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Hello, dear SEC readers. We are, as you may know, very close to Halloween. Which is quite appropiate, because the Serin Crime Family is going to shit their pants brown when they find out what their talented, intrepid, smart boy did this time.

That isn't the Great Pumpkin, Casey. It's the IRS / Your Alleged Lender / Your Mom when she finds out what you did.

That isn't the Great Pumpkin, Casey. It's the IRS / Your Alleged Lender / Your Mom when she finds out what you did.

But first things first: The week in review.

Casey’s mom / Casey fixed their BK petition. Once again, this information is brought to you by CampIdiot’s Neighborhood Dot. I wish him good luck in getting his referral. He deserves it.

Missing Certificate of Counseling – from the Black Hills Children’s Ranch, Inc.

Verification of Master Address List (with Kohl’s handwritten in it!)

Black Hills Children’s Ranch? I wonder what the hell that fly-by-night operation is. Sounds like the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, where Charlie Brown got Snoopy. But I bet Snoopy and Spike would have prepared a far better counseling session.

Step 1: Pay your mortgage in time. Step 2: Stop buying so much drap. Step 3: Don't trust Casey Serin.

Step 1: Pay your mortgage in time. Step 2: Stop buying so much crap. Step 3: Don't trust Casey Serin.

Besides, take a sweet moment to ponder the following: what kind of a sociopath would file for bankruptcy, not follow his / her repayment plan, then run out and get whatever credit card they can, and rack up an additional $1,700 in debt, while earning around $100,000 dollars a year? I mean – Honorable Judge Holman, there’s something wrong with that bankruptcy filing. Very wrong.

Regardless of moral issues, the Crime Family thinks everything is “fine and dandy”.  And, truth to be told, they were lookin’ good. They got to keep the house. They filed on time. They even managed to bury themselves in even more debt while technically being BK (I thought filing was meant to tell the banks you couldn’t rack up more debt, apparently I was wrong). Casey kept his mouth shut and his fingers away from keyboards. That is, until today, when he updated I Am Fighting Foreclosure. I wonder if this is the Epic Fail we’ve been waiting for, or if it’s just yet another “I told you so” moment for Haterzdom™ worldwide. Either way…

Then again, Casey not learning to STFU is more entertaining than the alternative.
Then again, Casey not learning to STFU is more entertaining than the alternative.

So, what did he do? Just in case he takes down his blog – here it is. My comments are in bold red.

Bankruptcy is Beautiful
Posted on September 27, 2010 <!–Casey Serin –>When fighting foreclosure, bankruptcy is probably the most potent short-to-midterm weapon in your arsenal — buying you from 1 to 3 months or even longer depending how you file. <- He never mentions bankruptcy is supposed to inform the banks that you cannot borrow any more money – ie, you are SCREWED – in his mind, Bankruptcy “is beautiful”. Fuck.

If used correctly, it is very effective in shutting down the Foreclosure Sale dead in its tracks and buying you valuable time to prepare your next move — in my case a lawsuit for fraud against the bank. <-No, moron. Bankruptcy is not a tool you use to fuck with the system. It’s supposed to help people in distress. I’m still waiting on the official sworn affidavit of findings from our forensic loan auditor. Based on the initial look it appears very promising. <-I bet you also think AIDS looks promising because you get to have bareback sex, right?

The most beautiful thing about bankruptcy is just how smoothly it works.

You can walk over to your nearest federal court and file literally minutes before the Trustee / Foreclosure Sale and if your paperwork is done correctly you will get an automatic “Order for Relief” — which means ALL collection activity MUST stop immediately for all the listed alleged creditors.

Collection activity which must cease includes pesky phone calls, threatening letters and in case of mortgage, the foreclosure sale itself. I’ve heard of people filing 10 minutes before the sale and running the stamped order over to the Trustee and they have no choice but to honor it on the spot. <- Have you ever READ something so arrogant in the last few days? I mean, he’s bragging that he can stop a legitimate foreclosure sale minutes before because… well, because you are an egotistical ASSHOLE who finds it funny to waste people’s time and their money. Once again, FUCK.

If you don’t make it and they do sell your house, they have to reverse it, I’m told. As long as you filed even a minute before the posted time of the sale and got it stamped, you should be good. You may just have to contact the foreclosing trustee or lender’s attorney and let them know about the bankruptcy filing.

