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Hello, all ye faithful. I don’t know what you are faithful to, anyway, since I’m slowly loosing™ confidence in our institutions. But hey, isn’t it a nice thing to know that I’m still here for you?

Aw, just shut up and keep reading.

Aw, just shut up and keep reading.


November 22nd is (supposedly, yet again) the new foreclosure date for the Serins. But before that, in just about 2 days, something big is also going to happen: a Meeting of Creditors, on the Sacramento, Ca. Courthouse.

"Under Oath", bitch. Capische?
“Under Oath”, bitch. Capiche?


Meeting of Creditors PDF.

What is a Meeting of Creditors?

The Meeting of Creditors is a hearing that is held 20 to 40 days after the bankruptcy petition is filed. The debtor must attend this meeting, at which creditors may appear and ask questions regarding the debtor’s financial affairs and property. If a husband and wife have filed a joint petition, they both must attend the creditors meeting. The trustee also will attend this meeting. It is important for the debtor to cooperate with the trustee and to provide any financial records or documents that the trustee requests.

The trustee is required to examine the debtor orally at the meeting of creditors to ensure that the debtor is aware of the potential consequences of seeking a discharge in bankruptcy, including the effect on credit history, the ability to file a petition under a different chapter, the effect of receiving a discharge, and the effect of reaffirming a debt.

If Casey's mom isn't shitting bricks already, she should be.

If Casey's mom isn't shitting bricks already, she should be.



Here are some of the common questions a trustee might ask at a Meeting of Creditors:

  1. State your Name and Address for the Record
  2. Did read your bankruptcy papers before you signed them?
  3. Did you read and sign the meeting questionnaire?
  4. Did you understand the questionnaire?
  5. Did you list all your assets?
  6. Did you list all you debts?
  7. Did you list all your income?
  8. Is there any reason to make any changes to your schedules?
  9. Have you transferred any property or money to any family members in the last year?

  10. Are there any creditors present?


Never, ever, blame a Serin for making a wise decision.

Never, ever, blame a Serin for making a wise decision.

 If Anna answers truthfully, creditors are truly going to find out something is wrong. If she does it the Serin way, she’s going to be lying under oath.

What the fuck did you do to us, you pot smoking Judas?

What the fuck did you do to us, you pot smoking Judas?


 James Marks
Either way, we win,
October 27th, 2010



Comments on: "Liar Liar (or “Why did you do this to us, you Pot-Smoking Judas, you?”)" (14)

  1. serinitis said:

    I wonder if she will mention transferring the house?

  2. A giant dinosaur?

  3. These days there should be 11. Are you doing this to delay foreclosure?

    In a perfect world the trustee would say you are obviously not capable of looking after money and using credit responsibly. I will recommend to the judge that this filing in converted to a Chapter 7 filing and that the foreclosure sale is allowed to go ahead as scheduled. Casey gets kicked in the nuts by the Sheriff for trying to speak in the hearing after being told to shut up several times. He spends 24 hours in a cell for contempt.

  4. Talking of filing BK to delay foreclosure, George Tran never turned up for his hearing on 12th October. He later claimed he never knew about it or got the paperwork or something. Funny how I knew about it and I’m miles away from Oregon. Anyway, my info is he “appealed” it (don’t know exactly how you do that with BK in Oregon) and there was another hearing. In his filing he claims to have $30k in card debt (according to my source) by the way. He was told to refile some paperwork, didn’t do it or didn’t do it properly, and the BK has been dismissed. Strange how he’s forgot to tell us about yet another “success” on his website.

    One other thing: if Oregon don’t like what George is doing and think he is unlawfully practicing law, Washington sooner or later won’t like him going over to Seattle for weekend seminars either.

    • Isn’t George Tran the guy who said you could appeal everything out of principle?

      There’s one good thing about hitting rock-bottom. You don’t care about failing anymore. Come to think of it – Casey never “had” 2.2 million dollars. He obtained that money from fraudulent loans, he gambled and lost. But he didn’t “loose” anything at all, since he didn’t have anything to begin with. Same thing with GSPG – Anna and Aleksey Serin got some money, and then he gambled, lost, took out $10K and somehow lost them all (pot?). Again, he started with nothing and ended with nothing.

      How can Casey care about money when he hasn’t done shirt go obtain it in the first place? How do you think he’d have felt if he had worked for it, and then lost it in some stupid gamble?

  5. James Marks :
    Isn’t George Tran the guy who said you could appeal everything out of principle?

    Probably, sounds like him, but then I’ve learned he seems to forget what he posted a few weeks earlier and supersedes it with another post on the same subject. He runs Free and clear in 90 days which would more accurately be titled “Apparently free and clear for 20 days until the court threw it out”. He’s also being investigated for unlawful practice of law.

    • He also seems to have forgotton that his default judgements were thrown out because of improper sevice. He’s delisional — he highlights what he “achieved” in his front page, but fails to note that his big “achievement” no longer exists. All he has is a big FAIL!

      • I don’t know the details or the technicalities but I’d bet “improper service” was the easiest and simplest thing to prove wrong with his filings to get them thrown out. There were probably several other things wrong with them but they’d all require a bit more work.

        Also check his posts on the subject. I’m sure he said he would re-file as soon as he could but it took until August to do it. Then he filed Chapter 13 to put off the foreclosure sales not realising that it would also put off the court cases. I believe the bankruptcy case has been dismissed so the fun begins again in court 10th November.

  6. Small Animal said:

    Someone should run a to catalog his unfolding big fail!

  7. The guy isn’t as irritating as Casey. He’s equally stupid, but that’s just not enough.

  8. […] it lovely how Murseboi launched these comments just as Anna Serin was either lying under oath or f’ing up her family’s future at the Creditor’s Meeting? Makes you think Casey was aiming for some hardcore damage control, doesn’t […]

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