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Thank you, Neighborhood Dot, for all your efforts. This is a pic that will live in infamy (or fame? I dunno).

Who cares about the Serin Crime Family? Have some Tequila!

Who cares about the Serin Crime Family? Have some Tequila!

Just kidding. You truly deserve all the praise you get, dude.

So long, Crime Family!

So long, Crime Family!

Honestly – I never thought I’d see this day; I (stupidly) believed Casey would put up far more of a fight (but hey, he’s more of an “ideas” guy, executing them ain’t his forte).



Remember – he was the man who was going to educate the courts on why the lender had to be sued, or some sort of Accepted 4 Value bullshit (which, ladies and gentlemen, DOESN’T WORK: exhibit A, 4932 Dewey Drive).

I see a topless Bimmer on that pic, and a nice SUV. I wonder if those are the cars of the new owners – if so, ND, maybe you should tell them to call a Priest, a Rabbi, a Buddhist Monk, a pest control dude, and to report any cuke they find to their local authorities. Oh, and ask them to destroy the family’s bathtub. Just to be on the safe side.

You know – I’m reminded of the time I had to tell the previous owners of the house I live in that they had to get out. You may think I’m a Grade A asshole, but that was one of the worst days of my life – there isn’t anything funny about watching an entire family leave your home. I still feel sorta bad about the whole deal.

Step one is under control. What's next?

Step one is under control. Whats next?

But the Serin family seems to be a bit different, at least to me. We have lots of clues about their behavior – we know they rack up debt like Rita Serin pops babies (and have no intention on paying it back), they have no respect for public property, consider other people’s money as the basis for all riches, they dislike America and all it stands for,  etc. But, personally, I can’t say I hate them. Many people have said in the past Casey is actually a nice person to be around with, I imagine Tim and Steve are the same.

I guess the Serin Crime Family is, to me, a metaphor for our entire justice system. We know there are thousands of deadbeats who abuse the system as they do – but Casey had the brains (!?!) to expose their dealings on the Internet, thinking of himself as the next Kiyosaki, or Trump (or maybe Frank Abagnale). In doing so, he opened our eyes to the incredibly sociopathical dealings of a segment of our population – the way so many people twist and destroy the basis of our society just to make their perception of reality fit within the confines of acceptable behavior. It was (is) a story full of  hate (yes, hate) towards America, contempt for every institution that makes our country so great, and, quite thankfully, the main characters completely misunderestimated

Casey Serin 2012! You could do worse, and you always have!

Casey Serin 2012! You could do worse, and you always have!

the strength of our institutions, and the flawed, but useful  basis of our legal system (myself sorta included, sometimes I also thought those guys would get away with it).

I hadn't seen so much wishful thinking ever since Casey wanted to be Houston in "The Houston 500"

I hadnt seen so much wishful thinking ever since Casey wanted to star in "The Worlds Biggest Gang-Bang 3: The Houston 500"

This is a GOOD day for us. It’s definite proof that the system works, and that’s a terrific thing for law-abiding people.

We thought Daddy Serin would file next!

We thought Daddy Serin would file next!

I’ll forever wonder if those mails people sent to  Aceituno and the gang helped the cause. The world will never know; regardless, aren’t you glad you paid your mortgage on time?

James Marks
We won, Casey. #DEAL,
April 17th, 2011 

Comments on: "Never was so much owed by so many to so few." (43)

  1. Number23 said:

    The M3 ‘vert is at least 15 years old, I wouldn’t feel too jealous.

  2. Hating the Serins?

    I think it’s justified. They were graciously allowed into this country, and then they pissed and shit over everything that it stands for. Literally, in Casey’s case.

    And the very least they deserve scorn.

  3. Unless we know for a fact that the BMW was paid for by the someone in the Serin family proper I’m not getting worked up either. If it was though, it just goes to show that they value bling over value, and I have even less sympathy for them. 15 Bimmers are expensive to maintain as well.

    Tim bought a new(ish) FJ cruiser as well. I bet his ass is as broke as the rest of them.

  4. Tim’s as dumb as the rest of them. He has some chipped paint on his FJ, so he trades it in(for the same type of vehicle!) and ‘looses’ 5K on the deal:

    Unfortunatly, I didnt get any help from the dealer. They blamed it on rocks. Rocks? on the inside of the door? In the back? I was furious. No support from Toyota at all. I was extremly dissapointed because I love the truck. I ended up trading it in at night right before they closed. I lost about $5,000 all together, got a same truck same color. So far so good, we will see.

