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Trolls. We love ’em. They made the Internet what it is today: a place full of porn, obscenities, dancing babies and know it alls. But I digress.

I know stuff about Alfred E. Neuman. Do you?

I know stuff about Alfred E. Neuman. Do you?


I once thought I admired Alfred E. Neuman. You know, Mad Magazine’s mascot, the resident idiot-boy who simply didn’t know better. Stupidity has a sort of charm, I assume(d).  Did you know Alfred’s lovable mug is an archetype that goes back for at least 100 years, and took certain features from Irish immigrants? And that William Gaines had to fight a long, hard battle to prove his icon was within the public domain? I never thought I was meant to learn about his real life counterpart, the man who could prove the archetype is valid and true. Never did I thought I’d hate a man who is as close to Alfred as it could be. Casey proved me wrong.

See how the Internet is full of stupid know it alls?

Nevermind, here's some Tila Tequila. Apparently, it's the #1 search term for my blog. And, yet again, I shit you not.

Nevermind, here's some Tila Tequila. Apparently, it's the #1 search term for my blog. And, yet again, I shit you not. And you'll need some of this after you see the next pic on my blog, anyway.

OK. On with the show. Trolls – you love ’em, or hate ’em. So – what happens when Casey Serin decides to troll its haterz core audience? And why does he do it?

Timing is everything, huh Casey?

Timing is everything, huh Casey?

Isn’t it lovely how Murseboi launched these comments just as Anna Serin was either lying under oath or f’ing up her family’s future at the Creditor’s Meeting? Makes you think Casey was aiming for some hardcore damage control, doesn’t it?


Casey Serin's DRP

Casey Serin's DRP

Let’s see.

1) He met “Holly”, and she’s more amazing than “the fictitious one”. Is this the first time Con Boi has admitted he was played for a fool?


Because getting naked for a guy on the Internetz is a hetero thing.

Because getting naked for a guy on the Internetz is a hetero thing.

2) First rent deposit since Salmon Falls. WTF?

March 8, 2002: Casey Serin purchases Salmon Falls property in Sacramento, California and takes up residence in it

March 13, 2003: Casey Serin sells Salmon Falls property

So, he’s renting his own place. OR, he’s receiving some rent. Remember, he now owns 2 properties – perhaps he’s renting 4932 Dewey Drive to mom and dad? This would get them an extra 60 days in case the bank decides to take away their house from them. Hmm.

3) Esquire by 2015@33. This one is obvious. Ever since meeting Edward Maggio, “Esq.”, he has found a new shiny powerword: Esquire – aka, “Lawyer”. He thinks he’ll become one by 2015. Just like he was going to be a Millionaire by Christmas,  an island owner by 2012, a book author by 2009,  a landlord by 2008, and a complete gay faggot failure by 2010… oh, wait.

The rest of the stuff… I don’t know if I want to discuss stuff about Casey sleeping alone, saving himself for someone special, since I just got a new ergonomic keyboard and I don’t want to puke all over it. And I don’t want to subject you to the thought of Casey, all alone in bed, saying “no” to a cucumber, because he really wants to stay pure for Bubba at jail.

Do you?

One last thing. Check out the last entry. He says he’ll “make himself available” by “eastern noon” for some Skype. That’s cute. How many people does Casey know who live on the East Coast? Could it be a certain Esquire who believes in the redemptionist movement? The one who had Casey Serin do the initial rap-like intro video for The one who later denied any involvement with Serin?


See? Even I fell for Casey’s troll.

James Marks
Denial is not a river in Sacramento,
October 29th, 2010


Comments on: "Casey Serin fiddles (with his privates) while 4932 Dewey Drive burns (or “Num, me vexo?”)" (9)

  1. his tweets remind me of a guy walking down the street talking loudly on a fake cell phone.

  2. Over half of those tweets have now been deleted.

    Mommy, Daddy, Ed Maggio, and Casey’s boyfriend probably collectively told the boi for the 82,784th time to shut the fuck up already.

  3. Koi-Free Semi-Vegan said:

    Any news from the creditor’s meeting?

  4. lawyer? I have a better chance of becoming an astronaut by flapping my arms fast enough to fly myself to the moon.

  5. Interesting thought about that other house Casey “owns” or “controls”. I think it would make a good meths lab. Nice-ish location, quiet, lots of room. Give the “landlord” a fake check and he’ll give you the keys. If he ever comes back you can send him running by threatening to mess up his hair, and, of course, the “landlord” won’t be in a rush to involve courts or LE because they might ask questions of him.

  6. Anything poppin’ over at Camp Idiot? I’m at my W2 Looser job and can’t risk looking at the Back in the Game thread.

  7. […] Casey Serin fiddles (with his privates) while 4932 Dewey Drive burns (or “Num, me vexo?”… […]

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