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Good afternoon, SEC readers. I have good news for you.

"It's as long as a regulation yardstick!"

"It's as long as a regulation yardstick!"

OK, let me explain – if you need me to.

Remember what happened last time Casey got really, really overwhelmed?

June 11th, 2007   7:44 pm

Australia and Idiot Haterz

Yes, I’m here in Australia. The rumors are true. But a lot of people are slanting the story to make it seem worse than it is. These people are spreading crap about me to ruin anything left of my name and ruining the reputation of everybody who is associated with me…

For now… why in the WORLD am I in Australia?

I have been thinking of getting away and doing some massive action in business for a while. I wanted to focus on getting the foreclosure book done and get a lot of other stuff done in a distraction-free environment… I may want to take a little break and get away, focus and work on my book and stuff like that. That was exactly what I wanted.

Exactly. Last time he was really under pressure, he left his wife to deal with

and escaped to Australia.

And now that Aleksey and Anna Serin’s house is going to be sold on April 12th, and Anna can’t file (neither can Casey), WWCD?

Well, there’s just one thing we can be sure of. Casey ain’t gonna be around to care, mon!

Casey and his boyfriend

You do remember the “Bromance” thing, don’t you? It’s funny, because.. come to think of it. This blog has literally dozens of stories where I discuss at length (ahem) Casey’s sexuality – and he seems hell-bent on proving he’s gay. And, right now, he’s cavorting with a good looking south-african-american (is that PC enough, or what!) on a remote beach in Jamaikiztan. I bet mommy and daddy are so proud (that is, if they have finished shitting their pants from what’s coming to them this April 12). I mean, Liberace was called gay for far less than that (not really, but you get the idea).

This is what he wrote on FaceBoog, and all the info we have (besides his pic):


# Casey Serin ‎“Your full-immersion tour/stay package is good deal. Thank you.” [Couch Surfing in Jamaica Day 1 with my new friend/host/guide] 
# Bruce Collins Wow, you’re in Jamaica!
 3 hours ago · 2 people




             # August Feldner Most excellent.
             # Paradise Vacation When are you coming?

            # Mike Smullin awesome casey. keep the pictures coming


So, what’s Casey doing over there? Is he planning to help rebuild Haiti? Will he be the next Jim Jones? Is he going for the all-natural Father of All Master Cleanses? Nah, it’s far simpler than that – he’s doing the “couch surfing thing”, with some unknown guy; although some people believe he’s with the Paradise Vacation dude, I’m not so sure. Check out his question to Casey – it’s obvious he isn’t with him. Still.

His name is Alex Reid, just in case.

His name is Alex Reid, just in case.

Alex Reid is the guy behind Paradise Vacations. What does he offer?


*** US$70 per night, 2 bedrooms***

*** US$40 per night, 1 bedroom***

Special discount for bookings more than 10 days!

2 bedroom house (air-conditioned), in the quiet community of Rhyne park Village, Rose Hall – Montego Bay. Live like a jamaican with Jamaican neighbours, learn to cook and eat Jamaican food, listen to the music and dance Jamaican too. 25 minutes from downtown Montego Bay, 20 minutes from the Sangsters International Airport (mbj) and beaches all over to choose from.

Comfortable living area with all the amenites of a modern house.

· Unlimited broadband internet access

· Broadband Cable TV

· Hot and cold shower and bath

· Comfortable and spacious living area

· Fully equipped kitchen

· Beautiful landscape

We await your arrival, our representative and transport will await you at the Sangsters International Airport (MBJ – airport code), Montego Bay.

We will assist you with planning your vacation at no extra cost, get help with info on the best tours, restaurants, clubs, events, sightseeing, hotels, package deals, flight info and more

Seems a bit pricy for Kostya. Hey, who knows. Maybe he’s planning to move with his entire Crime Clan to Jamaica!

Know what’s even funnier? Casey was supposed to get married this month. Which sorta makes sense – this guy had to save his parents home from foreclosure, get married and, well, you know, have sex with a real woman. If you were a gay faggot, you’d be scared too (about the sex thing, obviously). No wonder he ran away – as far away as he could… or… maybe he really was gay, and his family gave him the finger (no, not that – he may have shoved it up his ass).

