That’s where your Blog Whisperer comes in!

Imagine a guide, someone to help you navigate the dark recesses of your mind and locate the hidden treasures there, and then get them out of your head and onto the screen!  Picture yourself sitting down at your computer, logging in to your blog, and effortlessly creating the kind of content you read on your favorite blogs.

A guide to navigate the dark recesses of my mind who’ll help me find the hidden treasures there. Where does this guy get the inspiration for the amount of verborrhea he uses? I mean, seriously. But hey, your brain enema will cost $1,500 – it has to sound somewhat fancy, I guess.

Even more important, though, just think of your readers having their lives changed by the ideas that you shared, the posts that you created, the content that came from your heart!

I hope to do so. Listen, kids: Casey Serin is a con man, and you don’t need a guy who’s going to give your head a brain enema in order to write a blog. Do it yourself. Save the money.

No writer’s block.  No anxiety. No problem!

You may or may not be a reader of my Motivation 101 Blog (don’t worry: it’s not a requirement for this program).  If you are, you know that I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of just being yourself: open, honest, and transparent.

This guy is getting to be more like Casey Serin – his link is broken (on his own blog, the one that’s trying to sell a $1,500 course on how to blog properly!). The right link is (don’t click – worse than Goatse).  He’s charging $150 to set up your blog over there.

And here’s how I can help…

I’ve created a brand new program to help new and experienced bloggers get those world-changing ideas out of their heads and onto the screen in just 12 weeks…and I want to you to join me.  Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A 1-hour one-on-one initial consultation to establish your mission, vision, and desired outcomes
  • A weekly 1-hour tutorial dealing with one of 12 mission-critical topics, designed specifically to help you make your blog a magnet for your readers, followed each week by 30-minutes of Q&A and an optional 1-hour “blogging period” (during which you and your classmates will have the chance to put what you’ve just learned into practice)
  • Two 1-hour one-on-one follow-up calls to help you stay on track and focused with laser intensity on hitting your goals
  • If you don’t already have one, a self-hosted WordPress blog, complete with your own domain name, 1-year of hosting, and a theme of your choice
  • Unlimited email support for your burning questions between classes (guaranteed 24-hour response time)
Let’s do some numbers, shall we? It’s either a $1K initial payment or a $1.5K deferred one. That buys you:
  • A one hour telephone “consultation”, plus 2 hours of “follow up”.
  • 12 hours of tutorials, 6 hours of Q&A, and an optional 12 hours of jerking around with other people, trying to outblog one another.
  • A blog.
  • “Unlimited” e-mail support.
Considering the tutorials aren’t live, this guy is either charging you $333 per hour, or $500 per hour, depending on how you decide to pay. Sweet. Motherfucking. Allah. Passive. Income!
Make up your own mind about Jerry Kennedy…. I know I already did.
No comment at this time.

No comment at this time.

As to Casey’s show… yeah, I listened to it. Twice. There are a few gold nuggets, so I’m going to go over them… so you don’t have to listen to Kermit T. Frog’s voice again.
“CS: Stated income (lies) are not that big of a deal…”
A lie is a lie, Casey. Maybe some people fudge the numbers up a bit, because of overtime pay or whatever that they cannot fully prove. But you? What kind of income did you have? ZERO. You had already quit Pride. It IS a big deal, because if you hadn’t lied, you’d have got exactly ZERO loans. Period.
“CS: Haterz… blah blah blah, sob, they made my life miserable”.
I can point you to at least one or two comments where I stated, unequivocally, that I wanted to see YOU succed, Casey. Come to think of it – if you hadn’t lied on your statements, left your wife with the Cashcall debt, paid $30K to other scammers (like Kiyosaki), etc., you’d have a) a place to live, b) a gorgeous, hot wife, and c) your dignity intact. As it is, you have nothing – and it’s not because of us, kid. We are all along for the ride – that’s all.
I doubt you were denied jobs because of CampIdiot, CaseyPedia and this website. Why? Easy – if you had a job, Cashcall would come after you faster than Imperial Executive’s 2,400 bps modem (oh, wait…).  same thing with Bob Parsons interview for GoDaddy, even Mr. Kennedy caught you lying there.  There wasn’t any interview, and nobody mailed Bob Parsons in protest-  I’ve been around ever since the beginning of this “epic” saga, and It. Never. Happened. Period. Edited by James Marks: yeah, I’m a retard. Sue me. Then sue the lender.
“JK: Writing your blog was cathartic…you were such a risk taker”
Casey wasn’t in it for the catharsis, he was in it for the attention whoring. He has never shown any remorse about his crimes; all he wants is the attention of haters and family alike (I don’t think there are any supporters at this point). Casey cannot feel any sort of feelings about what he did; it’s as if he just knew people expect him to feel bad about things, so he says he does.
Also, Casey is NOT  a risk taker. I said it several times on There wasn’t any risk to him: he never invested a cent of his own money (it was all “OPM”, as he calls it), and he didn’t have any sort of intention of paying any of it back. So, tell me, what’s the risk on that? He was a mere speculator. Not an investor, and certainly not a risk taker.


