Dedicated to all things X-Tina.

Enjoy a pic of Casey, the Gheyest Pirate who ever sailed teh milky seas

Enjoy a pic of Casey Serin, the Gheyest Butt-Pirate ever


Comments on: "Next post is coming (Lisa Scifo and Mike Masterson remembered)… in the meantime:" (2)

  1. To me the picture that ‘defined’ Casey, was a picture of his old bookshelf that was completely filled with all the materials from all the scaminars he attended.

    Seeing it I thought to myself, what the hell is wrong with him. It’s not like flipping houses is rocket science, why did he think he would need all that.

  2. palestine4ever said:

    The serial seminar mark isn’t so much hooked by the thought that they’re getting sekrit knowledge (though they do believe that). It’s the social aspect and reward mechanisms that get tickled in that kind of a group setting.

    A friend of mine susceptible to that junk called me one afternoon out of the blue (we hardly ever talked). She was at Landmark Forum and apparently they tell them to call their friends at the end of their first session and “share” (i.e., recruit). I asked specifically what was so wonderful about it and she couldn’t say. “IT’S JUST AWESOME!”

    None of them can put a finger on what it is that gets their spirits high but the sit in big groups and applaud each other and have some guy with a giant face like Tony Robbins telling them that despite their failures they’re actually WINRARS. And to think they only spend a few thousands dollars for that.

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