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Have you ever heard about Mayflies?

Hi! I'm Kostya!
Hi! I’m Kostya!

Interesting little things. They live for about a day, tops. 30 minutes if they are really unlucky.  Their main purpose in life: reproduction (OK, so they are NOT exactly like Casey).

At some point in Casey’s life, his blogs will probably last for less time than a Mayfly. Maybe he’ll even close the damn thing before he considers even building it. That doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

I’ve considered that this blog is part of the problem. Whenever Casey goes manic, we all go apeshit over anything he does. He gets scared, hides behind mommy’s Victoria’s Secrets thong and locks everything down. So, should I just document whatever he does and release the info after he deletes everything? I dunno. Food for thought.

"...and he shall master cleanse his ass after he fights foreclosure..."
“…and he shall master cleanse his ass after he fights foreclosure…”

Several things may have made him go into hiding this time. Let’s quickly review them.

1) He’s in luv now, and he posted the following on his RSS feed. I’ve added commas, paragraphs, and moved things around etc., because he surely hasn’t. For someone who has lived most of his adult life on the States, he has no idea about how to write coherently.

Saturday morning.

Went to bed a little past 1am after getting back from “ban’a”, a home-built Russian-style sauna at my uncle’s body shop here in West Sacramento. The usual crowd was there. The crowd is my uncles and their friends, less people this time than last time. The topic was divorce. After 13 years, she cheated on him and didn’t even want the kids; yet still calls him to ask for advice. He says he doesn’t care about her but I can see he is devasted. I offered a little sympathy but stayed out of the conversation, because I am not too interested in the drama and I didn’t know the guy that well.

Besides, my own divorce is now a distant memory. Doesn’t seem to hurt anymore. Don’t want to dwell on it too much.

Since I’m was on day 8 of the Master Cleanse I wasn’t sure if I should go into the heat but I tried it. Felt good. Dripping in sweat. I jumped into the cold water tank. Felt amazing like it should. However, after I got out I felt dizzy. Head spinning. I kept drinking the lemonade drink I brough in a plastic gallon jug. I brought plenty so I didn’t feel hungry.

There is usually tasty food at ban’a. Smoked fish is a staple as was last night. I wasn’t really tempted by the food though. It’s not the first time I’m doing a cleansing fast and my body seems to handle it better and better every time. The only time I’ve had some issues is when the food smells really good or strong, like when somebody is cooking or grilling.

I talked to my uncles a little bit and gave an update on my foreclousure fight. I told them I’m still keeping the bank at bay and we’re getting ready to sue. Everybody is watching my first case. Now that I have an attorney guiding me I feel more confident. We’re waiting for a loan audit right now to use for our evidence in the lawsuit.

Since I was feeling dizzy I didn’t go back in for another session but went back into the shop, changed into some wam clothes and sat in the office. The internet was down so I mediated in the chair, then layed my head down on the table and dozed off into half sleep. It was a long day. Missed my daily nap.

I listen to her concerns and silently accept them. I don’t resist. It is what it is. I’m not sure what the future holds. I’m not afraid but sadness does creep in sometimes. Yet the moment is so beautiful, I enjoy it fully.

She brought over a big container of lemon drink as she is doing the fast with me too.

Makes it quite convenient. We where going to maybe go to a park but ended up stopping at our usual coffee shop as of late. Her friend was already there waiting for us. That has become almost a daily habit. Had the usual small talk. I didn’t talk as much, just massaging her feet, looking at her often. Her friend got a job working with kids. Some more small talk about drug tests and background checks, etc.

We went back to the house. Her friend didn’t join us this time like she does often. Since she wasn’t feeling too energetic due to the cleanse. She is on day 7. So we watched one of her favorite Russian shows online. She doesn’t want to watch any of my stuff. Sign. I don’t fight her on it any more. Her choices are good too. So I enjoy and don’t resist.

One day she will come around and realize what I have to offer is good. Or not. It doesn’t matter. I love her so much. It is mutual. Mostly.

Quite an unual relationship to put it midly. We have had such an amazing time this summer. A summer to remember. Much of it spent in and around the house with a couple of trips there and here. I’m so grateful for this place. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had this much romance in my life.

Don't lie, Casey! You used to say you loved me more!

Didn’t think it was going to be possible to fall in love again, after everything that happen. It happened suddenly. Stumbled upon her and her friend June 8th at Temple. Almost didn’t approach. But I am a Yesman. Made a good impression but wrote her information wrong. Almost lost touch but miraculously reconnected. Then the 27th back at Temple. Our first date. O wow. Love at first sight. I entered her world and she mine, with some occasional resistence. She analyzes so much. Too much thinking, like i used to do. Feels ironically familiar yet the roles are reversed. But that makes it all the more unpredictable and delicious. I still don’t know what the future holds but it seems bright. She is such a miracle. No matter what happens, I love you. Our minds are connected. We are one. Peace.

Next time someone tells you drugs aren't bad, show them this post.

Next time someone tells you drugs aren't bad, show them this post.