CS: They want me in jail…

Well, sure we do. Do you remember the time that guy trespassed on your property? You went apeshit over it and wanted to call the cops. Do you remember when Wells Fargo “stole” your money out of your account (when you had actually given them permission to do such a thing?) You wanted justice done. So what’s wrong with us wanting the exact same thing? You tell me.

CS: My parents don’t like being stalked…

Nobody wants to be stalked, Casey. But people don’t want deadbeats living around them, either. Nor people who are obviously laughing their asses off at others, like us, who pay our taxes and our debts. You and your family had been a burden on America for far too long, and even then, you decided to laugh and mock our country. Remember when you peed on a dollar bill?

Casey Serin pissed on a dollar bill, just to show how grateful he is about the USA accepting his family as immigrants. No, we do not forget.

Casey Serin pissed on a dollar bill, just to show how grateful he is about the USA accepting his family as immigrants. No, we do not forget.

Remember when you used to talk about “let them deal with their own collateral damage”? How your family hangs around public property as if they were crazed chimps in heat? That’s abusing the system – why do you think some people took pics of your parents movements?

Pot. Kettle. Black. Now, go ahead and tell Aleksey and Anna to “deal with their own collateral damage” . The house. Their retirement money. Their dignity. It’s all “collateral damage”.

Oh, you also said you “pulled the plug on the blog” because of the stalking. MORE BULLSHIT. People started taking pics of your parents house AFTER IAFF. You didn’t stop blogging because of it. Yet another lie, in order to make yourself look like a victim.

JK: Would you do it all over again?

One of my favorite answers from you Casey, and our current slogan. You seem to imply that “itsallgood” because you learned a lot of things. No, it’s not all good, because people told you exactly what was going to happen, and you didn’t learn a thing. After you lost 8 houses, you tried your “Soverignity” “A4V” bullshit on your parents home, AND HAD THEM EVICTED AS A RESULT.  How the HELL is that “learning from the past”?

How can you live with yourself?

Frankly, I’m stopping here. I’m overwhelmed (just like Casey said he was 1,000 times during the interview). But, be certain. Casey is coming back. Be prepared.

James Marks,
That’ll be $1,000, or 3 easy payments of $499 each!
July 12th, 2011 


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  1. lawnmower man said:

    Sorry Jambes — the Bob Parsons thing did happen, although it was a blink-and-you-missed-it thing.

    Otherwise, hell yeah.

  2. That’s really low of you, Jambes. My modem in 56K and achieves over 40Kbps. It fulfills my Value Equation and I’m not just another Serin fool living beyond my means.

    Data streaming in
    Suitable dialup speed
    I am fulfilled

  3. How can you blog, fazebog and twater without proper training? Don’t even think about SEO without a few courses at $997 each. Look what happened to Social Spin. They had a dump truck load of skills and training and they failed. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    • Anonymous said:

      Jambes is already google result #5 and #6 for “jerry kennedy” + serin.

      I’d say he’s doin’ just fine without the courses. Look how well we did with the Octotards beating them at their own game with SEO in our prime. Those were happy innocent daze and we have you to thank for kicking them off, so many lulz. Sigh…

  4. Crap, first the Do Over Douche and now the Blog Whisperer. Kill me now!

    • Casey has a certain knack for finding that kind of people, huh?

      • Ummm…what “kind” of people would that be, James?

      • Anonymous said:

        No offense intended, Jerry, but it’s usually scum who think they can drive positive traffic to their websites without getting hit by the fecal finger aka Casey Serin.

        Personally, I think you’re punching above your paygrade here.

        You’d be well advised to take your licks and slink away before you end up spattered with more crap than you’ve already subjected yourself to.


      • The kind of people who make promises with intangible results, Jerry. No offense, but as I said before, I have no formal blogging training, and I’m doing pretty fine.

        And, trust me on this one. I had never written a line that didn’t have lots of mathematic symbols in it (or code) before writing this blog.

        Let me put it another way. For $1,500, I can get trained in, say, J2EE. I’d expect to be able to code stuff at the end of it – that’s a solid and tangible result. If I paid you $1,500 for your training, I’d have a guide that helped me reach deep within the confines of my blogging soul, and unearth hidden treasures there.

        See the difference?

  5. Man…when Casey told me to expect some hatin’, I thought he was just making it up to inflate his ego. Now I know…there really are people who do this for a living (or at least a hobby). Thanks for the laughs, James…it was fun to see someone dissect my sales copy so thoroughly. 🙂

    Headed over to Facebook to share the link back to this post; I’m completely fascinated by all of this. James, if you’d like to come on the podcast, I’d love to have you present the opposing view; I gave Casey airtime, and I’d be happy to let you have your say, too. You can even call me a douchebag on air, if you like. I’d just really like to explore this story and the culture that’s sprung up around it.

    Let me know if you’re up for it; I can get you on later in July, I think, or early August.

    Oh…and thanks for pointing out the broken link…all fixed now!


