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The Serin Crime Family gets one extra week - for free.

The Serin Crime Family gets one extra week - for free.

Yes, the rumors are true, I’m sad to say. As Serinitis well noted in our last post, the sale has been postponed until September 20th. The Campidiot guys got the docs that prove it (thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it)

Beneficiary’s Request. A simple decision by the lender (beneficiary) to postpone the sale. Could be for any reason, including that they simply aren’t prepared to take the property to sale, or because they have reason to believe they are about to be paid (a closed escrow for which they have not yet received payment, for example).
Basically, CitiMortgage asked for an extra week. I bet Casey submitted the “Forensic Loan Expert” documents and Citi had to ask for the delay.
Which sort of explains the Weekend at Casey’s:
Hey, look! I pwned you, Sacramento taxpayers!

Hey, look! I pwned you, Sacramento taxpayers!



What, me worry?

What, me worry?

Lookee here! We don't have any money!!!!

Lookee here! We don't have any money!!!!

Why pay our mortgage, when we can have fun with that money instead?

Why pay our mortgage, when we can have fun with that money instead?

The motherfuckers knew how to stall the procedures. That’s why they were so happy this last weekend. They knew.

Not to worry, though. Citimortgage will stop this charade on September 20th.

James Marks
Will they?
September 13th, 2010


Comments on: "Lender to Casey Serin: No Deal (yet)! (or “Weekend at Casey’s”)" (16)

  1. Me 1, Haterz 0

    Told you it will work.

  2. The Observer said:

    I knew this would get delayed some way, some how.

    And it will get delayed again, and again, and again.

  3. Wow, he DID learn a thing or two from Freedom Club!

  4. I don’t think the delay is, at worst, anything more than Citibank getting all its paperwork in order so that Casey’s “ownership” of Dewey Drive can be shown to be irrelevant to the sale. What will be interesting next Monday is the starting price for the sale. Zillow has the estimated value as $213k and that tends to be generous. The 1920’s décor would have to be replaced by any buyer and, allowing for the crap that you tend to get with foreclosed property, I can’t see anyone paying more than $140k for the place, more likely $130k. So, give or take a few fees and taxes, the Serins have borrowed and spent $200,000. I look forward to Casey’s “it’sallgood” explanations of getting evicted, finding somewhere to live (if only he’d stay the foreclosure for another 15months or so, they could all have moved to his island), George Twat getting his ass kicked in court (again) and Ma and Pa Serin getting wage garnishments from all over the place.

    • Still waiting for financial/legal consequences for these thieves.

      Losing the house is a small start, but I have a feeling that after it’s officially gone, they will literally scatter in all directions like the cockroaches that they are — the parents will camp out at one of their siblings’ (Aunt Tatyana) places, XTINA will camp out with David & Midge, and as for Casey… lord only knows where he’ll end up.

      And without a fixed address, if anything it will be harder to levy any penalties on them. Wage garnishment would be the bare minimum that’s called for, frankly I’d love to see both Casey + his parents sanctioned for writing up a fraudulent deed transfer.

      But, as usual nothing will be done, I’m sure. Citibank has had 19 months to prepare paperwork to evict these folks, and they couldn’t even bother to show up? What an embarrassment.

    • To prevent wage garnishment for real, his parents could arrange with some friend or relative to garnish their wages first in the name of some corporation. Unfortunately, Hammar Corporation may not work because the mother herself is an officer. Or maybe it would. After all, corporate finances are supposed to be separate from private finances. The problem is that, naturally, it’s hard to find such a trusted party who would not refuse or just keep the money. Mabe their daughter’s cake company is an idea.

  5. BTW, as far as Casey’s reaction, he’s completely dropped any pretense of being a repentant thief these days.

    He’ll openly brag about getting 19 months of free living.

    He’ll ramble on about “life’s journey taking him in a new direction” or something.

    He *won’t* mention anything even remotely negative, such as his parents’ new dwelling being a sharp downgrade from their accustomed lifestyle. Or how he’s an almost 30-year-old man with less work experience than most 14-year-olds. Or the number of lawsuits/judgements being filed against his parents.

    Because “itsallgood”. It’s always “all good”. :-p

  6. After seeing those weekend pictures, I cannot believe that family has any idea of what is about to hit them.

  7. James, thanks for wading through all the trolling and other crap at CI to document the juicy meat.

  8. WeWantTheFunk said:

    Nice work, James.

    Hey, I owe you a CD from long ago, but I lost your address – shoot me an email.

    • Hey Funky, Glad to see you are fine!
      Can you send me a message using the “Contact me” link? I can’t seem to find your mail (and yep, I want that CD!). Thanks for your post!

  9. Check and mate. Nothing like seeing the little guy get the bank by the balls with their back against the wall. Can’t say I blame them–if I was in their position, finally having my bluff called, I’d probably be pissing my pants too.

    Casey is a walking testament that man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Will he have an island? Unlikely. But he’s about to be living in a house free and clear, and I bet he’ll even get some more money to invest when he charges his parents rent to live there with him. It wouldn’t surprise me if Citi or some kabal of Federal Reserve people even give him a nice juicy chunk of change to keep quiet about the TRUTH of debt.

    • Paddles… 2006 called, they want their lame troll back. kthxbai.

    • If you are serious about your ideas contact me and Ill let you write an entry at this blog. Yep, I’m not logged in at the moment – can’t do it.

  10. Sorry, can’t say that I am. I just inhabit a glorious fantasy realm in which the whole internet stands in stunned silence as 4932 Dewey is quietly taken out of foreclosure and reverted free and clear to Casey. And then he charges his parents rent well above the market rate to live there. And then he goes into Citi offices less than a week later to get a second mortgage on the property to free up some liquid capital to get back into the Real Estate Game and does a negotiated contract sell on the place to his parents. That’s what you call letting your money work for you! I have a vision of a political career and membership in the Bilderberg Group further down the road, but that’s still a ways off.

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