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This is gonna be good.

This is gonna be good.

Missed me? I know I did. Cleansing my system out of Casey Serin was pretty much like a Master Cleanse, except for the fact that I didn’t lose any nutrients, nor soiled my underpants due to “it’s not a fart” accidents. I’ve decided on  a couple of  rules in order to avoid burning out on Snowflake again. I may share them, but that would mean I’d be held responsible to them. So I’ll just say they exist, and you’ll have to believe in them. That’s what trust is, isn’t it?

And, oh boy. We can trust Casey to bring on the fun, that’s for sure. Yes folks, it’s time for yet another “Is Casey Gay?” moment. Except that, now we have solid (as in jell-o, pudding, and Casey’s willpower) proof he’s into gay stuff.  And, in 100%, all-organic, semi-vegan fashion, there are cucumbers involved (that is, if you believe CampIdiot and their supposed “Inner Circle” stuff).

Apparently, Casey Serin decided it was a good idea to talk about his sexual habits on Facebook, and that conversation was leaked. And I’ll only say this about the subject matter – if I were a cucumber, i’d be jumping outside any container that read “bound for Sacramento” anywhere near it. 

And today, we learn how to defend ourselves against a man... with a cucumber.

And today, we learn how to defend ourselves against a man... with a cucumber.

 Then again, if I were an S&M cuke, I’d find my way inside Casa Serin at any cost possible. Who knows, they may even chop me after being used as a sex object,  and eaten in an 100% home-made salad. Kinky, isn’t it?

But enough about speculation. The big deal here is – Casey has found a bunch of new people who haven’t yet figured they are about to get scammed people who haven’t scammed Gaysey yet friends. The only thing is – they are too cool to just hang out. They do something else. They “bromance” each other. Yes, you read that right. They BROMANCE. Just like in Fight Club, where Tyler Durden wonders if yet another woman is the solution to our problems. Except that they don’t beat the shit of each other (they should, though). And, in typical Serin fashion, they are too stupid to accept the fact that they are doing the gayest thing in this planet ever since Richard Simmons recorded the original “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”.


Cukes or Bromance? Take your pick.

 I mean: WHAT THE FUCK? HE WENT OUT WITH A BUNCH OF  GUYS AND ENDED UP IN A HOT TUB WITH THEM?  When I go out with my imaginary  friends, we don’t do “Bromance” shit. We may drink a few beers, play some Rock Band, watch a movie, whatever. But “Bromance”? Why on earth would I want to apply a term that’s commonly used on relations with members of the opposite (or same, if you are gay, and there’s nothing wrong with that) sex to my relationships with my friends? Is it that, when I’m “Bromancing” someone I get a “Broner”? Apparently, Casey does. So let’s see what “Bromance” is.

Bromancing the Cuke

Bromancing the Cuke

Allow me to refer to that landmark of geek written speculation passed off as fact, at least some of the time human knowledge, Wikipedia (I mean, they have an article on “felching”; they must have pretty much everything):

A bromance or man-crush is a close relationship between two (or more) men, a form of homosocial intimacy.[1] Coined in the 1990s, the term has typically referred to a relationship between heterosexuals influenced by the effect of second wave feminism in the United States or related movements elsewhere in the world.[1]

…It can also be noted that many cultures that have communitarian tendencies or communal social patterns do not exhibit strong signs of the bromance phenomena. Groups that may have traditional views of men or masculinity also have outlets in fraternal relationships that express male to male bonding. Examples include Latino and African American concepts of brotherhood and non-kin being considered family or surrogates. Bromance can develop in cultures or settings that may not exhibit these traits. This could be a factor in those from European descent exhibiting the bromance relationships. Being brought up in households where ties can be more detached can serve as a factor in the development of bromances.

Casey has already hinted in the past that his relationship with his father was sort of strained, so we can see where he got the idea for a bromance. He said exactly that on his last conversation. The fun thing is that by now we know:

1) His latest male – female relationships have gone to shirt.

2) He’s had to resort to unwilling veggies to fulfill his sexual needs.

3) Now he’s talking about “close relationships” without “getting hung up (on) sexual orientation or perceptions”.

I don’t know about you, but I can add 1 +1 +1. Casey, homosexuality ain’t a sin, no matter what your Church-of-the-day thinks. Accept yourself. Embrace your inner self. Stop hurting innocent cukes, and get it on with the real thing!

You go, girl!

You go, girl!

 ps – Casey is excited because he got a pre-approved new line of credit. $300. For only $95!

Sweet Passive Income, here I come (again!)

Sweet Passive Income, here I come (again!)


Comments on: "BROMANCE!" (4)

  1. He’s struggling to come out of the closet. And let’s remember, he loved his ex-wife’s FICO score far more than he “loved” his ex-wife.

    And Holly…? That troll played Serin like a fiddle, knowing that he’s not a straight guy looking for love, but a closeted gay guy looking for easy money.

    With his repressive religion and classic Eastern European homophobia, coming out may take quite a while for the golden boi… James Randi just came out, and he’s 81 years old. I’m guessing most of his older relatives will have to die before Casey’s comfortable about it.

  2. palestine4ever said:


  3. serinitis said:

    Casey, if you are reading this, may I suggest a talkcast to change the subject off cucumbers and onto world wide fraud in the gold futures market

  4. […] You do remember the “Bromance” thing, don’t you?  It’s funny, because.. come to think of it. This blog has literally dozens of stories where I discuss at length (ahem) Casey’s sexuality – and he seems hell-bent on proving he’s gay. And, right now, he’s cavorting with a good looking south-african-american (is that PC enough, or what!) on a remote beach in Jamaikiztan. I bet mommy and daddy are so proud (that is, if they have finished shitting their pants from what’s coming to them this April 12). I mean, Liberace was called gay for far less than that (not really, but you get the idea). […]

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