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OK, are you with me, family? Allright, letsdoit!

(Sorry. Wrong Ustream).

I need some help here, my dear fellow readers. I’m going to give you some clues, and you’ll tell me what you think about them.

Clue #1.

"Great stuff". "Enjoying it". "Life is delicous". This has to be about money.

"Great stuff". "Enjoying it". "Life is delicous". This has to be about money.

IMHO, Casey only gets excited about money. I could be wrong. But I seldom am. At least, that’s what I like to think.
Clue #2:


 Grantor, grantor… grantee?!?!?! GRANTEE?!?!?! Mr. and Ms. Serin, WTF are you thinking?!?!!?
Clue #3:

A grant deed is used in some states and jurisdictions for the sale or other transfer of real property from one person or entity to another person or entity. Each party transferring an interest in the property, or “grantor”, is required to sign it. Then the document must be acknowledged before a notary public (notarized) or other official authorized by law to administer oaths. The notary public or other official then places a seal and marks the document accordingly to show that it was properly signed and acknowledged. The reason the document must be notarized is to provide evidence that the document is genuine as transaction documents are sometimes forged. Some jurisdictions use the warranty deed to transfer real property instead of the grant deed. The quitclaim deed is also sometimes used, although this document is most often used to disclaim any interest in a property rather than selling a property that one owns.


All I can say is…

We just figured out Blue's clues... Because we're really smart!

We just figured out Blue's clues... Because we're really smart!

Mommy and daddy: PWN3D!!!!!

James Marks,
Still missing Alex,
June 3rd, 2010


Comments on: "Help me make sense out of stuff" (35)

  1. Anonymouse said:

    This is the one that is gonna put him right in the slammer

    (crosses fingers, hopefully!)

  2. walk_by said:

    why would his parents giving house to KC?

    • Until he’s arrested, I’ve given up any hope of the authorities busting the little scamster. Why would his parents give him the house you ask? He believes that the bank doesn’t really own any of the loan and he will use their house to “prove” it.

  3. It can’t be a good sign when you’re scrolling through a blog post about Casey Serin and a picture from Blue’s Clues comes up.

    All I can think of is that for whatever reason, his parents are transferring title of their house to Casey and he’s wet-dreaming about all that “sweet equity” he’ll squeeze out of it.

    • Homosexual Con Artist said:

      Until an actual fraudulent reconveyance (or some other follow-up to the grant deed) is filed, we really can’t say where they’re going with this.

      Is Casey foolish enough to attempt a blatantly fraudulent scheme that will almost certainly send him to prison? Unlike the original mortgage frauds, he now has at least 50 people screaming at him that this is illegal. He may very well have enough hubris to think he’s untouchable, given his past deeds.

      Until we see a fake reconveyance filed in an attempt to extract equity from their foreclosed house, I really don’t think Casey and/or his parents have the balls to actually go through with this stuff. I’m ready to be proven wrong, though!

  4. gaysey serin said:

    “Great stuff”. “Enjoying it”. “Life is delicous”. This has to be about money.

    Or c*ck… Works either way.

  5. Anonymous said:

    I checked the county recorder’s site right before I came over here. I am speechless. We’ll have to wait for one of the local buttplugs to go pay for the records to see what they actually filed but this is looking incredibly foolish on his parents part. Speechless.

    • Homosexual Con Artist said:

      I can just imagine the conversation with the clerk:

      “Hi, I’m looking for recent filings for a specific person, Casey Serin. His social security number is ….” 😉

  6. Semi Vegan Lion said:

    Who holds the mortgage? Wasn’t it Wells Fargo? Maybe we should contact their fraud department and get the ball rolling a little quicker.

    • Homosexual Con Artist said:

      Not only is there a mortgage, but at least one HELOC they’ve defaulted on.

      And none of it was discharged in bankruptcy, since the Crime Family brazenly decided to ignore the re-payment plan from the get go.

      If he actually files a fake reconveyance, the Sacramento D.A. will undoubtedly get a flurry of calls alerting them to Casey’s activities — yet again. It’s infuriating that a group of Internet anons have to monitor and police this criminal f-cker *and* repeatedly warn law enforcement about him, while actual L.E. sits on their asses all day.

      • Semi Vegan Lion said:

        The more I think about it, we should just let it roll for right now. The recorder’s website sucks hard, but I don’t think Casey has filed a reconveyance yet. That’s probably a much bigger deal than a forged quitclaim deed.

  7. Isle Bight said:

    So the parental units have deeded their house to Casey so he can pull his mortgage elimination scam. Sounds like a conspiracy to defraud the bank to me. I hope the whole family of criminals ends up in prison, where they belong.

  8. Anonymous said:

    Copy of the grant deed was uploaded to the CI file dump here
    jpg version here

  9. Buttplugz said:

    Someone rang?

    I personally can’t take credit for this. All Hail the local DOT!

  10. Thanks to our local anonymous dot! Amazing job!
    Unfortunately, Casey forgot to ask these guys to print his name in ALL CAPS, AND BLUE INK. So, in all probability, this is void under admiralty laugh.

    Or something.

  11. What exactly is the scam? Could it be an attempt to prevent foreclosure under the excuse that the bank cannot take Casey’s home, since he had nothing to do with the mortgage his parents, not him, got? How exactly is this scam or plan going to help any of the Serins?

