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This will be a short post, friends. But it’s amazing.

George Tran is a well known scammer, and Casey’s Guru. I may talk about him later on, but for now, this will suffice.

He says he’s going to save a house via the principles I’ve talked about lately, and he’s keeping a blog about how he’s doing it.

An image speaks louder than words. In a moment of strange truthfulness, Georgie Porgie posted this. Is it evidence enough that these idiots are nothing but scum? Or, does it merely prove George Tran is a fucking idiot? Or both?

By the way – Tranny, if you are thinking about suing me, I want the original of this post. Not a digital copy. I also want it signed in blue ink, and printed in 200 year-old papyrus. Also, you have 57 seconds to do it. Since I’m nice, I’m giving you 17 seconds more. Failure to comply with all requirements will result in your tacit acceptance of everything I’ve said about you. Have a nice day.

James Marks
Wondering if I should A4V the size of my penis,
June 16th, 2010


Comments on: "George Tran speaks a bit too much about the “Freedumb” movement." (20)

  1. Truth is irrelevant to scammers and scumbags like George, he’s one of the apologists for the father and son cop killers who held similar views to his own.

    I look forward to the day George get to try this in court and gets his ass handed to him. Better keep a copy of that quote, I’m sure a lot of judges would be interested in it.

  2. bigwave said:

    Sadly, in my limited court experience (as victim of identity theft), George’s statement seems accurate.

    “Truth” as you and I define it (what REALLY happened) takes a back seat to what can be proven in a legal sense, which is completely different.

    That said, I certainly wouldn’t bet on George succeeding. His chances are much less than 50%. But I don’t think they’re as close to 0% as they SHOULD be.

    • There’s a big gap between “what can be proven in a legal sense” and “the truth is irrelevant”. Also, no one, (that’s NO ONE for the PNJ reading this) has won in the end doing this crap. They may have slipped the odd filing into court and quote it as a success but no one has ever “won the war” as opposed to claiming they’ve “won a battle”.

      James, help me out here, is it George Tran who is the scamming cop killer apologist or is it GEORGE TRAN who is the scamming cop killer apologist?

      • It’s George Tran, authorized representative for GEORGE TRAN (dammit, I’m really learning about this stuff).

      • palestine4ever said:

        As someone who as-far-as-you-know is a lawyer, this is pretty goddamned awesome. EVERYONE who has had their own practice has had someone like this walk in the door, spouting crap that’s 50% cribbed from Wikipedia (the other 50% is usually recycled dialogue from Law & Order).

        Estoppel is an extremely complicated subject, but it’s not hard to guess where he got this from. It’s what the banks will argue when they point out that George Tran (acting as an agent for GEORGE TRAN or not) took out a mortgage and later defaulted on it.

        Hilariously, every time I’ve personally come across a form of estoppel called collateral estoppel, it’s been to smack down frivolous litigants like George Tran (acting as an agent for GEORGE TRAN).

    • palestine4ever said:

      Of course there’s a grain of truth in there. That’s why we don’t just swear on the Almighty Bible and go home.

      His chances would be closer to 50% than to 0% if he would shut up about it. Everyone in this life has probably had a cop tell them to go home when they could have been ticketed, and I’ve got to think that this carries over to everything. But the fact that he’s fashioned a lil “info-product” business makes him not just a concern of legal departments but the Feds — the equivalent of getting pulled over, failing a Breathalyzer and then selling a $300 ebook containing nothing but the name and badge number of the guy who let him go.

      All of this shit comes from the Patriotard movement. You’d figure most of them would have stuck forks in their ears searching for listening devices or otherwise been struck down by an act of Darwinian folklore by now.

  3. So it’s OK to say GEORGE TRAN is a scamming cop killer apologist because he doesn’t really exist, he’s only a fabrication of the government? For a fabrication, that George Tran does a lot of work for him, doesn’t he?

  4. He can’t sue you unless he provides the original post you made. Everything else are just digital copies.

    • Not only do I think that he can’t produce the original wet ink copy of the post I made, I don’t think George Tran can prove that he is the authorised representative of GEORGE TRAN because he hasn’t got an affidavit that proves it.