Or, perhaps there’s something else. You know, at this point, CashCall has gone full apeshit over Casey, and his BK dismissal doesn’t seem to be a warm and cozy thing. Is Casey finally an official fugitive? Did he finally panic?


Here’s something else a good Samaritan from CI posted – if you aren’t sure by now about what Casey is trying to do, this will make everything clear. Check it out.

Under the radar

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Going under the radar is “Grown Up Business ManCasey Serin‘s way of describing an unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

In a comment since deleted from IAFF, Serin noted:

If I don’t catch [my payments] up sooner or later the debt will get sold to collectors and/or they will try to collect in court. At that point I may have to seek bankruptcy protection or go under the radar somehow.[1]

Serin would later reportedly do just that, leaving the United States for Australia, as a potential fugitive.

So, let’s check out the references for that article. His was post #34:

@Jim: seeking legal advice… actually I do have a pro bono attorney that gives me some advice from time to time. I also have another local RE attorney guy that used to help me but he is kind of flaky/busy lately. But really, in this case there is nothing I can really do to stop foreclosure, legal advice or not.

Maybe I SHOULD look into Pre-paid legal. I’ve heard about it many times. I wonder how quality it is. But watch this, say I signup for it then all the haters will give me flack over joining an MLM. (I probably shouldn’t care too much about what the haters think, they are going to hate no matter what I do).

@Jimmy C / Bob C: paying back every penny… yes I did say I want to repay all that debt without BK or short sale. However that was a few months ago. Going through this experience has definitely made me more aware of the reality of my situation.

I can wish for idealistic things like repaying all my debt and stuff like that but in reality it’s going to be a very hard thing to accomplish unless I find a way to refinance it.

And getting 5 more night jobs and working 24hr/day is not the answer. No job is going to pay me enough to float my thousands dollars of minimum payments and tens of thousands to catchup all the past due balances. Look at my balance sheet a few posts back and YOU tell me how I can float those payments.

If I don’t catch them up sooner or later the debt will get sold to collectors and/or they will try to collect in court. At that point I may have to seek bankruptcy protection or go under the radar somehow. There is a small chance I can work out some kind of a forbearance agreement and get my payments lowered.

I have like 23 accounts between my w*** and I. That’s alot of forbearance agreements to negotiate. And usually the forbearance/repayment plans have a higher payment per month because they want you to pay minimum plus a small portion of the past due balance until I get caught up.

Unless I can talk every one of those account into giving me a super low interest rate I’m not going to be able to float several thousand dollars of payment every month PLUS a forbearance payment.

No, I’m not lying about my desire to repay all the money. However, desires/wishes and reality are not always the same thing I’m finding out.

I can’t keep living fantasy world, I must learn to be more realistic so that’s why I am changing some of my attitudes that you may have seen earlier on this blog.


This is how he cleaned it up.

  • For those who want to attend the foreclosure sale, I got an email from somebody with precise directions because apparently the address on the letter is misleading:

    Hey Casey – couldn’t figure this out online, because it’s a new building and it’s not indexed yet, so I did it the old fashioned way. I called them and asked.

    It’s actually in Rio Rancho at the new courthouse. Can’t figure out while their web page says Bernalillo.

    It’s actually in a very safe area in Rio Rancho. I guess it must be a technical thing were the boundaries change and causes an unusual address.


    Directions From Southern and Rio Rancho Blvd. where the Smith’s Grocery store is. Go NB on Hwy 528. A few miles, Turn left on Idalia. It is on the west side and it is across from the Rivers Edge Housing Development.

    It appears to be a very short distance from your house there. Just a few minutes past it.

    Here is the best link I could find:…..8;zipcode=

    Below is the link to the district court that I called and asked. I called the “Sandoval County Judicial Complex” and they gave me those directions.

    Hope this helps and that it’s all correct. I did my best. Idalia is in a safe area and I’ll be glad to go as long as it’s not snowing or raining hard.

    Rio Rancho Friend

    Thanks you Rio Rancho Friend.

  • Since I’ll be in the area and I have the week off, I figure I’ll head into town and make a video of it tomorrow. I’ve never been to a RE auction before!

  • Quote: “I can’t keep living fantasy world, I must learn to be more realistic so that’s why I am changing some of my attitudes that you may have seen earlier on this blog.”