    • CI Refugee said:

      Uhhh Jerry, this isn’t a hobby and if you were intellectually honest you’d realize KC is a sociopath. Nope, you want to do what everybody who buys his b.s. does and play the “oh my god, you people are fucked up and mean” meme.

      Fact check: Had you really cared about honesty and integrity you’d have put KC on the spot in that interview.

      • The interview wasn’t about Casey’s actions; it was about the one-hit-wonder that was his blog. I’m fascinated by the story, and I’m fascinated by the community that still thrives on the story…nothing more, nothing less.

      • Not sure why that says iwcwellness instead of my name…but that’s me in the last comment.

      • Dial Up Executive's Owner said:


        Weird how you act as if you don’t know this IWC Wellness when in fact an IWC Wellness resides in Roseville: . That seems to be too coincidental. Are you designing a blog for them and KC gets some action for setting it up?

        KC lives in Roseville. What are you guys up to (you and KC)?

      • palestine4ever said:

        I can’t imagine why it said “ICWELLNESS” instead of your name either, Jer.


    • Silly Rabbit said:

      Why does your blog look like every other NRU inspired “self help” blog?

    • Hey there, Jerry.

      The Hatred is not directed at you. I try to keep the blog as snarky as possible without hurting innocent people, so if you object to anything, just contact me.

      As I see it, you are nothing but Casey’s latest victim. I’d definitely suggest reading Caseypedia – we all know Casey is charming at first, but take a look at where people ended up when they befriended / tried to start a business partnership with him.

      I’ll try to contact you tomorrow.


      • Thanks for the clarification, James; you’ll understand my confusion, considering the very thorough drubbing you gave the home page of my website. I like the snarkiness…definitely keep it up.

        And just so we’re clear, it’s not likely that Casey and I will ever become friends or business partners; as I mentioned in a comment above, I’m interested in the story as it pertains to the topic of blogging; nothing more, nothing less.

        The offer stands: if you’d like to come on the program, I’d love to have you.


    • Jerry, I listened to the program. It sounds like you were introduced to Casey through some mutual acquaintance. OK, fine, whatever. But you came off like you had no idea who Casey Serin is, what he did in 2006-2007, his insane manic episodes circa 2008-2009, and the arguably even worse sh*t he did in 2010-2011.

      You were throwing softballs at him, instead of the nuclear-tipped missiles that should have been tossed his way. Did you even do a simple Google search of his name? 90% of the results should clue you in that this is a sociopathic career criminal, whose criminal output over the past few years has only been limited by the active community of people monitoring him with laser-like precision. OK, it’s also been limited by the fact that Casey is a gullible mark with dollar signs in his eyes.

      Instead of, “Casey, why did you close your blog down 4 years ago”, how about: “Casey, how does it feel to have misled your own parents and consequently cost them their home, not to mention their credit for the next 10 years??”. Career criminal, like I said.

      • See the comments above; this was about blogging, not Casey’s alleged (because as far as I know he hasn’t been actually indicted for anything) actions and activities.

        As for the “active community of people monitoring him with laser-like precision”, I’d love to see them put their considerable talents to use bird-dogging some of our politicians instead of some 29-year-old poster child wanna-be for the get-rich-quick industry. Talk about sociopaths…your local senate is full of ’em!

    • Well looky here offers colon hydration in Roseville CA. Hmmm….. Who do we know that is into colons?

  6. I dont know you (first time to your blog), I dont know Casey Serin.

    Guess what I am a customer of Mr Jerry Kennedy. (Nope never met him either).

    He actually built me a decent blog which I thought was value for money. Sure I could have done it myself, if I had the time and the energy. I decided I would let Jerry build my blog so I could spend more time running. He did a good job.

    • Anonymous said:

      What does your ROI look like?

    • As they say on another forum: “Post regged, Jerry!!” 🙂

    • palestine4ever said:

      Well, if JuiceMan signed up for the 3 Easy Payments of Just $495, his return on investment right now is… 8 Facebook fans.


      One of my five wives has more than that and she just posts pictures of her burqa designs.

      The “value” is entirely in your head, my good man. $1500 for that. That’s seriously some ugly shizzit bro.

      • He didn’t. I built a blogsite for him for $149 bucks (see the “services” tab on my website…I’m actually pretty inexpensive). In WordPress. Which he could have done for himself, for free. Kinda like I pay to get my oil changed, even though I could do it myself for free.

      • Anonymous said:

        Your funniest post ever and that’s saying something. 😀

      • Never judge a book by its cover or indeed its facebook fans. I dont really use farcebook to promote the blog, just tinkered with it.

        What I can tell you is that for 150 bucks Jerry saved me a good few hours so I can concentrate on content and keep my readers (or those 8 facebook fans content.) As mentioned earlier I m not commenting on the Casey guy as I dont know him. Just didnt like the way Jerry was being attacked for building blogs.

    • Thanks Shane…much appreciated!

  7. Anonymous said:

    Awesome post, Jambes!

  8. Maybe an old school Koicast where all the haterz can weigh in.

  9. koi free semi vegan said:

    With all due respect Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Juice, Casey Serin has burned nearly every living creature who has had the misfortune to make his acquaintance. He is a parasite who sucks cash and energy out of each successive host, then tossing the remaining dried husks under his bus.

