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It may work once. Perhaps twice. But not forever.

It may work once. Perhaps twice. But not forever.

Good morning, dear Sacramento Empire Chronicle Readers!

As I’ve said before, you know the drill:


2. t09-54538-ca


Third time's a charm, Casey.

Third time's a charm, Casey.


It seems* all that was needed was the dismissal of Casey Serin’s phony BK petition in order to restart the process. And hey! Opening bid is $2K higher. Those gypsies just can’t seem  to catch a break, don’t they?

America.. FUCK YEAH!

America.. FUCK YEAH!

(* I have no clue as to what I’m talking about, so don’t quote me on that).

So, April 12 is our new target date. And once again, Team Serin is faced with plenty of questions:

  • Will Aleksey Serin have the balls to file for BK?
  • Will Anna Serin be enough of a criminal to refile?
  • Will Casey Serin be stupid enough to refile, or file a Chapter 13?
  • Will the house be transferred to a new member of the Serin Crime Family?

Stay tuned. Unlike Two and a Half Men, there seems to be plenty of new drama on the Serin Crime Clan Show!

James Marks
Casey, we need a CrimeCast,
March 19th, 2011


Comments on: "“To live in fear… is not to live at all” (or “America…. FUCK YEAH!”)" (23)

  1. And hey! Opening bid is $2K higher.

    It’s not “opening bid”, it’s “estimated debt” that’s $2,000 higher.

    Citi just tacked on another month’s missed mortgage payment, I suppose.

    Those folks in Kostya’s Krime Klan who think they’re living “rent-free” are going to get quite a shock when they’re placed on the hook for every single missed mortgage payment. That’s if they’re lucky. If they’re not lucky, they may be left on the hook for the entire unpaid balance, minus whatever the house gets sold for.

    • cremeofsumyunguy said:

      Man we can only hope – that entire family of scum need locking up. If Casey is ever pulled up on charges I fail to see how momma and poppa won’t be too, as they are obviously complicit in BK fraud along with murseboi.

      Can you imagine Rita’s fazeboog post when her filth family is carted off? I wonder what kind of faux religious bullshit poem she would pull from her arse!

  2. W-2 Looser™ said:

    James Marks, Fuck Yeah..

    Great post. Time for the court system to put Casey “Muammar” Serin in his place.

  3. koi free semi vegan said:

    How about if everbody in the neighborhood who paid their mortgage and taxes and did not get lots of vacations, and day trips to kayak on the river, and Mardi Gras costume parties showed up?

    Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  4. Jamba Jim said:

    Hopefully, third time is a charm 🙂

  5. The system does ‘eventually’ work.

    Naturally, with the backlog of foreclosed properties and the robo-signing scam by the banks, its not surprising that things are taking so long to process here. Especially with fliptard’s predilection towards trying to still game the system. What with the transfer of ownership and all.

    In any sense, it is only a matter of time before they lose the house. That is inevitable. And with a bankruptcy (likely) along with a foreclosure, their credit will be shattered. So no more property purchases in the near future.

    What amazes me in this whole fiasco is that many of the Haterz (myself included) honestly that that Casey was a one-off. That his behavior was just the product of his limited brain capacity coupled with some poor upbringing. I have to admit, I was somewhat stunned to discover that the entire family is essentially cut from the same cloth. Guess the apple truly didn’t fall that far from the tree.

    I need to make a suggestion to our State Department: forget about protecting our borders in the south. We need more policies in place to prevent more Uzbecki natives from crossing the Atlantic to find their way here. Judging by what I have seen, they are WAAAAY more dangerous.

    • CI Refugee said:

      Uzbeckis AND Russians. Add in Armenians since they were part of the Soviet empire as well.

      They all have a sense of entitlement like nobody I’ve ever come across. Rip all the Mezzican immigrants you want, the majority work fucking hard even though we wish they’d stop coming here illegally. Russians come here (many illegal as well, btw) and they think we owe them something. Fuck them.

  6. Jamba Jim said:

    ” Casey, we need a CrimeCast,”

    Isn’t that a “cukecast”?

  7. I expect Papa Serin will file for BK to stave off this latest attempt to hold an auction. Then it will be time for Mama Serin to file again.

    • CI Refugee said:

      I hope mama serin refiles next. Let’s test out the auto stay removal theory that the system claims happens to repeat filers.

  8. “Uzbeckis AND Russians. Add in Armenians since they were part of the Soviet empire as well.

    They all have a sense of entitlement like nobody I’ve ever come across.”

