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Good afternoon, dear SEC readers!

Do NOT say I never did anything for you!

Do NOT say I never did anything for you!

You do remember the Paradise Vacations thingie, right? You know, the guys where Casey was supposedly “couch-surfing”.

Well, I’ll be very, very suprised if he was couchsurfing. Because, if he was, he just let some dude’s couch full of his DNA (that is, assuming he can get it up with a lady).

I may feel ashamed about this tomorrow morning.

I may feel ashamed about this tomorrow morning.

And I got this reply.

Then again, maybe not.

Then again, maybe not.


Moving van… Casey in Jamaica… the Peychevs buying 4932 Dewey Drive…. Casey coming back to Sacramento. Yes, it all fits.

Let's all give Olya a nice welcome to this story

Let's all give Olya a nice welcome to this story

Or, as Casey Serin himself would say,


James Marks
His child bride must be illiterate. Or just plain stupid,
April 23rd, 2011 

Comments on: "CONFIRMED: Casey Serin went to Jamaica with his newest Sweet Virginal Line of Credit!" (45)

  1. James,
    I love you. And your blog.
    Never, ever give up.

  2. WeWantTheFunk said:

    My vote is for “just plain stupid.”

  3. koi free semi vegan said:

    Anon is quoting Winston Churchill, who said, “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up.” One of the shortest graduation speaches ever.

    If that fluffy little thing actually married The Looser of the Century, well she can’t be smart or pretty enough to find an employed gentleman, can she? She has to know she is settling; while G never did until that load of bills slapped her in the face while her husband enjoyed all that Australia had to offer. This one is dumber than a box of bleached hair, or she would have joined a track team to run from Casey months ago. Hell, just because he is ten years older doesn’t mean he can provide a wheat grass shot, much less a paycheck.

    What the hell was that woman thinking?

  4. Anonymous said:

    The email only says “lovely lady” {hurl}, not wife.

    Honestly? If these recent developments prove to be true, I may just commit Serincide and give up my haterz badge.

    My law abiding, bill paying self can’t take much more.

    Thankfully, my despair will likely evaporate by morning but jeebus fuck, I can only take so much free “education” on how to be a scammy fucker.

    When Jesus died for our sins and then arose from the dead, I don’t think he ever imagined Sovok shits like the Serins and the Peychevs or he’d have given a forgiveness disclaimer. And Jeebus wept.

    Happy Easter to all the true believers (Sovok trash: you aren’t included).

    • Honestly? If these recent developments prove to be true, I may just commit Serincide and give up my haterz badge.

      Admittedly, I’m awfully close to just giving up also. Counting down until the sale of the house was good-old knuckle-biting fun at times, but there’s going to be a long(permanent?) lull until anything big happens to the Crime Family at this point.

      I’ve thought about forgetting about these thieves for a few years, and then checking up on them in Google circa 2015 or whatever. A part of me expects at least one of them to be behind bars at that point, while the other part thinks that I’ll be disappointed yet again. Meh.

      • Tavington said:

        The developments of these past few days have made me apathetic. I’m so WTF? about this whole thing that I can’t even be bothered to troll the haterz anymore.

  5. caseycukedme said:

    lovely lady indeed. that chick looks like she got hit in the face with a bag of nickels. repeatedly. my how the fliptard has fallen from the lofty perch that was the sweet sweet galina. ah galina…that tight ass, those mysterious eyes, that firm little rack…um excuse me …i need a moment.

  6. Nicely played Sir.

    I told you that you were gonna get pulled back in.

    Kostoya’s little noggin probably exploded when he say this post. He can run, but he can’t hide from the Haterz.

  7. palestine4ever said:

    Well done, Jambes.

  8. cremeofsumyunguy said:

    Well, just when you think he can’t fall any lower gaysey goes and blows your expectations away. What a piece of shit – marrying again so soon just for more juicy credit, the sake of having a beard and possibly (probably?) some kind of dowry.