    Yes, he can be personable. That is how he has enlisted so many volunteers over the years to sustain him and his ridiculous schemes. But Casey is incapable of introspection or remorse. He demanded that his former wife leave college to burn CDs for “Rich Dad” so Casey could get a tuition break on a useless seminar. He wheedled a plane ticket (one way) to Australia to research and find investors for real estate there after he’d plowed his (and his wife’s) credit ratings deep into the earth. What he did there was to impose on kind folks who fed, housed and entertained him until he was ejected and had to beg a ticket home, where he was surprised that he was not welcomed there either. Most people who call a spouse from their parents’ house where they happen to have stowed their luggage, and mention offhand that they are leaving for another continent in an hour and just want to know
    if you’ll pick up the car later or come to get it now before they leave deserved to be locked out and not allowed to return. Particularly if they leave some $35k of unpaid (and much undisclosed) debt at home, and have taken another $30k or so on a loan Mom cosigned along for the one-way trip.

    Read up and weep for anyone who got tangled in Casey’s web.

    • Sadly, that sounds like the story of a lot of the so-called real estate “investors” that popped up around the same time. Certainly, Casey has the highest profile of them all…but almost as certainly, his story isn’t unique.

      • TheFictionDot said:

        Yah? How many of them fucked off to another continent when the heat was on, leaving their rather naive wives holding the bag?

        People aren’t pissed at Serin for overreaching. They’re pissed at him because he extracts what he can from people and then dumps them in the shit whenever it is convenient for him. He’d be more dangerous if he wasn’t such a colossal fuckup.

  10. Is there a reason no one (aside from James) uses their real names here? Just curious…

    • Yes. You want a case study of potential negative consequences of using your real name online? Google “Casey Serin”. 😀

      And not to put words in his mouth, but “James Marks” is a pseudonym. The few people involved with Casey that have been audacious enough to use their real names have generally been run over by the CaseyBus™.

      • What multi-dot said. Plus I’ll still make the same comments whether I use my real name or my pseudonym. What I can do without is the fringe element of this saga messing up my real life, so I use a pseudonym. But then I’m not pretending to be a pro blogger and selling courses on blogging. I suggest you read the “list of people Casey has pushed under the bus” on Caseypedia.

    • Did your mother drop you when you where young?

    • TheFictionDot said:

      You probably should have read up on Serin and CampIdiot a bit before you stuck your nose into this little hornet’s nest.

      Good luck, Jerry. You’re gonna need it.

    • mr boom-boom said:

      Why you ask? You feeling a little VULNERABLE having your real identity on the net for everyone to see?

      Yes, there is a very good reason why people don’t use their real names.

  11. this was about blogging, not Casey’s alleged (because as far as I know he hasn’t been actually indicted for anything) actions and activities.

    Fair enough, but… well… meh. Casey’s IAFF blog ended *four years ago*. It was written up by various outlets in late 2006 to early 2007. Who cares nowadays, other than the few people still waiting patiently for the authorities to arrest him. It’s old hat, and was a net negative for Casey to boot. He purportedly sold the thing for $50,000 — though there are some doubts about that, given that Casey is a pathological liar — and all it cost him was his marriage, his sanity, his permanent online reputation, job/income opportunities, and so on. Yippee.

    As far as his, quote, “alleged actions”, please… he gift-wrapped his own potential conviction 10 times over, with the words from his own mouth. He has thus far avoided an indictment for only one reason: he lives in California, a state so infested with deadbeats, illegal immigrants cheating the system, and outright fraudsters that law enforcement is simply too swamped to do anything. He’d cop a plea the minute charges were brought, he has zero defense. And BTW, his story about the “FBI call”? Yeah, that was another lie. Never happened; it was some joker online having fun with him. FBI agents don’t call people to helpfully let them know they’re being investigated. And they certainly don’t do that, and then *not* follow through with an arrest.

    • I should also add that even though he’s skated in criminal court (thus far at least), civil court is another story. Casey currently has a $15,500 default judgement against him from one of the numerous loan outfits he defrauded. And that’s only what we’ve found out from public records. Behind the scenes, you can bet the entire family gets collections mail by the bucketful daily, harassing calls hourly, and that other creditors are soon to sue Casey and his parents, if they haven’t already.

  12. Yes, Casey made around $50K on the sale of IAFF. He owed $45K on Galina’s cards and paid it all off in one lump sum, the most nearly honorable thing I’ve known him to do. He took the other $5K and spent it on a new laptop and a car.

    When he was out here in ’08, he was getting by on his sweet Able Buyer corporate credit card (cosigned for by the folks). He of course had no job nor income, the e-book that he decided to write if everyone paid him fifty bucks up front was hugely funny (to the onlookers) but hardly profitable to him, and the balance on his card was coming up through $60,000 with about $5K of headroom left. He never intended to pay a cent of it. Having that kind of outstanding debt with no savings, no income, no assets, and nothing visible on the horizon would have me gnawing down trees like a beaver instead of sleeping at night. His only concern was how to get more credit.

