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During his stupid escapades while on cannabis and God knows what else time as “The World’s Most Hated Blogger”, Casey Serin left behind a ton of written garbage a couple hundred blog posts.

But he also recorded his voice. Where he explains how he committed fraud. How he lied in his mortgage applications. And why he thought he didn’t deserve to go to jail.

I wonder if some enterprising police agency may still be interested in capturing this criminal – because someone found almost the entire Casey Serin recordings! It’s almost all of it – from the earliest Talkshoe adventures, to his brain-dead schemes to buy an Island in 2012, to the HaterzCast, to…

Freaking JACKPOT

The elusive Marty Casts.

You see, back in 2007 or so Casey wanted to write a book – “The Foreclosure Code”.

Gaysey Serin - no makeup!


This is what his would-be publisher said about him:

Foreclosure Code Book:  When, or if, it Will be Released

There has been a lot of speculation and drama this past week whether or not this book will be published, with, or without Casey. As of today, still no direct contact with Casey for going on five days.

With our company name and reputation, and my personal name and reputation, defamed all over the internet, as a result of being associated with Casey, with apparently many of the leaks coming from Casey himself, multiple breaches of contract, copyrighted material taken, plus, an enormous amount of wasted time, money, and energy,  silence can be kept no more.

Nevertheless, 6 recordings were made of Casey Serin babbling, in intimate detail, about how he defrauded banks, private lenders and his own family in order to lose 2.2 million dollars in the end.

These recordings have it all. If you are able to listen to all of them, you are in for a big surprise.

The links:

 The Early Casts

The Marty Casts

The Island 2012 Talkcasts



Comments on: "I’m as surprised as you are. I found something you may like." (5)

  1. Regarding your previous post, what you should talk about next is the Serin Crime Family’s gradual slide into homelessness. Others say they’ll be forced to become renters, but my guess is their collective FICO scores are terrible, and they wouldn’t pass a credit check.

    Maybe by not paying their mortgage, they’ll save enough to pay 6 months’ rent in advance, but I’d bet they instead turn to the time-tested Serin method of saving money — mooching off relatives. BTW, don’t feel sorry for Steve. His blog proved that he’s as much of a Casey-Enabler as his parents.

    I’m telling you, whether weeks or years away, this is going to end with the whole family fleeing the country.

  2. I’ll try to cover it later today. Or tomorrow. I’m not a details™ guy, as I’ve said before.

  3. Good find, especially for the ‘lost’ Marty tapes. All I’ve had to ease my Jonesin’ for KC is Tavington’s talkcast roundups, still out on itunes.

    PS. I saw on EN that Tavington had passed away IRL. Is this true?

  4. No, Tav didn’t die, it was just another troll.

    The Marty Tapes are all the authorities need to send this small time con artist to jail.

  5. The only one of the Marty Casts that work is

    The rest are invalid. I assume that means that Marty got the files taken down.

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