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Yet another quickie.

Want to check out  the status of 4932 Dewey Drive?

Same thing applies to the Serin Crime Family after Monday the 20th.

Same thing applies to the Serin Crime Family after Monday the 20th.

1. Log into

2. Type t09-54538-ca and search!

Here's some help, in case you are a retard, or Casey Serin.

Here's some help, in case you are a retard, or Casey Serin.

James Marks
Wondering if I should become a sovereign, too,
September 16th, 2010


Comments on: "Yet another quickie." (9)

  1. The Observer said:

    I’m too lazy to register. What happened? Give us the details, man.

    • You don’t register, dummy… just type in the trustee number as directed in the blog post. Sheesh. ;-p

      • The Observer said:

        I guess I am a dummy. I typed in the code in the wrong search box.

        $354,986.44 estimated debt? How the hell does one get into that much debt on a $200,000 house?

    • Hi, Casey!

      • Hi Anonymous!

        Don’t you guys see the strategy? No one will bid on this house, even A4U is not accepted, house will go back to REO, and rent free baby for another couple of years. in case A4U is accepted, then win-win for everyone.


    This does not fill me with hope that the Serin Crime Syndicate is going to get kicked out on their gypsey asses. What if the Serins are simply real bad luck. Every empire they live in crumbles into nothing.

    • First, that filing revolves around a foreclosure attempted in 2008.

      I think the banks are far more meticulous these days in confirming that, yes, they are entitled to foreclose on a property.

      Secondly, I believe the Serin place is in a far more advanced “state” of default… I mean, when there’s a trustee sale 3 days away on the courthouse steps, the house is pretty much gone. They’ve had 18+ months to initiate some sort of court action against Citibank, which would be in the public record — they haven’t done anything. All Casey has is a two-bit fake lawyer (“loan auditor”) who is probably doing little more than scamming him.

      I’ll scream if the trustee sale is postponed again or something, but I think time is just about up for these assholes.

    • BTW, if you read the comments, Denninger suggests that the true note holder (Fannie Mae) will legitimately foreclose on the place soon enough. No free house for deadbeats, just another case of camping out gratis for 2 years.

      • I hope you are right. This was more for comic relief than really fearing they can pull the same stunt. Still, they have gotten away with quite a bit over the past few years, nothing will surprise me.

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