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Hello, dear SEC readers! Hope you are ready for a great week-end. I’m sure you’ll agree – it’s nice to know nobody’s coming in the middle of the night to steal legally remove your belongings from your house. But then again, that’s the nice thing about paying our mortgages, isn’t it?

Of course, there’s always the alternate route: stop paying all of your debts,  get as many credit cards as you can and bring them to their limit, declare BK, transfer your properties, serially declare BK, and hope your retarded son will save your home. Could work.

Then again, maybe not.

Then again, maybe not.

Still. Not much to be said yet about 4932 Dewey Dr.; we’ll have to patiently wait until we can find out about who’s the new owner. Many people (including me) suspect there’s still more than meets the eye


about Casey and Steve’s attitude about the whole deal. But then, we get Neighborhood Dot’s pic, and everything starts making sense again:
Either you are showing off your chick car, or...

Either you are showing off your chick car, or...


What kind of BK’d family can afford a $25K, 2-seater sports roadster? WTF?

A couple of things about that pic (and once again, thank you, ND!)

1) That’s a recent model Miata – say, a 2009 or newer. Probably a 2010, since the foglights look the same.

2010 Mazda Miata

2010 Mazda Miata

2) It’s not the most expensive model, but still, it’s a $25,000 car, at least. It has the 17″ wheels, but it’s a soft-top.
3) Why would anyone park that way? I can think of three reasons. 1) you have lots of time in your hands and want your car to look ultra-cool in front of your driveway. 2) you are trying to avoid having anyone park in your driveway; or 3) you don’t want anyone trying to steal your stuff by strategically placing a moving truck in front of your garage and loading it from there.


I think the Serins are afraid of things that may go “bump” in the night. Or maybe a big ass van that will throw out all of their stuff.



Don’t worry, Steve. You’ll eventually have to move that car.

James Marks
Hey, Funky! Steve Serin has the same car  you own!
April 15th, 2011


Comments on: "Steve! That’s quite a strange way to park your car (or “Nice chick car, how many dudes per gallon do you get?”)" (8)

  1. FIRST!

  2. WeWantTheFunk said:

    CHICK CAR!? Sir, you wound me.

    • Funky, if I could own any car I ever wanted – a Ferrari F40, a Bugatti Veyron, a Porsche 959, any car – I’d pick a first gen Mazda Miata.

      No, I’m not trolling. I’m in love with your car. Sadly, getting one is out of the question at this moment (and for at least a couple more years).

      So, there.

  3. 2) you are trying to avoid having anyone park in your driveway

    Funny… it’s not exactly “their” driveway anymore. 🙂

  4. How do you know that it’s their car or that it was parked there for a long time? Maybe somebody visited them when the picture was taken. If the car is theirs, couldn’t they have bought it used, rented it or borrowed it? And is eviction really like that? I thought people have some time to move and may even get some money to do so without thrashing the place, and that any forced eviction or delivery of legal papers must take place between certain hours. Is throwing out or taking away stuff at night even legal, especially if the soon-to-be-evicted people are in the house? Isn’t the van or truck coming at night, or at all, only when the people don’t leave there any more or if they agree?

  5. Anonymous said:

    I’m sure, like every flashy car Steve drives, it’s a salvage.

    Secondly, Steve will never hang onto that car as long as Funky has held on to his. 🙂

    I checked erosi, MLS, and the local courts today, still nuttin’.

  6. Anonymous said:

    I forgot…I also checked Genesis Auto and the salvage blog to see if I could find this miata but no dice. 😦

  7. […] jokes about being homeless, and Casey utters yet another catchphrase: NO PROBLEMZ, MON! Exhibit b): Steve Serin parks his car across the driveway. Exhibit c): Moving vans and topless Bimmers at Casa del Crime Clan. B) and C) may imply that Mr. […]

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