    And then you have the Serin parents, who give their blessing to this monstrosity. Where were they telling him that an unemployed, mental little manlet who lives with his parents probably shouldn’t have another wife?

    Given how this family of filth operate we have to ask ourselves what else Olya and her family bring to the table. Are they getting paid to get her a green card?

    I feel pretty sorry for her, I really do. How much do you want to bet gaysey hasn’t told her a damn thing about his financial situation, or that he has essentially been breaking the law and thumbing his nose at the police for years now? If Jesus were a woman even she wouldn’t take Casey on with his history – no fucking way. That little psychopath doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself, like we needed any more evidence anyway.

    Great sleuthing BTW. Still don’t understand why they would go to a shithole like paradise villas for their honeymoon though – it’s very random.

  9. Jimmy, it’s this kind of “extra-curricular” sleuthing that I love seeing…

    Imagine if we dug up the e-mail addresses of some of Aleksey/Anna’s co-workers. Especially the non-Russian ones… I’m sure the Serins are held in contempt by most everyone else at the workplace, and would be quite forthcoming if we informed them that they’re working alongside bankrupt deadbeats and/or career con artists.

    • cremeofsumyunguy said:

      Totally agree – it’s time to take the fight to the scum. But this is why we need a very concise, referenced, central list of their actual crimes. There can be no room for error, no possibility of blowback.

    • Careful. What you’re describing looks a lot like the legal definition of harassment, not to mention slander.

      And remember, from another perspective the Serins look like “beleaguered California state employees.” You may find their co-workers are less sympathetic to your views than you imagine.

      Better get your ducks in a row before you try anything like that.

  10. You know, the Vacations in Jamaica guy/gal may be saying what they need to in order to help make a sale. If this place does any kind of business at all, what are the odds that they recognize a guest from a week or two ago by first name?

    • I was going to say that (the part about saying what it takes to make a sale, not the part about recognizing customers) but I figured you guys may just tell me to STFU. In fact, if the business was any serious, they wouldn’t even want to say anything about other customers for reasons of confidentiality. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the information is not true, though. It may or may not be.

  11. Jim, it’s over.. The C-Man has won. Many of us baby-haterz just don’t really care anymore.

    Watching the “Countdown to Liquor Day” / Return to Sunnyvale was fun, but at this point, Casey, Julian, Ricky & Bubbles have the last laugh. They’re going to be staying in their trailer and there is nothing you, or anyone else, can do abooot it.

    Time to move on. Real Estate Bubbles are so last decade anyway.

  12. palestine4ever said:

    Well, for the last three years, it’s been:

    1. Don’t pay attention until August when Casey puts a new site up
    2. Laugh for a few months/weeks
    3. Go back to Serin Ignore Mode when he deletes fucking everything.

    The Serin Crime Family foreclosure probably held more sustained attention than the haterz have given to anything Casey’s every done, only because his projects (sorry, “projects”) never last that long (what, January 2010 to April 2011? Isn’t that about twice as long as even IAFF was going?)

  13. I need new glasses. For a moment there I thought the title of your post was “CONFIRMED: Casey Serin went to Jamaica with his newest Sweet Vaginal Line of Credit!”

    But after reading the post, maybe my first apprehension was correct.

    Casey was running out of options, so he found a bride with a shiny line of credit he can tap. Wheatgrass shots for everybody!

    Sweet passive income!

    • I almost forgot to ask: who’s the tranny getting the massage i the pic at the top of your post?

      Is that the new “Mrs.” Serin? sHe’s got the makeup technique down pretty well, and the hormones are obviously doing their thing, but if she really wants to “pass” she’s going to have to go for some facial restructuring surgery in San Fran. sHe’d better get hopping, before Casey spends the money she’d saved up for her op and ruins her credit; FFS with Dr. Ousterhout ain’t cheap.

  14. Hi James

    The Audio files from this article are 404. Anyway, to get them back?

    I’m so bored I wanted to listen to the marty tapes.

