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OK, break’s over.

You know the hardest thing about making a comeback?


Yeah, me neither, but what about Britney Spears?

Yeah, me neither, but what about Britney Spears?

Well, at least you have to agree – this time, I didn’t use Tila Tequila. That has to be a good thing. I suppose.

Hello, all you beautiful people. I’m glad to be back. Sort of. You see, I’ve been trying to write this entry for a couple of days now, but each and every time I sit down and try to start typing, something suddenly comes up


No, not that, you pervs!

No, not that, you pervs!

and I simply can’t continue doing a thing. For a while, I wondered if there was something wrong with me – after all, now that ADHD is all the rage, maybe I can blame it for my lack of focus, interest, and stuff. But to be honest, I’ve been pretty productive lately at work and home. No, it’s not that.


It's this, motherfucking dammit.

It's this, motherfucking dammit.

I finally figured out what’s bugging me. I’ve been doing things the wrong way. If you check out my blog, you’ll see several instances (I just posted the first two or three or four or five I found).

Where I positively state Casey is surely going to jail, or PMITA Fed Prison. And I’m absolutely, incredibly sure this time around. And it will happen. Soon. Very soon.


Right. And I'm doing Lassie!

Right. And I'm doing Lassie!

No. It ain’t happening, not now, not today, not ever. For all his stupidity, Casey was pretty much right about something. There’s a gray area that justice doesn’t seem to care about, and Casey and his family live and thrive in it.

Nothing will happen. He’ll still smoke pot 24/7, cleanse his ass, owe the banks $500,000, cuke himself inside the family bathtub and live with his parents until he is 100 years old. Anna Serin will wear her Victoria Secrets thongs, Daddy Aleksey Serin will look like the inbred retard he is, Margarita Serin will pop kids like a freakin’ rabbit, Steve Serin will post unfunny jokes, X-Tina will edited out because she’s still underage, and Tim will stay away  from it all. Nothing will change because crime has paid off for those assholes.

If you don’t know, or haven’t figured it out by now Retard-o and the Crime Family will keep 4932 Dewey Drive. The auction has been cancelled. It’s over.

I know, I know. Many of you will say “yeah, but he really fucked it up this time, they’ll get him!” Yeah? How many times have we said that before? Really. It doesn’t matter anymore. Thinking that the Serin Crime Family will ever be thrown out of 4932 Dewey Drive at this point is like believing in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or that you’ll someday get a piece of this:


Oh, shit. Couldn't resist.

Oh, shit. Couldn't resist.

So, I’m refocusing this blog. This post was the hardest, I suppose, since I the thing is, I was wondering – why the fuck am I wasting my time when nobody (and, by “nobody”, I mean the Honorable Judge Thomas Holman and the rest of the useless Sacramento Court employees) gives a flying fuck? Casey has taught us that justice in America is non-existant if you know what you are doing. You can go out, not pay your mortgage, drug yourself to death, top every freakin’ credit card you have and stuff, and nothing will ever happen. Go ahead, do it. After following this story for years, I’m absolutely positive it’s safe to do such a thing. Not that I endorse it, I’m telling like it is.

Well, my point is, I’m not doing this blog because I expect something – anything to change. I’m writing it because I enjoy such a thing. I want to remind myself that I can never, ever become such a parasite to society, that justice is blind, dumb, deaf and stupid, and that maybe someone, someday will find the information in here useful.

Oh, and I also enjoy the fact that some of you like this blog. Thank you so much for leaving feedback. It makes it all worthwile.

So, I’ll start working on the real “juicy stuff” tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, I don’t feel much better now.

James Marks
“… And then, something happened. I let go. Lost in oblivion. Dark and silent and complete. I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom.”
January 26th, 2011

Comments on: "OK, break’s over." (23)

  1. Retard-o and the Crime Family will keep 4932 Dewey Drive.

    No they won’t. Casey’s latest bankruptcy filing is just the latest, possibly most desperate attempt to stall the inevitable. Guaranteed the original plan was to have Daddy file, but he must have staunchly refused. I agree that, most likely, nothing will happen on the criminal charges front, despite Casey’s BK consisting of one perjury after another. And in this one Casey claims he owns the property, which is straight-up bankruptcy fraud.

