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Hello Snowflake.

Feelin’ special today? I know you do. You password-protected your blog, you locked down your FB, and God knows what else you did to your TWITter.

So I know you know we know ™.

I’d like your opinion on the following paragraphs. Yet another awesome anonymous haterz asked me to post this for you to read. I think it’s a great idea, since this is basically what will happen to you when the IRS gets to open your envelope and reads your A4V fraud scheme.

MAY 18 2009

Plaintiff – Appellee,
Defendant – Appellant.
No. 08-30066
D.C. No. 05-cr-300

Buhtz argues that the district court erred by imposing without notice a sentence of 36 months, which was nine months greater than the top of the sentencing guidelines range. Under Irizarry v. United States, 128 S. Ct. 21984 (2008), and United States v. Evans-Martinez, 530 F.3d 1164 (9th Cir. 2008), increasing a sentence beyond the guidelines range pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §3553(a) constitutes a “variance” that does not require notice. The district court specifically evaluated the § 3553(a) factors during sentencing. In explaining the sentence enhancement, the district court stated that there “is a need to let the public know that offenses like this cannot be continued.” This statement is consistent with an enhancement under §3553(a)(2), which addresses “respect for the law” and “adequate deterrence.” Buhtz’s sentence enhancement was a variance under §3553(a), and we therefore hold that the district court did not err in failing to provide notice.

Still with me, Yes Man? How about this?

The Story

A stripped-down version of this scheme is as follows: When the United States went off the gold standard in 1933, the federal government somehow went bankrupt. With the help of the Federal Reserve Bank, the government converted the bodies of its citizens into capital value, supposedly by trading the birth certificates of U.S. citizens on the open market. After following a complicated process of filing UCC documents with either the Secretary of State of the person’s residence or another state that will accept the filings, each citizen is entitled to redeem his or her “value” by filling out a sight draft drawn on their (nonexistent) TreasuryDirect account. The scheme asserts that each citizen’s Social Security Number is also his or her account number. As a part of the scheme, participants also file false IRS Forms 8300 and Currency Transaction Reports in the name of law enforcement officials and other individuals they seek to harass.
The Reality

Drawing such drafts on the U.S. Treasury is fraudulent and a violation of federal law. The theory behind their use is bogus and incomprehensible. The Justice Department is vigorously prosecuting these crimes. Federal criminal convictions have occurred in several cases. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has tried to alert the banking community to this fraud. See Suspicious Transactions, Fictitious Sight Drafts. (3K txt file, uploaded 5/16/00)
A Note on Bills of Exchange

With early and vigorous prosecution by the Justice Department on bogus Sight Draft cases, we have begun to see Bills of Exchange taking their place. This change occurred on or around January 2001. All these Bills of Exchange drawn on the U.S. Treasury are worthless. All the same issues and background materials applicable to Sight Drafts also apply to Bills of Exchange. This is the same fraud under another name.

For inquiries by anyone adversely affected by this fraud, please contact the Treasury Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Here’s the funniest thing, Casey.  I already know you think we live in a Corporation, not in a real country. That you think strawmen are used to create money out of nowhere. That you are so special, you and your family think you are above paying your own debt. That you are stupid enough to believe that your home, the byproduct of hundreds of man-hours of work and thousands of dollars of raw material, can be acquired by simply invoking a known scam, and that you don’t need to actually work in order to pay for it (or pay your mortgage back). Nevertheless, you are going to jail, even if you don’t believe in the very same laws that are going to send you there.

How ironic. Well, not really, for those of us who are sane.

Comments on: "Casey Serin: Pick up the white courtesy phone, please." (11)

  1. soemdood said:


    is also the Freedom USA in-house gooroo on UCC matters…. well, at least he was until he went to FPITA prison for 36 months, FOLLOWED by 36 months of home detention. Yup. The same idiots Casey just sent a couple of grand to.

    Some of Barton’s “work”:

    Are you feeling a little green around the gills now, Casey? Got that sinking feeling?

    Well, there is no evidence you ever were associated with Freedom Club, right?

    Well, at least you did not send the IRS one of those goofy letters, right?

    And with your horrible credit rating, and past 2MM in fraud, you of course gave up trying to get further credit under fraudulent circumstances, not intending to pay. Right?

    So I’m sure it will all work out. For us.

    Thank you. Forgive me. I love (seeing you in jail). Goodbye!

    JM – I edited your post and added in-line images.

  2. soemdood said:


    So how did you intend to pay back on *this* credit card, for a change, Casey?

    Surely you did not intend to defraud right from the outset. Right?

  3. you see, that information was obtained for free, thereby rendering it worthless. casey’s information was obtained for several thousand dollars, thus establishing its inherent value.

  4. Unless he is arrested shortly, Casey will be on a plane with the ‘rents and headed back to the motherland.

    All that money they were sending home for the “orphanage” – yeah, right.

  5. Pickle Boi said:

    Casey will be on a plane with the ‘rents and headed back to the motherland.

    I wonder if Mommy and Daddy attempted the same scam on their own tax returns this year. Frankly, nothing would surprise me — I get the sense that the parents have put way, *way* too much faith in Casey. And the Casey himself hasn’t the slightest clue of the shit-storm he’s about to bring forth.

    I don’t think they’ll go back to Tashkent… they’d be leaving lots of family behind in California. Plus, as shitty as their life may become in the USA, it would likely be 100x worse in Uzbekistan. Someone with Casey’s “specialness” would probably be put in a mental institution there. Worse than any US jail. And his moronic parents would have to return to milking goats and sewing textiles for $2 a day. As ethnic Russians, they’re probably not even welcome back in Uzbekistan anyway.

    Someone should notify Declan McCullagh of this development; maybe he can write an article about the “sovereignty” movement using his favorite subject.

  6. Hugh Betcha said:

    Wish I had money to buy new shades.

  7. Aleksey Konstantine said:

    Idiotboi dropped $300 in net worth for those $120 shades.

  8. Twitter and daily miracles site are back up.

  9. Dear James,

    What exactly are you using to pay debts with?

    Promissary notes perhaps?

    Accepted for Value is a process to discharge debts until such a time as there is lawful money in circulation (i.e. something of actual value) to pay them with. Your signature is a promise to pay and that is what we’re using in this national bankruptcy as a form of exchange.

    The man-hours and raw materials used does not go ‘unpaid’ it’s just a matter of balancing the ledgers.

  10. […] Pick up the white courtesy phone, please. […]

  11. […] Most unsecured debts can be discharged (completely eliminated). According to Casey, he shouldn’t throw good money away by paying back old debt. […]

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