Dedicated to all things X-Tina.

I’m #1 in Google. Yet again.

The terms?

Cucumber Casey Serin

And that’s no April Fools!

Work it, baby!

Work it, baby!


Comments on: "Yet another 100% success story…" (5)

  1. Tavington said:


  2. palestine4ever said:

    This whole thing is just cosmically awesome. He’s gone from being married and flashin’ cash around to living in his (bankrupt) parents’ (foreclosed) house, cleansing his colon, chatting up trolls and reading up on the most batshit crazy Federal Reserve theories out there. He shows up at MeetUps in a tuxedo which he strips off in one firm motion to dip in the hot tub and read the Bible on “Bromance Night” with the boyz. Casey Serin is the king of the fucking internet.

  3. The synergy between the “bromance” stuff and the cucumber-sex stories was just too much for me to handle. I knew I had to come back.

    • serinitis said:

      That is always the way it is in Caseyworld. You think you can escape. You break free for a short while. And then the fecal finger of fate reaches out and pulls you back

    • palestine4ever said:

      Do not forsake us again. =(

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