Of course, there is no reason to wait until the last minute, unless you enjoy the thrill of it. <- For the love of all that’s holy, please let someone with the power to kick the Serin’s collective asses out to the streets read this paragraph. In my case a business day before did the trick. Of course, there was still a little bit of a thrill on the day of the sale because it didn’t show as canceled — so I had to call the lender and find out it did get canceled.

Nowadays, everything is done electronically so if you file a few days before the foreclosure sale, the trustee or foreclosing attorney should see the bankruptcy in the system and cancel or postpone it without any additional notice from you.

However, I’m told it helps to fax the top page of your bankruptcy filing to them just for extra notice. I couldn’t find the fax number for the foreclosing trustee in my case so I had to hope they would see it in the system on their end, and they did.

Phew, that was a close one! : – ) <-Can I kick this guy’s balls? Please? Repeatedly? With a fucking jackhammer?

Bankruptcy Cost: filing fee of $275 (+ cost of bankruptcy attorney if you need help filling it out, about $1,000-2,000)

Bankruptcy Benefit: the surest way to immediately stop foreclosure, stop collection calls/letters, and buy you time to figure out what to do next and prepare your next move. <- No, you fucking retard, bankruptcy is supposed to help decent people get back on their feet. Moron. Scammer. Criminal.

Bankruptcy Tip #1: if you’re married and you’re both on the loan, you could file just in the name of one spouse. That gives you an ability to do it again later when/if the bankruptcy gets dismissed under the other name. <- Holy fuck, can you be even more of an asshole? Can you find a better way to give the finger to our government? Dude, you are sick. Seek help.

Bankruptcy Tip #2: get your credit counseling done before you file, but if you forget, that may be OK, as in my case we were given a 7 day grace period to get it completed. The clerk at the federal district here was very helpful in checking the paperwork and explaining what was still missing. I was happy to see that especially since we self-filed this time. <- Translation: you wasted someone’s time because you and your Crime Family do not intend to pay a single cent back.

Bankruptcy Tip #3: if you filed a bankruptcy earlier and it was dismissed (means it did  not go through either because you canceled it or didn’t do something like show up to court, make Chapter 13 payments, file additional paperwork, etc) you could refile again — I believe up to twice per year (per  name!)  Just copy the old paperwork and make any necessary updates to the numbers/dates/etc and submit it again! You do have to pay the filing fee every time, but it gives you lots of gun powder to keep the alleged (pretend) lender in check. <- Typing this stuff on the Internet is also an excellent way to let the court have enough gunpowder to blow your fucking ass out of your parents home and into prison. Moron. Idiot. Retard.

DISCLAIMER: Please double-check all this against the bankruptcy code and talk to a lawyer. Nothing I’m writing here is to be taken as legal advice and I will not be held liable for your failure or success. This is for ENTERTAINMENT (educational) purposes only and your mileage may vary.  We’re just having some fun here, let’s not get too serious, life is a game. <- The only entertainment I want is watching you in PMITA federal prison. Not that you won’t like it.

With that said…

Bankruptcy is truly beautiful!

Please, someone shoot me now. I’m sweating venom.

I really can’t imagine what kind of idiot retard moron douche psycho faggot George Tran fuctkard would ever think that giving the finger to a Judge and then stating that “(he’s) just having fun here” is allowed to roam the streets of Sacramento free. He has slowly evolved – from a 24 year old idiot who thought he’d be able to “parlay” fame into fortune, to a sociopath who thinks he has superpowers to a complete and utter criminal who blogs about his frauds and scams, and believes he’s above the law. That’s Devolution, with a major D. And I’m not talking about Devo, either.

The fact that you can't feel the heat doesn't mean you are going to get boiled, son.
The fact that you can’t feel the heat doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get boiled, son.

There was much talk about whether the Crime Family would have Anna file first, then let Aleksey do the same, and borrow some time until Gaysey could sue the alleged lender. Well, that’s exactly what is supposed to happen. Casey just bragged about it. On his own personal blog. For everyone to see. He’s so damn sure he’s going to save that house he got all cocky on us. His “Administrative Remedies” will save the Serins from foreclosure.

Or will it?

Campidiot, once again, shows the rest of us how things are done. Well, except for all those times when they talk about racist stuff. Or when they post awful stuff about women. Yeah, it happens.

OK kids, I sent the following email to: (taken from:

). I STRONGLY encourage you to do the same if you suspect of BK fraud in this case. We can sit on our asses and moan and whine like bitches all day long, or we can trust our government to do the right thing this time around. I’m betting on my government.
I did attach a PDF file with the entire web site.

