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4932 Dewey Drive is safe and sound in the hands of the Serin Crime Family until (at least)  October 20th, 2010.

Why should I pay my taxes and mortgage, when people like Casey Serin don't, and get away with it?

Why should I pay my taxes and mortgage, when people like Casey Serin don't, and get away with it?

I just lost a bit of faith in society.

James Marks
Justice has failed us. Again.
September 20th, 2010


Comments on: "20% of you were right. I’m not in the mood to write a silly (“or…”) thing." (10)

  1. It’s the 20th of October, they’ve stalled it another month.

    • I corrected my mistake. Thanks.

      • No problem. : )

        I was hasty too, she has to meet docs dates since her filinf on Friday was “incomplete” aka a travesty.

        She needs to submit a new statement of debts by Friday 9/24, that should be juicy.

        And a repayment plan by 10/1. If she misses either day and doesn’t have an official extension request on file the case can be dismissed on 9/24 or 10/1. That’s my reading of it anyway but IANAL.

        I am flabergasted that in this economy and with their credit scores she was able to get a Kohl’s credit card and run up another $1600+ in debt. Unfuckingbelievable.

        Hopefully Anon Casey Sleuth or the False Casey crew chimes in on this tomorrow, y’all are much smarter than I am. 🙂

  2. Me 2, Haterz 0


  3. Meh–these all-caps-non-strawmen have stumpled on some legitimate delay tactics within the overall silliness. As a result, the banks are having to do a lot of legwork to cover themselves. They’ll be out soon enough. And I bet when the lender(s) get all ducks in a row, Casey will be punished in some way for the legwork and paper he forced them to waste.

  4. The Observer said:

    All the haterz were also expecting Casey to go jail in 2007 for mortgage fraud. No such thing happened.

    I expect this thing to be dragged in the courts for years until the case gets dismissed by some legal technicality.

    The Serins will get the property free and clear, mark my words.

  5. Koi-Free Semi-Vegan said:

    “Postponed to 10/20/2010 @ 01:30PM – BANKRUPTCY 1:30 PM”

    Interesting. Could the Serins POSSIBLY be so stupid as to try to run BACK to the Bankruptcy Court for protection against foreclosure after their Bankruptcy was dismissed for failure to follow any aspect of their payment plan?

  6. The BK docs are posted at CI. Just Mama filed. Presumably so they can have Papa file when they need to stall later. ND

    • Thx, just updated the blog. It’s quite possible daddy is going to file after this blows over, isn’t it?

      • That’s the rampant speculation and since I don’t give them even 1% of doubt at this point, it’s highly likely that’s their plan.

        Either way, their official ownership should end before Thanksgiving and they’ll be out on their asses no later than New Years.

        If “foreclosure vixen” Angel ends up with the REO listing, I may have an aneurysm.

        I hope you’re feeling back to normal soon.

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