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Hello, all you beautiful people.

Is anyone surprised?

Is anyone surprised?

So, now we know. Casey didn’t attend any meeting. His BK is dismissed.

Why was the auction cancelled, then?

James Marks
Still wondering,
March 18th, 2011


Comments on: "America’s pleased; Aceituno’s pissed; Casey’s BK was dimissed!" (7)

  1. The cancellation is undoubtedly temporary, just like the prior cancellation two months ago. I can only hope this one is related to some sort of referral to a prosecutor for fraud charges, but I won’t hold my breath.

    On a related note, anyone wanting to inform Mr. Aceituno about our favorite criminal can reach him at his personal e-mail:


  3. Anonymous said:

    Maybe the creditors meeting was scheduled too close to the foreclosure auction? The auction was cancelled on 3/14, maybe they jumped the gun again. Without looking it up, wasn’t the auction cancelled or postponed once back in December around the same time Mama’s bk was denied (give or take a day or two).

    • CI Refugee said:

      Yes, and maybe they didn’t want to foreclose with the possibility KC could show up to the meeting and get a few more weeks of haggling with the creditors and trustee.

  4. […] seems* all that was needed was the dismissal of Casey Serin’s phony BK petition in order to restart the process. And hey! Opening bid is $2K higher. Those gypsies just […]

  5. CI is reporting the auction is back on for April 12

  6. CI Refugee said:

    The auction was canceled by the bank. Banks will do this due to the uncertainty of a BK dismissal. They immediately changed to a new date so this backs up my theory.

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