    Look, we still don’t know why exactly the auction was cancelled, but you can bet it wasn’t because Citibank said, “Aww f*ck it, they can have the house”. No way in hell is the bank going to roll over and eat a $350,000+ loss.

    • CI Refugee said:

      This could be the wheels I spoke about. Don’t fuck with the BK system. People with lots of assets may fool the trustees but over time the courts find out and slap those idiots with BK fraud.

      BK could be KC’s Capone moment. The dumbest thing he may have done to date is file.

  2. BTW, keep in mind that this situation is in no way unique to the Serin Crime Family.

    Search around and you’ll find plenty of stories — mostly in California, the Deadbeat State — about people who stopped paying their mortgage and ended up living in their house for over 2 years before they were forced to leave. And these are presumably cases where an entire family *didn’t* declare bankruptcy and wreck their entire financial futures. There are entire forums devoted to maximizing your time as a deadbeat in the bank’s house. The entire state is a disgrace.

  3. CI Refugee said:

    James, remember: If we do it, boom, down comes the hammer. That is the problem with our system of justice. KC played in a world where many people were doing exactly what he was because the banks tolerated the risk. Nowadays, the banks are so risk averse that I could not imagine a punk like KC gaming the housing market like he did ever again. The biggest problem is that even if I did stop paying my bills and play the KC lender ignore game, I’d still feel like shit because it is a form of theft. Don’t get me wrong, I have out of work friends that stop paying some bills because they don’t have a choice but at least they try and work with their lenders. KC knew he’d just walk away as he always does which makes him a scumbag.

    I wish the system would make examples out of punk assholes like KC, but alas it will never happen. Maybe he pushes the envelope too far in the future and his luck finally runs out (I bet Al Capone thought he would never go to jail for any of his evil crimes, it took the IRS to find that he committed tax fraud for him to finally see justice served). I think it is obvious that his arrogance will be the thing that brings him down. One day soon he will fuck up and the wheels of justice will finally roll over him and bust his skinny ass.

  4. Aelfscine said:

    However fucked up this all is, I really don’t think he can stall forever. He’s played his entire hand now – there’s no one left to declare BK apart from Dadday, and even if he does, that still only buys them another couple months. There’s no options left, at this point. I imagine that the sheer incompetence of the legal system will buy them some more time, but not the rest of their lives. For this to work, it has to work, FOREVER, and I just don’t see it happening.

  5. Disgusted, disillusioned and disheartened said:

    Thanks for the post James. I feel the same, disgusted at a system that allows criminals to defraud our systems of millions of dollars without penalty but I wouldn’t want to live like them.

    If nothing else, I suppose we should be grateful to Casey for opening our eyes to the rampant fraud and incompetence that exists in the world around us. 😦

  6. This is by no means over.

    The reason the auction was cancelled is due to all the hoopla last year regarding banks robosigning foreclosure documents like they were toilet paper. So the government put a moratorium on foreclosure auctions while the mess was sorted out.

    I am sorry, but even with the backlog of foreclosures, they will NOT be keeping this house. Citibank isn’t going to simply start giving houses away. Better to have some asset than no asset. It would collapse their entire portfolio and likely trigger another financial crisis.

    Like others aluded to, its just going to take time. California has such a backlog of distressed property right now, that its not even funny. Especially in Sacramento, where the bubble had severe ramifications.

    So be patient everyone. While I think james is right and there will likely be no criminal proceedings, the house will eventually be taken away. They may get away with living rent free for a year or so. But this isn’t going to go away.

    And who knows what mamma and pappa serin’s job condition is either. Jerry Brown is pushing ahead with MASSIVE cuts to state spending right now. They may be out of work and have to pimp their daughters to make ends meet.

    • And who knows what mamma and pappa serin’s job condition is either.

      Daddy already took a 10% pay cut last year.

      Source — — search for Serin.

      He currently pulls in $1,200/yr *less* than he did in 2007. That hurts. So he makes a little over $50K per year now (pre-tax). If you subscribe to the notion that state workers are grossly overcompensated, that would put his real worth to the state govt at somewhere around minimum wage, which sounds about right.