It has come to my attention that a bankruptcy petition filed on Sacramento may be fraudulent…
Name and address of person:
Anna Serin, 4932 Dewey Dr, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.
Name of the bankruptcy case, case number, location of where the case was filed:
Sacramento County
Judge: Honorable T. Holman
Trustee: J. Johnson
Chapter 13.
September 17th, 2010.

Identifying information regarding the individual:
Anna Serin, wife of Aleksey Serin. She has 2 daughters and 3 sons.

Brief description of alleged fraud:
1) Said person filed for bankruptcy on January 27th, 2010 along with her husband, Aleksey Serin.
2) She filed for BK again on Sept. 17th, 2010 by removing her husband’s name and re-filing the same paperwork.
3) The phone number given on the September 17th filing is incorrect.
4) Anna and Aleksei Serin’s home was transferred to her son, Casey Serin sometime during January 27th and September 17th.
5) Anna Serin’s son, Casey Serin, posted on his personal web site that they’ll use bankruptcy as a way of buying some time so that they can “Sue their *alleged* lender”, since they will be using “administrative remedies” such as “Accepted for Value” (A4V), and other procedures derived from the “Redemption” movement. They are planning on re-filing for Bankruptcy under Aleksey Serin’s name again after their 30 days are over. Casey Serin is a self-professsed “blogger” and has made these claims public at:

… for more information, please use google and search for his name (Casey Serin)
6) You can see a description of their planned activities on the attached PDF file.
Ommited assets or claims:
1) Anna Serin has filed for bankruptcy, but the house is supposedly property of her son, Casey Serin.

Followed by:

I already got a confirmation receipt from the USTP.
Do it. It can only help these idiots stop abusing our system. I love America, and I can’t stand watching some group of assholes destroy it while I do nothing about it…


He’s not a snitch – he’s an informant. So am I. Done and done. Confirmation received. Please throw pdfs in phile dump to make it easier to blow the whistle. Your efforts are appreciated. Time to bring on some fucking action.

Here’s the good thing. Someone actually got off his ass (unlike me, I always write this blog sitting down) and did something for a change.

Here’s the bad thing. People have been doing this for 4 years without any results.

So, will this be the end of Casey Serin’s wild antics? I don’t know. At this point, he has lasted for far longer than anyone would have ever dreamed he would. In his mind, he has “beaten the system” time and time again. In reality, though, his family is this close ( ——>  <——) to homelesness. He has destroyed the reputation of the Serin name for years to come. Google won’t soon forget (just do a search on Anna, Aleksey and the rest of the gang and see what I mean). I wonder – was it all worth it?

Would you RUIN your family’s reputation for years to come just to get a couple of months worth of free rent?

James Marks
Your Honor, may I dickpunch Mr. Serin, please?
September 27th, 2010


Comments on: "Loose Lips Sink Ships (or “Careless Whisper”)" (51)

  1. W-2 Looser™ said:

    Excellent post James. You definetely hit the nail on the head with tactics and strategy. Casey gets a laugh today and tears long term over this. But the parents really stun me. Who takes two stable, gubbermint jobs and just stops paying their bills? WTF is that? While I suspect the filings may all be done by Fucktard without knowledge of his parents, the Ex-Soviet dolts are the ones that stopped paying their bills. I am really hoping those state government positions are put at risk over this stupidity. There really is not enough bad that can happen to this entire family.

    • No way Casey is doing all this behind his parents’ backs.

      I could almost believe that, except for the fraudulent house deed transfer, the addition of the Kohl’s debt (including full account number), and Anna Serin’s signing of the new petition.

      I truly think the parents are too dim-witted to understand exactly what Casey is doing, and believe that he has their best interests at heart.

      • Yeah, ma and pa know everything. That’s why you see Anna Serin’s handwriting on the new BK filing, and not Casey’s.

        They probably think Casey will at least buy them some more time, and they have a 20% chance (in their minds) of keeping their house. Reality is going to wake them up pretty badly.

    • So apparently, if you post anon on Faazeboog that you had a hard day at work, they will fire you from a lot of publicly traded companies, and private outfits (reference several news items in past few months), yet if you are the Serin Crime Family, the whole world can watch you file multiple fraudulent BK petitions, fail to pay mortgage for two years while BOTH husband and wife are gainful employed in state jobs and yet, that is apparently not cause for summary firing?


      • Their problems and comments or pictures are not related to work or to their attitude on the job. If it makes you feel better, think about it: would you have preferred it if they had the excuse that the reason they are not paying is that they lost their jobs? At some point in the past, it would have seemed plausible.