    It’s kind of funny that after being outbid for IAFF back in the day, Duane wound up with it ahyway. Those were some hilarious times – roll out of bed in the morning and punch up EN to see what new foolishness Casey had perpetrated overnight. “He did WHAT?! And he’s WHERE?! Ho-lee . . .”

    • He owed $45K on Galina’s cards and paid it all off in one lump sum, the most nearly honorable thing I’ve known him to do.

      Not very honorable considering those were *his* debts. “Hey, sweetie, remember how I charged $45K on your credit cards and incurred numerous late fees, lowering your credit score by 200 points? Guess what? I’m paying your cards off! How generous am I! Come here and kiss me; err, wait, never mind, you’re female. Bye-sies!!”

    • Points about the sale of IAFF:
      There were rumours that he was offered $100,000 at one point but turned it down.
      He was put under pressure from Duane Le Gate and Mark Villasenor (Loss Mit Pro) to pay off his wife’s cards with the proceeds. I recall his wife’s card debts as being about $35,000, maybe a little more, but IIRC $1500 of the $50,000 sale money went to Mark Villasenor as a legal settlement for a case he brought against Casey and my impression was that Mark pressured Casey to pay Galina’s (Casey’s then wife) debts or he’d turn up the heat in the court case.

      • He also bought the “kidnapper’s van” with the proceeds which was about $5000 IIRC.

      • Anonymous said:

        I think was part of the deal – either pay off Galina’s debt, or Mark would sue him and take his money anyway. So I think it was less out of the “goodness of his heart”, and more that he didn’t really have a choice. I know he likes to drag out the tired old “it was the right thing to” bs, but I don’t buy it.That’s been Casey’s problem, he always gets out scammed and ends up holding an empty bag.

      • He bought the “Prelude to a Ferrari” with the remaining proceeds from IAFF. The kidnapper’s van DOWN BY THE RIVER came later, after the RV.He was going to be the Herioc Self-Reliant Urban Camper, Answerable to No Man™ by living in an RV like some latter-day Thoreau with a Wal-Mart parking lot instead of a pond. Casey lasted one night, then camped in the driveway at Dewey.

        I believe he bought the RV with what he got for the Prelude, and the van came from the sale of his last remaining Goldspring stock.

    • Anonymous said:

      You are so awesome I’d clean you up and marry you if you didn’t already have a gf who adores you just the way you are. 😀

  13. Funky Fan said:

    Hey Jerry, interview Funk…he hung out with KC and would be an excellent counterpoint to the kid.

  14. Funky Fan said:

    I also recommend finding Duane LeGate as he knew a lot about KC back in the day.

  15. koi free semi vegan said:

    Why not just take up “aggressive walking” or defiling graveyards on Mothers Day? Casey likes those things too. Hasn’t Duane paid the price already? He’s under a front tire of the CaseyBus. Right in front of Marty, who got 19 pages of a middle school level report when he bought a book.

  16. Anonymous said:

    I guess you missed it in the froth. Monica is Monica Caraway, Jerry’s “executive assistant”.

    Jerry’s a hard dude to pin down, I don’t know if that started before or after his divorce, but he do tend to move around a lot. Just sayin’.

    • Anonymous said:

      Check the Oz connection as well. Hmmm.

      • Anonymous said:

        I noticed that as well. Is this “the Monica”, perhaps the same person who was “kind enough” to let Casey take a shower when he was in Aussie land? Man if that’s her, we’ve found the world’s #1 bimbo – LOL

  17. Tavington said:

    Jerry is another victim of the fecal finger.

  18. Jerry?



    IS this thing on… OMG what’s that noise, sounds like a big bus just ran someone over!


    • palestine4ever said:

      Of all the people, anywhere on the internet, to poke with a stick…

      Sorry, Jer.

  19. Re: Jerry Kennedy.

    I must admit, I had 2X as many visitors as I’ve had in the past couple of months! Your stuff works, man! 😉

  20. First, following a copypasta which appeared on CI and was allegedly Jerry’s Facebook – No I’m not a tinfoil hatter. Following fraudsters and scammers on the net is just one of many pastimes. It has helped stop scammers from scamming or misleading others (Hasn’t it George?). As for too much time on my hands? Well, I don’t have the time to spend circle jerking others on Facebook who are going to make money from blogging (like Yahoo Starkers and Ms Jobless, and apparently lots of Jerry’s “friends”)
    I do however reproduce what should be post of the week from CI:

    It never fucking ends. Same exact cycle every time some hapless Serin associate encounters the fecal finger.

    Two weeks, tops, from “Any traffic is good traffic, right guys?” to “Why is my SSN and a list of every failed social media domain I’ve ever owned being smeared across the internet?” to “DEAR HOLY FUCK MAKE IT STOP!!”

    • said:

      There is no possible way I could express my own feelings better than the way the honorable Mr. Wankspittle just did. Bravo sir.

    • CI Refugee said:

      Arthur, I posted this and FYI you know me as a long time hater. It’s real and if you go to Jerry’s page, his wall is visible to all.