  7. Somehow I doubt the Serin’s battle to steal that house is over yet. I long ago gave up on the law ever dispensing any justice to the little shithead, but I don’t see the banks as just giving up on this one. They might have canceled the sale so they could get their ducks in a row, or maybe to wait until there is less public anger about mass foreclosures. Maybe they realized they have more foreclosed houses than they know what to do with, so there’s little point in foreclosing on this one right now. Maybe Ma and Pa Serin took a chunk of the money they’ve saved up and made a token payment to buy more time. Maybe they got a loan modification. Who knows?

    • Koi-Free Semi-Vegan said:

      I’m pretty sure Ma and Pa can’t get a mortgage loan modification without title to the property.

  8. Koi-Free Semi-Vegan said:

    Transferring Dewey Drive to KC threw a wrench in the proceedings as KC will need to be included in the foreclosure/eviction party now that he is claiming a right to the property. If that happens, he’ll simply transfer the property to some other family member, and so on and so on, with BK filings by the current “owner” every time the ball gets rolling again. And until he is incarcerated, he will claim 100% success and sell tickets to scaminars.

    • Anonymous said:

      It’s more likely that the BK court can strip Casey’s name from the property title as it would be considered a fraudulent transfer designed to hide asset. BK runs slow but grinds hard. Transferring Dewey Dr more than likely created an extra motion to strip Casey from the title and BK courts are used to seeing and doing it.

  9. Small Animal said:

    James, please climb out from underneath the bus… there are too many good victims already.

    Be patient, dont write so much and watch from the sidelines as this unfolds as it should.

  10. koi free semi vegan said:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Those people are turds who were sold a house for the first time in their lives and pumped it dry to live large. They are still living large because they haven’t paid for that house in years.

    I don’t care what happens to them. If you buy a home, you agree to pay for it for years and years. It is a large promise, and most people keep it, but these jerkoffs think that they need not pay their mortgage even being fully employed by the state because they have better ideas of how to enjoy themselves.

    FUCK THEM. They should lose those easy state jobs because they don’t give a shit about the rest of the state and just want to game any system they see. Those kind of people should not be in government jobs, ever.

    • Amen. It’s Cali though, so the odds of the state firing both heads of an immigrant fambly are close to zero.

      These poor innocent immigrintz were taken advantage of by the horrible lending industry!

  11. A Haterz Original said:

    I want to distinguish between two types of haterz:

    1. Those who became INSTANT HATERZ when they first heard about IAFF. There was no sympathy for Snowflake from these, as soon as they read the brief synopsis for the rationale of IAFF, they fucking hated him.

    2. People who went to IAFF as sympathizers and even supporterz. Some of these were realtor types who were also part of the housing problem and they wanted to give Casey advice. Others were forgiving religious types who were hoping to console what they perceived as a down-on-his-luck RE investor.

    Being a #1 “haterz original” I’d like to say a BIG FUCK YOU to those who were never haterz right from the beginning and only started to hate Casey when he started to flake out. NIGEL: I’m speaking about you you fucking piece of shit.

  12. Mike in Sac said:

    As someone who played by the rules, I should be furious with the Serins, especially Casey, but strangely I’m not. It would be great to see him going to jail or having to repay every single “dirty” penny, but with the rest of the state being so f’ed, he may slip through the cracks. I’ve been a hater since this story began, and maybe it’s because I’m burned out that just don’t care anymore, but I can’t muster up the energy to fret about the future of this pack of losers.

    So let’s say, hypothetically, everyone in the Serin family gets to declare bankruptcy and start “anew.” What’s the next play? Any kind of credit is out for the next seven or so years. They have a place to stay, but what’s their life going to be like for the next decade? Barring some other sort of con (which would take some brass balls and would likely draw some real heat), they’re going to lead a boring, lower-middle class life. Would any of you want to trade places with Casey (or his fam)? Someone with no skills, no education, no money, no firm grasp on reality, no relationships other than losers like him. I don’t see him doing anything for the next decade aside from bouncing from get-rich-quick scheme to MLM scheme, never doing or earning anything of value.

    Those who play loose with the rules (like Casey) may win once in a while, but most of the time, those who play by the rules win. I’m Casey’s age, and I go to sleep every night in a house in good neighborhood that I can easily afford. I don’t have to worry about late bills. If I want a new car or a vacation, I can pay for it without a second thought. I have a family, close friends, and a good life. And no worry. Oh yeah, and a future.

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