    • I have them on my HD. Can you suggest a reliable hosting place? Otherwise, I’ll just pay whatever amount WordPress wants and upload them here.

  15. Neighborhood Dot said:

    There’s a house for sale in the neighborhood!

  16. I thought the opening bid at the auction was around $189,000? Why would someone buy it and then list it right away for $175,000? Did I miss something? Sounds like Casey is involved…

  17. serinitis said:

    The house was sold at the auction for $118K. It was registered at the county recorders as being purchased for $138K.

  18. serinitis said:

    oops. Meant registered at county recorders as being purchased for $158K

  19. caseycukedme said:

    do know whether twink is back from jamaica yet? and where the hell is nigel?

  20. koi free semi vegan said:

    Nigel is where Nigel lives. Why on earth would he be in Jamaica for spring break?

  21. We got Bin Laden, it took 10 years but we got the bastard. Casey, we will get you, it might take 10 years as well. Like Bin Laden I see you have put yourself in a bunker and cut down on communication.

    • Believe it or not, I kind of liked Bin Laden. Poor him! He was a human being, too. In fact, he was a very intelligent human being. He would have made a great leader of the United States. With all the immorality you have in your country, being under Muslim rule for a while would be in your best interest. Not being allowed to concern yourselves with money, sex, indecent fashions and entertainment and feminism would change your outlook for the better and would be highly beneficial in the long term.

      • Jamba Jim said:

        Yeah, women like you would do real well under sharia law. Sheesh…

      • Taffin said:


        Monica, you’re either a pretty good troll (and one who’s very good at taking the Mick out of everyone here), or you are an utterly, amazingly, breathtakingly silly person.

        I suspect the former. Good for you!

      • Monica said:

        Look, Sharia Law is just the Muslim law, not something bad. Since I don’t sleep around or dress sexy and I’m rather docile (I see the expression “weak woman” as positive), I don’t see why I wouldn’t do well. I would love to wear a burka! I never wanted to be a liberated woman, since that simply means that I have to work like everybody else instead of basically getting some guy to support me for life for spreading my legs, perhaps not even that once I’m all set with a marriage certificate and a couple of kids so he won’t divorce me. Why did I work so hard and get a degree when I could have just settled into a comfortable routine at home? Sometimes, I actually wish I were barefoot and pregnant (I actually regret not having breastfed a baby, ever) or milking cows and spinning wool in some backwards village. As long as they marry me off to someone or otherwise provide for my support, I wouldn’t mind if the Muslims made me stay home instead of having to work. Education is a waste of time but in my case it’s too late, I already have it, so it’s not as if I cared if they didn’t let me get an education either. Damn right they should do that to women! Too many women think they are smart and equal to men because they got some so-called education. Back to the kitchen should they go, and so should I. I love cooking and have plenty of cooking magazines.

      • Jamba Jim said:

        Nice troll – how did you hack monica’s account?

      • Monica’s life under Sharia Law

        It’s Monica’s turn to make the meal for the family. She manages to cook up something special and is very pleased with the result. That evening everyone tucks in, in silence, as usual. Feeling so pleased with herself, Monica asks her husband what he thinks of the meal. He is offended that she has spoken to him without him speaking to her first. A row breaks out during which domestic assault occurs on Monica. Sorry, this is Sharia Law isn’t it. Scrub that last bit – Monica’s husband disciplines her and gives her two black eyes. The next day, while out shopping, Monica’s veil slips and an old man with poor eyesight sees her. Later, he mentions this to an elder who in turn, consults other elders and imams. The following day she is arrested for lewd behaviour and brought before a court. The old guy testifies that he saw her wearing mascara. Monica explains that she just had two black eyes but she’s only a woman so her testimony doesn’t count. She is sentenced to death by stoning.

      • you are a silly troll.

  22. koi free semi vegan said:

    Monica, STFU.

  23. Norwegian said:

    I think you are disgusting. A family in crisis and you make fun of it. You are lower than lowest!

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