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A quickie

You can always count on Casey to do exactly the opposite of what common sense may imply.

He just brought back his blog, and he didn’t delete his post where he accepts he defrauded the IRS.

Post #2. Check out the comments.

Next on Serin TV: Shouting at the IRS "HEY IDIOTS, I'M SCAMMING YOU!"

Next on Serin TV: Shouting at the IRS "HEY IDIOTS, I'M SCAMMING YOU!"

Sometimes, I wonder if Casey will ever notice that:

Look! It even has a trampoline!

Look! It even has a trampoline!


Comments on: "A quickie" (30)

  1. Rhiannon said:

    Oh my. He recorded that last audio file in the garage.

  2. FWIW, Casey uploaded his 3rd “Miracle” audio file. And here it is.

    • Rhiannon said:

      Yeah, that’s the one I was talking about. It was cold and the commenters are too mean.

  3. “He just brought back his blog, and he didn’t delete his post where he accepts he defrauded the IRS.”

    Well, to be fair, he just SAYS that’s what he did, but we don’t know whether he actually got around to doing it, or just thinking about doing it (thinking about it while stoned = 75% success!)

  4. That’s yet another possibility. It wouldn’t surprise me at all he just thought about doing it, but since the world isn’t real, nothing has any meaning, you and I are figments of Casey’s imagination and God knows what else, maybe he thinks just considering about it is equal to having done it in the past.

    Then again, there’s always this:,,id=106778,00.html

  5. Mental illness, combined with religious delusions, is a dangerous mix indeed.

    “God helps those who help themselves”

  6. spacy.casey said:

    CI dot got Casey’s SSN. Whoever got his parent’s credit reports, get to work.

    • Hell, put it out there.

      Edited – sorry, can’t allow this to be posted on my site. I hope you guys and gals understand. JM<— Casey Serin

      Ordinary, it might be interesting to [hypothetically] apply for 1000's of credit cards in his name. In this particular case, with known credit card fraudster Serin, not the best plan.

    • The original post was actually here. Anyway, yeah. 🙂

  7. Dot Casey said:

    His ssn is as worthess as an hermaphrodite’s dick.

    • Pickle Boi said:

      Actually, while I agree it’s all but useless for potential ID thieves, the number will prove fairly useful for tracking his activities in the future.

      Thinking decades in the future, it will also allow people to look up whether the vegetable abuser is still alive or not (Soc Sec Death Index).

  8. For the last hour (as of 11:20 PM EST), Casey Serin’s SSN has been posted in the comments on his own blog in plaintext.

    Vlasic Pickle’s #1 customer is probably too busy sleeping or crying to do anything about it.

  9. Semi-Vegan Cucumber Eating Lion said:

    I can’t see how Snowflake could miss it. I commented on it twice and he has modded some comments. But he’s had plenty of time to update Facebook.

  10. Semi-Vegan Cucumber Eating Lion said:

    And open comments die again! You would think Casey would figure it out that every time he has open comments he’s going to get buried in shit.

  11. Not A Straw said:

    GAH! In the time it took to write my comment, he closed them. So I’m going to post it here, instead, because I’m sure he reads this daily.

    Casey, I’ve been reading this latest venture of yours with mild curiousity until now. I’ve been somewhat surprised by the venom you’ve received so far, but your lastest comment inspires in me the same rage.

    What you have written is fundamentally untrue, and if you really believe that, I’m afraid that you really do have no place in our society. Rail against The Man as much as you want, but as long as you continue to live as the rest of us do (in a house, with electricity, running water, modern conveniences, computers) you are a parasite; STEALING our resources while giving back nothing.

    In our society, money means food, water, shelter, clothing and all the other luxuries that you clearly enjoy. If you truly disbelieve that, please, go live in the woods permanently.

    Debt means that you have borrowed from someone with the promise to repay it. I wouldn’t even classify you as a debtor anymore though. You are nothing but a THIEF.

    Paying your bills on time means you are responsible, accept your obligations and respect the agreement you made when you became responsible for the debt. Those are GOOD things.

    I think you do understand the meaning of fear. In fact, lately, you reek of it. It’s that feeling that you are about to reap what you have sown.

