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Hello there. James Marks here.

I’m usually too lazy to type too many blog posts consecutively. That’s probably the reason why this blog doesn’t rate higher on the Casey-o-sphere. That, or my crappy writing, cheap production values, tendency to do cut & paste jobs, gratuitious nudity, and my dry, boring, witless and  humorless style. Come to think of it, this blog could be a Fox TV special.

This post ain’t going to change any of your perceptions on the matter, either (hey, at least I’m honest).

Go, James, GO!

Go, James, GO!

I honestly believe there are many extremely bright and insightful people at, although you’d never guess just by sorting through all the racist and nasty stuff. It’s perhaps one of the only things Phil Kaplan (formerly “pud”, “pup”, pub”, “poop”, “poomp”, etc.) ever did right in his hairy life – he managed to get together some very brilliant people for the common purpose of laughing their asses off at incompetent companies.  Now those same people are mocking an incompetent retarded faggot. Same thing, basically. Except that Galina is waaay hotter than any of the “FC Chicks” pud used to pimp on his front page. Ah, good times.

Here’s a post by an anonymous user which pretty much sums up Casey. I’m including it here in its entirety without any sort of permission whatsoever. If you are the original author, drop me a line in case you want to forever be associated with the Fecal Finger of Fate.

A large part of his problem is that he has no real curiosity about life;

his entire motivation is his mere ego which isn’t worth much more than a fart.

 Look carefully at his face in all his photos, especially the unguarded expressions where he’s not putting forward a brave front. He’s a deeply depressed individual,

like his mother obviously is.

Hey, look! I pwned you, Sacramento taxpayers!

Hey, look! I pwned you, Sacramento taxpayers!

 The world has no real magic for him no inherent beauty beyond the stale unimaginative consumer shit toys that he’s being indoctrinated to yearn for.

"Hello, stupid american people. Look, we are broke, yet we have shitloads of gifts - from Amazon! Which means, we bought them on credit! Since we haven't paid our bills since March, 2009, that means we won't pay for this crap, either! BK BABY!!! WOOOT!"

"Hello, stupid american people. Look, we are broke, yet we have shitloads of gifts - from Amazon! Which means, we bought them on credit! Since we haven't paid our bills since March, 2009, that means we won't pay for this crap, either! BK BABY!!! WOOOT!"

 He lives in a very narrow dark inner world of the soul…great men construct huge splendid palaces in their psyche and intellect to live in regardless of what the real world offers them. Casey lives in a grey dreary little hovel of the mind…

Casey Serin, anorexic gay dooshfaggit

Casey Serin, anorexic gay dooshfaggit

Middle and old age will not be kind to our twinkster..

Holy shit, that's my lesbian single aunt!
Holy shit, that’s my lesbian single aunt!

 Thanks, anonymous dot. That was sheer bloody poetry.

James Marks
Meth is one hell of a drug, Casey,
November 19th, 2010 



Comments on: "Twinkster’s Future (or “Man on the Moon”)" (3)

  1. Duane LeGate said:


    Right on!

  2. I actually like your style. You seem to be a very intelligent individual and I would have loved to be a friend of yours in real life. Don’t worry: you are safely away from me, as I’m in Canada, and I don’t have time to stalk my Internet acquaintances. You even showed respect for me. It’s not you who called me “sh** for brains”, an expression that actually hurt my feelings even though I am often mocked, criticized and called names for my opinions and supposed stupidity. Keep up the good work! Your blog is terrific, although sometimes updated rather rarely or not getting many answers.

    However, I don’t think Casey generally looks depressed in pictures. The first one was taken after his Master Cleanse, so that figures. The one with the yellow pants looks sexy. He’s muscular and his face looks beautiful (too bad he’s too young for me, that’s the kind of picture that would make me want to marry him). Also, he may not age that badly. You can’t know, and he is somewhat fit, likes to exercise, etc. His father looks retarded but not that old, so he may look somewhat similar.

  3. Yeah, anonymous dot nailed it. I’ve been trying to put similar sentiment into words for a while, ever since it struck me back during the IAFF days that Casey’s life was just so unendingly joyless.

    We’ve never heard a word of genuine appreciation for any of life’s little pleasures from Casey. Even after following his story pretty much from day one, I can’t tell you what he actually likes. Sure, there’s things he feels entitled to, even a few things he tells us he feels “so appreciative” for, like his ex-wife (a woman that would inspire any other man to never put a foot wrong), but his actions tell their own story.

    I think of all the little things that I do when I’m feeling down – people I talk to, places I go to, music or movies I put on, etcetera. Casey has nothing like that. He hasn’t even been raised with the courage or self-discipline that suicide would require, which is too bad because his life is never, ever going to get any better.

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