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Casey has gone into semi-deep silent mode. I suppose he’s preparing his stuff for his “couchsurfing / WWOF” adventures – you know, packing his clothes, first aid kit, maps, making sure he has enough money, etc (Who am I kidding? He’s probably napping).

I wonder whether he’s aware Ulyana is now a core part of his Haterz team. This is awesome – it’s the second time a member of his family semi-joins the ranks of people critical to him. Ulyana is a great chick – funny, hardworking and entrepreneurial. Kudos to her.

Anyway, today’s small post will deal with the past. Do you remember TrueCasey?

Watch out for Aelfscine's comments on this one.

Watch out for Aelfscine's comments on this one.

Click on “About”. Apparently, a cybersquatter took control of Casey’s domain. Check out what he wrote.



Even cybersquatters can give Casey a lesson in honesty. Damn.


Comments on: "Words of wisdom from a cybersquatter" (8)

  1. Semi Vegan Lion said:

    What’s interesting is how someone got the TrueCasey WordPress domain with all the associated content. If Casey originally deleted the domain, does it go back into the available pool after a certain amount of time? Or did someone crack his password?

    • I think the wordpress part has always been there. The domain is what has been parked with the comment about a debtor.

    • palestine4ever said:

      I’m not sure of the hows and wheres. wasn’t up for a long time, then suddenly became available during Island2012. And good thing because the mask came down during the TrueCasezoic Era — anyone that thought he was just a slacker or functional idito from the IAFF days had a rude awakening to hear him basically admit that he was living off credit he had no intention of paying back, ever.

  2. Isle Bight said:

    Not so silent as you might think. Island2012 is about to relaunch, judging from its fazebook page.

    Island 2012 — project re-launch, take 3. Cleaned up the page name to make it crisp and make it easy to adjust slogans/mission later. Blog re-launching soon on The kick-off question is… how far can I/we go if MONEY IS NO OBJECT?? Attracting brave like-minded Yesmen and women to join physically and/or in spirit (online). Welcome!2 hours ago · View Feedback (1)Hide Feedback (1)

    • If money is no object, I guess you can walk down to the beach and throw rocks into the water until they form an island.

      If I cared enough, I would set up a page called Mission; To crash Casey’s party, kill everyone, pillage and burn the island.

    • Money is no object for Casey because he can’t get any. He’s rapidly spinning these ideas of money isn’t real; doing things with no money; the nobility of the wandering soul etc. etc. because he can no longer spend someone else’s money holed up in a hotel in Lake Tahoe “brainstorming”. He therefore has to justify having no money to both his loyal followers and to himself. More and more people who are following the story are realising he has no friends IRL. He’s lost them all because either he’s borrowed money off them or they’re now realising he’s a 27 year old divorced tin foil hatter living in the spare room at his parents’ house. Or both. I bet most of his contemporaries are now married with kids, holding down jobs and trying to get on with life in these difficult economic times. Noticeably, Casey is trying to hang out with younger people (Ulyana is what? 21, 22) because they are more naive and exploitable by Casey’s sociopathy. Not all mind you, Ulyana has him sussed. Look too, at his Facebook “friends”. There’s probably about 100-200 people who are relatives or from the same church or the like; 100 or so internet contacts like the fitness trainer and the “tin foil hat” brigade (Oh yes, Casey is one degree of separation from a couple of dead cop killers); and there’s about 400 Haterz, sockpuppets and the like keeping an eye on him.

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