Dedicated to all things X-Tina.

It’s nice to finally have a week-end off – especially since Casey’s story is getting stranger and stranger by the minute.

I’ll probably save the Miracle Pot-Casts later today, because we all know he’s going to delete everything sooner rather than later. Not that I’m looking forward to listening to them at all, mind you.

I’ll try to keep this post rather short and bitter. Since the Serin Crime Family seems hell-bent on making their activities known to everyone with Internet access, today’s post will deal with the harsh reality of how an American family who just declared bankruptcy lives its day to day life.

No, wait. That’d be depressing, sad and dark. Let’s just talk about how a family without the slightest sense of remorse, ethics, morality or decency (aka The Serin Crime Family) enjoys a well deserved vacation at the expense of the American taxpayer.

In case you need a bit of a background – The Serins are bankrupt, foreclosed, and they haven’t paid a single cent out of their bankruptcy agreement. This would be enough to make any family reconsider their way of life, don’t you think? This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Crime Family, though.

Pretty appropiate stuff, I think.

Pretty appropiate stuff, I think.

Or perhaps, they’ve watched Animal House far too many times.

They took the (house)! The whole fucking (house)!


This is ridiculous!

What are we going to do?





One of Casey’s siblings decided to make public an album where the whole Crime Family is taking a trip. Because that’s exactly what you do when you are broke, haven’t paid a single dime of your debts, and are about to be thrown out of your house. This is the only picture where Casey is seen,  though.

For what it’s worth, they went to “Dasha’s” wedding. That must be far more important than trying to keep your home, I suppose. Must be an retarded Uzbeki thing.

Is Joy pregnant?

Is Joy pregnant?

Is a new Serin on its way? Joy looks fabulous and radiant, and her belly… well… I wonder if she’s pregnant.

Together, again.

Together, again.

I wonder...

I wonder...

Hmm. Makes me think about…

Paging Steve

Paging Steve


Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll agree with me – it’s nice to know the Serins are still livin’ la vida loca.

Do they ever get off the freakin' trampoline?

Do they ever get off the freakin' trampoline?

Or perhaps their issue is weed.

Then again, maybe not.

Then again, maybe not.


Comments on: "Baby’s first air plain ride!" (4)

  1. Semi-Vegan Cucumber Eating Lion said:

    Make sure to check out Pot-Cast #18. It’s chock full of crazy.

  2. Pot-Caster said:

    Pot-Cast #26 is an introspective one where Gaysey wallows in self-pity and moans about having no friends and no money (despite in theory having an INFINITE amount of cash through his UPPER-CASE STRAWMAN account).

    If his parents weren’t so backwards themselves, I’d be amazed that he hasn’t been committed to a psychiatric institution yet.

    • Isle Bight said:

      Yeah, Pot-Cast #26 provides a remarkable insight into Casey’s insecurities and low self-esteem. Too bad he’s pulled so many frauds that nobody cares any more. I will say this, though. If you could get Casey to a psychiatrist when he’s in one of his introspective moods, you might see some real change in the guy.

    • “Methinks he doth protest too much” There was a lot of: I’m rich really, no honest I am…really…I’ve got this account and these commercial remedies and…and..and.

      I’ve got no friends nearby to mooch off and nowhere to live once my parents’ place is foreclosed so I’ll just pretend I want to go travelling. He’s like the general who said “We are not retreating, we are just advancing in a different direction” He barely fools himself, let alone anyone else.

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