  2. I may want to read more CI posts. I read some in case there was more info about the duck picture but didn’t have time to continue too far. Thanks for the update. I’m very disappointed, though, that instead of supporting individuals who are about to lose their home, people would actually report them for alleged fraud. I may not agree with some of Casey’s actions or admire his business skills like I used to, but I still support him and his family. I would like them to keep their house, and free and clear if possible. Maybe they would have if Casey did not explain his plan like he just did. Let’s hope that if he was indeed reported, nothing will happen and that the banksters don’t read his blog either. After all, people have been saying that he should go to jail for years, yet nothing happened, and the banks are rich and mean.

    • “After all, people have been saying that he should go to jail for years, yet nothing happened, and Monica is retarded and stupid.”
      Today’s task is to find and understand the meaning of non-sequitur.

    • I can’t believe I’m replying to a troll…

      Monica, are you OK with the Serin Crime Family getting a house for free? Is that what you are saying?

      • I would be happy if that happened, but they probably won’t really get it for free in the end. I think they are just delaying the inevitable foreclosure. At this point, it may not even be for long. But I have no problem with the idea of some people getting a house for free at the bank’s expense, at least if the people in question are not too rich. Banks are crooked, so paying them in kind from time to time may be just what they deserve.

  3. Why do you guys have to always side with the Man? The banksters are trying to kick the Serins out of their home. Kudos to the Serins if they can keep their home, or even for trying!

  4. Monica :

    I would be happy if that happened, but they probably won’t really get it for free in the end. I think they are just delaying the inevitable foreclosure. At this point, it may not even be for long. But I have no problem with the idea of some people getting a house for free at the bank’s expense, at least if the people in question are not too rich. Banks are crooked, so paying them in kind from time to time may be just what they deserve.


    Then again, if you think banks are crooked, why are you dealing with them? It makes no sense at all.

    • I am not dealing with them unless I have to. For example, they have appointed themselves between me and my paycheck, as I am not paid cash so I got to deal with the bank just to get my money. It is true that I have credit cards but I’m working on paying off the last one while the balance is zero on all the others.

  5. Casey’s whole approach to his parents’ bankruptcy shows how badly he’s sunk into a criminal mindset. This misuse of the bankruptcy code provides some short term benefit, but at the cost of completely ignoring the long term consequences. Based on the repayment plan filed with the original bankruptcy, his parents could have erased about $150,000 in unsecured debt in exchange for five years of not particularly onerous payments to get current on their mortgage. The Serins cavalierly threw a six figure benefit out the window just to take advantage of the chance to delay the foreclosure auction for a few months. Now it’s too late. The court assumes that a second filing within a year is in bad faith, which is certainly confirmed by everything else they’re doing. They may not have been able to convince the court otherwise in any event, but Casey is a moron for informing the whole world of their intentions.

  6. Small Animal said:

    This is not the “original” Monica. It’s a good impersonation, but not the same as from IAFF1. Definitely not as entertaining or interesting that’s for sure.

  7. Try harder? I’m not trying to look any particular way. I’m really saying what I think at the time. It’s not surprising that over time, my opinion of Casey eventually got worse. I can’t believe how I was admiring his business acumen. Maybe that’s the difference in my writing now. I still like Casey and dislike the establishment but I certainly no longer believe that Casey is such a genius. What was I thinking!

  8. Casey Serin said:

    James Maks, YOU are the Haterz of the Year.

  9. casey serin said:

    Me : 5, Haterz : 0

    you loooosers can whine all you want, i’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

    who ripped 350K+ out of a 200K house……. Me
    who has free stay, free rent and bank can do jack….. Me
    who got money at closing…….. Me

    and who had FREE trips to Australia and Utah, wine and dine, …. Me

  10. The Observer said:

    I think Casey is posting on CI. He’s posting stuff to discourage the haterz from harassing the courts with evidence that proves fraud on Casey’s part. Take note of this posting:

    “I agree. It is plain to see that the first bankruptcy wasn’t followed in good faith. That alone should be enough to dismiss the second claim to bankruptcy and this will be seen in BK court.

    That is why I insist that we not keep spamming the courts with evidence, lest we compromise the integrity of the case.

    As a haterz, I want to see justice be served and not sabotaged as it was in 2007.”

    Basically, I think Casey is pretending to be an anonymous haterz and telling us to “back off” lest we jeopardize the case against him.