    I truly do not understand this comeback you keep talking about. Until you clean up the mess from your last venture, you are guaranteed to continue failing. The person who invented the lightbulb? Kept trying TO INVENT THE LIGHTBULB. He had ONE goal and worked at ONE thing until he was successful. Make your goal to repay your debt. Don’t even think about anything else until that’s done.

    I’m going to re-iterate what Dill Pickle said, and I hope that all future commenters will too, so that maybe at some point it will kick in.

    “The U.S. economy is in the toilet in no small part due to people like you *and* your parents. To say that “we haven’t hurt anybody” is disgusting.

    • granville w. ghost, esq. said:

      It’s always sad when another lurker snaps

    • I’m not even going to attempt to read all that shit. You idiots have been writing long, boring advice columns to Casey for years, expecting him to magically start not only reading you boring posts, but to follow the crap you pecked out on your keyboards.

      Guess what, stupid? Ain’t gonna happen. He’s too stupid to realize what’s going on. He’s the definition of superficial, of vapid, of STOOOOOOPID.

      In case you haven’t noticed, Casey isn’t quite all “there” and he’s not going to follow any sensible advice. All you accomplished by posting that snooze-inducing post was to generate space on this page that no one will ever read.

  12. Not A Straw said:

    I’d just like to add that that was written in response to a comment that Casey has now deleted in which he declared that:

    Money doesn’t mean anything.

    Debt doesn’t mean anything.

    Fear doesn’t mean anything.

    Paying your bills on time doesn’t mean anything. (Followed by some drivel about how it can not be thought of as good or bad unless ascribed as such…etc.)

    Conscienceless indeed.

  13. Anonymous said:

    Edited – sorry, can’t allow this to be posted on my site. I hope you guys and gals understand. JM

    OK then, in Binary: 100100001010100001111101011000 (seriously! :-] )

    Serin is too dumb to understand do the conversion, let alone what binary is.

  14. The Supporter said:

    Casey haterz suck. I think that Casey’s latest venture will be successful. And he has written a book, for which he was able to sell (he is a published author).

    Casey has accomplished far more in his young life so far than a lot of the Haterz have in their combined lifespan.

    • The old “casey roolz, haters droolz” troll?

      That’s the best you can do after all this time?

      • The Supporter said:

        I am an ex-hater, and I got tired of the haterz nitpicking everything that Casey does. Casey could turn things around and become a success and there would still be stalkers and sycophants accusing him of having sexual relations with cucumbers and obsessing over his sex life.

        The truth is, the haterz suck. They offer nothing constructive, and they are the REAL losers in this entire saga.

      • Cukemania said:

        If Casey hadn’t talked about his sexual experiences with a cuke, nobody would have known about it. Just a thought.

  15. Semi-Vegan Cucumber Eating Lion said:

    Wow, six days of miracles. That’s a miracle in and of itself. Snowflake never sticks to anything that long.

  16. The Supporter said:

    Cukemania :
    If Casey hadn’t talked about his sexual experiences with a cuke, nobody would have known about it. Just a thought.

    Provide actual proof that Casey spoke of having sex with a cucumber. What you cite are forgeries that were posted on

    Even Caseypedia does not mention anything of the sort.

    • Homosexual Con Artist said:

      He “allegedly” mentioned the vegetable fetish in one of his conversations with Holly. Who cares if it’s false… remember that he verifiably deep-throated a banana on webcam before so nothing would surprise me. :-p

      BTW, James… tell FalseCasey to wake up and post something for pete’s sake. Tons of Casey news has occurred since his last post.

      • The Supporter said:

        The inactivity at falsecasey proves that haterz are hypocrites when it comes to accusing Casey of being lazy. LOL

  17. Have you seen this:

    “US STRAWMAN, a Fictitious Legal Entity (being redeemed)
    Authorized Representative for CASEY SERIN”

    He has finally lost his mind… I’m sure being locked up is the right place for him now.

    • Semi-Vegan Cucumber Eating Lion said:

      Is the Fictitious Legal Entity being redeemed spiritually or financially?

      I suspect in the Caseyverse they’re one and the same.

      And if the STRAWMAN is fictitious, you can’t draw on his account.

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