    EDIT: Fixed your tags – JM

    • Aelfscine said:

      Wow. That’s bloody retarded. If I wasn’t so busy with my manical laughter re: the Serins, I’d be staggered at such raw stupidity.

    • Anonymous said:

      Is that from Facebook? Dang.

  5. Excuse me, I was sent here by searching for pictures of Tia Tequila and other large-breasted women, and all you seem to do is discuss this Casey Serin fellow.

    What’s up with that?

    I’m complaining to Google!

    • I actually had a couple of requests for more Ms. Tequila. Hope you are happy – I know I am 🙂

      • Just kidding!

        Sacramento Empire Chronicles – your one-stop shop for Tia Tequila pictures, plus some trivial discussions that only truly obsessive nerds ever pay attention to!

  6. All aboard the Fail Train!

    Next stop: Federal Prison!


  7. W-2 Looser™ said:

    When is our resident EuroTard gonna chime in on this?

  8. This was an epic win for all… Serins out on their asses, mittens!

    • It’s not a win. It’s really sad. I feel bad for the Serins. I hoped they would succeed and wanted them to. Poor Casey!

      • Jamba Jim said:

        What in his/their past ever led you to think they could succeed at anything other than scamming the system for a time?

  9. Anonymous said:

    It looks like somebody forgot to close their italics tags. 🙂

  10. Australia’s got it right. Shame it isn’t a possibility for the Serins:

  11. Neighborhood Dot said:

    The SUV is the next door neighbor’s. Couldn’t frame the pic without it. Collateral damage I guess.

    The BMW and the silver car are Serin. They’ve been at the house for a while.

    For now it looks like they’re still moving out. More updates as warranted.

    • Neighborhood Dot said:

      And, dambit Jambes, I’m starting to develop a real thing for Ms. Tequila. I’ll be in my bunk…

    • You rule, N.D…

      And I bet that neighbor (4936 Dewey) is happy today. They were literally surrounded by deadbeats. 4940 Dewey was foreclosed upon a few months back, and now 4932 Dewey is finished.

      Due to much tighter lending restrictions, I’m sure 4936’s new neighbors will be far more upstanding citizens than the Serins.

      • The Serins were upstanding citizens. The Serin parents provided five children to your country, one of them a Marine. That’s something!

      • Anonymous said:

        If I’m not mistaken, 4936 turned over on the courthouse steps earlier this year, so I’m pretty sure the neighbor’s are aware. 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your updates – I need to buy you a beer (or six!)

    • Anonymous said:

      Any idea if Steve’s friend (can’t remember his name) is still living at Casa Foreclosure? The BMW might be his…

      This was the guy who shares the same birthdate as Casey (remember the island cake?) and thought he was going to jail? Chris Triplett maybe?

  12. glendonmcc said:

    No more italics?

  13. Is there a DOS attack going against Camp Idiot? It had been running slowly, and now it’s been knocked off altogether.

    Did Casey find a script somewhere?

    • Yeah, I can’t get on either… something about a MySQL error.

      Somehow I doubt Casey has the skills or resources to conduct a DOS attack on CI. Though it would oddly satisfy me to learn that he’s lashing out.

      • Anonymous said:

        Maybe the DB disk is too full. Lots of activity going on in Caseyland, the server might have been over loaded.

      • Yeah, I don’t think he has the skills either, but he took down IAFF2 just last night, right after the hatercast.

        He may have decided that the only way he can pull scams, with haters tracking all his legal filings, is to take down CI.

    • Nick from Canada said:

      No it’s a mysql database connection error. Maybe the mysql daemon or service needs to be restarted. I would need additional information to give you a better idea of what’s going on.

      • Anonymous said:

        Reg shitfight and DDOS attacks probably brought it down and Heekee probably left it down ’til they calmed down. I was just looking in the foto dump and regs were trying to upload PI there. Don’t look, the images have been changed to goatse. 😀

        Heeks usually changes PI pics to kittens and unicorns not goatse so either he or Pluggy are a) having fun or b) pissed off.

  14. Camp Idiot is gone forever! said:

    I just heard from a colleague of Heekee’s that CI has been shut down for good.

    RIP Casey thread 2010-2011.

    I guess we’ll just have to go back to CHC.

  15. CampIdiot is back. All is good in the world.

  16. […] help me grow up, and,  most importantly, I truly, honestly believed this story was over. After all, our great friend Neighborhood dot had confirmed the fact that moving trucks had been seen… To keep rambling on and on about Casey seemed like a moot point. I had conveniently forgotten a […]

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