    • Galina Serin said:

      I don’t know what to think about the person who keeps on posting that. He has OCD, that’s for sure. Reminds me of The White Knight (the one who kept on telling us not to post stuff about Kristina Serin).

      It could be Casey or Steve.

  11. Don’t expect justice from BK court. I have been watching a compnay that is in CH11. When it filed for CH11 bankruptcy, it had the money to pay all its known debts. Two years later, it does not have the money to pay any of its original debts and has borrowed even more. Where did the money go? To the company’s “advisors” and “professionals”.

    The bankruptcy judge in the case knowing did not follow bankruptcy law.

    The company sold an asset, but … the fees due to the “professionals” for the sale probably exceeded the money received for the asset, so selling the asset actually cost the company money.

    In summary, bankruptcy (at least, CH11 cases in Delaware) appears to be set up to suck the last remanants of cash out of companies and pay it to bankruptcy “professionals”.

    In sumamry, if you expect a BK court to see that the Serins are gaming the process and quickly dismiss the BK filings (we know there will be more), you will be disappointed.

    Casey has mentioned that one can file for BK every 6 months. Are there enough relatives to keep rotating ownership of the house then filing BK every six months each, hence keeping the house in a permanent bankruptcy limbo?

    • One way for the bankruptcy limbo to stop would be for the soon-to-be-bankrupt individual to become unavailable exactly at the time when bankruptcy had to be filed. Can’t they be arrested on some minor violation (maybe driving without insurance) and then released? End up in hospital? There is a number of ways to become unable (or not allowed) to file for bankruptcy on a particular day, and Casey admitted that he would only do it almost at the last moment. If I were Casey, I would be afraid in case someone in cahoots with the bank makes him unavailable.

    • The answer is basically, no. You can re-file after 30 days then 180 days. If Aleskey files 19th Oct then, unless Casey files 19th November causing another 30 day stay, no one can file again until the spring. The lender can also (IIRC and IANAL) ask the court to let it sell the house anyway, plus it is also possible that one of the Chapter 13 filings gets turned into a Chapter 7. Something Casey either doesn’t know or is deliberately hiding from his mother. Either way, if that comes about, it will be interesting to watch. Wonder where Casey will be living if that happens?

      • If they first sue the lender, then if the lender tries to shut down the bankruptcy (or convert it to CH7), the Serin family will point out the litigation with the lender and attempt to have the BK judge ignore the lender because the lenderr has an adverse interest.

        Anyway, I see it this way: 30 days from the existing filing, the father files for BK, 30 days later: Casey files. Then the house is transferred to the daughter. 30 days after Casey files, the daughter files. Even without the litigation against the lender, that’s another 4 months.

        Oh, and the litigation probably won’t get dismissed too quickly: 2 major lenders have stopped foreclosures because of problems in their process — the proper steps were not being followed.

    • Semi Vegan Lion said:

      not here,

      The Serins are going to get phucked in court. IANAL, but usually individuals who don’t stick to the original bankruptcy plan are not treated well the second time around, even if they aren’t pulling retarded scams like the Serin family.

      Corporate BK can be a joke though. I’ve seen the same thing happen where the consultants and lawyers drain whatever remaining assets exist.

  12. South of the Border said:

    Five words: Casey. Future. Homeless. Tijuana. Donkey.

    And to think of all the times he could have gotten money for simply eating a bug.

  13. I speak Russian and I am interested in the zoo creature named Anna Serin and have gone back to review the family freaky funeral videos parties at:


    Firstly, Anna Serin speaks with a strange, semi retarded Russian dialect. I have encountered something similar before with small villagers (Eskimos of the sort) living in the far reaches of Siberia. Her pronunciation illustrates to me that she is either semi retarded or is missing all or most of her teeth.

    Below is a brief transcript of Anna Serin’s sayings in the videos, doesn’t say much unfortunately:

    1. First 60 seconds – “For you to be happy, I feel normal today” after being asked how she feels.

    2. 1 Minute mark, after being asked if she loves Dad – “Yes, no, no he has lots of hair and they fall down all the time and then he goes to the bathroom and it always stinks”.

    After watching these videos I am also convinced that everyone in that family is ‘special’. Notice how the only other people at the playground aside from the idiotic 20+ year olds are small children.

  14. By the way, I see that Casey is so “busy” with his new scam that he has stopped updating his Daily Miracles blog. The last posting was #148 from three weeks ago. If that’s truly the last one, it will allow Casey to claim 148/365 = 40.5% success. Or as everyone else would say, “abject and utter failure to follow through on the simplest of tasks”.