  21. Still trying to figure out just what I get for the three easy payments of $495.00? Other than mental mutual masturbation?

  22. mr boom-boom said:

    Is this someone you’d want to entrust your blog-education money to?

    what a dope, using his real name for both business and teary-eyed public confessions!

    You’re weak, Jerry, weak!

    “My life is a total fucking train wreck. If I was smart, I’d move away and start all over.

    I can’t abide doing what I’m doing any longer. Every fiber of my being is rebelling against the routine and going through the motions.

    I’m so worried about how my actions will affect other people, I’ve forgotten the prime directive: how my decisions and actions will affect me.

    My body is reacting viscerally to my job. I know that every second I spend working for someone else is another second I’ve lost, another second I’ve wasted…and why? For what? Because I don’t have the guts to stand up and walk away. Because I’m worried about how my boss is going to feel. Because I’m worried about how I’ll pay the rent. Because I’m worried about how the soon-to-be-ex-Mrs. Kennedy will feel and what she’ll do.

    I’m worried about everything, and a part of me just wants to say “FUCK IT ALL!!!” and walk away, to pull a Henry David Thoreau and go live by a pond in the woods…or join a fucking monastery…or the Foreign Legion…anything but stay here and pretend that I’m doing anything that matters.

    I have an appointment with my tax guy in 15 minutes…MY FUCKING TAX GUY!! How can I be expected to think about fucking taxes at a time like this?? How can I pretend that anything in my life matters?? Everything in my life is a total fucking joke…with one exception. One thing is real…one thing has meaning…one thing, one person, is potentiality in human form.

    The guys at the table next to me are talking about math…don’t they know? Can’t they see that life is more than numbers?

    I want to push the red button. I want to take the nuclear option. I want to eradicate every vestige, every element, every fucking particle of my old life.

    I’m terrified to go home. I’m terrified to go back to the office. I’m terrified to go anywhere near anything that’s connected to my old life because I’m afraid I’ll end up plugging back into the matrix and go back to sleep.

    My only choice is to push the red button.”

    • Two weeks, tops, from “Any traffic is good traffic, right guys?” to “Why is my SSN and a list of every failed social media domain I’ve ever owned being smeared across the internet?” to “DEAR HOLY FUCK MAKE IT STOP!!”

      Looks like Jerry will be just starting to hear that bus engine about now…

      • KiwiDingo said:

        Hey Arthur, I’m really disappointed Wankspittle isn’t your real last name.

        Good to see some new (and some old) names here. For the newbies:

        Koi is a kind of fish. A Koicast is a podcast with someone whose parents have a pond with koi in it.

        Algae is caused by the sun.

        Murse is a purse held by a man. Note that I’m using man in its broadest definition here, picture a 50 year old lesbian aunt.

        Pleather is uhm.. I’m not sure what it is exactly. This is an acceptable material for car seats just try to avoid wearing it.

        “She who must not be named” is the sister of “She who must not be named”. “She who must not be named” and Casey live their for a while. Casey cooked dinner once. It was a pot roast. Casey was pleased that his weekly chores were accomplished.

        Semi-vegan is a meal made by a vegetarian consisting of vegetables and a pot roast.

        %50 success is when you normally sleep in til 1pm, plan to get up at 7am and then get up at 10am.

  23. serinitis said:

    Murses can be help by more than just men (e.g. Casey)

    I thought In n Out burgers were semi vegan

  24. Jerry… welcome to the permanent archive at caseypedia where you will likely shortly have an entry that anyone searching you on the internet will see you linked to this scammy train wreck of inanity (and no, I have absolutely nothing to do with it… I’m just a bemused bystander who passively enjoying watching Casey fail from one harebrained idea to another… its a bit like watching Wile E. Coyote except Wile is a tad more competent).

    • Hey, don’t dis Wile. At least he gets off his butt and does things, and his credit is still good with the Acme Corporation.

    • Anonymous said:

      Why did you put the effort into interviewing Snowflake? Why would Snowflake who has been flying under the radar for several months now stick his head up now? I mean perhaps if he could have kept this laying low up for another 6 months just maybe interest would have faded on him entirely. You are trying to cash in the free press that is Casey, you will egg us on figuring that you at the very least can cash in on site hits, when the popular Casey Hater sites link to your site, your Google rating will go up, thus increasing your blog in searches. Your motivation is clear.

      Now Snowflake on the other hand, how does he fit into all this? Did you pay him some money for the interview perhaps? Is he teaming up with you a possible partnership? I sure hope so! Another willing victim for Snowflake to use up then throw under the bus.

      Jerry, you know what they say about those that lie with dogs. They get fleas and there is no flea bath that will rid you of those Serin flea’s, you see Casey has evolved to a human sized parasite. He drinks money, time, friendship and your reputation. Hope it was worth the hits.

      Good luck with that!

  25. Hire a pro to set up your WordPress blog? Only $150.

    The 1950’s want their book cover back, Jeremiah.

  26. And it’s all good. It’s just failing forward. Google “Jerry Kennedy scam” and result number 4 is:

    However, result number 3 is:

    Partial success?

