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Hello, all you beautiful people. James Marks here, trying to play catch up with our favorite thief, boi-toi and sovereign extraodinaire, Casey K. Serin.

Today I’m going to talk about Casey’s sex life, so please, take some penicillin shots just in case. I don’t want any of you catching gonorrhea or any other VD’s from the pics you are about to see. Kidding. We already know far too much about Casey’s orifices (ie – “It’s not a fart!”) for comfort. Think

long and hard

long and hard

about it – we, by now, know more about Casey’s sex life than we probably do about our best friends. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it?   So let’s not go there, at least for a while.

OK, so it’s not really “breaking news”. This all happened a couple of weeks ago, though, but it’s still sorta “breaking”. I’m pretty sure Casey’s cuke collection is broken hearted over this, after all. And no, I shit you not.  Although said cukes may think otherwise (dammit, I just talked about Casey’s sex life!).

I had to post the pic again, otherwise nobody would ever believe me. Casey getting married - to  a female?!?

I had to post the pic again, otherwise nobody would ever believe me. Casey getting married - to a female?!?

So, what’s the scoop on this? Not much – she’s a girl (at least that’s what we think, we haven’t been close enough to her to check out for a penis, or at least a huge clit), she may be close to 19 years old, she met Casey at least 6 months ago (probably during August – September), and a) she’s incredibly dull-witted or b) she has never heard of Google.

Come to think about it. An unemployed man, with no income, no property, no education, no job prospects, probably no home, who has defrauded the City of Sacramento along with his family… is thinking about getting married. What’s wrong with this picture?

Oh, yeah. Speaking of it, that’s a real pic – complete with garbage on the floor and a mirror used by photographers. It wouldn’t just be a Serin proposal without the filth all around, wouldn’t it? Come to think of it, there’s just so much

Epic Fail

Epic Fail

on that photo is hard to know where to start. But I’ll try.

Consider the source (Casey’s sister, Marge, who seems to also own an iPhone, BTW). It could be argued succesfully that it’s a fake – not that it’s ‘chopped or anything, but that it was staged. We all know by now Casey loves to do this,  but it seems to me a bit of a terrible joke to stage a proposal pic, especially when you are going out with the female in said photo. Or maybe he’s gay and she’s her best friend. Or maybe it’s a shemale. I dunno. Either way, it seems like a terrible thing to do.

Then again, consider the following:



This pic was taken around the same date the “proposal” one was. Notice anything unusual? No? Let me give you a hint.

Hips don't lie, baby!

Hips don't lie, baby!

Oh man, I need to get a referral, STAT. Shit, did I just type that out loud? Dammit.

Need some more help?

On with the show!

On with the show!

Oh, what the heck.

Still wearing teh Ring of Fail, I see.
Still wearing teh Ring of Fail, I see.

Can you imagine someone proposing to a boi / chick / shemale while still wearing the ring from his last marriage? I mean, what the HELL? That’s one of the main reasons why I wonder if this is all a troll, or if that girl really knows what she’s getting into. Because, for every pic of Casey with his ring still on, there’s this:

Saturday morning. Went to bed a little past . . . future holds but it seems bright. She is such a miracle. No matter what happens, I love you. Our minds are connected. We are one. Peace.
Casey K. Serin
Nevermind the atrocious grammar (then again, if you read this blog, you may be used to it by now) – probably he was so high he didn’t know whether he was talking to her, or about her. Anyway, it seems he’s attracted to her sweet line of virginal credit virginal looks. And let’s face it, she’s probably 19, because you need to be pretty young, dumb and stupid to marry Casey Serin.
Still, it makes me wonder…. from other pics we’ve seen, it’s obvious Casey gets pretty well with Steve, X-Tina and Rita. There are some others with Tim, the Marine (since he apparently lives somewhere else this is understandable). But still… what kind of a screwed-up family supports and even celebrates someone like Casey Serin and his antics?

Consider the fact that, regardless of Mom & Pop’s horrendous use of money, Casey has brought his share of debt, too. Probably around $600,000 – and $40K  (at least) were co-signed by mom and dad. Say good-bye to any retirement plans you had, Aleksey & Anna. Plus, and in case nobody has noticed yet, his name will live in infamy for years to come, courtesy of Google. A loving family may have kicked his ass to Uranus by now, or at least would have tried to stop his actions. But the truly bizarre thing is – not even do they support their offspring in Facebook, but they also  publish everything they do on Facebook and Twitter. That does NOT make any sense whatsoever.

Perhaps in their own little world, Anna and Aleksey are proud about being “featured” on the “tabloids”, and consider their retarded son a “celebrity” because of all of these articles, and no, I’m not joking about it. I can’t find no other explanation for their behavior.