  15. not here :
    If they first sue the lender, then if the lender tries to shut down the bankruptcy (or convert it to CH7), the Serin family will point out the litigation with the lender and attempt to have the BK judge ignore the lender because the lenderr has an adverse interest.

    I don’t think you understand the system. You can’t keep the suing of the lender (which hasn’t happened yet anyway) separate from the bankruptcy. At some point the two things have to be looked at together. Also the idea of any Serin persuading a judge to do anything is laughable.

    Anyway, I see it this way: 30 days from the existing filing, the father files for BK, 30 days later: Casey files. Then the house is transferred to the daughter. 30 days after Casey files, the daughter files. Even without the litigation against the lender, that’s another 4 months.

    At some point the lender will call fraud. The transfer to Casey is dubiously legal, what is he getting? Title to a house which wasn’t his parents’ in the first place? Also, Casey has to get his timing right every time – fat chance! The court will give permission for the lender to hold the foreclosure sale. Filing another frivolous BK motion after the court has said the sale can go ahead is heading for contempt.

    Oh, and the litigation probably won’t get dismissed too quickly: 2 major lenders have stopped foreclosures because of problems in their process — the proper steps were not being followed.

    Really? Is that stopped or paused while they check their processes are correct? Bit of a difference. Better not believe all you read on the internet. And talking of that, George Tran is in court 10/12/10 because the lender has asked to transfer everything to Federal court.

  16. Small Animal said:

    Someone should be making a “caseypedia” equivalent for George Tran. I think that may end up a huge IAFF fail… interesting reading though.

  17. Anonymous said:

    Black Hills Children’s Ranch dba “Pioneer Credit Counseling” Our credit counseling, budgeting advice, and debt liquidation programs are supported by Christian principles. It is our policy not only to help people get out of debt, but also educate in budgeting practices.

    Pre-bankruptcy counseling? “Internet and Phone sessions available (same fees for all sessions). So yeah, of course they’re using Black Hills Children’s Ranch. Facepalm

  18. lawnmower man said:

    still enjoying privacy.

    Still enjoying the house they stopped paying for, too.

    • Yes, but for how much longer? Maybe Casey can trade his “Millionaire by Christmas” website blog titles for “Homeless by Christmas”?

      Something serious must be going on with Casey, otherwise we’d have heard from him. I think the bankruptcy trustee might have told him to STFU.

  19. W-2 Looser™ said:

    Don’t you just get this sick feeling the Serins might be able to stay in that house for free indefinetely? Crime is being rewarded in this country beyond belief. The banks and the Serins starving on the streets just makes too much sense and is the right thing, therefore it will never happen.

    • If banks that are supposed to manage people’s money are not even able to keep proper documentation about something important like owning a house, they deserve it if this is used against them to prevent or delay foreclosure. To be honest, I sympathize with the homeowners who may lose their homes to the banksters even if, by any chance, they get their house for free because the bank can’t foreclose even though the mortgage is not paid. If that ever happens, that’s great! More power to the working class and middle class folks who win against the capitalistic bankster pigs!

  20. South of the Border said:

    Huh. Looks like Casey won… Surely this can’t last forever? That they wouldn’t make the taxpayers bail out banks that lost all their money because they can’t recoup costs by selling foreclosed homes because some irresponsible idiots found a paperwork technicality loophole?

    Also, is there ANY chance that this paperwork mixup is really resulting in anyone unfairly losing their home? Or is is just thousands and thousands of little Murseboys trying to pull something over?

    • This does not apply to Casey and his family. Their bank is Citybank. The bank that is not doing foreclosures for the time being is Bank of America.

  21. […] (Daily Miracles), Premature launch (, accept comments, block comments, post stuff he shouldn’t have, disappear for a while, and comeback. Basically, pretty much like Elizabeth’s Taylor’s […]

  22. […] according to Gaysey,  Daddy was supposed to file for BK just a couple of days before October 20th, in order to extend […]

  23. […] old crap Anna Serin filed before – again. You know, the exact same papers Aleksey and Anna delivered to the courts back in January. Except that they’ll hastily delete Anna’s name this […]

  24. […] card after their first BK. Sure, that’ll give them short term satisfaction, but in the end, wouldn’t they just rather have paid their BK, or downsized to a smaller house, instead of losi… I blame Casey's parents for his lack of planning skillz. Hell […]

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