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Hello, all you beautiful people. James Marks here,  living in my new home – now rat and shit free. I hope. Because I hate rats.

Maybe that’s the reason why I write this blog.

Don't dare compare me to Casey Serin! I work for a living!

Don't dare compare me to Casey Serin! I work for a living!

But hey, enough about me. I know you want the juicy meat.
Scarier, for me, would be waking up everyday and wondering if my house will finally be auctioned this week! (© The Dry Bones Blog)

Scary, as I see it, would be waking up everyday and wondering if my house will be auctioned this week! (© The Dry Bones Blog)


In all seriousness, this post is for you, Casey. You have a meeting today with Mr. Thomas Aceituno.

Debtor Did Not Appear.
The continued Sec. 341(a) Meeting to be held on 3/14/2011 at 02:30 PM at Meeting Room 7-B.
Aceituno, Thomas
Entered: 02/02/2011

Which is interesting, because – you’ve got yourself into a Catch-22 situation, dear Boy-toi. Wonder why? I just prepared a flowchart. Hope you enjoy it.

Not my proudest MS Paint moment, but what the hell. It works.

Not my proudest MS Paint moment, but what the hell. It works.

I dunno. Honestly, I’m not sure you’ll lose your home this next Thursday.  I tend to think it’s almost a safe bet you aren’t going to Aceituno’s meeting today.

I’m pretty sure you’ll cuke yourself in the family’s bathtub, though.

James Marks
“Come what may”,
March 14th, 2011


Comments on: "A week to remember (or “The Final Cuntdown”)" (6)

  1. Call me crazy, but I think this calls for a balls-to-the-wall, batshit-crazy, thirteenth hour Hail Mary. Every step of the way, Casey has upped his game when he needed to most, and every time he’s lived to fight another day. But with strawmen played out, I can’t imagine where’s left to go… maybe something to do with those folks that say all power-players in history have been Masonic Reptiles from outer space? I can’t imagine how to spin it, but that’s why I’m a W-2 loser.

    • WeWantTheFunk said:

      W-2 “looser.” Not “loser.” Get it right.

    • batshit-crazy, thirteenth hour Hail Mary

      Openly committing fraud on a federal court, not to mention dragging your own parents into your criminal vortex, would already qualify as bat-shit insane.

      And please don’t characterize Casey as “upping his game”. He really doesn’t know what he’s doing. He has no coherent long-term plan. All of his frauds and crimes dating back to IAFF have been predicated on law enforcement or courts simply not caring enough to do anything. He makes zero effort to hide his crimes. All it’s going to take is a small spark — maybe the trustee finally sanctioning him, maybe a contempt charge, who knows — and his life is going to go up in flames faster than he knows.

  2. Jamba Jim said:

    Cuke me, baby!!!

  3. The Big Blue Ball said:

    I checked PACER this morning. Nothing new posted on his bankruptcy, the last doc was the Feb 4th one that dismissed the case. As he didn’t file anything challenging the dismissal motion, I think that was the actual dismissal date. I don’t expect to see anything else on the page, but will keep checking.

  4. caseycukedme said:

    i am going thru some serious casey withdrawal. i feel like a real looser checking in everyday here and at caseypedia and at exurbannation…new nuggets at this site are few and far between, and i dont think the other 2 have been updated in months. when will the boi do something of note? are there any haterz or supporterz who can get close enough to learn anything? i’d even settle for a galina report…cant someone in the sacramento region schedule a sweet massage with that little russian vixen and give us a little of the juicy meat?

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