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A day in the life…

Casey in 10 years

Casey in 10 years, tops.

Have you ever wondered what a bum does all day long?

I have.

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario. You are 27 years old, $600,000 in debt. You live with your parents at their home (which is just about to be lost to foreclosure). Nevertheless, you think scams like Freedom Club USA will help you and your family (as seen on our last post).

So, itsallgood™, you just need to wait until those fellows help you get the money the evil banks have stole from you. Then – what do you do with all that free extra time you have? You are already semi-retired, so work is out of the question.

This was a recurring theme on all of Casey’s ex-blogs (I am Facing Foreclosure, TrueCasey, Island2012). So I’d like to ask for your help. What do you think Casey does from 6.00 AM to 11.00 PM everyday?

My best guess:


* 6.00 AM: Beauty sleep – continued

* 7.15 AM: Woken up by sister leaving for high school. The nerve of that chick! Besides, school is for loosers™.

* 7.45 AM: Woken up again by mom and dad leaving for work. Don’t they know I already solved all our financial problems?

* 10.15 AM: Wow, is it this late already?

* 10.16 AM: Finish masturbating.

* 10.20 AM: PowerNap™.

* 11.00 AM: Damn, I overslept. I guess I’m still depressed. Galina, please come back to me!

* 11.15 AM: Breakfast. Good thing mommy always prepares everything for me. Hey, that cantaloupe looks warm and inviting!

* 11.17 AM: Finish masturbating with fresh cantaloupe.

* 1:00 PM: Finish reading conspiracy websites. It’s awesome learning about allthisstufftheydon’twantyoutoknowabout™!

* 2.00 PM: End of PowerNap.

* 2.15 PM: Where’s mommy? I need to eat.

* 3.00 PM: Finish eating. No, mommy. Can’t help you do the dishes, I need to work on my entrepruneuer schillz™!

* 4.30 PM: Damn, that Island Paradise game on Facebook is hard.

* 6.00 PM: Finish taking a walk.

* 8.30 PM: Good thing mom and dad bought that big-ass flatscreen TV! Otherwise I may be bored. It has been a really productive day.

* 9.15 PM: Mom, can’t help you do the dishes. Can’t you see I’m busy? I’m about to sell Circus-Circus!

* 9.16 PM: Finish masturbating.

* 9.17 PM: Damn, I miss Galina.

* 9.18 PM: Finish masturbating.

* 10.00 PM: Meditation, Yoga, spiritual cleansing. 10% success.

* 11.00 PM: Sleep. No use in working too hard – FreedomClubUSA has my back covered!


Comments on: "A day in the life…" (6)

  1. Mortgage Fraudster said:

    That bum can’t be Casey… too much hair on top of his head. 😉

    He won’t ever be truly homeless, though. Since their family breeds like locusts (Casey has 14 aunts and uncles!), and since most of them seem content to enable Casey and treat him like an infant, he’ll always be able to find another family member to con for free food and shelter.

    So it shall be for the rest of his natural life. Think his life of mooching, basement-dwelling, and smoking pot daily is bad at age 27? Wait until he’s 50.

  2. As long as he retains his youthful good looks, Casey will have people he can sponge off of. Women use that technique all the time.

  3. palestine4ever said:

    This is now ground zero for all Serinalia. Well done with this shizzit Mr. Marks.

  4. I’m less concerned with how Casey spends his time than with the disordered thinking that causes him to make such goofy choices. No rational person could think Island 2012 was a workable venture – “You pay all the costs, I get all the benefits.” is a tough sell. Same with promoting Freedom Club USA. I’m baffled where Casey finds all these scams and why he can’t see them for the scams they are.

  5. Island2012 was just a scam to help his parents out of foreclosure. Watch the video I linked on my last post – he’s talking about “US” when describing the benefits of the Island while talking to mom and dad. It’s prety obvious why he always said “no guarantees” – he never intended to buy the island. He was only trying to raise money so that he could still have a home to live in.

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