Dedicated to all things X-Tina.


I just have a sh*tload (er, “shitload”) of work. Trust me not, I’ll be back shortly.

All work and no play makes Marks a dull boy,
January 19th, 2011


Comments on: "I’M NOT DEAD" (8)

  1. Hope you make it back. I enjoy your commentary on our favorite looser.

  2. WeWantTheFunk said:

    Indeed. Glad you’re still around.
    I owe you a CD, by the way. Is the address I have for you still current?

  3. Stop being a W2 looser and put all your chips into the site. Build the readership, start getting some sweet passive income. I don’t know this site’s statistics, but gauging from the number of comments, I imagine you could be pulling in literally dozens of cents a week. And from there: ΒΆΒΆ + .gspg = $$$$$$$!

  4. All fraud and no work makes Casey a narcissistic psychopath.

  5. It’s sociopath, not psychopath. Just sayin…

  6. Casey Serin said:

    CI is now regged-only.

    I win!

    • I win!

      Yeah, have fun in court next week. And get used to it too — I guarantee you’ll be back in a courtroom many, many times throughout your pitiful life.

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