      • palestine4ever said:

        Arthur, we’re having our fun here but I think you’re being a bit flip. Not George Tran but GEORGE TRAN would have to also file an affadavit stating that George Tran is the authorized agent for GEORGE TRAN, and that GEORGE TRAN was of sound mind and body when GEORGE TRAN named George Tran the agent for GEORGE TRAN.

  5. Anonymous said:

    James, when the historians contemplate the Casey saga, your blog will be their definitive guide. Thank you for your service!

  6. palestine4ever :
    Not George Tran but GEORGE TRAN would have to also file an affadavit stating that George Tran is the authorized agent for GEORGE TRAN, and that GEORGE TRAN was of sound mind and body when GEORGE TRAN named George Tran the agent for GEORGE TRAN.

    Thanks for clearing that up. I don’t think we are disagreeing here. When I said Geroge Tran would need an affidavit, I of course meant that George Tran would need an affidavit from GEORGE TRAN appointing him as agent for GEORGE TRAN. But this raises a further issue. Would the affidavit by GEORGE TRAN act to give George Tran power of attorney for GEORGE TRAN, thereby allowing George Tran to represent GEORGE TRAN in a court of law, albeit not as an attorney?

    • palestine4ever said:

      Okay Arthur, this time you’ve done it, you’ve gone TOO FAR. Of COURSE an affadavit by GEORGE TRAN would act to give George Tran power of attorney for GEORGE TRAN, allowing George Tran to represent GEORGE TRAN in a court of law. George Tran just has to make sure that GEORGE TRAN has gEoRgE tRaN (or, if it’s Tuesdays, Fridays or Sunday evenings but not mornings, GeOrGe TrAn) witness the signing and produce wet ink signature copies to any South Senegalese consulate prior to GEORGE TRAN’s 17 minute (or George Tran’s 22 minute) window expires. If that’s the case, it must be countersigned by GeOrGe TrAN.

      It’s not rocket science. DUH.

  7. […] people of California are lucky, they may get a couple of parasites off their collective back. And there’s nothing George Tran can do about it anymore.┬áBecause, as we’ve been saying for months now, the entire “redemption”, […]

  8. To any one who reads this, you should google up-“Lawyers Secret Oath”-The Betrayed. Or google up BAR-British Accredited Registry & read about the history of this country & how the people are being robbed by the system. Enjoy the reading. I hope you learn something & learn the difference between GEORGE TRAN-his artificial name vs George Tran his flesh & blood name.

    • Blimey – did it take you 30 odd weeks to think up that reply? Are you saying that George Tran has two names then, an artificial one and a flesh and blood one? When the police arrest him for fraud which name will they let go? Oh, and which name got foreclosed on three properties?

  9. Ignorant people like this James Marks fella are basically gutless wonders who while seeing a gaping hole in the fence with a sign saying ‘Freedom this way.” will still be content to curl up in a fetal position and remain enslaved. Either this guy is a paid government spook assigned to infiltrate the truth movement, or he’s incredibility naive. Either way he’s more dangerous than George Tran will ever be because ANYONE who has to resort to name calling has nothing else of value to bring to his argument. Just an FYI James, I always sign my name ‘conditionally’. I got a charge of ‘obstructing (justice) and resisting (arrest) dismissed by signing as “Authorized Representative”. You have a lot to learn my goo man, and I hope you do, but in the meantime, please don’t stand in the way of those who are working and sacrificing for YOUR freedumb too. Remember, the Founding Fathers were subversive, anti-government types too. So many of those who claim to be Christian seem to forget that.

  10. Lex Mercatoria said:

    George Tran is correct when he states “in court truth is irrelevant”–the important qualifier here being “in court”. It’s all about agreement of the parties.

    For example: if there’s a dispute involving a contract wherein the parties agreed the moon is made of green cheese, then that IS the truth of the case and El Judgo will and must act on that. This isn’t G.T. being a scammer; it’s just how the courts work.

  11. Anonymous said:

    you all have too much free time.

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