  27. James can you check my posts for requiring moderation, please. I think I’ve triggered a link threshold.

  28. Casey Serin said:

    Sorry about that Jerry. Call it “Collateral Damage”!

  29. mr boom-boom said:

    anyone else thing the appellation “the blog whisperer” is kind of lame?

    I mean, a horse . . . you can whisper to a horse. that’s the whole idea of a “horse whisperer,” although I think even that concept is pretty stupid.

    but how do you whisper to a blog? which blog would you whisper to?

    does Jerry understand the history and concept behind “the _____ whisperer”? methinks not.

    • Yes, Jerry’s name is beyond lame. I don’t know if it’s quite as lame as “Unstrapped”, but it is damn close.

      Lame nicknames are part of the whole SEO/social media/fuckwad bottom feeding community. I imagine that they sit around in a circle jerk trying to come up with something catchy, in a “Dude, if we have a good name our brand will be instantly valuable!” way.

    • JerryHater said:

      It’s the same as that fellow bottom feeder that Casey hooked up with to write his “book”. Remember “The Foreclosure Code”? The common thing among all the bottom feeders is they have no ideas of their own, so they rip off successful people. “Uh…well that horse movie was kinda popular, I guess it’ll make me famous too! Hyuck!” Fucking scammers and their ripping other’s off. “The Blog Whisperer”, go fuck yourself Jerry, you’re a blatant rip off and lazy scammer. Come up with your own fucking ideas for once, lowlife.

  30. I don’t think it is lame as it is indicative that he is intellectually bereft of unique or original ideas. If I don’t need a Horse, Ghost, or Dog Whisperer, I surely can live without a blog one. When the Simpsons make fun of a concept (as they already have with the whole ‘whisperer’ thing), it has already jumped the shark a long time ago.

    I’m perfectly okay with a name like the “Blog Whisperer.” To me, it lays down his cards as an unimaginative regurgitation source while simulataneouslyinforming me that my money would be better spent elsewhere.

    • Anonymous said:

      so are you okay with something like: “Jerry Kennedy: Blog Fellator” or “Jerry Kennedy: Blog Fucker” or “Jerry Kennedy: Blog Rapist”? That’s (somewhat) innovative and yet still retains the whole notion of a transitive verb performing human acts on a non-human direct object.

    • CI Refugee said:

      When it comes to Jerry Kennedy, there is a lot to regurgitate!

  31. The Blog Seducer said:

    Now…about those Casey Serin pics from Las Vegas (again). The boi has hinted at some new behind the scenes scams pointing at Vegas at the Caribbean.

    What is it? Resorts, time-shares, real estate? WTF is the cursed murser up to these days…only time will tell.

  32. JerryHater said:

    Well, lookee here, yet another bottom feeder of the Internet, involved with and defending Casey “Mumbles” Serin. Surprise, surprise!

    Yes, Jerry, you are a bottom feeder. As in, you suck shit off the floor to survive. You’re just another scumbag con artist “selling” something with zero value, that even YOU admit can be done for free. You eat what everyone else shits out.

    Your folks must be SO proud. Ya prick.

    Now, as to the rest, nice moral relativism, asshole. “I don’t know that he’s guilty of anything”. Yeah, you don’t seem to know a whole lot about anything, do ya? You thought you’d get some easy money leeching off this story, didn’t ya? Well, hate to burst that teeny little balloon of yours, but this story ended a long time ago. The only reason Mumbles did your “show” (how cuuuute! He thinks he’s in entertainment!), is he has nothing better to do. You’re trying to profit off of the echoes of the farting and shit Casey filled up the Internet with years ago. Way to stay current, stupid.

    Well, Camp Idiot has your number. Enjoy what’s coming your way, I hope you have a REAL good sense of humor, you’re going to need it, bottom feeder.


    PS – BTW, dumbass – the reason the Haterz grew so big and stuck around, is Casey Serin’s fucking up everything he touches is the best free entertainment around.

    Now go build me a blog, bitch, and snap to it! And don’t do what you usually do, and rip off other people’s work!

  33. Anonymous said:

    JEEERRR-RRYYY? oh, JEEEEEERRRR-RRRYYYYY! Where the fuck are ya? Come out and play!

  34. Aelfscine said:

    I wonder if the offer still stand for James to go on his show….

  35. How come no one has at least broached the possibility that Jerry and Casey are the same person?

    • Jamba Jim said:

      No, it can’t be the same person. If Jerry were Casey, he’d be telling us how he sent someone else a zillion dollars, not trying to charge someone. Besides, as lame-ass as Jerry’s site is, it’s 1000X more professional than Snowflake’s.

  36. Anonymous said:

    What’s Casey been up to with all these Public Notices in Spanish? I’m seeing them come up in my Google News watch on Casey:

    (using Google Translate):

    • palestine4ever said:

      Good eye, but it has nothing to do with Casey. As has been mentioned several times, his photos on Flickr are used by spammers (and since he dealt with “real estate”, “gold”, “foreclosure” and other spammy keywords, they show up all the time).

      The photo is “by Casey Serin”. The article is not.

