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Remember Daddy Serin?


Hint: He’s the one on the left. Ironically enough, the one with no balls.

Anyway, according to Gaysey,  Daddy was supposed to file for BK just a couple of days before October 20th, in order to extend their stay 30 days.

Now, something new, something different has happened – they just extended their stay right up to November 22nd.

You cannot postpone the inevitable. Yeah, right.

You cannot postpone the inevitable. Yeah, right.

How they did it, I’ve no idea. But we’ll surely learn about it later today.

Meanwhile, I’ll think about™ travelling to Seattle in order to learn about this sort of stuff from George Tran. I’m fucking sick and tired of, apparently, being one of only a few bunch of idiots who still pay their taxes and mortgages.

James Marks
Can I A4V my airplane ticket?
October 14th, 2010


Comments on: "Aleksey Serin: Has he done it already? (or “From Russia, with love”)" (10)

  1. Homosexual Con Artist said:

    Next, we’ll transfer ownership of the house to Steve! Then XTINA! Then our dog!

    Hmmm, I gotta find that pooch’s SSN…

  2. Fake mortgages that enslave us! :rockon:

  3. Semi Vegan Lion said:

    Maybe Casey and the rest of shitheads didn’t do anything? Could the courts be so overloaded the case just got pushed back for scheduling reasons?

  4. Isle Bight said:

    Is there any way to check court records to see whether the Serins have any outstanding judgments against them? Surely some of the unsecured creditors have sued them and are currently garnishing their wages. At least I hope the creditors are smart enough to do so. That’s why I find it so mystifying why the Serins are eager to scam their mortgage holder. If they had simply followed through with their bankruptcy repayment plan, their salaries would be safe from garnishment and they would be able to keep their house. They come across as either really stupid or evil at heart – they prefer to pursue an angle that won’t work and, even if it did, would leave them worse off than remaining under bankruptcy protection. Weird.

  5. Sooner or later someone in court will get fed up with these filings and start asking questions. It may even happen at the bankruptcy trustee meeting coming up shortly. Whenever it does, the questions of fraud and perjury will then get raised. I don’t know what the sanctions are for such things at the “lowest level”, but Casey can be sure that a bunch of Haterz will make sure that the school where mum works will be informed that they have a fraudster working for them and I’m sure the parents’ association will have something to say about it too. Not paying the mortgage and living free for nearly two years followed by loss of house and job? Way to go Casey! Let’s see how ma deals with her own collateral damage.

  6. George “backtrack” Tran might have videoed the event. It was going to cover ” Learn about what works, what doesn’t….” It will be interesting to see how long the first part was compared with the second. ( A reminder for all those of you who think George “How I reclaimed 4 of my houses free and clear legally” has actually finished the process: – his blog should really have the subtitle “How it looked like I had 4 houses free and clear for about 20 days” ).

  7. I feel for you James, but trust me: in a few years, when we both own property free and clear, and can happily ignore every piece of mortgage-related junkmail that fills the mailbox, we will be happy we stayed the course.

    I’m sure KC and his ilk can play “hot potato” for months, maybe years. But so what? I like sleeping at night, without worrying about my next pending eviction date.

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