    I hate to sound like a racist ass, but I have to agree with this statement. Because I have seen it first hand myself.

    An interesting side-bar: my parents actually spent many years in Poland during the Soviet Empire days. I actually asked them about why I was seeing evidence of individuals from ex Soviet Block countries seeming to always want to play the system here and always get something for nothing. The answer I got was rather interesting and I just wanted to share it:

    1) Entitlement – This is actually a no brainer. They existed in a system that provided you with everything. So naturally, that leads to apathy and a poor work ethic.
    2) Gaming the System – This one actually made sense once my parents explained it. The problem is two-fold. First, in order to get anything done in a Communist system, you have to work the back channels. It’s just part of the deal. But secondly and more importantly, many people growing up in a Communist country were always taught from day one that Capitalism is all just corruption and back door dealing. So they assume that its ok to fudge an application or lie about income because they assume everyone is doing it. So the concept of rule of law is something that is less prevalent in their way of thinking when it comes to white collar type crimes.

  9. Jamba Jim said:

    Reminds me of the old line where a old gent in Moscow years ago was being interviewed and he was asked “what is communism”? and replied “where they pretend to pay me and i pretend to work…” As far as gaming things, it was always funny to me that the only way the communist system ever worked was by having a “gray market” that was technically illegal, but that the authorities deliberately turned a blind eye to, since that was what kept manufacturing and such going as well as it did…

  10. “As far as gaming things, it was always funny to me that the only way the communist system ever worked was by having a “gray market” that was technically illegal, but that the authorities deliberately turned a blind eye to, since that was what kept manufacturing and such going as well as it did…”

    Yup. Ironic isn’t it?

    Of course, the coup de gras was when the soviet empire began to crumble and all the old communist bosses and party leaders basically privatized formally socialist agencies, especially the oil and gas industries, while simultaneously making themselves CEOs and chairmen of the board. That’s a nice, easy way to become an instant billionaire. 🙂

  11. Even in those countries, there were ambitious people, at least within the system’s limits. For instance, whatever you may think of university degrees from those countries, they existed, and there were people who were working hard to get them, and families of people into the habit of getting them. In Romania, it was hard to get into university because of the limited number of spaces and the difficult admission exams. The way things were before the Revolution, I probably wouldn’t even have been able to pass the admission exams (after, maybe, in fact, there are private universities there now). I was pleased that, except for a few easy things such as some English tests for ESL students and some French test, university admission in Canada was not even based on testing (I did have two years of cégep, which is a kind of college in the province of Quebec, Canada, and I had good grades in cégep). So why didn’t the Serins, too, get degrees? It doesn’t even take great intelligence, I got one easily at Concordia University in Montreal despite nearly failing my high school leaving (“baccalaureate”) exams in Romania. Yes, they have such exams back there, they don’t just hand you a diploma for passing all the courses. I had trouble with math and physics but did better in Romanian literature and language.

  12. Jamba Jim said:

    Monica, I think you were missing the point. The issue wasn’t a slam at the educational system of the SU (if anything, it was pretty good, IMO.) The point was that despite the anti-capitalistic foundation of Marxism, the only way the SU stayed as functional as it was for so long was by turning a deliberate blind-eye to certain capitalistic aspects of their economy.

  13. And my point is that the system was not producing only people who would feel entitled or who would want to game the system (except, of course, to the extent that everybody had to adapt). It was also producing the kind of people who would want to get degrees and honest jobs. My brother is an engineer and I would have been utterly embarrassed if I didn’t have a degree just to remain, if barely, a member of the educated class I was born into, because no degree equals failure. I am, in fact, a little embarrassed for not being smart enough to get into a more technical profession (I only have a BA). Why didn’t the Serins, too, have this kind of family culture?

  14. caseycukedme said:

    nigel? galina? robdawg? anyone? please do something interesting…this waiting for foreclosure crap is boring me to tears

    • cremeofsumyunguy said:

      Be grateful that imperial executive relief hasn’t found his way here yet to clog the place up with his 30 IQ bullshit.

      • Anonymous said:

        I want Timeline Guy back. Maybe he doesn’t have enough for a whole post yet.
        Or the guy from Retired Face Pots, so many memories, so many blogs. Remember Millionaire by Christmas? Every year now today will be a special day in which we remember everything Casey has done. Remember when he and Galina had to move into Yulia’s and the lazy prick paid some people to help him? Good things are coming! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      • Anonymous said:

        PS: I’m not anonymous I’m KiwiDingo!

  15. KiwiDingo said:

    PS: I’m not anonymous I’m KiwiDingo

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