Let’s see. What’s the best way to tell a woman whom you love, but has some doubts about you, that you are his soulmate? Simple, use RSS and tell your hundreds of haterz about it! That’ll surely help things.

2) Lovely Angel Lynn is back in the game. Why, I have no idea. I still don’t know if she was really short-selling 4932 Dewey last year… but this time around, she surely is.


Angel, if you ever get around to reading this… the Crime Family is going to screw you in the end and you know it. Just stay as far away from them as possible.

So, there you have it. Casey’s comeback was shorter lived than a Nigel Swaby / BTC / WWTF / Kostya SLC reunion tour. It was probably more bromantic, though.

James Marks
Still madly in love with Angel Lynn,
August 21st, 2010

Comments on: "Casey K. Serin: The Mayfly of bloggers (or “This blog will self-destruct in 30 minutes”)" (14)

  1. Semi Vegan Lion said:

    “Angel, if you ever get around to reading this… the Crime Family is going to screw you in the end and you know it. Just stay as far away from them as possible.”

    Excellent post Mr. Marks, but I say “meh” to Angel. The most likely scenario is that she’s well aware that the short sale is just a scam to draw out the eviction process. She’s probably getting a $100 cash under the table for every month she lists but doesn’t sell.

    If Angel is legitimately trying to sell the house… she should know who she’s dealing with by now.

  2. KiwiDingo said:

    Now his site says “Down for maintenance.” so what I reckon is, he had a fight with his new lackie (she pays for everything because he is an up and coming entremanure and ‘good things are coming’) because of what he said about her and as a way of apologising he took down the site. Now she’s cooled of a bit and he’s already planning to put the site back up. I wonder what name he will give her this time; ‘she who is not to be named version 2’?
    1st hint to Casey: If you quit the net and get a job, this one might keep you and have your children. We all promise not to gloat and will wish you the best.
    2nd hint to Casey: Don’t use WordPress if you want comment moderation. Try blogger.

    • Anonymous said:

      Maybe it’s because he’s such a pro when it comes to blogger, wordpress, etc. His blog now says:

      “This webpage has a redirect loop.

      The webpage at has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

      Here are some suggestions:
      Reload this web page later.
      Learn more about this problem.”

  3. koi free semi vegan said:

    Maybe the new lady friend is flattered by all of the attention, but knows in her gut that Casey is going nowhere. Hence her “concerns.” I can think of a few likely ones.

    Casey is undereducated.

    Casey has no job.

    Casey has no prospect of getting a job.

    Casey calls a day “long” if he misses his nap.

    Casey is homeless.

    Casey is a criminal.

    Casey is a narcissist, at least.

    Casey owes a buttload to creditors.

    Casey does not value anything or anyone once he has passed the manic aquisition phase.

    Casey has helped to document his own lunacy for years.

    Casey believes that someone will buy him a private island in 2012.

    Casey has thrown every person who has ever tried to help his sorry ass under the bus.

    Casey wants her colon cleansed for a reason known to many, but only suspected by her.

    Casey needs a new meal ticket, preferably one with a job, an excellent credit score, a savings account, a home and a car.

  4. The blog is back.

  5. I think it’s time to start taking action to have casey arrested and put away. Does anyone know what church(s) he worships at?

    Call it “Robin Hood morality” but I feel i’m doing the right thing in challenging this dishonest system. The banks already made all their money when they took your financial instrument (note) so they’re not losing anything, just not making as big of a killing as they’re used to. So everybody still wins.

  6. The blog is “down for maintenance”. I waited a few hours before I said so in case it came back. But it was there until some time this morning!

  7. KiwiDingo said:

    It’s still down.

    Up, down, up down.

    “She who shall not be named 2” wishes Casey could go up and down as often.

  8. factory worker said:

    During the housing bubble mortgage companies used all sorts of questionable methods, and often they did not have their paperwork in order.

    But even if the paperwork has been lost, and the lender used fraud, the judge is not going to give you a free house. The purpose of these tactics are to extend the time period from you stop paying the mortgage until you get evicted.

    But Casey has no houses anymore, and he cannot help others stay longer in the banks houses, since doing so would require him to work, he would fuck up, and noone would ask him to anyway.

    His blog is really completely pointless.

  9. The blog is back up.

  10. After the blog went back up and Casey made a new post, a number of people posted critical comments such as that one cannot get a house for free and a judge will never agree to that. Now, all the comments are gone. They were generally thoughtful, respectful comments (mind you, they were moderated), so it’s not as if he just deleted disrespectful comments and bad jokes. I find his blog-shutting, comment-deleting attitude outrageous. I know it’s his blog after all, but this amounts to rewriting history when the actual history of what happened on the blog does not suit him. I find that morally dishonest even though he has the right to do as he pleases with his own blog or even stop blogging.

  11. Are you casey Monica? You’re banging on, yet no one is listening

  12. Jamba Jim said:

    Oh wow, for a moment I thought you said monica was banging casey.

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