    • Crime Family said:

      How exactly is this scam or plan going to help any of the Serins?

      Ultimately, it will give them free food and housing, after both Casey and his parents are sent to prison for fraud.

  12. Semi-Vegan Cucumber Eating Lion said:

    Anyone got any dirt on the notary?

    • Crime Family said:

      Probably just some Russian guy within the Serins’ circle of gypsy scammers.

      However, I don’t think he did anything illegal (yet) by notarizing the Grant Deed. I just we’ll just have to wait to see if Casey has the balls to take his scamming to the next level.

  13. But what exactly is the strategy they are trying to employ? Why is it better, in their view, for Casey to be the owner on paper? Are they incredibly naive or in the possession of some legal loophole? Or merely stalling for time, for instance because they think foreclosure will take longer now that Casey is the owner? Or maybe they think there is a way to trap the bank into doing something illegal and then sue the bank for damages, for instance for foreclosing on poor, little homeowner Casey, who could not have possibly have expected that, since he did not have any mortgage in his name, and causing some harm to him such as losing or throwing out his valuable property or causing emotional distress?

    • Anonymous said:

      They are probably just hoping to stall their eviction. If Casey really has the balls he’ll file a fake reconveyance and take out a loan or sell it. He might also be getting ready to do the “show me the note” strategy in court to get clean title, but he’ll most likely chicken out on that. All in all odds are better than 50-50 that he’ll just not do anything and the family will get evicted. Let’s hope he gets desperate enough to go all in.

    • palestine4ever said:

      Per Casey’s “offer” on Fazeboog to take over someone’s house and have his buddies move in, he wants ownership so he can argue before the court on behalf of the owners — in essence, act as his own legal counsel, since he otherwise would not be able to pull all these hijinks.

      This is undoubtedly why the Grant Deed was filed. Of course he’ll probably get OVERWHELMED before then and retreat back into the world of seeing daily miracles in his stool, healing and “forgiving” himself.

      Per some of the early Island2012 talkcasts, his parents entered into credit counseling around August/September (at the time we all believed it was counseling FOR HIM related to his co-signed corporate credit). From the bankruptcy filings they were using credit cards to pay for daily living expenses, and probably had been for a couple of years. So they may see they have nothing to lose. I’m sure Casey’s framed it as a no-risk gamble. I’m also sure they’ve read up on this crap from shit that Casey has filtered to them and think it’s a great idea. It is, after all, a Haterz negativity trait to point out the people in jail for doing this.

  14. Why would he be more afraid of the “show me the note” strategy, which at least is legal (after all, it just makes sense not to let banks foreclose on houses without having any right to do so, which actually happened in a few cases), than to file fake documents? The only problem is that the “show me the note” strategy is less likely to work nowadays and that the bank may have the “note” anyway.

  15. So what? It’s not as if he was going to get arrested for asking the bank to provide proper documentation. That’s not a crime.

    • Anonymous said:

      Could be if he keeps doing it after the judge informs him it is a frivolous argument.

  16. It doesn’t matter. When the issue is just something like attempting to continue to talk when the judge doesn’t want to listen any more, or something like that, there is either no arrest, or it doesn’t last very long. For sure it can’t last for years.

  17. From the bankruptcy filings they were using credit cards to pay for daily living expenses, and probably had been for a couple of years. So they may see they have nothing to lose. I’m sure Casey’s framed it as a no-risk gamble.

    Their brilliant plan to ignore the bankruptcy repayment plan right from the start is going to bite them in the ass. They had a chance to wipe out easily $200K in debt, and they screwed themselves. They’ll likely have default judgements levied against them from numerous parties, with serious wage garnishment mandated to pay off their creditors.

    Casey won’t get a job, firstly because he’s a moronic stoner who knows full well that he’s unqualified for all but the most menial grunt work. And secondly, because his pay would be garnished as well — after the garnishments and taxes, his minimum wage job would probably pay him $4/hr. Not defending him, but it’s easy to see why he doesn’t ever bother.

    • Just filing the bankruptcy may well have caused several creditors to write off the debts they had with lenders. The lender who will do best out of this will be the first one to go for a wage garnishment. Don’t forget, Ma & Pa Serin both have jobs with the state. Also Casey better watch out that no Haterz have contacts or work in collection, because if anyone does, and finds the Serin’s debt for sale, it will be a whole new ballgame.
      On balance I think Casey will be trying this Admiralty BS in court. He’s getting more and more desperate to be recognised as achieving something and we are winding up towards the annual (August or September) Casey manic high. So at some point in the next few months he’ll be going for it.

  18. what ever happened to zaphod… he was really making a ploy to be a big casey hitter a while ago

  19. palestine4ever said:

    He just posted here like a week or two ago.

  20. […] reality, it was easy to figure out. As I told you before,  Casey fell for every scam in the book this time around, but even worse […]

  21. […] And, the really interesting thing here is that Casey “is” the “owner” of 493… Which means, technically he’s the one who should be filing for BK. Of course, that’d mean the judge would probably get to hear all about his “gray area”, or “shady” dealings in the past, and I don’t think that’d be in his best interests. Probably the reason why mom & dad are doing the dirty deed Someone please bleach my mind with Clorox and beat me to death with the gloves. TIA. […]

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