    In that case, you need to get a job, maybe even 2 or 3. Get your a** working.

  • What do you mean by:

    “I may have to go under the radar”

    Does that mean you will try to weasel your way out of your creditors garnishing your paycheck or what is rightfully yours?

    Thanks Casey I have just sent your “under the radar” comment to Jan Scully the Sacramento DA as further evidence of your intent to defraud the public.





    He did exactly what he talked about 4 years ago. His debt was sold,  and he has gone under the radar. At least he’s consistent.

    Oh, I almost forgot – why would this be a good thing for us? Easy. Casey in Jamaica  – what can go wrong? Just think about it – Malaria, Diphteria, Chagas, Cholera, AIDS  the shits – you name it, it’s gonna be awesome!

    James Marks

    Maybe he’s a sex slave by now,
    April 7th, 2011


    Comments on: "You know, I think Jim Jones would have been proud of Casey (or “WWTF”)" (10)

    1. serinitis said:

      Casey must have found out that one of the secrets that they don’t want you to know is A4V works in Jamaica. He probably also found out they don’t check you for drugs when you fly back from Jamaica.

    2. Roger Smith said:

      Does this count as Island2012? In the world of Casey where we make a grandiose plans with a deadline then sit on our @ss doing nothing meaningful to achieve the plan outside of “networking” (eating out and chat about plan) then downsize the plan so that when the deadline passes we can call it 75% achieved.

      Casey Post Jan 1, 2012:
      So I’m claiming partial victory. While it’s true I don’t own an island or resort or have a passive income to support myself. I am living on an actual island and live in an apartment called “Jamaica Resorts” with 5 other guys in a one bedroom apartment. I mean that was the overall goal to live on an island resort community and I did that. Let’s call this one 95% victory.

    3. koi free semi vegan said:

      Unbelievable. He says the words and then runs for the tall timber every time.
      And he thinks anyone in this universe will employ him for more than 60 days? Or marry him for more than long enough to see he is a total narcissistic fool? G went over the top trying to get some sense out of this fool.

      I have $5 that says he was wanting money from his new shiney to pay his way to a vacation (scouting expedition), and she is home waiting to see if he ever bothers to come back and he doesn’t care about her except for her money and caring to supply his endless need for cash and caring. What a tool.

    4. koi free semi vegan said:

      Oh, I also need to say. Casey has a bit of a spare tire pulling up his Island 2012 shirt. For someone so intent on keeping his body perfect, he sure has let it go to seed. Probably because he is so well fed being kept by others, but just a thought. I bet he doesn’t take out the trash there either.

    5. koi free semi vegan said:

      Someone email this photo to the bankruptcy trustee. Please.

    6. WeWantTheFunk said:

      MASSIVE FOCUSED ACTION AHOY! Too bad he didn’t bring along a Power Team or two.

      • WeWantTheFunk said:

        As noted by my esteemed colleague Nigel (a native of Kingston), Jamaica is very much a third-world country. Outside the resorts, it’s a dumpy and dangerous place. Your statistical chances of getting murdered there are better than anywhere in the world.

        We can only hope.

    7. koi free semi vegan said:

      Well, sure, Jamaica is third-world. Most of the world is. So Casey should not expect he can live quite like a Jamaican. He needs to keep his skinny white butt off the streets outside the resort areas late at night lest he be mistaken for a stupid wayward tourist who can be rolled for cash.

    8. Panama City Banker said:

      Casey will know the exquisite ecstasy of “being ridden by the Loa.” Look it up. It’s a Carriban experience par excellance that few young twinks from the far frosty north are ever privilaged to savor. When Siberian ice meets chocoloate Carribian heat, all bets are off, baby.

    9. Jamaica isn’t the place to be thought a “batty boy”. Plenty of incidents of homophobic assaults; and being a third world sort of place, if you are outside of the affluent tourist areas, don’t expect the local cops to rush to your aid.

      One other thing: If Casey hasn’t bought a return ticket, he’s only going to get back to the US by bringing a “package” back for a “friend”. Of course, the DEA will take no interest in a single guy with no income, who supports the legalisation of marijuana, who has a $15k judgement against him, whose family is about to become homeless, returning from a short trip to Jamaica.

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