Dedicated to all things X-Tina.

Sorry for not being here for you.

I had some major issues with a Casey-like individual(s) who decided stealing my car was a cool thing to do. I was expecting to see an A4V where my car was, but they didn’t bother. Dealing with the police, insurance agency, etc. has taken most of my free time.

As such, the quality of my posts will probably drop down to Casey’s Miracle Blog-like levels. I ask for your understanding during the next few days – two more weeks, to be exact.

I feel there’s a need to document Casey Serin’s activities – because they are a source of endless amusement, and, in a bizarre way, they are a lesson on how NOT to live your life. So, I’ll do my best for now. If you feel anything is missing, you are more than welcome to add your comments and fill in the gaps.

Let’s get back to what it’s important to us.

On with the show!

On with the show!

First of all: the Garage  Sale. Casey, for once, did follow up his promise. What he didn’t know is that two haterz are also his neighbours, and they documented the insanity. Casey, if I were you, I would stop masturbating with the windows open. I hear these guys are getting ready to make a tape of you and sell it to America’s Funniest Home videos.

Casey at his garBage sale

Casey at his garBage sale

So, what was he selling? Let’s take a closer look.

What the HELL is this?

What the HELL is this?

When I usually go buy a thing I sometimes like to know what the HELL it is that I’m looking at. I simply can’t figure out what he is supposed to be selling. He probably looked at the garbage can at home and thought someone may be willing to buy its contents, for all I know.

OMG, what happened to Casey?!?!

OMG, what happened to Casey?!?!

Yes. That thing you are looking at is Casey. The same old homosexual who used to look like a healthy human being. I guess Master Cleansing your body, eating crappy “organic” food and being a shut-in really does wonders to your body (nOT!). He looks like my grandma, if my grandma looked like shit. He looks like an AIDS patient, actually.

Casey, where did you (or Steve) stole that rim from?

Casey, where did you (or Steve) stole that rim from?

I hadn’t considered the possibility that one of the Serins could have stolen my car, but hey, Steve Serin has a salvage business, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if they had taken it (after all, I bought it with fiat money, or whatever it is they call them, so no harm, no foul! It’s all good!)

The Marketing Expert at its finest!

The Marketing Expert at its finest!

Check how well he promoted the garage sale. Yep, he’s a marketing expert!

That’s it – for now. There’s plenty more of information which will be posted in a few more days. Meanwhile, I’ll take a drive to Genesis Auto Enterprises and look for my car. Perhaps I’ll get lucky.


Comments on: "So many things to post. So little time to do it." (1)

  1. serinitis said:

    A Casey like individual would, instead of stealing your car, would send you an email asking you to drop it off at the chop shop. And while you are at it, would you please get some organic cucumbers and leave them on the front seat. Your car thief may be scum of the earth. But he at least does something. Which puts him above Casey.

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