So, anyway, we still don’t know whether Casey really intends to marry this poor girl. Previously (as noted on the quoted paragraph), Casey has hinted that he’d rather have the relationship develop without his input (remember the “Wherever life may take us” thing?). In my humble opinion, this means he thought that chick wanted to hear that he was marrying her and he said the word. It’s not the first time he has said a thing like that, anyway. He’d like to fancy himself a Chameleon, but I think he’s more Boy George, anyway.

Besides, you know, supporting a wife on $500 a month is hard work™

James Marks
$500 a day? Where did that number come from?
January 31st, 2011

Comments on: "BREAKING NEWS: Casey picks a real life woman over a cuke. (or so she thinks!)" (15)

  1. cremeofsumyunguy said:

    Keep up the good work!

    I also agree that the proposal shot was not staged – however retarded Casey’s new beard must be NOBODY would stand for a fake proposal. Of course if she’s unlucky enough to go through with it we will surely hear about how Casey is “having regrets” on his wedding night, mainly because she doesn’t have a penis. In a few months, when the credit is all spent, she will be forced into leaving him. He won’t have the guts to actually kick her to the kerb, he will do his usual passive aggressive routine and force her to end it, so that he can keep telling himself that it was her fault.

    Of course the fucking law can stop this any time they want by arresting the piece of shit.

    • If he’s marrying this person for access to credit, he’s going to be disappointed. How much total credit could a 20-year-old Russian (no doubt unemployed) have these days? It worked with Galina because banks were handing out 4-figure and 5-figure credit lines like candy in 2004. But in 2011? Not anymore.

      I think this is either a con to convince his parents that he’s straight, or a plan to get more “relatives” (the girl’s parents, etc) that Casey can mooch and steal from. Either way, it’s a scheme. Everything is a scheme with this criminal.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Thank you so much for posting the picture of Galina’s ass. That was my favorite picture of her from the blog, and I have been looking for it for years.

    • Forget seeing a mere picture, if you’re local to Sacramento, you can literally fondle her ass these days for $80. That’ll buy you an hour. Throw in an extra $100 or so and you can probably f*ck her ass too.

      Don’t forget to tip well! 🙂

  3. caseycukedme said:

    i tried to make an appointment with galina using a lady’s name and she asked me via em if i wanted a ‘happy ending’ …i think her time with cukeboi made her go lez

    • If she was with casey, she was already lez, no?

      • caseycukedme said:

        good point…i forgot about the lady gym teacher meme. that being said, i always think bout galina in a lipstick-lesbian sorta way …and by always i mean all the time yo

      • dee-duh-dee said:

        These days, “Casey” is probably more of a female name anyway. Forget the bygone days of men like “Casey Stengel” or “Casey Kasem”.

        These days, the main Casey in the news is Charlie Sheen’s female porn pal “Kacey Jordan”… heh.

        His effeminate, androgynous name fits him perfectly.

      • dee-duh-dee said:

        Oh yeah, don’t forget SNL alum Casey Wilson, and incarcerated baby-murderer Casey Anthony. 😀

        Should’ve kept his male Russian name Konstantin, possibly shortened to just “Con”. Another apt name for Gaysey.

  4. Wow. This poor girl. Has anyone attempted to reach out to her and explain what Google is and why it would be helpful to her here?

    • dee-duh-dee said:

      No one really knows how to reach her or who she even is, other than a first name (“Olya”).

      Remember during IAFF, when Fraud-Boi desperately wanted to conceal his wife’s name to “protect” her? He’s doing the exact same thing now with his new victim/mark. God forbid she should be informed that she’s getting involved with a career con-man. I’m sure he’s laid on the “itsallgood” crap thick with this new girl. “I’m an entreprenuer, I’ll be rich any day, derp!”. That’s why she appears to be almost 10 years younger than Casey — no one his own age is dumb enough to buy his shtick anymore.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure no one his own age is dumb enough. It took me a while before I stopped thinking so highly of Casey, and I’m older. Believe it or not, some people still don’t use the Internet. Maybe that woman doesn’t and is just not aware of Casey’s problems. Also, Casey does have an asset he can offer a woman: citizenship. I can see some non-citizen (not necessarily an illegal immigrant, she could be a student, for example) wanting to marry Casey to gain permanent resident status and eventually, citizenship. The marriage could be a marriage of convenience and possibly involve some payment to Casey, or it could very well be a real marriage, whether initially based on sincere feelings or arranged. Or maybe some pregnant woman who’s against abortion (from a religious family, for example) could trick Casey into marriage (the baby does not have to be his) or somehow convince him to help her “fix her mistake” through marriage. Her looks alone don’t prove anything: pregnancy does not show immediately.

      • Anonymous said:

        two thumbs up Monica. Awesome comment.

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