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No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Or, at least, back on the Casey Saga.

Or, at least, back on the Casey Saga.


James Marks
I’d do anything for love (but I won’t do that),
April 21st, 2011

Comments on: "No More Mr. Nice Guy." (18)

  1. Sweet. So what do you have? Something new come up?

  2. Neighborhood Dot said:

    Hopefully we’ll both get to retire into obscurity soon. You don’t get to have my baby, though.

  3. Jamba Jim said:

    Woot, he’s back! I am horrified to find out that apparently Casey’s uncle bought the house so the Crime Family can stay there. Hope that ain’t true. Monica, I’m sure will chime in with her happiness to hear it…

    • I read the most recent Camp Idiot pages. It’s funny how the very same idea that you guys considered stupid and/or funny when it came from me (after the April’s Fool joke) may actually be true. It’s funny, too, that the joke itself ended up being partially true, but later.

      • Ralph Kramden said:

        I hate to feed the troll, but I have to know. What in your twisted little pea brain makes you come out on the side of Casey. I understand you not liking some of the behavior of the Haterz™, but to stick up for people who make money, but refuse to pay their bills just escapes me. You have stated here in the past that you have paid down your debts, so why would you root for Casey or his parents, when they make decent money and don’t pay them? Seems like Romania got a really good deal when they shipped your dumb ass away.

      • I’m just rooting for the underdog and hate your cruel economic system. If I paid my debts, I have my reasons, such as being easy to find (I don’t like moving or changing jobs) and older (I would rather have some savings than worry about losing the little I have to creditors). I also have a stable salary (not large, just stable) and no longer having to pay interest on my credit cards allows me to make that money available to me, or to save it, instead of having to pay it. If the Serins can get access to money and material things some other way, I’m happy for them, not blaming them.

  4. cremeofsumyunguy said:

    Sorry to bring you back out of retirement James, but we needed our top man on the job. These Serin fuckers need teaching a lesson – and only Tila Tequila pictures and acerbic wit can do the job.

    All leave has been canceled – we fight until they have been ground into dust before us.

  5. You appear to have been touched by the fecal finger – taking down your blog and leaving the internet forever only to return shortly after. I only hope this infection is temporary.

    • My impulsive answer was going to be “Oh, FFS, shut up”. And then I noticed you are right.

      It’s Good Friday. Do you think a good exorcism may help?

  6. caseycukedme said:

    james will you go into any detail as to why you took the blog down then put it back up?

  7. Glad to see you back. I find the entire situation interesting to follow, but I don’t really have the patience for the other boards. I find your posts to be nice nuggets of information without having to scroll through 10 pages of snark.
    I’m not especially surprised a relative bought the house but I think its a short term win and a long term loss for them. Whenever family bails you out this much, you become their b*tch forever… and family never, ever forgets.

    • caseycukedme said:

      hear hear. james we really appreciate your efforts which help the rest of us to wade thru the morass a little more efficiently

    • Good point about the family commitment the Serins will now have to provide if this is true. I can foresee Steve having to maintain a fleet of shitheap cars for a whole load of “relatives” pretty much at cost and with an infinite guarantee. Wouldn’t want to be in that situation.

  8. Anonymous said:

    I’m glad you’re back James, I’m just sorry that it appears our small bite of satisfaction gave us all a bad case of the Serin shits.

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