    • That’s strange. I wonder what the pic has to do with the article. It’s not as if Casey was an entremanure, or anything.

    • KiwiDingo said:

      I tried to leave a comment but but there is some sort of moderation going on. I’d say the author just choose this photo at random when writing about Hobo Cow-sickly.

  37. Aelfscine said:

    Jerry also didn’t sound like Kermit the Frog, and I don’t think Casey could sound any other way.

  38. Jamba Jim said:

    We want an update, damn it!

  39. Yere overdue for a new article, Jambes!

    (Not that the comments thread on this one wasn’t a hoot.)


    Where are ya Jerry?

    Ha hah hahaha

  40. Jamba Jim said:

    He is whispering in someone’s ear or blog or whatever…

  41. Dude, we want updates!!!

  42. The young padawan has escaped from the dark side of the interwebz. James can’t provide updates if the performing monkey is laying low. Though I suspect our dancing chimp is with his sweet trout down by the river at the new Sacramento Dignity Village.

  43. James, are you OK? 10 weeks without an update.

  44. Rumor has it Snowflake is a “valet” again.

  45. TBH I was really about to blast this site with scapebox. But this is some really funny shit. Added to do not spam list.

  46. Hey – its been a blast !!!!

    Loads O Money here…..

    Casey knows me well.. We are best buddies..!!

    Casey – did you do what I told you to, for the Island. If you had done so – you would be sitting on a so sweet Island right now ! Honest !

    Keep positive Casey,

    your best buddy,

    Loads O Money !!

  47. Wormsign at

  48. At serin dot us. it says “Everything is OK =)”. At Island 2012, it says (there are 7 comments to this, too):

    The Island is pushed back for a few years

    Hi all, I have no idea what this site was used for in the past, but unfortunately whoever owned it before me has let it expire and I bought it. The use it will have now is no longer what it was used for. In fact, I feel funny even writing this because normally the sites I buy have long since been abandoned by anyone that cares about them. However after I put the default install up a day ago, there were already some comments from fans of the site, so I felt it was good to leave this here for you all to see so that you don’t think that I’m the previous owner of the site.
    That said, the purpose of this site is now to help me generate the cash to buy my own island in a few years. How this site will help me do that is probably not going to be readily apparent to most of you, but nonetheless, it will
    Sorry to disappoint any of you that were fans of whatever this site was in the past and thought it was coming back.

  49. I miss himb.


  50. Jamba Jim said:

    James. Dude. We want our snowflake updates!!!

  51. Hey Casey – Loads O Money here ! We all miss you man !

    We lead boring lives and need to see what you are up to.

    What is the name of your next blog page ?

    Its not too late to follow my advice Casey ! What did I say about the Island. I said that you should get a backpack and just go to an Island and speak with an Island agent !

    Its not too late Casey – just a few days left, but am sure you can do it. Think positive Casey ! Remember – anything is possible. An Island can be yours in days Casey – you would get a lot of great press.

    Believe me Casey – you could be rich and famous ! Remember me when you are rich and famous…

    Its possible in America to be rich and famous because you are famous !

    Way to go Casey, way to go.

    Loads O Money

    Hey Casey – you have an email address ? My bro is about to get thrown out of his house and he needs to speak with a foreclosure expert. Somebody that really knows their stuff – somebody that has everything nailed down Casey – somebody that knows all the details about foreclosure prevention Casey.

  52. Any updates on the twink?

  53. Julian-The Trailer Park Boy said:

    I really miss Casey and his murse

  54. Jambes — time for some fresh updates, Dude — you are slippin’!

  55. Loads O Money said:

    Casey – your best buddy again. Loads O Money.

    Where is the Island Casey ? Its 1st January 2012. Happy New Year Casey. I can still see you now Casey, sitting in the circle with your family, on the chair. Nobody believed you Casey, but I did. I was true to you and believed you Casey.

    Can you send over the address of the Island you have. I wanna take a visit to it. Probably will head out there later this month. Is it any where near Freeport. Wanna drop by there and see a bird I met, then I’ll bring her with me to your Island.

    Should I bring toothpaste Casey ? Bog roll ? I definiately dont wanna smell on your island !

    All the best Casey – good luck on your new life on the Island !

    Call me Casey – my bro desperately needs foreclosure help and I said you’re gonna help him. Not sure if there is phone service yet from the Island. Lemme know !

    Loads O Money

  56. I will PayPal $50 to anyone with demonstrable, verifiable proof that Casey Serin is currently incarcerated. I don’t necessarily mean in a federal penitentiary, but that he’s beign held in custody somewhere, possibly in a local county lockup. Please post here and at C.I…

  57. Hey Kid;

    How’s tricks, hobbit?
    You gettin’ your fill of the lifelong-renter’s lifestyle. m’boy?
    Congratulations are due you, (I think), for avoiding being clapped into prison. You are NOT actually incarcerated at this time, are you, kid?
    So…what are your plans for the future?
    Drop us a line, huh, hobbit?
    We don’t really give a shit, but I’m sure we could use the yuks…for old times’ sake.

  58. said:

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